tagNonHumanSlavery Ch. 10

Slavery Ch. 10


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Kalen took Alana to the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. Lush grass was interspersed with flower beds, trees grew sporadically, and a waterfall crashed noisily into a pool. The simulated sun was green, so she knew that wherever the garden was based on, it wasn't from her solar system. It had been the first time that Alana had considered that a different coloured sun meant a different solar system, something that made her feel like a bit of a moron. She really needed to start paying attention.

Sat by a waterfall, Kalen had asked Alana all about her life at home. He had asked about her job, her family, her hobbies. This is how it should have been from the beginning, Alana thought. Once he had run out of questions, Alana started to feel nervous. She knew that this was her chance to ask about where they were going, but she wasn't sure it was a good idea.

"You asked me once why I killed my father." Alana nodded, not wanting to interrupt. "Do you still wish to know?"

"Kalen, it isn't important." He smiled graciously at Alana's reply.

"Arranged marriage used to be law where I come from. That changed when the women could no longer reproduce. Couples married for love. When the disease of the women was cured, some families reverted to arranged marriage. My family was one of them." Kalen paused and took Alana's hand in his own. It was the first time that he had made physical contact with her, something which she found sweet.

"My own marriage," Kalen continued, "was not pleasant. As I have already told you, my wife despised me. I tried to woo her, but it was not to be. I had enjoyed many women before her, many of whom I would have taken as a bride, yet I was forced by my father to endure a loveless marriage. I hated him for that."

"It sounds awful," Alana replied, though she didn't think it was worse than the situation that she had found herself in.

"If only that was the end of it. My sister was sickly as a child. As a result she was small, weak, but so beautiful. I helped to look after her for years when in reality she should have died. My people do not care for the sick, or injured. Still, she grew to an age when she could be married, and was in good health. My father chose her husband, a man who was known for taking drugs and losing his temper. I pleaded with my father to choose again, but he would not listen."

"The first time that my sister visited after the wedding, she was battered. I had never seen her looking so meek. Even throughout her illnesses, she had always been a fighter. Again, I begged my father to do something, to take her back into the family home, but he refused. In his eyes he had finally rid himself of a burden. I didn't see her again after that. Her husband beat her to death. In my rage, I killed my father, and was banished for ten years as punishment."

"Kalen," Alana muttered. She leant forward to kiss his cheek, but he gently pushed her away.

"Now, now, this is our first date. I think a kiss at this point would be too forward." He chuckled to himself as he pulled Alana to her feet. "Come," he said as he held Alana's hand, "it is time to eat."

Alana's stomach growled noisily causing Kalen to chuckle. She blushed. She had forgotten how hungry she was. Under a low tree, one that offered shade from the artificial sun, Kalen had set out a picnic. It was perfect: there was a wicker hamper; a red and white checked cloth was spread across the grass; there were paper plates with sandwiches and cakes; bowls of salad pinned down the corners of the cloth to stop it blowing in the breeze; a bottle of Champaign fizzed in the middle.

"Your research was certainly thorough," Alana said, more to herself than anything.

"I know that you miss your home, and this ship provides conveniences from many worlds."

"Kalen, how long until we reach your home?" Alana had been desperate to ask this question since the beginning.

"Twenty seven more nights. We have a lot of stops to make, or it would be much faster. I thought that you would enjoy the luxury that the ship offers. My home planet is very cold, and does not enjoy the technology that can be found on board." Kalen poured the champagne as Alana sat beside him. The flute that he offered her was plastic, in true picnic style.

"What will they think of me on your world?" This had been worrying Alana since she had found out that they were going. She longed to meet a female friend who she could have fun with, and confide in.

"They will mostly ignore you." The statement shocked Alana. She smiled as she took a sandwich that Kalen offered her. She wasn't smiling inside, though.

"What do women do?"

"They are warriors mostly. We have slaves to clean and cook for us. They stop fighting to birth our babies, but other than that they join the men. My world is a violent place. Families are always at war, it is how we earn our money." Alana's heart sank at Kalen's reply. Perhaps she could make friends with another slave. The world she was going to sounded worse than the one she had left. She had to be thankful for the respite on board the ship, she told herself. Alana doubted that she would find this much peace again in her life.

