tagBDSMSlave Sex - You Are Mine!

Slave Sex - You Are Mine!


I'm a regular guy by day, but love tying up and dominating my woman at night. There's something so hot about having my way with my babe and having her totally submit to my will. I completely take her body, and she looks so beautiful in her vulnerable submission. I am her master and she is my slave. She completely does away with her resistance, submits and lets me her dominate her body, mind and will. I take all of her.

Tonight is no exception. Katie looks so hot laying there on the couch ready for me to dominate her. I know she likes it rough, and I get hot knowing that I'm pushing her physical limits, and she gets horny having me take her there. I think I can already see her pussy lips glistening with her wetness as she thinks about what's to come. She knows I am about to do her good. I turn around and glare at her, saying nothing. I slowly walk over to where she's sitting.

"What are doing sitting there? I told you to get on the floor!" I command.

I grab her and throw her down, and she sprawls on the floor. "Don't ever get up until I tell you to! And for your disobedience, you will now pay." She says nothing, but turns her head down and submits. She is my slave.

I come up behind my Katie as she's laying on the ground and slip a black studded collar around her neck. She protests that it feels too tight, but as she whimpers in protest, I buckle it hard.

"You're my animal, my slave woman, and you will do as I say. My body is your dog bowl, and you can start by licking my balls and sucking on my cock!"

She sheepishly turns her head to obey, and the collar studs grind on the floor. I plant my cock on her lips, and she parts her softness open in submission, letting me enter her. I penetrate her mouth deeply, and her tongue and throat feel so soft. I then wedge my balls in her mouth at the same time. Her mouth is now gaping and straining to hold onto everything. She begins to suck me.

"Suck me harder, my beautiful slave!" I command, and she complies.

She sucks on my crotch with all her might. Her mouth is now dripping with saliva as she works hard for my pleasure.

"Good slave!" I say. "Now lick up all of my precum."

She obediently begins lapping the top of my cock with her tongue, like a dog, and I start to moan deeply. The sound of my moaning gets her hotter, and she reaches down and grips her throbbing clit. She starts to lick me with longer strokes and suck me even harder, increasing both our wetness. I grab the back of her hair and pull her head more fully onto me.

"You're a good slave, but not good enough yet," I tease.

I then release her and move over and grab the chains laying nearby.

"You've been a bad girl today, Katie, and you will have to be restrained," I say.

"No, please", she begs, "I'll do whatever you want!"

"It's too late, darling", I reply, "and since you have protested, I will make it last even longer!"

I grab the chains and begin by latching the end to her collar. Then, pulling her hands behind her back, wrap the chains down her arms. She begins to whimper, but she is in total submission now, and I am having my way with her. She sees the ferocious look in my eyes and looks afraid. I then take the ends of Katie's chains and secure them around her wrists, wrapping them several times, and then securing them with a lock.

"Now I will keep you locked up for several days, and come back to fuck you whenever I want. I will satisfy myself with your body repeatedly, and will butt fuck you hard until you moan in sweet agony. I will penetrate your body as my desires wish, and you will be my perpetual submissive creature!"

Her breath is quickening and she gets hot with my words, as well as my full domination of her, vulnerably submitting her will to my every desire. I can see her getting horny and she starts to rub her hips and clit against the floor, hoping for some relief.

"Please, master, I must provide release to throbbing clit!" she pleads.

"None of that!" I say.

I roll her over so that her hands are now underneath, and she cannot move at all. Her naked body is in full view and her glistening pussy, bulging clit and hard nipples give away her horniness.

"What have we here? Bad slave!" I cry, and slap her tits, squeezing her nipples hard and making her wince. It sends an intense shock through her body and she convulses. I twist her nipples even harder. "Good slave, Katie, take what I give you! Submit to your master!"

I want Katie's pussy now, and bring her up on her knees, still with collar and chain restraining her. I make her squat down on all fours and I position myself under her. Her ass looks so hot and I can see her swollen pussy lips starting to part, and her cunt hairs. She begins to part her legs even further in anticipation, and I position my face directly under her ass. Katie is facing away from me and I press my nose into her clit.

"Grind yourself onto me bitch!" I command.

She begins to move her hips rhythmically, and I press my face into her cunt and ass.

"I will eat my you, slave dog," I bark, and I hungrily begin to feast on her body holes.

The pace of her hip gyrations quicken, and her pussy juice begins to flow into my mouth. She tries to protest, but I retrain her, holding her steady and pulling her pussy down onto me, desperately swallowing her love juice. Moaning, I reach up and grab her nipples hard again.

