tagBDSMSlave Sex - I Am Yours!

Slave Sex - I Am Yours!


I'm a regular guy by day, but love getting dominated by my woman at night. There's something so hot about a girl having her way with me and totally submitting my will to her. I completely do away with my resistance and let her dominate my body, my mind and my will. I submit to her and let her have all of me.

Tonight is no exception. Marie looks so hot pulling on her black stockings and getting ready to have me. I hope it doesn't hurt too much, but I do get hot when I feel the pain, especially knowing that doing it to me makes her horny. I think I can already see her pussy lips glistening with her wetness as she thinks about what's to come. I know she'll do me good now.

She turns around, but says nothing. Glaring at me, she slowly walks over to where I'm sitting. "What are doing sitting there? I told you to get on the floor!" she commands. She grabs me and throws me down, and I hit the floor hard. "Don't ever get up until I tell you to!! And for your disobedience, you will now pay."

I say nothing, but turn my head down and submit. I am her slave.

Marie comes up behind me as I'm laying there on the ground and slips a black studded collar around my neck. It feels too tight, but as I whimper in protest, she buckles it hard. "You're my animal, my slave man, and you will do as I say. My body is your dog bowl, so you can start by licking my feet and sucking on my toes!"

I Sheepishly turn my head, and the collar studs rub on the floor. She plants her toes on my lips, and I part open my mouth in submission, letting her drive them into me. She penetrates me, and her toes feel soft. I have four of them in my mouth, and I begin to suck on them.

"Suck harder slave!" she screams, and I obey.

I suck on her body with all my might. Her toes get so wet with my saliva as I lick each one, and then lick between them.

"Good slave!" she says. "Now lick my feet."

I obediently begin lapping the top of her foot with my tongue like a dog, and she starts to moan. The sound of her moan gets me hot, and I lick longer and harder, wetting her foot. She grabs the back of my hair and pushes my head onto her feet.

"You're a good slave, but not good enough yet," she teases.

Marie then moves over and grabs the chains laying nearby. "You've been a bad boy today, David, and you will have to be restrained."

"No, don't!" I protest. "I'll do whatever you ask!"

"It's too late," she retorts, "and since you have protested, I will make it last longer!!"

She grabs the chains and begins by latching the end to my collar. Then, pulling my hands behind my back, she wraps the chains down my arms. It begins to hurt, but I am in total submission now, and she is having her way with me. I hope she will be gentle, but it depends on how horny she feels. The ferocious look in her eyes makes we wonder. Marie takes the ends of the chains and secures them around my wrists, wrapping them several times, and then securing them with a lock.

She continues, "Now I will keep you locked up for several days, and come back to fuck you whenever I want. I will satisfy myself with your body repeatedly, and will butt fuck you hard with my strap-on until you moan. I will penetrate your body as my desires wish, and you will be my submissive slave!"

Her voice sounds raspy, and I can tell her breath is quickening as she gets hot seeing me lay there, vulnerably submitting to her will and her every desire. Her words begin to set me off, and I start to rub my hips and cock against the floor, hoping for some relief.

"None of that!" Marie pants.

She rolls me over so that my hands are now underneath, and I cannot move at all. My naked body is in full view and my swollen red cock gives away my horniness.

"What have we here? Bad slave!" she crows, and slaps my cock and balls with her leather clad hands. It sends an intense feeling through me, and my body shakes. "Good slave, David, take what I give you!!"

Marie then squats down on all fours and for a moment, we are both dogs. Her ass looks so hot and I can see her swollen pussy lips starting to part, and her cunt hairs. She parts her legs even further, and positions herself over my face with her ass. Marie is facing away from me with my nose pressed up onto her clit, and I know this is her favorite position. She begins to move her hips rhythmically, pressing my face into her cunt and ass.

"Eat me, fucking slave dog," she barks, and I hungrily begin to feast on her body holes.

The pace of her hip gyrations quicken, and her pussy juice begins to flow into my mouth. I can do nothing but swallow it like a good slave. Marie begins to moan and reaches around and slaps my cock again.

"Faster!" she demands.

