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Slave to Love Ch. 03


Thank you all for waiting for this next installment. I have gotten so many e-mails begging me not to make you all wait a month for each installment. So, if you want them every two or so weeks instead of a month, send me feedback to let me know and I'll work on it!

Disclaimer: Welcome to my world! As always, here comes the disclaimer. You just can't live without those, can you? My stories are almost always fantasy based, (vampires and werewolves and angels, Oh my!) and this one is no different. This story holds strong BDSM themes as well as Slavery, polyamoury and romance. Mind you, my depiction of Slavery is *not* real life based, it is fantasy, my idea of what real slavery might be like in my fantasy world.

This story is a bit harsher then any I have written thus far. Be aware that the story that follows may be a bit intense for some readers. It involves some non-consent, Slavery, pain play, a bit of torture and a lot of emotional turmoil.

If you choose to get into the real world scene, do your research, make sure you have safewords and stay completely safe, sane, and consensual. The D/s world can be a wonderful thing when enjoyed safely, as kinks or as a lifestyle. That said, if none of the above bothers you, enjoy the third installment of "Slave to Love".

"I cant believe you did that, Eko. We're in trouble, really, really big trouble now." Angel whispered, then went to his knees and drew the young man's length into his mouth in a vain attempt to keep him from going soft. Eko let out a sharp little cry of pleasure and began to squirm.

"Too much, too much." He whimpered out, and Angel couldn't help but chuckle at the adorable movements and pleading the new slave was making.

"Is it really?" Angel asked, smirking up at Eko's blindfolded face while the other boy nodded frantically.

"Angel!" The name was said in a tone that thundered and boomed throughout the room in a rather unearthly manner, and both slaves froze, ice swimming in their veins.

"Yes, Master?" Angel squeaked out, swallowing hard.

"What did you do?"

Eko swore that Angel would rat him out, would tell his Master exactly how he'd abused the pleasure of his wings and came despite the other boy's pleading, but instead he heard Angel swallow hard and then shift on his knees. "I... I didn't know how sensitive he was." Angel managed, sounding nonchalant, as if the fact he'd be punished was no never mind to him, the first squeaking fear gone completely from his voice.

"You'll be trussed up exactly like he is..." Before Daman could get the words out Eko was interrupting him.

"It w-wasn't his f-fault! I d-did it! I ... I rubbed m-my wings g-gainst the so-softness." Eko stammered, and Angel pinched his leg, hissing at him to be quiet.

"I was going to say," Daman continued without missing a beat, as though Eko hadn't spoken a word. "That you'll be trussed up just like he is if I find you're lying to me." It hadn't taken Daman terribly long to figure out that Angel would pick and choose his words carefully, making sure he wasn't lying while never truly telling the truth. This was quite a way around Daman's lie sensing ability.

Eko's heart sank. Angel sighed deeply.

Angel didn't respond, he knew it would do no good to argue, nor would it help his situation. No, silence was his best course of action and he stuck to it. Eko could hear, but not see due to his blindfolded state, Daman walk slowly towards the two of them, and then pause. A hand came out to gently grip Eko's flagging shaft, and he gave a little growl of disgust.

"You came at the touch of your wings?" He whispered, and though Daman's voice sounded even and calm, there was something dangerous in the way his touch lingered, the tilt and tone of his voice.

"Y-yes." Eko stammered, then remembered to add, "Master." Only a beat too late.

"I didn't know that they were quite so sensitive." The vampire let his words hang in the air as he walked behind Eko and began to stroke along each wing, finding the most sensitive spots by experiencing the Angelboy's reactions. "So, wing bases, between your wings on your back are the most sensitive." Eko nodded wordlessly, biting his lower lip.

"You are not to cum without my permission, Eko. You will be punished. Severely, but I will begin with Angel since your punishment will take some thought, and I have no difficulty with finding things to torture Angel with."

Reaching up, Daman removed the blindfold from the younger man's face, and shifting his position so he was facing both Angel and Daman, who stood and knelt before the bed. Angel had his head bowed, and all that fiery hair swam around him like licking flames of shimmering color. It really was beautiful, even those of his race would have found his coloring unusually lovely.

"You will watch." Daman said, voice quiet and deadly. "You will not look away, you will not flinch away. You will watch all that I do and take it in." He touched Eko's chin, looking into his eyes for a moment before Eko nodded and swallowed audibly. "Good." And with that one clipped word he turned from Eko and strode purposefully towards Angel.

