tagBDSMSlaveboy's Surprise

Slaveboy's Surprise


I wake up to giggling. I look up from my dog's bed on the floor to see Sasha staring down at me, accompanied by a young woman I can only guess was a friend. The collar on my neck, and the chain connecting it to the leg of Sasha's bed, feel heavier than ever.

"Does he actually wake up like this every day?" the new girl asks, grinning. She has long braided hair and a pink sundress.

Sasha gives me a cruel smirk. She'd dressed simply for me, wearing just a low cut top and jean shorts, her bare legs and feet exposed just a step away from me.

"He's being a lazy bitch today," she says. "Normally he'd be making me breakfast by now, but you wanted to see him in bed."

I fill with shame, my face flushing red. Sasha's guest giggles again at this.

"Mistress, I'm so sorry," I blurt out. "I didn't know-"

Sasha's smile disappears. I freeze, my lips trembling in silence.

"Did I give you permission to speak?" she snaps.

Shivering, I shook my head.

"And did I give you permission to look up?" she hisses.

My heart pounds as I snap my face towards the ground. Already I have disobeyed my Mistress twice, humiliating her in front of a guest nonetheless. Panic threatens to overcome me. I force myself to calm. I deserve to be punished, but I must maintain best behavior from here.

Still facing down, I begin crawling from the bed. The movement is difficult, my hands and feet cuffed barely a head's space apart, but I have become used to it. As I crawl, my leash tightens.

I stop with my face directly above Sasha's feet. The collar begins to tug gently on my neck, but it does not matter. This is one of the only actions I am free to do without Sasha's permission. I bend down, keeping my ass up in the air as I kiss the top of Sasha's honey-brown foot.

Sasha's guest squealed. "Oh my god, you weren't lying."

My cock hardens. Mistress Sasha has never dominated me in front of another person, let alone a stranger. But as I process her presence, it leaves me with a strange satisfaction. Why should I hide my loyalty and service?

I kiss and lick Sasha's foot, closing my eyes as I savor the taste and feeling. Despite always going barefoot indoors, her skin is soft and caressing. I push aside everything else, my disobedience and incoming punishment, the stranger taking delight in my humiliation, my throbbing cock no doubt dripping precum.

After what must be minutes, Sasha raises her foot slightly, pushing her toes into my mouth. I lick them one by one, then begin to suck them all at once.

She withdraws her foot. I move to begin on her other, but then feel her sole pressing gently on the back of my head. I press my face to the ground and she pins it there, standing above me. I smell the carpet as I breath through my nose. Truly this is where I belong.

"Nice," her friend says. "Now this I've got to save."

My heart pounds as I hear the click of a phone camera. Oh god, is she going to share that to the public? I can't help but shiver. Sasha responds by increasing the pressure of her foot.

"Let me see it, Audrey," she says.

I hear the footsteps of the girl as she approaches Sasha. They both giggle, and then the foot is released from my head. I don't dare move.

"You may look up, slave," Sasha says. "But first, bring your hands behind."

I awkwardly shift my cuffed hands behind my feet, and then up over my ass. They are now bound behind my back, making crawling impossible. I look up, trembling. Sasha and Audrey look down at with grins. They show me the image.

My stomach clenches as I see Sasha standing over me in such triumph. She gives the smirk of a conqueror, of someone establishing their rightful place over a lowly slave. My cock trembles. I am no longer ashamed of this picture. No, I am proud that my mistress' might and dominance has been captured in such a clear display.

After this, Sasha generously detaches the leash and leads me to the kitchen, letting me bring my hands back in front of me once more. I crawl after her, my eyes focused on her feet and nothing above. She attaches the leash to a leg of the kitchen table, gesturing to a bowl of cereal placed underneath.

"You may eat," she said.

As I eat my breakfast without the use of my hands, Sasha rubs a foot over my head, a gentle temptation of my favorite taste. To my shock, Audrey places her feet on my back, resting them there. If Sasha objects to this, she does not say so.

The two of them speak casually at the table, discussing things like classes, current events, and other things. It makes sense. I am little more than a piece of furniture beside them.

After breakfast, Sasha lets me wipe my face with a napkin, then detaches the chain from the table. She orders me to stand up, and bring my hands behind my back. She turns me around and bends me forward over the kitchen table. My face lies facing Audrey, who grins down at me.

She orders me to stay where I am. I hear her walk away, my heart racing in anticipation. Audrey rubs her hand through my hair.