She is totally dominating me know and I am helpless to do anything but comply with her demands. I plunge my tongue deeply into her pussy and twirl it around, spreading her lips apart and reaching for her g-spot. She moans louder and then begins to slide her whole bottom across my face, grinding her clit, pussy lips and asshole across me from chin to mouth to nose. I hold out my tongue like a good slave as she drags her body across me. I lick her swollen clit as it passes by, plunge my tongue into her cunt, and lick her pretty puckered asshole as it slides over me. I can feel her shutter, and she pauses in that position, drilling her ass harder down on my face.

"Lick me clean slave David!" she commands.

I instinctively feast on her asshole, drilling my tongue into its tight opening. She moans with the intense sensation. I know facesitting is her favorite position, and I submit to her desires.

After several minutes, Marie's facesitting is intensifying as continues to slide across me, and buries her pussy into my face. I can barely breathe now, but I know what this means. She is getting ready to cum. Her pace quickens and I frantically bury my tongue into her pussy, rubbing my nose against her clit at the same time. Her pussy tightens around my tongue and then she begins to spasm. Her already wet cunt begins to spew her warm sex juice into my mouth.

"Eat your master's cum!" she moans, and I obey, taking her pussy juice into my mouth and swallowing it as quickly as she dishes it out. "Good slave, David!" she says, and slows a bit. "But my domination of you is not yet complete!"

As her orgasm begins to ebb, her frantic pussy sliding slows down and she climbs off me and gets her strap-on belt and dildo. My face is soaked, and she rolls me over on my front again, and puts a large pillow under my front hips, pressing against my cock.

"There is one more thing I must do to my slave tonight. In order to complete your submission, I will penetrate your ass with my strapon until you are moaning so loudly that you cannot take it anymore, and beg for me to stop."

My cock hardens with her words, and I submissively raise my ass in the air to allow her penetration. She slowly lubricates her dildo with jelly, sliding her hand up and down the dildo with a sensual grip. She then rubs the remaining jelly between my asscheeks, slipping a lubricated finger up into my asshole. She then mounts up behind me and presses the tip of her dildo to my asshole.

"Get up, slave dog, so I can penetrate you deeply!" she cries, pulling my chains.

I obediently respond, getting up on all fours, arching my back and spreading my legs.

"Good slave, David! Now I will fuck you until you beg for relief!"

With that, she slowly plows her 10 inch dildo into my ass, and she is watching as my asshole separates. The penetration slows and it becomes difficult for her to enter me.

"Submit, fucking slave!" she screams, and I relax my ass and submit to her penetration.

She slides the full 10 inches into me now, and I feel my insides moaning.

"Good slave, you have made yourself vulnerable and in complete submission now."

She then repeatedly slides her dildo in and out of me, the pace quickening as the dildo slams up against her clit. I know she loves doing this, holding my chains, fucking my ass. I lay there, ass gaping, getting rammed so hard I feel like I am getting split in two. The view of my submitted body, plus the pounding against her clit are enough to begin her second climax. She begins to pant, and quickening the pace, explodes in a raging orgasm. Her juices are gushing out and start dripping down my ass. I am so hot now, my cock is ready to explode. Marie withdraws her dildo from my ass, and lays me down.

"You've been a good slave tonight, David. One final act for my pleasure."

She rolls me over, and with the chains still bound, grabs my throbbing cock with her hand. Stroking the shaft, she takes the head of me cock into her mouth and begins compressing it in her mouth. My precum wetness is now covering her lips, and she withdraws my cock from her mouth.

"You must feed your master, David. I am hungry and want to be fed!"

I try to raise my hips to press myself back into her mouth, but the chains restrain me, and she pushes me back down.

"On my terms!" , she commands.

She grabs my balls and takes them into her mouth, one by one, circling them with her tongue. Then in one giant motion, she crams my cock into her mouth. She's plunging her head up and down on me now, and shoving my cock down her throat. The site is so fantastic that I can no longer hold back. Starting with one giant gush, my cum sprays into her mouth, filling her, dripping out her lips and sliding down her throat! She moans with satisfaction. I am feeding her. She begins to suck harder on me, and with each orgasmic contraction, I unleash load after load of my hot cum into her mouth. She is curling her tongue around each load of my cum, playing with it in her mouth and savoring the earthy taste before swallowing it down.

She continues to milk my cock with her mouth to get every last drop, then raises up, and with my cum dripping out of her mouth, says, "My slave has filled me, fed me and satisfied me for one more day! Good slave, David!"

The End

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