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Slavegirl Auction


"You want to auction me off as a slave?"

"Yes, we do, Krissy. Like I told you earlier, being a member of Sigma Kappa means contributing to the community. And as a freshman, this is how you can best contribute."

"But hasn't slavery been illegal, like since Lincoln won the Civil War?"

"Yes, of course it has. But this isn't real slavery. Sigma Kappa's freshman slave auction is a charity tradition dating back to the 1950's, and it only lasts for one weekend."

Pretty blonde Krissy Kessler nodded her understanding, but continued to look unconvinced. The stunningly attractive freshman girl had only just joined the exclusive Sigma Kappa sorority at State College a couple of weeks earlier, and upon learning that her 'sisters' were now planning to auction her off to the highest bidder was proving somewhat difficult to accept.

"Who exactly gets to buy me, anyway?"

"Oh, don't worry about that," Joyce Allison, the sorority president assured her. "Our auction is only open to women from town, most of them alumni, some of them former Sigma sisters. They know the money raised goes to charity, and they've always been very generous in the past."

"But what exactly will they do with me, you know, once they buy me, I mean?"

"You ask a lot of questions," Joyce responded, exasperatedly. If this girl wasn't so incredibly good looking she might have simply given up. "Look, Krissy, you'll be a slavegirl for a weekend, that's all. No men are allowed to participate in any way. As for what your buyer may wish to do with you, that depends on her, OK? But if you go into this with the right attitude, you'll raise several hundred dollars for a good cause, and you'll probably have lots of fun as well. Understand?"

"I... I guess so."

"That's better." Joyce smiled at the pretty girl's continued worried look. She had no doubt a beautiful blonde like this would fetch an excellent price. They always did. So she then tried to reassure the girl with her own experience from three years earlier, when she was a freshman.

"I was auctioned off to a lady who made me clean her pool, mop her kitchen floor, and then vaccuum her living room. And I think she may have even made me do her grocery shopping one day. It was no big deal, and I sold for $200, all of which went towards the construction of a Children's Center for the community." Joyce continued her spiel. "I was proud of what I was able to accomplish by allowing myself to become a slavegirl for one weekend."

"Well, I guess when you put it that way..."

"Exactly. Now let's see a smile on that pretty face of yours... yes, that's much better! The auction starts Friday night at seven o'clock sharp in the large dining room downstairs. Don't be late."

"I won't."


Over the next two days Krissy and the other freshman girls ordered to participate were given pointers as to what exactly was expected of them. They were told that in addition to accepting their temporary status as slaves, they were urged to perform their duties both willingly and with a smile.

"Nobody wants a sullen slavegirl," Joyce lectured them. "You're to address the woman who purchases you as 'mistress' at all times, and try not to look her directly in the face. Remember, she WILL OWN YOU, and if you are slow to obey or disobedient she IS permitted to punish you with a sharp slap on your ass, or at the very most, a hand spanking. All of the female slaveowners have been told that seriously hurting one of you beyond that is strictly forbidden, but if you refuse to be an obedient slavegirl they can and will be entitled to a full refund, which means any money you raised for charity will be rescinded."

"Excuse me, Joyce... they can spank us?"

"Yes, Krissy, you heard right. But a cheerful and obedient slavegirl won't have to worry about that. I also want all of you to look your best for the auction. That means each of you is to be freshly bathed and perfumed. And be sure to wear the official white slavegirl dress. We've provided one for each of you... where are they, anyway? Ah... here's one."

Reaching into a nearby box she handed one to Krissy, who after looking at it then passed it around for the other freshman girls to inspect for themselves.

"I like a material," Krissy noted. "It's soft and silky. But it's not much cloth, is it? Why does it have to be so short?"

"Because that's the way we like it. We keep it skimpy because you girls all have pretty bodies and this being a slavegirl auction it's only natural that we want you to look the part. You'll get a much better price if you appear submissive and vulnerable, and we've noticed in past years that buyers will pay more for girls with long, bare legs than if your limbs are concealed. That's just the way it's always been."

"This thing reminds me of something a lingerie model might wear," an attractive brunette girl quipped, holding the diaphanous garment up against her body. "Are you sure there will only be women at this thing?"