"You still need to be punished, don't you boy?" she whispers, as the hair on my neck rises. I whimper, which only makes her laugh.

Mistress has returned. Audrey disappears from my view. I hear them whispering, but can't make out what they're saying. A bottle cap opens. Oh no.

Audrey returns, showing a pink butt plug in front of my face.

"Open up," she says.

I do not know if I am required to follow her orders, but I risk my bets and comply. She shoves the plug into my mouth and orders me to suck.

Meanwhile, Sasha rubs cold lube into my ass, gradually forcing her fingers in. I squeal as I endure this, and fight back tears. Audrey caresses my hair. I close my eyes. I deserve this shame, but it's almost too much to endure.

Finally, Audrey pulls out the plug and hands it back to Sasha. She inserts it into my ass. I moan, but soon it is inside. Tears stream down my cheeks as I press my face into the table.

"Aw, was that really so bad?" Audrey taunts.

Sasha yanks my leash, pulling my off the table. I return to my knees, kissing her feet as I stick my now filled ass in the air.

"That's a good boy," Sasha says.

The words fill my heart, driving away the shame for now.

"But your punishment isn't over yet," she continues. My heart sinks. "I wanted to tie you up in a real tight hogtie, clamp you, gag you, blindfold you, and leave you sprawling out here all day."

Mistress has stretched my limits beyond what I imagined, but that's dangerously close. My heart pounded, but it is not in my place to speak. I continue licking, now focusing on her toes.

"But you told me you had work to do, didn't you?" she says.

I pause. "Yes. A midterm at the end of next week."

"I'd say it's best you study for that," she said. "You may delay your punishment until the end of the day while you work in the library."

"Thank you," I say.

She yanks up on my leash. "You may stand," she says. I comply, facing her at eye level for the first time today. Despite being six inches shorter than me, she stares with a complete aura of control.

She unlocks my cuffs and shackles. She leads me back to our bedroom. Audrey follows.

Sasha picks out a set of clothes to wear, and gives me permission to wear them. As I pull up my boxers, I stop as my hand touches the plug still in my ass.

"That stays in," Sasha says. "You may remove it for using the bathroom, but nothing else."

I finish getting dressed. It still feels awkward doing it in front of Audrey, even though she's seen plenty my naked form on display. Perhaps the shame is the reinforcement that I have no right to privacy around my mistress, that as an extension of her property there is nothing she needs to hide.

I am finally dressed. My jeans force the plug in deeper, but at least it seems fairly hidden. My collar which remains around my neck is more of a problem. Fortunately it's a cold day, and Sasha generously lets me wear a hoodie. The leash remains attached, and Sasha continues to hold on, saying nothing but maintaining a smile.

Confused, I drop to my knees and prepare to kiss her feet one last time before departing. She yanks me back up. Saying nothing, she draws me close and kisses me in the mouth, probing me deep with her tongue. I am drawn into ecstasy, maintaining the moment for what feels like hours.

She finally releases me and detaches the leash, giving me permission to leave. I head to the apartment exit.

"What a cute boy," Audrey says, barely in earshot.


As I study at the library, I try to ignore the plug pressing into me. Although Sasha gave me permission to remove it in the bathroom, so far I have tried to hold it in as long as possible. It is true that she has no way of enforcing this order, but her words hold their will over me as strongly as a chained collar or a set of steel handcuffs.

I think about how far our things between us have gone. We knew each other in high school, with her being a year older than me. We entered a relationship in her senior year, which continued after her graduation. We quickly grew interested in kinky play, but that stayed largely as a side part of our sex life. Then everything changed when I joined her in college.

She was a top student in her year, so she got in to a prestigious school in the area with full scholarship. Her parents were wealthy, and had bought her a condo close to campus. I managed to follow her and get accepted to the same school, but I didn't get so lucky in terms of scholarships. My folks aren't too wealthy, so the dorms were out of our pay range.

That's when Sasha stepped in and let me move in. The first night in her place, we had passionate, kinky sex. She was staring down at me in bed as I lay there with my hands cuffed to the ends.

That's when it struck me. I belonged to her completely.

"You're gonna have to get used to this," she said, grinning.

I smiled back. "You're my landlady now, anything you say goes."

Her expression grew more serious. "What do you mean by that?"

I leaned up towards her. "I want to take this further. I don't just want to be your boyfriend. I want to be your slave."