Angel never looked up as his Master approached, but when he ended up gazing at a pair of feet, his eyes slowly began to creep up Daman's body. Eko watched as those eyes sparked a myriad of things, heat, anger, need, lust, hate and a flicker of love which was quickly drowned out to simmer in the pot of boiling emotions within the depths of his amazing eyes. Eko noticed it, that flicker of love, and his eyes moved to Daman's face to see if he too had noticed.

If Daman noticed, he made no indication.

Silence reigned for a moment as the two gazed at one another, Daman with a cold impassive countenance, Angel with unconcealed emotions. It was an odd thing to watch, and Eko knew sadness for the other slave as he realized Angel both loved and hated Daman. He loved him, and he hated him for not returning that love. What a sad, state of affairs.

A state Eko realized he'd be sharing with Angel if he let his heart be captured.

"Up" Daman growled.

Imediately Angel began to get to his feet in a fluid motion that must have taken a rather long time to perfect. He stood, arms at his sides, eyes still locked on Daman's face as he waited for further instructions. Daman didn't speak, he simply reached out and curled fingers into the flame-streaked locks of the young slave, dragging him around to a lone chair not far from the bed. He forced Angel, who made not a sound, to kneel backwards on the chair, leaning his body over the high back, then lifted the entire chair and moved it in front of Eko so that he could watch without twisting his head to see.

"Show Eko that you can take your punishments without needing to be tied down, Angel." Daman purred out, and Angel glanced up at Eko before nodding his head mutely. Their master reached around, to unfasten a whip from a hook in one of the bedposts. It was short handled, with numerous straps of leather coming off it. At the end of each strap, a blunt metal ball dangled. They didn't look terribly large, but that didn't mean they wouldn't hurt. Angel heard the soft musical clinking of the whip behind him, and his face turned into equal parts dread and excitement.

It confused Eko, that look. How could he both want and despise the touch at the same time? Simple. Training. Angel took a deep breath, and as he blew it out his body began to relax, and a slightly glazed look came over his face. His eyes met Eko's, and there was calm strength there, desire.

A slight smile tugged at the corner of Angel's mouth, and Eko thought of how good the other young man tasted, how sweet and soft his lips were. When Daman took the first swing, neither boy was prepared for it. The blow sent Angel forward into the back of the chair, a hiss of pain escaping his sweet lips. Eko whimpered, his eyes flickering to his Master as Daman reached back for another swing, hitting the back of Angel's thighs with a tinkling of the metal balls hitting one another, and the thicker almost wet sound of metal colliding with flesh.

Angel drew in a deep breath, biting his lower lip, and Daman hit him again, this time it looked much harder then the time before. Yet Angel stayed still, and no sound but for the sharp breaths was heard. Eko ached for his new friend, he wanted to throw himself in front of the blows and fend off the Monster he called Master, but he was tied, bound in a way he could not get free, so he was forced to watch the entire scene.

Blow after blow fell, like a violent hail storm biting the tender and exposed flesh of the boy in front of him. A quick glance at Daman showed a look of determination, desire hot and smoldering in his eyes. He licked his lips, slow and sensual, and despite himself Eko felt that strange pull, longing for the Master he didn't even like.

It didn't take to long for Angel to begin losing his battle against the pain, his body arching with each blow, soft whimpers escaping at first only to turn into helpless little cries with each blow. The sounds, each and every one of them, made Daman growl, a strange low sound that was hardly natural or normal. Eko remembered the feeling of Daman's fangs buried into his neck, that sweet pleasurable sensation that had overwhelmed him and made his heart race and blood boil. He wanted his Master, more then he had words to express, and it didn't matter that he was a Monster.

That thought made Eko despise himself in one blinding moment of clarity. He wanted a man who would beat and punish him, beat and punish his new friend, and Eko hated himself for wanting him. Eko's heart ached as Angel fought not to writhe and squirm away from the torrential downpour of blow upon blow upon blow, but soon enough he began losing that battle and Daman's hand came out, gripping his hair and yanking his head back at a brutally painful angle.

"Stay, STILL!" he bellowed, and Angel began to tremble as he let him go, clutching at the chair in front of him.

Angel looked up, then, right into Eko's eyes and the pain shone in them as well as intense physical desire. He couldn't look away, Eko just couldn't look away while Angel was being beaten for something that he'd done. So he just gazed into his eyes and put all the want and affection he'd begun to have for the other boy into that look.