After lunch, Alana was surprised at Kalen's next choice of destination. Donning a fur coat, Alana had been puzzled as she entered a room near the garden. What she saw dazzled her. The room was a winter wonderland. Shimmering ice coated the floor, and looked as if a lake had frozen. A huge sculpted castle stood in the middle with fur covered seats, and ice cold beverages. The sky was black with twinkling stars, and a dusky pink moon. The walls looked as if they were cliffs, and on the far shore polar bears roamed. They didn't have the yellow tinted fur that you saw on television though, but pristine white coats. Looking at her jacket, Alana wondered if that was where her fur had come from. She pushed the thought away.

"This is something I enjoy on my world," Kalen informed Alana as he helped her to strap her feet into metal skates. The clamped around her foot in a way that felt solid and secure, yet somehow still maintained comfort and flexibility. Alana was sure that she would find no blisters at the end of their skating.

As they skated, Alana saw a more playful side to Kalen. She had been witness to his more playful side in the pool at the campsite, but here he took it to a whole new level. After racing, then spinning each other around and dancing like idiots, Kalen had disappeared briefly into the ice fortress. He had returned with two sticks and a ball. Alana was soon given the rules for a game much like ice hockey, although it proved to be far less rough with just the two of them.

Eventually, Kalen noticed how tired Alana was getting and decided to rest on one of the fur covered benches. Handing Alana a glass made of ice, he studied her as she drank. Alana was surprised to find the drink inside bitter, but not unpleasant. Kalen laughed at her face. She knew it was screwed up in a sucking lemons kind of way.

"This is a much loved drink from home." He was grinning like a child. Alana realised that he must have missed his home as much as she missed hers.

"Why did T'arik hate you so much?" Alana could have cursed herself after she spoke. The grin vanished from Kalen's face, and he looked at her with a blank expression.

"My uncle took his mother as a slave. He was young, still a baby. She died birthing my cousin." Alana could understand the hatred. She had lost her parents as an adult, and that had been awful. To lose your mother as a child must be devastating. Alana knew that many people on the world they had left hated Kalen, and his race. Some had come to see past his origin, but so many had lost loved ones.

"I won't write to him." Again, Alana had spoken without thinking, but this time she knew it was the right thing to say. A smile spread slowly across Kalen's face as he took her hand.

"A little more skating, then a meal?" Alana nodded furiously. She would have agreed to anything to avoid any more serious conversation.

By the end of the date, Alana was exhausted. She must tell Kalen that dates didn't have to last all day. He had walked her to her bedroom door and pecked her lightly on the cheek, before retiring to his own room. Alana was grinning like a teenager until she saw the remnants of the morning's sex session. She quickly picked everything up and left it outside her door. The memory made her shudder.

The next morning, Alana awoke to a knock on her door. When she answered, Kalen presented her with a tray of pancakes, fruit, yoghurt, sausages and bacon, toast, orange, tea. It was enough to feed a family of four at least. She couldn't help but laugh at his exuberance.

"I brought you breakfast in bed," he grinned. Alana didn't mention that she'd had to leave bed to get the breakfast.

"Are you joining me?" She asked. She really hoped so as she would never eat everything.

"If you would like me to," Kalen said looking puzzled. Alana returned to bed, Kalen following her and perching uncomfortably on the end.

"What's wrong?" Alana asked as Kalen continued to look distressed. He was fiddling with the bed sheets and staring at breakfast as if he didn't know what to do with it.

"This isn't going right." Alana laughed at the look of consternation on Kalen's face.

"Why? How is this supposed to go?" Kalen shook his head in answer to the question. It was only when Alana held out a slice of toast that Kalen started to relax. He sat cross legged opposite Alana, and spoke quietly to her as they ate. The food was good, but it wasn't really food from Earth. It looked like it, and tasted similar, but it was not quite right. Still, Alana was more than grateful for the effort.

"Alana, there is something that I would like to try with you that I have never done before." Kalen said seriously. Alana froze with a piece of bacon halfway to her mouth. She felt fear start to rise inside her, but quickly tried to quell it. "It is something that I find quite exciting," he continued, much to Alana's discomfort. "I want it to be a surprise."