"Absolutely," Joyce intoned. "We picked these outfits because they make you girls look desireable and yes, they certainly DO show off a considerable amount of skin. But, listen to me ladies, it's a well-known fact that persons of BOTH sexes are known to enjoy ogling the bodies of pretty girls... there's nothing strange or unusual about that! And if you're smart, once you're up on the auction block it won't hurt to flirt a little bit with the buyers. You know, smile and don't be afraid to wiggle your behind some. Trust me, you'll get a better price. Look at Krissy Kessler there... what woman wouldn't want to possess a beautiful blonde slavegirl with that hot body of hers?"

Krissy blushed as the other girls looked in her direction, nodding in agreement.

Joyce had one last piece of advice to add. "I suggest all of you girls also rub some body lotion like Oil of Olay or something like that into your skin after bathing. It'll add a soft, silky, seductive glow to your bodies that will further enhance your natural beauty. And don't forget to wear the matching white thong panties we're also providing each of you with. Trust me, you'll look awesome on the auction block. And that's what this is all about, right?"

Most of the freshmen girls nodded. Others, however, still looked nervous.

"Oh, and let's not forget," Joyce added, "whichever one of you is auctioned off for the most money becomes freshman representative to the social committee, which means fifty merit points AND you get a free blouse and blazer to wear to all future sorority functions!"

The girls clapped excitedly at this additional incentive.


"You'd almost think they're planning to sell us to lesbian biker chicks," Krissy joked with her roommate, Dawn, later that night as she modelled her new 'slavegirl' outfit. "I mean, look at me! I feel like I should be dancing in one of Christina Aguilera's music videos!"

"You look hot," Dawn responded. "I love the way I can even see the edge of your butt under that skirt. It's so short! But you really do look sexy in it!"

"Thanks. But why look so hot for other women? I just don't get it!"

"Listen, Krissy," her friend responded in a hushed voice. "Don't tell anyone I told you this, but I've heard that some of the women who bid on girls here really do, in fact, prefer girls. I mean REALLY prefer girls. Beth Jennings told me that last year she was bought by a woman who couldn't keep her hands off of her."

"Really? What did she do?"

"Well, she said she didn't want to make a scene so she ended up not doing anything! She just went along with it. But she ALSO said the overall experience turned out to be surprisingly fun!"

"Beth said that?"

"Yeah, she told me the lady who bought her was rich and was really nice to her in a touchy-feely way that Beth says wasn't so bad! I guess the woman was just lonely and needed someone to hold and kiss. Beth says the woman's fingers were awesome, and that she's never enjoyed getting massaged so many times like she did that weekend. And when Beth's old Buick broke down last April the woman actually gave her that Mazda RX-8 she's currently driving! How cool is that?"

"Oh my God!"

"No kidding. And they STILL occasionally hang out together! Beth tells everyone she's visiting her aunt but I know the truth! She's spent at least seven weekends at this woman's house since being her slave a year ago."

"That is so weird," Krissy said. "And you think maybe there's something more serious going on there?"

"I don't know and I don't care. But either way, Krissy, I suggest you be open to new experiences like Beth was. Remember, we're college women now, and this auction is for charity. Let's both try to be open and adventurous and have some fun!"

"You're right. I'll try."


When Friday night finally arrived Krissy was ready. The beautiful young girl had bathed, oiled, and perfumed her luscious body, leaving it with a soft and delicate sheen that only accentuated the already gorgeous curves of her slender figure and perfect skin. She had also combed her long blonde tresses into an attractive pony-tail, and then carefully applied her make-up as though she were going on a hot date. When she reported punctually at seven o'clock in the downstairs dining room, her older sorority sisters were duly impressed.

"Krissy's gorgeous," one of them remarked, gazing at her. "She almost makes me wish I was a guy."

The others readily agreed.

"OK, girls," Joyce announced, calling the freshman girls together. "Here's the order in which you are to be sold. But before we begin I want you all to go out into the living room and mingle with our female guests who have joined us here for tonight's auction. These are the women who will be bidding on you. I'm happy to report that attendance is excellent this year. And since we've always allowed our female buyers an opportunity to 'inspect the goods' before the bidding starts, consider this one final chance for each of you to make yourself more appealing to your future mistress. Get out there... smile... that's right... and let's have some fun!"