"Faster!" I demand.

She is totally submitting to me now and she is helpless to do anything but comply with my demands. I plunge my tongue deeply into her pussy and twirl it around, spreading her engorged vulva apart and reaching for her g-spot. She moans louder and I begin to drill my whole face into her entire bottom, licking her clit, pussy lips and asshole. I plunge my tongue into her cunt, then come up underneath and begin to lick her pretty puckered asshole. She resists, but I hold her and drill my tongue deep into her asshole as she whimpers, licking her clean, and feasting on her body like an animal. She moans with the intense sensation, and submits to my carnal desires.

"You have me completely master, and I am yours," she cries.

I soon begin feeling her body shudder and know she is getting ready to cum. My pace quickens and I frantically bury my tongue deep into her pussy, rubbing my nose against her clit at the same time. Her pussy tightens around my tongue and then she begins to spasm. Her already wet cunt begins to spew her sex juice into my mouth.

"Feed your master your cum!" I moan, and she obeys, gushing her pussy juice into my mouth. I swallow it as quickly as she dishes it out. "Good slave, Katie!" I say, and she slows a bit. "But the satisfaction of my pleasures are not yet complete!"

My face is soaked, and I roll her over on her front again, putting a large pillow under her hips.

"There is one more thing I must do to my slave tonight," I foretell. "In order to complete your submission, I must penetrate your ass with my cock until you are groaning and moaning so loudly you cannot take it anymore, pleading for relief!"

She rubs her clit on the floor when she hears my words, and submissively raises her ass into the air to offer it for my penetration. I slowly lubricate my cock with jelly, and rub the remaining jelly between her asscheeks, slipping a lubricated finger up into her asshole. She tightens her asshoe around my finger and I can tell she wants this too. I mount up behind her and press the tip of my cock against her tight opening.

"Get up, slave dog, so I can fuck you deeply!" I demand, pulling her chains.

She obediently responds, mounts up on all fours, arches her back and spreads her legs even wider apart.

"Good slave, Katie! Now I must fuck you until you beg for relief!"

With that, I slowly plow my 10 inch cock into her ass, and watch as her asshole separates. I enter her body. Once inside, the penetration slows and it becomes more difficult for me to enter her further.

"Submit, slave!" I demand, and she relaxes her ass and submits fully to my penetration, arching her back even further.

I slide the full 10 inches of my cock into her body, and she can feel her insides groaning. She moans now with a deep guttural moan emanating from her inner core.

"Good slave, you have made yourself vulnerable and in complete submission to me now."

Then I repeatedly slide my cock in and out of her, the pace quickening as the tight walls of her ass and internal meat grip my cock. I love doing this to her, holding her chains, fucking her ass. She lays there, ass gaping, getting rammed so hard that she feels like she is splitting in two. The view of her submitted body, plus the pounding against her ass is so hot. She is panting like a dog, wanting deeper penetration and aching for a second climax. Before I explode inside her ass, I withdraw my cock from Katie and lay her down.

"You've been a good slave tonight, Katie. But there is one final act you must perform for my dominating pleasure," I explain.

I roll her over, and with the chains still bound, thrust my throbbing cock into her mouth. She instinctively begins sucking hard, and then begins compressing the head of my cock with her mouth. My precum ooze is now covering her lips, and I withdraw my cock from her mouth.

"Your master wants to feed his slave, Katie. I know you are hungry and you must be fed!"

She tries to pull away, but the chains restrain her, and I pull her back to my throbbing cock.

"On my terms!" I command.

I grab her head and thrust my cock back into her mouth. I begin to facefuck her, plunging my cock deeply in and out of her. I go so deep into her throat that she begins to gag, but she is submissive and accepts the full length of my shaft like a perfect lover. The site of her blowing me is so fantastic that I can no longer hold back. Starting with one giant gush, my cum explodes into her mouth and trickles down her throat! I moan with satisfaction. I am feeding her. She begins to suck harder on me, and with each orgasmic contraction, I gush load after load of my hot cum into her mouth. She is straining, curling her tongue around each load of my cum, playing with it in her mouth and savoring the earthy taste before swallowing each load down.

She continues to milk my cock with her mouth to savor every last drop, then raises up, and with my cum dripping out of the side of her mouth, smiles.

"My master has fed me and I am his," she pants.

"Good girl, Katie," I reply. "You are my slave and you have satisfied your master for another day!"

The End

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