Once breakfast was finished, Alana quickly dressed. Her dress today was a purple colour that matched her bruised breasts. Looking at the marks on her body made her feel uneasy. Although she had been scared yesterday, Kalen hadn't really wanted to hurt her. He had shown her, though, how easily he could if he felt the desire to do so.

Arriving at their destination, Alana was shocked at what she saw. There was a cinema, an actual cinema complete with popcorn, ice cream, and pick and mix. She turned to Kalen excitedly, and saw the glow of pleasure on his face. He looked childlike in his excitement.

"What are we watching?" Alana couldn't hide her own excitement.

"There are six different films. I thought we could watch them all," he replied. Alana was surprised, but pleased. She once again reminded herself to tell Kalen that dates didn't have to last all day; if she didn't they would quickly run out of things to do. As they walked through the entrance, Alana caught a whiff of hotdogs. Well, she guessed she knew what lunch would be. The cinema was old fashioned, decorated in reds and gold. Velvet covered sofas filled the screen. There were other people that joined them, but not so many that it felt crowded. Once sat, Kalen allowed Alana to curl up next to him, cuddling into his side. Once again, though, he refused a thank you kiss. Alana liked that he was being a gentleman, but she was frustrated as well. After the time spent with T'arik, and previously with Kalen, she had become accustomed to frequent touching. She felt very lonely without it.

Days passed in a blur. Kalen took Alana to do wonderful things. She shot lasers, swam with strange sea creatures and even took a day trip to a strange planet where they stopped to refuel. Alana had seen no other life forms that day, but Kalen had assured her they were there. The one thing that they went back to time and again was the flight simulator. Alana found that she had quite a talent for controlling the little shuttles that were used on Kalen's world.

As well as the never ending string of dates, Kalen also taught Alana how to use the appliances in the kitchen. She was becoming less and less dependent on him as she learnt how to use the alien technology. She had shared with him her stories of hunting and preparing food over an open fire, something he seemed impressed with. His touches remained chaste; a cuddle here and there, or some hand holding. The only time he kissed Alana was to say goodnight. Things had definitely changed between them. Alana had more respect for Kalen, and he appreciated her need for independence. Alana's feelings were still confused, but she had decided that maybe she did feel romantically towards him after all.

Three days before they were due to leave the ship, Kalen came into Alana's room looking guilty.

"What happens today will be for your own good, but I doubt that you will like any of it." Kalen sounded solemn. Alana felt as if the last few weeks of hard work had disappeared. If he was having her do things that were 'for her own good', it showed that he still considered himself in charge of her. She was about to protest, but the look on Kalen's face stopped her. He looked ready for her resistance, and that made Alana consider her behaviour.

She could go along with whatever he had planned. If he said she wouldn't like it then he was probably correct. Time and again he had demonstrated good intentions, and he obviously expected a fight. It would be a positive step if she could do as he asked. Also, she could also refuse. He would end up dragging her to where ever he wanted to go. It would be upsetting for them both, but she would emphasise that she was her own person.

"What should I wear?" Alana kept her voice quiet, soft. She wouldn't fight and although she felt annoyed, she wasn't as angry as she had expected to be. She had made so many foolish decisions, perhaps she was finally learning.

Alana's resolve to behave lasted all the way to the first activity.

"You are not going to brand me like an animal!" She screamed. Kalen had the decency to look ashamed.

"Alana, it will protect you. All slaves on my planet have a brand." His grip on her wrists tightened as she tried to hit him. She had tried to run from the room as soon as she realised what was happening. "Alana, I will hold you down while this is done if I have to."

"You do it. If you want me branded, then you brand me." Alana hissed. Kalen looked taken aback. The man in charge of branding looked bemused. He had an iron ready in the fire with a crest on it. Alana hadn't had the chance to study it, but she definitely didn't want it on her ass.

"You want me to brand you?"

"I don't want anyone to brand me, but if you insist on it happening then you should be the one to blame for the pain."

