tagSci-Fi & FantasySlave Ship Pt. 11

Slave Ship Pt. 11


I apologize for the delay in this segment of the story. I dislike people that have long delays between chapters. Unfortunately, real life and jobs sometime interfere and that is the case here.

This is a sequel to Venus Ascending and continues the story. This story can stand alone, but it will make more sense if you read Venus Ascending. I appreciate any comments both on the previous story and its sequel.

I hope you enjoyed the story and of course there will be more... OuPa99


Chapter 20

The next day Doctor Jamison gave a report to the full revolutionary Council and indeed the aliens had kept their word. Everyone was looking for reasons not trust the aliens, but apparently, they reconsidered. They would definitely do anything to have availability to earth women and some claimed to have fallen in love with a women from Earth. John believed they may have fallen in lust, but love is more than just incredible sex.

Doctor Jamison summarized their progress, "The Jagjeetian doctors provided us with the schematics and controllers for the nanites. We were able to build our own nanites using their specifications and control their nanites as well as the ones that we created. We were also able to feed some nanites a kill code and flush them out of infected woman."

"We have all looked for deceit and even oversights from the doctors, but we have found none. We all feel like we have a good handle on the nanites and how to control them, but we would like an additional week with the Jagjeetian doctors, just make sure."

About half of the Council look impressed and the rest looked skeptical. John was little bit of both and asked a follow-on question, "Have you been able to take some of the first generation nanites and modify them? For example, have you been able to preserve the health benefits, while eliminating the sexual side effects?"

Doctor Jamison smile beamed as he replied, "Absolutely! All patients are in better health than they've ever been, so we kept the health benefits. We have requests from most of the patients to keep varying degrees of sexual desire. Most of our patients want a higher degree of desire and arousal than they had before and we have successfully tweaked that to each individual's liking."

Doctor Jamison opened the door behind him and ushered in eight women that had gone through the treatments and each confirmed his progress. Four the women were from the Venus entertainment staff and the other four were sexual tourists. All agreed that they had never felt or looked better in their entire lives and definitely wanted to keep the nanites. Most of the women kept their arousal quotient at a level higher than they were used too, but only because they couldn't adjust it when needed.

The meeting broke up into a discussion of the pros and cons of natural aging versus nanites. Everybody had multiple opinions, but John didn't need to be there for this discussion. Sean, George and John left to go into a smaller conference room and meet with Hati and Bahati. So far, the aliens had kept their side of the bargain and John was interested in seeing if they had any other demands.

When they entered the conference room, Nathalie and Stephanie were sitting in the laps of their respective lovers. Apparently, Bahati felt the same way about Stephanie as Hati did about Nathalie. Sean, George and John were all surprised to see the women in the conference room, but as Bahati spoke, the reason became very clear.

"We Jagjeetian's have kept our word, as Nathalie and Stephanie can attest. The nanites inside them are at levels that they are comfortable with. We would like to immediately reinstate our women's visits to our ship."

Nathalie squirmed in Hati's lap and with a huge grin on her face said, "I want to be with my man, so he can kiss me or fuck me whenever he wants!"

Stephanie nodded her head in agreement and wrapped her arms around Bahati. John had always said that if the women wanted to go they could and it was obvious that they wanted to go.

John scrutinized Nathalie and Stephanie to make sure they weren't being coerced and it appeared that they really wanted to be with these hulking aliens. Actually, Nathalie seemed to be in love with Hati and her face glowed with her desire to be with him. John looked over at George and Sean and they both gave him an 'It's up to you' shrug.

John looked back across the table and made an executive decision, "The visits will be reinstated, but the previous stated restrictions will be enforced. The women must sign a waiver and submit to medical and psychological testing once a week. If they fail any of the tests or even want to return to Venus they must be allowed to do so immediately."

Both girls grinned broadly, squealed and jumped wrapping their arms around their alien lover's neck. Both Hati and Bahati seemed very happy as well and held their girls tightly with large hands freely roaming over their lovers scintillating forms. George, Sean and even John looked on in concern, wondering if this was the right decision.

John wanted real clarification and stated, "The medical and psychological tests begin now! Nathalie, you're first and Stephanie you are next. Sean and George will stay and hammer out a definitive agreement on the alien's performance requirements and interaction with all human personnel. Nathalie come with me."

John stood and after giving Hati and passionate kiss, Nathalie followed him outside. Once outside in the corridor, John held Nathalie's hand and began slowly walking towards the hospital. As they walked, he began speaking slowly and softly, "Nathalie, are you sure you know what you're doing?"

