tagSci-Fi & FantasySlave Ship Pt. 06

Slave Ship Pt. 06


I apologize for the delay in this segment of the story. I dislike people that have long delays between chapters. Unfortunately, real life and jobs sometime interfere and that is the case here. The next segment will also be delayed, but hang in there they are coming as soon as I can.

This is a sequel to Venus Ascending and continues the story. This story can stand alone, but it will make more sense if you read Venus Ascending. I appreciate any comments both on the previous story and its sequel. OuPa99


Chapter 11

John's day had begun very early when he gathered the scientists and doctors together in his quest to find a cure against the alien's sexual control. However, things got decidedly more hectic when the diplomatic shuttle arrived.

Diplomatic shuttle included representatives from selected countries and the UN, but also included scientists interested in finding more about the aliens. John confiscated the main auditorium corralling all the new group of diplomats and scientists. He would've tried to be a good host, but John made them pay for their own breakfasts and coffee.

John put in a call to Bahati, requesting that he and his command staff make the trip over to speak with the diplomats and allow the scientists to examine them. Bahati agreed to come over and talk with the diplomats, however, he steadfastly refused to have the scientists examine any of his crew. A time was set for the meetings in an hour later. Bahati wouldn't let John go until he had confirmation about his warriors getting their turn in fucking some earth women.

John sighed and in a tight voice said, "Yes, your warriors are still scheduled for the six shows tonight. In addition, we have a ship of female tourists that want to partake of your warriors pent up sex drive. They will all meet in the Westworld suite and I will let you know how many of your warriors will be needed."

Initially the ideas of having the aliens as part of the show had sounded like a great idea financially and could once again grow Venus's tourist industry. Everyone knew that this would draw many of the same tourists Venus used to have. However, with this nanite infection, John felt like he was fighting for the safety of everyone aboard Venus. He had to stop the infections and find a cure ... quickly. Or else he had to get rid of the aliens and risk a confrontation with a powerful alien species.

John left the rabble to discuss their very different diplomatic approaches to negotiating with an alien race. He left to go check in on his doctors and scientists, to see if they had made in the progress towards figuring out how the aliens can control their sexual partners. It had only been a little over four hours so he didn't expect much. What he really expected to do was solve interdepartmental squabbles between the Doctors and the Scientists.

When John arrived at the hospital he found all the scientists and doctors huddled around a computer screen. They all seemed very excited, but were talking in hushed tones.

John skulked behind the throng and shouted, "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?"

Everyone jumped and a couple of the scientists fell to the floor. One of the scientists jumped and in the low gravity hit his head on the ceiling. John hid his grin under his hand and could barely contain his snickers. It was the first time in five days that John felt like laughing and it felt good to let some of the stress wash away.

After the Doctors and Scientists calmed down, a couple laughed with him, while another couple cursed him. Eventually everyone laughed and then resumed their huddle around the screen. John wormed his way into the huddle and asked, "So what have you all found?"

One of the scientists that John didn't know piped up and as he pointed to the screen blurted out, "Look here, see this foreign body in Stephanie's blood? It looks like some kind of nanite, but it's like nothing any of us have ever seen before."

Doctor Jamison added, "We know this is alien, but we have no idea what it does or how it got here. It is slightly larger than normal red blood cell and because of its size we don't think it can be transferred except through fluid exchange. We assume the seminal fluid introduced this nanite into Stephanie's body and they began replicating from there, but we're just guessing."

The rest of the doctors and scientists jumped in with all their theories about what this... thing was! John pondered for a few seconds and then interrupted, "If we know it's a foreign body, do we know how to remove it or kill it?"

For several seconds there was total silence until Doctor Connor embarrassingly said, "We haven't gotten that far. I guess all of us doctors and scientists want to understand this technology. It's so far advanced and the implications are exciting, but we hadn't even thought of killing it. However, John is correct, we need to find a way to kill it and clean Stephanie's blood and body of these invaders. Hopefully, we can save these invaders for later study."

John was really glad he came by because all of these doctors and scientists seemed really interested in the technology and not in the people being affected. They seemed to have forgotten that these were real people that were suffering as a result of this incredible alien technology.