With that they were ushered into the adjoining living room where approximately thirty elegant, wealthy older women had gathered to take part in this year's charity function.

Some of the ladies assembled were sitting on couches, others standing, almost all holding and sipping on wine or cocktails. Alcohol wasn't normally allowed inside the sorority house, but an exception was made for this night as they wanted their wealthy patrons relaxed and in the right mood to open their checkbooks. The women present ranged in age from thirty-four to sixty, many quite attractive, and ALL looking very interested at the pretty parade of scantily-clad freshman girls slowly promenading into the room.

Krissy immediately felt their eyes upon her. And no wonder. Her beautiful face and gorgeous body looked straight out of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and she could almost feel the many eyes devouring and mentally undressing her as most undoubtedly were!

She remembered to keep her eyes downcast as she slowly sauntered through the crowd of buyers. It was almost like being a runway model in a fashion show, except that the women here were allowed to do more than just look. Quickly and quietly they closed in around Krissy and the other freshman girls like wolves among lambs.

"Lovely, just lovely," a tall fiftyish woman remarked, her right hand caressing Krissy's bare shoulder, gently massaging her neck before fingering a lock of the pretty blonde's hair. "And when will you be on the auction block, my dear?"

"I'm last, mistress," Krissy responded, her eyes barely looking up as she spoke.

"I'll be waiting," the woman murmured. "You have a delicious body."

Krissy blushed.

While this woman was still speaking she then felt another woman's hand come to rest on her lower back before slowly sliding down to her butt, patting it affectionately.

"I'd love to own this one," the woman's voice announced. "Such a gorgeous bottom. And check out those legs!"

Krissy continued to experience the feel of several manicured female hands touching and caressing her body as she slowly made her way through the crowd, some stroking her gently, others more aggressively squeezing her soft curves. One middle-aged woman boldly cupped her hands over the pretty blonde's breasts, squeezing them through the thin fabric of the slave garment, as though she were squeezing tomatoes in the produce aisle of the grocery store.

"Just the way I like 'em," the woman remarked to her friend. "Nice and ripe."

Krissy was surprised to discover that having her body thus explored by the hands of other women was not an entirely unwelcomed experience. It was, in fact, just the opposite. She found her heart beating a little faster, a tingling sensation raising goose-bumps all along her exposed skin, in fact she was becoming turned on! The intimate, somewhat decadent attentions of these older, wealthy women toward her and the other girls made her feel like they were valuable possessions, highly sought after trinkets, sources of pleasure. And yet, those who would thus enslave and enjoy them were all women! It was a uniquely gratifying sensation, and deep inside she felt a surge of excitement over the prospect of becoming the plaything to one such as these!

As she turned around and began making her way back toward the dining room she suddenly felt two strong hands grip her hips from behind. Turning her head she saw a tall, powerfully-built woman, fortyish, with short brunette hair and wearing a green sweatshirt, attractive in an athletic sort of way. Krissy also thought the woman looked vaguely familiar. Then she recognized her.

"Aunt Amanda?"

"Hello, Krissy," the woman responded. "I heard you were going to be auctioned off tonight and I didn't want to miss it."

The pretty blonde didn't know what to do or say. The woman smiled as her hands continued clutching the young blonde from behind.

***** Amanda Morton had at one time been married to Krissy's Uncle Danny, her mother's younger brother. Danny and Amanda had divorced several years earlier when Krissy was still in junior high school. But they occasionally still talked about 'Aunt Amanda' within her family household. The woman was considered notorious.

The story was that both Danny and Amanda had taken their marital vows lightly, and that infidelity on both of their parts had ended the marriage prematurely. What made it unusual was that while Danny had been discovered to have had an affair with his secretary, Amanda's sexual escapades were reportedly with their pretty young maid hired to help her with the housework. The ensuing separation and eventual divorce had not been contested by either party.

After it was finalized, Uncle Danny had moved to the coast and was remarried within a year, while Amanda remained here in town and used the generous financial settlement to build a thriving fitness center business. But her connection with her in-laws had been permanently severed. Krissy's mother, in particular, detested the woman and repeatedly warned her daughter against ever talking to or communicating with her in any way.