She paused for a moment. Then she smiled and pushed me down on my back. She tightened the cuffs. "I can make that work."

Snapping back to the present, my cock struggles in my jeans. I sigh. I need to keep it under control, or it might end up caged. I return to my studies, trying to ignore the precum staining my boxers.


I return home. Sasha and Audrey are sitting at the living room couch, engrossed in conversation. Sasha sees me and orders me to my knees.

I press my forehead against the floor as I hear her footsteps towards me. She bends down, whispering in my ear.

"Feel prepared?" she asks. I nod.

"I don't just mean your midterm," she continues. "I mean your punishment."

I freeze. Slowly, I nod again.

She orders me to strip, and I comply. I kneel, exposing my filled ass to the two girls. Sasha attaches a chain to my collar and yanks me up. Audrey, meanwhile, disappears from sight. I hear ruffling through a paper back.

Sasha presses my face against the cross of my shorts. I breath in through my nose, trying to absorb as much of her as I can.

"Can you tell how wet I am?" she asks. I moan, burying my face further. I long for her to peel away the denim barriers and let me pleasure her completely.

I feel the plug slowly being drawn out of my ass. I freeze. Sasha grips the back of my head, squeezing a clump of hair. Audrey begins thrusting the plug in and out, slowly at first but steadily gaining speed. Sasha pulls on my hair more and presses me hard against her crotch. The combined humiliation, pressure from being fucked by the plug, tension on my hair, and utter denial of Sasha's pussy forces hot tears down my face, soaking into her shorts.

"Aw," Sasha taunts. "I guess I can't let my crybaby ruin these shorts."

Dragging my face down against her soft, exposed thighs, she unbuttons her shorts and lets them fall to her bare ankles. Her panties follow.

"I think his ass is prepared," Audrey said.

"I agree," Sasha replies.

My heart pounds as something new presses against my ass, a long dildo. Audrey wraps her arms around my stomach, just out of reach of my dick as she presses the strap-on in. The soft fabric of her dress caresses my body as she leanes forward and kisses my back.

"If I had a boy like you, I'd never get tired of his," she whispers. "I'm so glad Sasha's letting me do this." I whimper as she slowly thrusts.

Meanwhile, Mistress brings her exposed pussy inches away from my face. I can tell she'd shaved this morning. A layer of her glistening juices fills my view. I wait for Mistress to order me to pleasure her.

Instead, she shoves my face into her crotch. She steps forward so that she stands completely over me, gazing down and looking me in the eyes as I desperately use my tongue. Audrey intensifies her thrusts. I close my eyes.

"No," Sasha orders. "You don't get to look away."

I force them open and continued to meet Sasha's stare as I pleasure her and endure the agony from my ass. Sasha clenches her jaw. She's beginning to lose composure. She lets out a soft moan as she climaxes onto my face, never breaking eye contact.

It's too much. I'd been fucked. I'd been made to pleasure. But the combined experience of being used as a sex toy for two beautiful women overwhelms me. I orgasm, my cock exploding onto the floor below.

My eyes water again as my mistress burst into laughter. Even in punishment I'd lost control.

"Oh boy," Audrey says. "Is he gonna be in trouble for that?"

"Nah," Sasha replis. "But he is going to have to clean it up himself. First though, he's going to reward you for the fucking."

Audrey giggles as I turned around. She tucks by face under her dress and removed her strapon. I let out a relieved sigh through my nose as I suck her clit. At least here I can close my eyes and absorb my submission.

After she climaxes, she kisses me on the cheek. I return to face the floor and lick up the cum I'd spilled, as Audrey giggles.

Sasha grabs my leash and makes me kneel beside her, pressing my head next to her thigh. She slowly strokes my hair as Audrey grabs her belongings and departs.

"It's been nice being back in town," Audrey says. "I'll be thinking about your boy for a while."

My mistress waves goodbye, then leads me by the leash back to her bedroom. She cuffs my hands and feet back together, but to my surprise gestures for me to join her on the bed. She cuddles me close in as she kisses my back and plays with my nipples.

"You were a real slut today, cumming all over my floor," she whispered. I squirm as she pinches a nipple. "I think tomorrow we're going to figure out a way to prevent that."

I close my eyes and bury my face into the pillow, my cock throbbing in anticipation for what she has planned.

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Very nice and exciting story. Please continue, really want to know what Sasha got in store for him :)

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Not into feet, but it's still gud

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