John's posture stiffened and his voice took on an angry tone as he spoke, "Gentlemen and ladies, our first priority is to heal these people affected. I hope we all agree on that! I understand that you may have to recognize what this... thing does before you can find a way to kill it and remove it from its host. But the highest priority is to get it out of the body and find ways to heal its victims."

"Your next priority is to find a way to keep people from being infected by this nanite. Sixteen women have been infected by these aliens and every day that number will double unless we can find a way to stop them. I will take the task of finding a way to stop the infection of more women, but despite our best efforts more will be infected. We need answers and we need them quickly! Please remember that the infected humans are your first priority."

John looked over the faces of the scientists and doctors, just to make sure they understood where their priorities lay. Some looked a little sheepish at his words, but others look more determined and that's what he had hoped for. He turned and took a step, but stopped suddenly as a thought struck him. Sixteen women had been infected, but only ten were in the hospital, so where were the others?

John stalked out of the room anxious to find out what happened to the other six women. He wondered if maybe they had some immunity to this alien technology and they weren't infected as badly as the others. John grabbed his phone as he walked, called the police number and asked for Dominic. When he finally got on the phone John hurriedly said, "Dominic, every woman that has been fucked by these aliens needs to be quarantined. Ten are currently in the hospital, but we're missing six additional infected women. We need to find them and get them to the hospital. Also, all the women that get fucked today need to also be quarantined."

John stopped and thought for a minute before he continued, "We're going to run out of space today and we need to find a place to house all the infected women. Try and find one of the larger rooms that we can use to house all of the women and the scientists. Also, gather all the scientists that just arrived and send them to the hospital to help all the other doctors and scientists. This is going to get out of hand very quickly and we need to do everything we can to help everyone that has been infected with this alien technology."

Dominic quickly acknowledged his orders and hung up the phone. John paused in the corridor and knew what he needed to do. John slowly began walking to the main auditorium and he knew he had to have a talk with Bahati about keeping his soldiers away from the human population. He knew this was going to be a problem, but until the nanites could be stopped he had no alternative.

John had taken only five steps when his phone squawked, "Hey boss, the tourist shuttle has arrived and the women on board are running to the auditorium. Some are stripping off their clothes in anticipation, but all are excited to be the first to fuck an alien."

John cursed under his breath, "Damn! That is all we need, a bunch of horny women running around the station looking for aliens to fuck." He knew that he needed to save as many as he could. So he picked up the pace and bounded through the corridor trying to beat the tourists to the auditorium.

He got there just as the first tourist arrived and held up his hands trying to stop the on rushing horde. Within seconds the corridor was jammed and John began his quick speech, "Ladies, everything you have heard about these aliens is true. They are large and look like devils. Every woman that has had relations with these aliens has become addicted to their form of lovemaking. Recently we have found nanites present in all the women that have been with the aliens."

"Our guess is that these nanites turn you into a sex slave for these aliens. We have no idea what their end game is and we don't have a cure for these nanites. So I beseech you to turn around and go back to earth. Leave these aliens alone. No thrill is worth your life."

John looked at the faces of the women in front of him and knew what he said had not made any difference. Most of the women continued to push forward into the auditorium, but six stayed behind. The remaining six looked uncertain and all six ultimately turned around and went back to the shuttle bay.

John stood alone in the hall, happy that he saved six, but depressed that twenty four still continued into the alien lair. He pulled his shoulders back and walked into the auditorium to talk to Bahati.

Chapter 12

Dominic began his search by searching the quarters of each of the missing performers. Each had what appeared to be a large number of outfits missing, but otherwise everything appeared normal. Then he began talking to their friends and fellow performers. All the stories seemed to follow the same pattern of sex with an alien and fanatical obsession to get more alien sex.

Dominic had a sinking feeling and checked the airlock cameras. There he saw each of the missing women, accompanied by an alien that used one of the alien force field patches to leave Venus. John's worse fears had come true. Dominic hung his head in his hands and felt like he had been too trusting and let everyone down. Six of Venus's performers were now sex slaves on the alien space ship. Dominic felt like this news needed to be delivered immediately and in person.


