tagNonHumanSlavery Ch. 03

Slavery Ch. 03


Alana looked at the man before her in confusion.

"Do I have your comprehension, Alana?" Strangely she found that she did comprehend. The man was speaking English. The style of it was odd as if it was book learned, and he had never had the chance to use it conversationally.

"Yes." Her voice was hoarse from screaming, her body ached all over and there was a sharp pain between her legs and in her lower stomach. She was having cramps that she had never experienced before after sex. Once done, Azeric had climbed from her, trying to pull her close. She had fought, and almost fallen from the bed. His face had held a pained expression, and he had fled the room. In more pain than she thought she could feel, Alana had dragged the blood stained cover over her feverish body and had curled up, praying that she could sleep.

"I need to see your pain, Alana." Azeric was hovering in the doorway. As her eyes met his she flinched. The man before her had the golden skin of the native race, and seemed to be a doctor. She let her death grip on the blanket covering her go. The doctor seemed to take this for consent. After removing the cover and leaving Alana exposed, vulnerable, the doctor began his examinations. Alana's body was covered with purpling bruises, and burnt severely from long exposure to the strange green sun. She cried out as his fingers spread her sex. The whole time Azeric stared at the floor. Eventually the doctor spoke with him, presumably giving instructions.

"He wishes to enquire as to why you are thusly damaged." It took Alana a moment to translate this bizarre English.

"He's too big, and I wasn't ready. I tried to fight him off, but he continued." The doctor related it back.

"How do you mean ready?" Blushing, Alana considered her response.

"I need lubrication," she whispered.

"I do not have comprehension of that word."

"I need to be slippery, for him to be able to enter me painlessly I need to be wet. Also, he is too large, Earth men are much smaller. He will hurt me until I am used to his size."

"Your body does not have... lubrication naturally." Alana sighed in frustration. She wanted to sleep, to shut out the pain that she was in. Perhaps sensing her need, Azeric spoke to the doctor. He promptly handed her a pill.

"Drink," Azeric told her in his language, pointing to a glass on the side. He knew that that was a word she understood. She complied warily, although she doubted that he could cause her anymore damage.

"It does lubricate naturally when I am excited. I need him to take his time, to stroke places, kiss places, to arouse me." The doctor nodded, and once again relayed the information.

"You will demonstrate this for him the next time he initiates intercourse. He wishes to cause you pleasure, not harm. Females from his land enjoy a struggle before mating. There is a cream for the injuries the sun has given you, another for your insides, and pills to restore you to comfort." With that, the doctor rose and left. Was that why the soldiers had been so curious, why the other slaves had been afraid? It explained why he hadn't stopped when she had fought him; if he hadn't been with a human before he might have expected protestations as foreplay.

Azeric approached Alana with caution. He sat at the edge of the bed as she watched him wearily. He spoke to her, soft words that she didn't understand. Shifting closer to her, she tensed. A whimper escaped her throat that subsequently caused her to blush. He frowned, then moved closer still. Alana wanted to grasp the cover to her as Azeric removed it; she didn't want him to see her nakedness, or the damage that he had caused. His warm flesh encircled hers, pulling her arm towards him. Alana tried to tug her arm away, her breath coming quickly through fear, but his grip was firm, his face determined.

A squeal escaped Alana's throat as cold lotion was applied to her skin. Once she realised that Azeric wanted to tend her injuries, she calmed a little. He manoeuvred her naked body with ease, covering one arm then another in the soothing pinkish fluid. Alana found herself laid on her front as strong hand worked the lotion onto her tender body. She found herself melting a little beneath his touch, the fear and tension trickling out of her as his hands worked their way down her back.

Warmth started to spread through Alana's stomach, and at first she tried to tell herself it was the painkillers. Azeric's hands reached her lower back, and then quickly started on her calves. As he reached her thighs, the warmth developed into an ache. Alana could feel herself becoming moist. Her body felt so raw that she couldn't quite believe her reaction; this man had raped her, caused her serious pain, and now his touch was arousing her. Well, she thought, being used by him would be much less painful if she was wet.