That was seven years ago. Krissy hadn't seen or heard from her aunt since, and was startled to see her now.


"You've grown up into a very beautiful young woman, Krissy," her aunt remarked, turning her around and holding her at arms length, her eyes exploring the pretty blonde, gazing boldly at the girl's lovely cleavage, causing Krissy to blush and quickly look away.

Her aunt reached out and softly caressed her cheek.

"What do you think your mother would say if I were to make you my slave for the weekend?"

Before Krissy could answer the woman turned her around, and while one hand continued to grasp her by the waist, the other gently pushed on her back, bending her over slightly before slapping her sharply on her ass.

"You go, Amanda," a nearby woman laughed, witnessing this encounter.

The older woman smiled in response, her hands again grabbing Krissy by her hips as she then slowly began grinding her from behind. The pretty blonde could feel the front of her aunt's designer jeans rubbing on her bare bottom. This was followed seconds later by the woman's lips briefly touching the back of her exposed neck.

"Um... aunt... I think I need to get back now," Krissy pleaded, as her aunt's hands continued squeezing the sides of her hips. "I think the auction is about to get started."

"Off you go then," Amanda said, patting the girl's behind. "I'll see you again very soon."

Krissy hurried back into the dining room, glancing briefly back over her shoulder to see her Aunt Amanda's eyes locked on her legs and ass as she ran.


"Our final slavegirl of this year's auction is Krissy Kessler," Joyce's voice intoned, motioning the pretty blonde to step up onto the small stage that had been set up for this purpose. "Perhaps we've saved the best for last? Check her out, ladies! This beautiful pony-tailed girl says she loves to dance, she was a cheerleader in high school, and she's even done some swimsuit modelling. And you can see why! Check out those gorgeous legs and incredibly nice butt... turn around and show the ladies your rear end, Krissy... yes, beautiful, isn't it?"

Light laughter rippled through the room. Krissy blushed.

Some of the other girls had appeared almost frozen in terror when their turn had come to be sold. But by the time it was Krissy's turn the pretty blonde was ready and willing. She was determined to get the highest price of the night. She posed seductively, turning her back on the assembled buyers, fully aware of their many eyes gazing longingly at the lovely curves of her soft-yet-firm tush and long slender legs. She then smiled flirtateously over her shoulder, and slapped her own rump, eliciting some laughter and even applause from the several ladies now intent to possess her for themselves.

"Let's open the bidding at fifty dollars," Joyce announced. She also instinctively knew that Krissy was going to bring the highest price of the auction, and she wasn't wrong. At least a dozen of the older women were practically drooling at the prospect of owning this beautiful freshman girl now before them. Joyce herself would gladly have made a bid if such a thing were allowable. "I've got fifty... sixty... sevently... do I have eighty? Yes, eighty... ninety... and yes, a hundred!

The bids were coming fast and furious. Earlier, cute little Kaci Morgan had gone for a house record six hundred and forty dollars. Krissy could see her now, in the crowd over to the right, currently being fondled by her new owner, an oriental businesswoman who was even now making an additional bid to possess Krissy, as well. What she'd do with TWO slavegirls Krissy could only imagine.

"One hundred and twenty... one-thirty... one-fifty... TWO HUNDRED by the woman in the blue dress... what's that? TWO-FIFTY... and I've got THREE HUNDRED by the woman in the back..."

Krissy was determined to up the bidding on herself. With this goal in mind she began a sort of slow, strip-tease lap dance right up there on the auction block, seductively moving her body back and forth, pulling up the already short dress to better show off her legs and ass to their best advantage.

"Take it off," someone in the crowd shouted. Other female voices laughed and echoed this demand.

Krissy smiled and then slowly began peeling the skirt up and over her head, revealing for the first time her beautiful, perfectly formed breasts and torso to the astonished-but-delighted bidders.

"Check it out, ladies... we've apparently got a 'girl-gone-wild' on our auction block... four hundred... now five hundred... six-hundred to the woman in the green sweatshirt... six-fifty... I've got SEVEN HUNDRED there from Mrs. Carruthers in the second row... seven-hundred and fifty... EIGHT HUNDRED... oh, she IS being a BAD GIRL, isn't she?"

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