John entered the auditorium noticing Bahati and his command staff on stage with a mixed group of politicians and scientists. All the tourists congregated in seats towards the right side of the theater, obviously waiting for their alien lovers, but all eyes were all on the aliens on the stage. John slowly walked towards the stage watching all the politicians suck up and brownnose to the aliens. They all sensed power that could enhance their own power and they would give whatever they had to get it.

The scientists were all taking notes, but couldn't get a word in. All of their questions went unasked as the politicians dominated the conversations. Bahati and all of his command staff seemed amused by all of this. They had obviously had been through scenes like this on their home world or other worlds. John stood to back of the stage and listened to the offers of the officials and he was amazed at the offers.

The rich western countries were offering land, gold, plutonium and even enriched uranium. Bahati and his staff just smiled and said nothing. It was obvious, at least to John, that nothing the politicians had to offer was stirring the aliens, but they kept trying. John was quickly bored and it appeared that Bahati was as well. He was waiting for the current speaker to take a breath so he could jump in when Dominic tapped him on the shoulder.

Dominic put his arm around him and steered him towards the door. Once in the corridor John and asked, "What's up Dominic?"

Dominic looked very upset as he told his story, "The aliens are taking slaves. All the missing women were taken to the alien ship. They were under their own power and appeared to be willing partners, but we know they really weren't willing."

John stood there stunned. The nagging in the back of his head was confirmed. He shook his head knowing what he had to do, but not relishing the idea. Dominic whispered in his ear, "What are we going to do boss?"

John spoke slowly so a plan could form as he spoke, "First, post guards at all the airlocks 24X7, so that we don't lose any more women. Second, I will start talking to Bahati and see how I can get the women back. Third, pull our entire revolutionary group together and come up with a plan to get the women back."

Dominic looked stunned, "We know nothing about their technology, armament or even the layout of their ship! No way we can get them back by force! Besides they are the warriors, not us!"

John knew that was true, but said, "I hope it doesn't come to that, but we have to be ready and have some ideas ... so get to it!"

John turned and when back into the auditorium leaving Dominic frustrated and perplexed. John walked directly up on the stage, noticing that nothing had changed concerning the negotiations. As he got on stage John interrupted, "Bahati, could I speak to you alone for a few minutes?"

The expression on Bahati's face would have been one of relief if he had been human, "Certainly John!"

Bahiti followed John back stage into a private corner. John felt a bead of sweat roll down his back as he faced the devilish being towering over him. He knew he had to be firm and strong talking to this alien commander, so he took several deep breaths before he began. In what he hoped was a very firm, but friendly voice, John said, "Bahati, we are enjoying your company here. However, we have found a nanite infection among our women that have had sex with your warriors. I don't know if this is common with your warriors, but we must stop sexual relations until we can find a cure."

Bahati, stood straighter and his horns scraped he ceiling. If he had been human his facial expression seemed to take on the look of someone angry. His voice appeared to be a higher pitch as he responded, "That is not possible! We must keep to our schedule!"

John thought of something and quickly interjected, "My job is to look out for the safety of everyone on board this vessel ... including your warriors. It is also possible that some of your men have been infected by our women! We must stop immediately to verify the safety of everyone."

Bahati shifted his stance and John thought he may have scored a point. There was a pause before Bahati responded, "My warriors are not infected or I would know. We must keep to the schedule!"

John's back and underarms were soaked with his panicked perspiration. Never the less, he stood as tall as he could and responded, "As the leader of this station I must insist. No more interspecies sex until we can guarantee the safety of everyone."

In a move so quick John never saw it; Bahati had his sword out and pressed against John's neck. He snarled, "The schedule will be maintained."

John had his heart in his throat as he responded, "The well being of everyone will not infringed. You cannot threaten me."

Bahati drew his sword across John's neck and he felt blood trickling down his neck, but he stood his ground. After a few seconds that seemed like hours Bahati said, "Just for today!"

John knew he would have a riot on his hands if all the tourists didn't get what they wanted. He had warned them, but they still wanted their alien sex. So this was the best outcome he could have wanted and he readily agreed.

Bahati withdrew his sword and for a few seconds stared at John with what he assumed was pride. John knew standing up to him had been the correct decision.

As Bahati went back to the stage John left to find out the progress at the hospital.

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