Much to Alana's growing frustration, Azeric remained a gentleman. He rolled her onto her back, and then continued his ministrations starting from her ankles. There was an awkward moment when he reached the top of her thighs, and his hands on her less than firm stomach made her blush. It was when he reached her breasts that the confusion started. Alana had closed her eyes, relaxing into the manipulation of her flesh by his powerful hands. As the palms of his hands brushed her erect nipples, Alana felt a jolt of pleasure run through her body. She shrieked with surprise, and a little indignation at the brazen, intimate touch. She tried to push his hands away from her aching breasts, but had little success. Azeric did not seem to understand the problem, and assuming that she was in pain, simply applied more lotion.

Azeric then moved on to the second pot. By this time the painkillers were starting to make Alana feel lightheaded. She was relaxed, and drowsy. Mixed with her arousal, it was a very pleasant state to be in. Azeric pushed her legs apart, his finger coated in a thick blue goo. Without warning, he thrust the finger inside her. Alana whimpered in pain and kicked lazily against him. The painkillers were really strong making Alana feel incredibly weak. The finger inside her was removed almost as quickly as it had been inserted. The blue substance made Alana tingle pleasantly, adding even more dampness between her legs.

Alana looked up to meet Azeric's eyes. Bemusement was stamped across his face as he raised a glistening finger to his lips and tasted the fluids that were on it. He studied Alana, then placed his hand back between her thighs. Slowly, he ran his thick finger up and across her slit gathering more evidence of her arousal as she winced in discomfort. Alana's cheeks burned even in her drugged state, and she rolled onto her side so that she could conceal her shame. Azeric spoke to her, seemingly questioning first in his language, then in her own.

"Lubrication?" The word was mispronounced but unmistakeable. Alana's head whipped around. He had clearly been taking note of the conversation with the doctor. Alana had two choices as she saw it: she could deny that it was a sign of her arousal, saving face; her other choice was to admit that his touch had caused the reaction, something which may save her pain in the future. Slowly, she nodded her head. The shock on Azeric's face was clear. His mouth split into a monstrous grin. Leaning slowly over her, he pressed his lips to hers. Alana, wanting to feel his hands on her again, kissed him back tentatively. She felt the swelling on his lip where she had bitten him, and ran an explorative tongue over the damage. Azeric hissed into her mouth in pain, but didn't break the contact. Hands were placed either side of Alana's head so that Azeric could support his weight. The only place where their bodies connected was their mouths.

It was too soon, in Alana's opinion, that the kiss was broken. She had been enjoying the sensation of Azeric's tongue caressing hers, his lips moulding hers to fit his. Azeric was suddenly naked. Alana pulled away, fearing that he would want to use her again, but he simply lay beside her. He tugged the blankets over them, and without touching Alana he settled down to sleep.

It was the next morning when Alana extricated herself from her owners grasp with some difficulty. At some point during the night he had curled his body around hers, and was proceeding to bake her with his heat. Surprised that she hadn't woken him, Alana sat up to survey the damage. The pain she had expected to feel was little more than discomfort, the most painful place being an ache between her legs and in her lower abdomen. The redness had faded leaving her skin lightly tanned, the bruises were greenish and, although they covered a large area, seemed to be almost gone. They certainly weren't painful when she poked them.

A gasp escaped her lips as a hand wrapped around her arm, turning her so that Azeric could get a good look at her. When he sighed Alana felt a little disappointed. Did he not like what he was seeing? He quickly left the bed and strolled naked from the room. Alana could hear him shouting, and wondered if he was calling for Mia.

Soon, Mia bustled into the room. She took one look at Alana and sighed her displeasure. A little more gentle than yesterday, but still not pleasantly, she gripped Alana's arm and tugged her towards the bathroom door. Alana felt uncomfortable stumbling along the corridor naked, but had little opportunity to complain before she was thrust through the bathroom door. Mia threw down the jars of lotion that the doctor had prescribed at the same time that Alana realised that Azeric was naked in the bath. He turned, his face set in a furious mask. He yelled, causing Alana to step backwards in fright, and cower against the wall. His anger, however, seemed to be directed at Mia. She said a few words that sounded like curses, then slammed her way out of the bathroom leaving Alana stranded and uncertain.