Angel's eyes softened, and that small smile played at the edges of his mouth again, a smile that couldn't be jarred from him no matter how hard Master Daman hit him. Soft whimpers escaped his lips, and after a moment Angel couldn't help but wriggle and squirm again, which only caused Daman to hit him harder, until finally he tossed the whip down onto the ground and dragged Angel by his hair down off of the chair to the kneeling position.

"Stay." He growled out, then walked to the wall and pushed a little button.

"Yes, Sir?" A disembodied voice said out of nowhere.

"Bring two prepared ginger roots up to my room." Daman said in a voice that was far, far too calm. Eko glanced at Angel, whose eyes were glittering with tears as he glared daggers into Daman's back, but got no indication what the ginger was for.

"Yes, sir, right away."

Turning around, Daman walked back over to Angel and began to stroke his hair gently, soft tender little touches that seemed so very incongruent with the way he'd been beating the slave not long ago. Angel pressed himself into his Masters legs, his eyes closing as he soaked up the touches like a love-starved puppy.

"Angel?" he asked.

"Yes, Master?"

"Tell Eko what the ginger root is for."

Angel swallowed hard, his eyes flickering up towards Eko's face. "He's going to insert it into our bottoms. It's going to burn some, but don't worry it wont la-" Daman cuffed him across the face hard, and Angel toppled to the ground just barely catching himself on outstretched hands.

"I didn't tell you to tell him how long it would last." Daman growled.

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master." Angel whispered, his voice subdued, soft.

"Tell him the rest." Daman said, and Angel nodded before swallowing hard and trying again.

"It goes in our bottoms, and sometimes in our cocks." He whispers, "It burns, and it feels good at the same time." He glanced up at Daman, who nodded slightly as if to say 'go on', and then continued. "It's a punishment that he uses when he doesn't want to do serious damage, but he wants to get his point across. I'm sorry, Eko." Another slap to the face, and Eko whimpered for him.

That simple whimper made Daman's head snap up, eyes narrowing. Leaving Angel where he'd fallen, Daman began to walk towards the strung up angelboy with a growl. "Don't feel sorry for him, Eko." He grinned slightly, more a baring of teeth rather then any real pleasant expression. "Angel, tell Eko how you feel right now." he asked, without taking his eyes away from Eko's expression.

"I want you to fuck me, Master." Angel spoke without prompting.

"Did you like your beating?"

"Yes, Master." Angel said through clenched teeth, "But I wish you weren't angry at me, Master. I wish you had beaten me because it pleased you, not because I had angered you." Angel looked up to meet Eko's, his eyes showing the truth of his words, and a little piece of Eko died to see it.

"Angel is mine, in every way shape and form. His body belongs to me. His pleasure belongs to me. His pain belongs to me. His mind belongs to me. Even his love belongs to me." Tears began to leak from Angel's eyes, flowing freely down his cheeks unchecked.

"Y-you should n-never sc-corn one w-who g-gave you his l-love f-freely." Eko whispers, "You m-might f-find that y-your l-love is sc-corned w-when you g-give yours aw-way."

Daman blinked at his little angelic creature, frowning in confusion. "What do you mean by that, pet?"

"I m-mean, he l-loves you, and y-you d-don't c-care a-about h-him at a-all." Eko's eyes showed his anger, burning, smoldering, furious anger. "Y-you d-don't d-deserve h-him!" he spits out.

Angel's head snapped up at the stammered words, shock evident in his expression. "No, no, don't." He mouthed the words silently from behind their master, shaking his head helplessly, but Eko paid him no heed.

"That's where you're wrong, Eko. I do love Angel, very much." Daman said, with a frown. "Angel, don't you know that your Master loves you? That I love you?"

There was an oppressive silence, and after a moment Daman turned frowning on his other slave. "Why haven't you answered me, Angel?"

"Because, Master, I don't know what you want to hear. The truth, or a lie for Eko's benefit." Angel said calmly, his tears still staining his cheeks.

"The truth, Angel! I always want the truth, you know that! Do you know that I love you?"

"No, Master, I do not know that you love me." Angel's eyes lowered to the ground. "You have never told me that you did, Master."

Eko had the satisfaction of seeing a flash of pain flutter across Daman's eyes before he walked towards Angel, going to his knees before the boy. One hand tucked beneath his chin, he gently lifted the boy's face to meet his eyes.