She clutched his hand tightly and in a voice tight with emotion she answered, "I only know that the thought of being without him is painful. As incredible as the sex is, that is not the reason I want to be with him. My heart rejoices when I'm with him and aches when I'm not. I had long talks with Lisa in the hospital and she describes your love the same way. I can't bear the thought of him not holding me or even being near me."

John stopped and turned to look at her as he replied, "Nathalie, they are a warrior alien species. They don't look, act or think the same way we do. They infected us with alien nanites, that were only now beginning to understand what they do to us. What you're feeling could be some aftereffects of these nanites."

"My gut says this is wrong and I should keep you from going with them. Unfortunately, our charter on Venus believes firmly in the right of self-determination. As much as I think this is wrong, I have to give you the rights to determine the course of your own destiny. Please think long and hard about what you're doing."

Nathalie turned and put her arms around John giving him an almost desperate kind of hug. John could feel her tears through his shirt as she said, "John, I know what you're saying, but I do feel love from him. It's not the way you or I feel love, but I know he needs me as much as I need him. I know I'm taking a huge chance, but everything about this feels like this is the right thing to do."

They continue their walk to the hospital, with John holding Nathalie tightly against him. As they reached the hospital, John turned her over to Doctor Jamison, requesting a quick and thorough medical and psychological examination. John decided to wait, because he knew she had had both of these done before she was released from hospital the day before.

He would've gone to be with Lisa and Erika, but they had also been released from the hospital and they were back in their apartment. Within thirty minutes, Doctor Jamison came out to speak to John.

He sat down next to John with anxiety on his face. He began speaking in a slow but determined voice, "You can guess results of all of our tests. Nathalie seems in full control of her faculties and the nanites are not exerting any undue influence either physically or emotionally. With our limited knowledge, at least no influence that we can determine."

"We do have one thing of interest, but we don't know what this means yet. We have begun creating a catalog of the nanites and we have found that they adapt to everyone's individual DNA. Within a week, the nanites have adapted to their new individual and by then they are quite different from any other nanite. We have begun cataloguing them just as we would any normal DNA."

"When we were cataloging these nanites we noticed something, yours and Lisa's have some common factors. We think common factors come from repeated intimate interaction, but we're just guessing about that. We're assuming that these common factors also create some kind of a bond between the nanites. You and Lisa did not need anything to bond together, but the nanites seem to have strengthened the bond between you. When we just checked Nathalie she had some of the same factors that Hati did."

John glanced sharply at Doctor Jamison and asked, "Are you saying this may be why Natalie can't seem to stay away from Hati?"

Doctor Jamison had a slight grin on his face as he answered, "It answers a question of why a human woman would fall in love with an alien warrior. In addition, it could explain why she would want to give up everything to go with him. At this point we just don't know enough and were really only guessing."

Doctor Jamison left to go back into the hospital, while John sat on the bench contemplated what he had heard. He started thinking about Lisa and they're very strong loving bond. This bond and attraction existed long before they were infected by nanites, but was it even stronger now that the nanites were involved? She had always been foremost in his thoughts and she still is, but have the nanites made a difference? He couldn't really detect the difference.

His and Lisa's love was something foremost in his life and always had been. This was something he needed to keep an eye on, but as of now, he had no definitive proof that the nanites had changed their feelings. Nathalie came out of the hospital while John was musing over this new development.

They walked back to the conference room together in silence. Just before they entered the conference room John stopped and looked at Nathalie and said, "Nathalie, I understand your decision, but if you should ever have doubts, please come see me."

They hugged each other and Nathalie went into the conference room, while John waited for Stephanie. When she came out, he took her to the hospital where they repeated the testing process. Doctor Jamison confirmed that Stephanie and Bahati also had the same common factors in their nanites. It was looking like the duplicate factors in the nanites might be responsible for some of the common attraction.

By the time John and Stephanie returned, Sean, George, Hati and Bahati had completed a basic agreement between the humans and the Jagjeetians. The agreement contained what was expected of the Jagjeetians when they were interacting with anyone on Venus. The agreement also contained the costs and pay schedules for any interaction between the two groups. Finally, the agreement contained expected conduct between the aliens and human women plus penalties for infractions.

The meeting finished and everyone left, with Hati, Bahati, Nathalie and Stephanie all leaving for the alien ship. Eight other women went to the alien ship that night after they had completed their screening tests. All the women except one were members of the entertainment staff, with one woman being a member of the tourist ship.

John went home to Lisa and fortunately, Erika was already in bed. After watching Nathalie and Stephanie canoodle with Hati and Bahati, John was anxious to have his love in his arms and when he entered their apartment Lisa was already naked on the floor in a presentation position. Both felt the raging hormones inside them and John wasted no time devouring Lisa with his eyes, mouth, fingers and ultimately his cock.