Azeric let his gaze fall on her. He held out a hand. Alana went to him quickly, feeling that he would brook no hesitation today. As she settled herself onto the side of the pool, Azeric waded to stand in front of her; the water that covered her completely only came up to his shoulders. Hands were around her waist pulling her to him before she realised what was happening. Azeric held her against his chest for a moment, before gently releasing her into the pool. Alana kicked to keep herself afloat, but didn't move. She could see that his body was hardening, and wondered if he would act on his desire. She feared him more than ever now that his anger was obvious.

"Azeric." She reached out a hand tentatively, wanting to sooth him, but not knowing how. Running her palm down the hard planes of his chest, she marvelled at the feel of his skin. He held himself very still, cautiously as if he were taming a wild horse that might bolt. Remembering her promise to herself, one that she had made in that very pool, Alana held her breath and pressed her body against his. She wasn't aroused yet, not really, but as his chest came flush with hers, she could feel familiar sensations building. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Alana used what little upper body strength she had to pull herself up his body until her lips met his. She only managed to hold herself in the kiss for a moment before splashing inelegantly back into the water. He stared at her for a moment, then roared with laughter. Roughly, he grabbed Alana by the waist and pulled her back to him, bending his knees so that water came up to his chin. He pushed his lips against hers in a brutal kiss before suddenly loosening his grip and softening his advances. Alana wondered if he had felt the way her heart was pounding in fear, or the tremble in her body. Whatever had reminded him to slow down, she was thankful for it. The leisurely exploration that her mouth was being subjected to was much more pleasant.

Alana was propelled through the water until her back came to rest gently against the side of the pool. Her left nipple was suddenly tweaked causing her to gasp with pleasure into Azeric's mouth. Alana ran her hands all over his muscled torso, feeling the ridges and definitions that helped to make him so beautiful. His erection was pressed firmly against her stomach; it was hot and heavy, far bigger than she had realised. The thought of taking it inside her again worried her. He would surely cause her more damage. A sucking sensation soon distracted her from her concerns as Azeric locked his lips around her nipple, causing her to sigh. He worked his body between her thighs, and Alana only came to her senses as he prepared to enter her.

"No," she breathed into his ear. His eyes met hers. Alana pointed to the middle of the bathroom, away from the water. Understanding, Azeric scooped her up into his arms and clambered out. He moved faster than any human could, laying towels thickly on the floor. Alana stood self-consciously, the cool air making her shiver, causing goose bumps to erupt across her body, and making her grasp her arms about herself.

Azeric approached her slowly, a predatory look in his feline eyes. He grasped her shoulders and guided Alana to the towels, putting gentle pressure on them until she sunk to the floor. As she lay back, her legs slightly spread, he smiled in approval before laying down at the side of her. Azeric cupped Alana's face in one large hand and kissed her tenderly. Pulling back he made eye contact, causing her heart to thud wildly in her chest. His eyes told her how desperate he was to have her. Encouraged by his obvious lust, Alana reached down and wrapped her hand around the top of his cock. Slowly, she started to run it up and down the soft skin, marvelling at the hardness underneath.

Alana felt the rough skin of his hand start to make tiny circles by her knee. As the circles got higher, she could feel her stomach clenching in a mixture of desire and nerves. Her pussy was becoming wet, really wet. By the time one long, calloused finger ran its way over her slit, her pussy was more than prepared. Azeric dipped a thick finger into Alana before grinning devilishly down at her. When she groaned, as another finger joined the first, a look of concern passed over his face. As he started to withdraw, Alana thrust her hips causing him to sink deeper. The hand that was wrapped around him picked up pace, forcing a similar groan to escape his lips.

When Azeric withdrew his fingers, Alana almost screamed. She felt empty without them. He peeled her hand from him, placing it gently on her stomach. She looked up at him with what she knew must be a puzzled expression before blushing furiously and turning her head away. The doctor had told her to show him how to arouse her. He was doing a good job, but penetration alone would never make her come. If she wanted to take pleasure from this, then she had to show him what she wanted.

Burying her face in Azeric's chest, Alana used both hands to cup her breasts. She squeezed them lightly, enjoying their weight. After pinching and tugging on her nipples, Alana trailed her hand down her stomach and parted her lips. One finger started to slowly circle her clit. She shut her eyes as Azeric studied her face. After weeks with no sexual release, Alana could feel her sensitive flesh reacting quickly.