"Fine," Kalen spat. In a quick motion he had Alana bent over a bench. Her dress was lifted in a most undignified manor, and a blinding, searing pain erupted on her right buttock. She screamed in agony as the brand was removed and something cool was placed over the burn. Alana's nails had dug painfully into the wood beneath her, scoring deep, bloody marks into it. Alana slapped her hand on the table trying to detract from the pain. She spun angrily on the spot, but the sight of Kalen stopped her. He was holding the white hot brand out to her.

"Brand me," he demanded. Alana hesitated. The pain in her backside had dulled a little, and she was reluctant to take the offending weapon. "Come on, Alana. Do it to me." How could she? Did she blame him for the pain? Yes. Did she hate him, or even dislike him for it? Strangely, no. The metal was pressed into Alana's hand. She gripped it for a moment and then dropped it to the floor.

Kalen quickly wrapped Alana in his arms. One hand snaked up her thigh and under her dress. A cooling lotion was rubbed gently into the burn as she winced and hissed. Over the smell of the workshop, Alana could smell the familiar fragrance of the seemingly magic pink cream. Now that she knew it was expensive she appreciated it more.

"This will really protect me?" Alana's voice was unsteady. Kalen nodded. He looked exhausted and the day had only just begun. Alana was feeling stressed about the new planet she would be going to, but it hadn't occurred to her that Kalen might also be worried.

"What next?" Kalen pulled Alana into his arms, kissing her gently on the head. It was the first time he had kissed her in public since they arrived. Alana looked questioningly up at him, but his face gave nothing away.

"Next, you will learn my language." Alana nodded. That didn't sound so bad although Kalen said it as though it were a death sentence.

The room they visited the next man in was all white. There was a bunk, but that was all. It looked like a pristine prison cell, only its occupant looked entirely happy to be there. The room was with other apartments, so Alana could only imagine that the man had asked to have his room like this. However, describing the being as a man was a stretch for Alana as he looked more like an insect. His skin was a shiny brown, his eyes big and bug like, and antennae popped up from his head. As he looked at Alana he chuckled, and one of his six arms stretched out to beckon her. Kalen had warned Alana that she would be expected to comply; he had spent a lot of money to secure his services, and the man's race was incredibly well respected, so much so that any harm done to him would result in the death penalty.

"He is a very powerful psychic, Alana. He is going to transfer the knowledge of my language from me to you," Kalen explained. Alana felt herself grow pale. She wondered what the man was chuckling at.

"The comparison you make amuses me," he rattled. "Call me Garb, everyone else does." Once again Garb beckoned Alana, and this time she obeyed. As she stepped closer to him, she felt as though she were wading through water.

"That is your own reluctance to have me in your head, girl. It's nothing I'm doing." Alana stared at the white floor as she reached out to touch Garb's hand. Her mind instantaneously went blank. She felt as if ants were crawling through her head and battled to escape them, although she knew not how. Something else started pressing at her, then. It felt familiar somehow, and she mentally turned towards it.

The blankness in Alana's mind was suddenly filled with warmth. She realised that Kalen was sharing the blankness with her, and that they were both covered in the ants. The little creatures felt as if they were bringing things, but also taking things away. Little movies started to play inside Alana's head: she saw her parents funeral, and was crippled by grief and despair; her days with T'arik were replayed, offering her a sense of contentment; being teased and whipped by Kalen was next; and her fear rose within her; Kalen telling her he loved her whilst inside her was the next memory to be showcased, accompanied by confusion and a timid sense of love.

When the next string of memories hit, Alana tried to recoil. They were not hers. Still, she could not escape them: Kalen was shown as a child nursing a girl younger than him, and Alana felt his love for her; Kalen was eating a heart after battle, and Alana felt pride; Kalen was then biting down into her own flesh, and with it a sense of completion and adoration, a sense of acceptance; finally, his sister, bloody and broken, then his father telling him his sister was dead. The anger and loss was so overwhelming that Alana couldn't bear the thought that Kalen had suffered like that. She pushed with all her might to rid them of the show, and when that didn't work she screamed in frustration. The images before her shattered, and Garb was before her once more. He had released Alana's hand, and was cradling his head murmuring. Kalen was stood next to her looking ashen.

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