They both made love with a desperate frenzy that seemed to be the norm since the nanites were introduced into their bodies. Lisa was just as hungry for John as he was for her and within minutes of John's adoring assault, Lisa was begging him to take her. Lisa's orgasms came on swiftly and continued unabated until John filled her with his seed.

As she lay quivering in his arms they talked about the aliens and the women that were joining them on their ship. Lisa was just as worried as John was about Nathalie, but neither could come up with any other ideas to resolve the dilemma.

Chapter 21

Venus settled into a routine with the Jagjeetians immersing themselves in the Venus lifestyle. They would come up to Venus as part of the performance staff, but they also took meals at the slut hut and spent time relaxing in the bars. The women living on the alien ship came in for their weekly tests and nothing seemed to change. They were all in great health and did not seem adversely affected by living on the alien ship.

Likewise, business picked up with the sexual tourists once again flocking to Venus. In addition, doctors and scientists were vying for ways to study Erika and the aliens. After the sexual tourists made their reports back on earth, Venus was almost immediately booked for the next six months. Venus was more profitable than it had ever been and everything looked rosy.

Almost a month after their agreement Hati called a meeting with John. John knew something was up when he walked into the room, because Hati looked anxious. John poured Hati and himself a cup of coffee and asked, "Our regularly scheduled meeting isn't for another week, so what's up?"

Hati's face had been easier to read than other Jagjeetians, but this time he just seemed nervous. He took a deep breath and then said, "We have received a request for our services and our ship will be leaving in two rotations of your planet. Many of us have begun to think of this place as home and we wish to use this as our home base from now on."

"Therefore, we have several requests. First, we wish to leave ten crewmembers behind to fulfill our obligations in the entertainment areas and we will need accommodations for them. Second, we wish to take some of our women with us, but some of us do not wish to take our women into battle. Therefore, we need authorization to take those women with us that wish to go and accommodations for those that do not want to go."

Hati's face was still riddled with anxiety and John figured he wasn't getting the whole story. He was blown away by the sudden change in priorities and had to stop to think to think for a few moments. He didn't know what to say and came up a couple of inane questions before he answered, "How long do you think you will be gone and why would you want to endanger your women?"

Before Hati could answer John asked the real question that was bothering him, "I can see there's something you're not telling me, what is it?"

Hati's face hardened as he answered, "Do you agree to give space to our performers and women?"

John tried to talk in a soothing voice as he said, "Of course we will provide space for your warriors that remain behind and the women. However, will you tell me what the real reason behind your sudden departure?"

Hati looked angry, but then his face softened as he explained, "We received word that war has broken on our home world and we must go help. In addition, some of our enemies know that we are here we are concerned that they will bring the war to your door. That's why we must divide our forces and take care of our women."

John finally understood and added, "We have now fought a war for independence and with your warriors help we can defend our home."

Hati finally smiled and said, "We will leave some of our weapons, and communications here to help coordinate some defense. In two rotations of your planet, our defenses here must be complete, because we must leave."

Hati and John both got on the radios and began coordinating the combined human and alien defense of Venus. Within two days, the Jagjeet ship was gone. Nathalie and Stephanie both were left behind, as well as all the other women that had been residing on the alien ship.

For a month everything settled into the normal routine of taking care of the tourists, scientists and doctors. Then word came that the Jagjeetians had encountered a couple of enemy ships heading towards Earth and destroyed them. Their ship was slightly damaged and they were continuing on to Jagjeet for battle and repairs.

A private message from Bahati relayed the belief that there were no more enemy ships heading towards Earth. However, just in case John ordered continuous scans of deep space just to make sure.

It was about the same time that Doctor Jamison came to see John. He sat down and looking very nervous and spilled the beans, "John, we have no idea how this is even possible, but both Stephanie and Nathalie are pregnant. The only thing we can figure is that the nanite's helped to adapt the two reproductive systems."

"While we were blazing new trails with the nanites, we are really blazing trails with two inter-species pregnancies. We have no idea how long their gestation period is and what these children are going to look like. The good thing is that we have the best scientists and doctors on board to help us."

When John told Lisa, they both immediately went to see Natalie and see how she's doing. She was just as blissfully happy as Lisa had been when pregnant with Erika.

That night John and Lisa had a long intimate talk about their future. The original plan had been to move back to earth once Erika was born, but now the Sovereign Space Station Venus felt more like all the earth did. In addition, there was never a dull moment and they were living in interesting times.

They both decided that their lives belonged on the Sovereign Space Station Venus. This was their home now.

The End

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by Anonymous08/29/18

Loved it

I love the story and hope it continues into another series. I see with the ending you left it wide open to continue, so please do.

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