A flutter started to build in her lower abdomen as she felt the tension build. She sensed Azeric move, and could suddenly feel hot breath on her stomach as he studied her movements, the sensation making her whimper in pleasure. Her finger sped up. Her other hand left her breast as she greedily plunged two fingers into her wetness. She worked them quickly, thrusting as deeply as she could manage as she stroked her clit. Her breath was soon coming in ragged gasps.

Alana cried out in protest as Azeric removed her fingers from inside her, then actually did cry out in pleasure as he replaced them with his own. They were thrust mercilessly deep, Alana losing control of her hips and thrusting them up to impale herself deeper onto him. She felt something sharp nip at the hand working her clit, and moved it with a great sense of frustration, only to moan loudly as a hot tongue swiped over it, before Azeric's mouth clamped around it and started to suckle. Alana buried her hands in Azeric's hair as her moans got loader and more frequent. His fingers carried on their assault, stretching her almost painfully as he added a third. His tongue lapped at her clit, and then he sucked again. His tongue felt amazing, rough like a cats. The sensations were unbelievable. Alana's stomach clenched, her thighs tensing as finally she was there, waves of pleasure crashing over her Azeric forced her to orgasm.

Suddenly, it was too much. Alana started to push Azeric's head away as he continued her stimulation. Her clit was overly sensitive, his licking causing her pain. When he realised that her reactions had changed, Azeric looked puzzled, meeting her eyes wearily. To reassure him, Alana leant forward; taking his large head between her hands she kissed him, the taste of her own juices enjoyable. He pulled his fingers from her with a wet sound, then lay on his back beside her once more.

As Alana struggled to catch her breath, Azeric covered a finger in the blue goo that the doctor had provided. Gently, he pushed the finger into her again. Alana, still sensitive, couldn't help but gasp in pleasure. The gasp was followed quickly by a squeal as Azeric dragged her body atop of his, positioning her legs either side of his hips. He held body above his cock, positioning it at her entrance. The big hands on Alana's hips meant that she was helpless to stop him as he thrust upwards. Pain shot through her as the head of him entered her roughly. Alana chocked back a sob. A gentle hand was then caressing her face, and he gestured to her to continue.

Alana, realising that he was giving her control, slowly started to lower herself onto him. As she inched lower, the stretch became almost unbearable. Alana tried to rise from him, but he held her firm; the message was clear: she could take her time, but she would fuck him. Wincing and whimpering as she went, Alana felt the large head of his cock bump her cervix. She had only taken half of him and could go no further. This time when she started to rise, Azeric allowed her. Slowly, tentatively, she started to move. After a while, Azeric started to thrust gently back. The first time he did this Alana gasped and tensed. She knew her muscles had clamped down on him, the groan that it brought told her that he enjoyed it.

Milking his cock with her pussy, Alana carried on moving above him as he gyrated his hips beneath her. Alana could soon feel the muscles of his chest tense beneath her hands and she knew that he would find his release soon. Azeric's thrust became less controlled, more brutal, his hands gripping her hips bruisingly tight. His body slammed into hers, pain shooting through her, her stomach cramping. Hoping to restrict the depth of his thrusts, Alana bent over him and buried her head against him chest. She sunk her teeth into him, hoping that pain of his own would bring him to his senses. Her bite had the opposite effect; at the joing between shoulder and neck, Azeric's needle sharp teeth penertrated her flesh. For a moment Alana worried that he would drain her blood, but thankfully all her did was lap at the wound he had caused, grunting with pleasure. Over and over he was too rough, and she found herself pleading with him to stop in her own language before, finally, he cried out and fell still. Alana was pulled snugly against his chest as his soft cock slid from her abused hole.

Alana awoke stiff, cold and in pain. Her arm had gone to sleep tucked under Azeric's body. She snuggled closer to his heat, wincing as she did. His deep voice rumbled through his chest as he spoke to her. It was soothing, though she had no idea what he was saying. Eventually though, he helped her up. He lathered her body in one lotion, and coated her tender pussy in the other. His touches were loving: several times he kissed her forehead, stroked her hair and grasped at her hand. At breakfast he sat her on his knee and snuggled her close, his fingers tracing the bitemarks that he had left on her. Where Alana had bitten him, only the tiniest indent of flesh was visible. Clearly if she wanted to harm him she would have to work harder.

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