"I do love you, Angel." Daman said quietly, looking a little disconcerted. Angel's face remained blank, as if he couldn't have cared less.

"Thank you, Master." was all he said.

Daman struggled for a moment internally. Should he demand to hear the words spoken back to him? No, no, if he did that and Angel lied, he'd smell the lie before he would be able to conceal his emotional reaction. Daman let his hand drop, face gone hard, pretending that the lack of response meant nothing. "I love you as a cherished pet, nothing more." Daman said then, saving face.

"I know, Master." And there was tiredness in the calm, even spoken words.

There was a rap on the door.

"Come in." Daman growled, turning himself away from both his slaves as the servant brought in the prepared gingerroot on a tray with a glass of water. "Set it on the table." He said, running a hand through his hair as the young man did as he was bade, then left without a word.

"Angel, take Eko down and tie him to the bed." The command was growled out, almost snarled, and Angel stammered to his face, all his grace gone for the moment, to do as his Master demanded.

Fumbling for a moment, it took him some time to get each of the bindings undone, his fingers numb from gripping the chair so hard during his beating. He said nothing, but when Daman's back was turned he risked a brief, chaste kiss against Eko's mouth and mouthed the words, "Be strong." To his new friend. Eko nodded his head frantically, swallowing back his fear.

"On second thought. Hog tie him on the bed so we can reach his cock. Legs in the air attached to his arms, connect the bindings to the hook on the bedpost so he can't struggle as much."

"Yes, Master." Angel said, swallowing hard as he helped Eko walk to the bed. The young man had been bound for quite some time, his legs wouldn't work quit right yet.

Eko held still for Angel as he tied him up just as their Master had demanded, and by the time Angel was done, Eko was trembling with terror. Angel sat back on his heels and began to stroke his hair gently, looking at him with a tender expression on his face, silently pleading with him to be strong, to let the pain be a pleasure to him

"Back away from him, Angel." Daman growled, and Angel nodded his head, letting his hands fall away.

"He's afraid, Master."

"I can smell it."

"What do you want me to do, Master?" Angel asked, his voice hitching in his throat.

"Bend over, you're going to remain untied."

Angel went to his hands and knees, his ass bared to the man he loved and hated so very much, closing his eyes as he dipped one ginger-plug into the water then began to work it into the young man's ass. "Stay as you are." he commanded, and Angel took a deep breath then nodded his head.

Taking up the second ginger-plug, he dipped that too in water, then came up to Eko, who was already beginning to struggle. "P-please, n-no." he whimpered. Daman ignored him. "I-I'll be g-good! I p-promise!" Again, Daman ignored his pleas.

The cool tip of the plug touched the tightened ring of Eko's anus, and he began to squirm in earnest, shaking his head from side to side and making soft wordless pleas for mercy. Each sound uttered from the young man only made Daman more determined to do it, however, and after a moment he growled out, "Relax your ass, or this will hurt far worse then intended."

Eko had to fight himself to get his body to relax, he was terrified and anxious, knowing this would only bring him more pain, but Daman pushed the organic toy deep within him and he was forced to open to the invasion. It hurt, but not as much as he thought it would, the cool slick sensation of the root something his ass clenched around and grew accustomed too.

Beside him, Angel began to make soft whimpering noises, his eyes tightly closed and his hands clenched into little fists. Eko couldn't figure out why, his plug didn't feel so bad after the initial shock of having it inserted.

"W-whats wrong w-with him, M-master?" Eko whispered, eyes wide.

"You'll see, pet." Daman nearly purred, crossing his arms over his chest to watch the pretty boys on his bed. Angel was squirming in earnest now, his ass wriggling from side to side as if the action could make whatever pain he was suffering go away. This only made Eko more terrified of what was to come next.

When he began to feel what had Angel all tied up in knots, his eyes immediately widened. A low grade burning began in his rectum, intense but not yet to the pain threshold. He let out a soft sound, his eyes going to Daman, "It b-burns!" he wailed.

"I know." he purred out, lips twitching with amusement, eyes sparkling.

The feeling only intensified, minute by minute, the discomfort turned into pain, and then into a sort of blinding agony that was mixed with a strange sort of pleasure. He WANTED to get fucked. He wanted to be touched, fondled and played with. He wanted to just get off. Soon he was writhing in his bonds, crying out at the pain, and Daman walked over to place both hands on his rear, pushing his cheeks tightly together, which let out a burst of agony so sweet it sent Eko screaming.

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