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Slavery Philosophy


i identify as a slave. i'm a slave. That's who i am. It's what i want to be. It just feels right.

i'm a slave and i have some opinions on what that means. Now, understand, a slave's opinions are exactly what you think they are, worth only the amount that an Owner, my Master or Mistress, wants to give them.


i think there are decided and marked differences between a slave and a sub. A sub submits to the wishes of his Owner. A slave seeks to fulfill the wishes of his Owner. Simple as that. i want to serve my Owner. i want to fulfill their wishes. It's not about my Owner doing something to me, its about me doing something for my Owner. This is often why a one or two hour scene is not fulfilling for a slave. Has the slave really served the Owner in such a short time? Has the slave made a difference in the Owner's life in such a short time?

i am not a sissy. i am not a wimp. i am a solid chunk of man who is proud of what he is. i am very masculine and i am choosing to be a slave. Possibly the only choice a slave gets to make. While there may be Owners that seek to have a sissy slave that would not be a great fit for me. Although, does that really matter?

i am not worthless. A slave is quite valuable. Why would you consider one of your personal possessions to be useless or worthless? Wouldn't you just get rid of it? Similarly why would you abuse or hurt something you own? i want to serve my Owner with all the manliness i have while being a slave.

While valuable, a slave must know its position. The Owner is superior and the object of all service, desire and affection. A slave is inferior and subordinate. It subordinates everything of itself to its Owner. i do not grovel at anyone's feet. i will serve at my Owner's feet. i will worship at Their feet. i will willingly submit my slavery to them. i will perform untold tasks at Their feet and i will beg if my Owner wants that, but i will not grovel. i am proud. Proud of being a slave to my Owner.

i do not seek out humiliation, and why would an Owner want to humiliate something that directly represents them. That is one of Their possessions. That is not to say that there would not be any endless number of humiliating positions and activities that i would gladly accept to please my Owner. After all, being constantly nude around others could be considered humiliating. Sucking a cock or eating a pussy of someone watching sports on TV then bringing in snacks and cleaning up might be considered humiliating. Being led around naked and servile on a leash might be humiliating. But its not. Its serving. Its fulfilling wishes. Its slavery.

i do not enjoy pain. i do not seek it out. However, i also recognize the value in discipline in perfecting a slave. And a slave's lack of choice in the matter. There will be times when an Owner wants to discipline; to inflict some pain, for Their own amusement. i will seek to fulfill their wishes by taking the pain and hoping to serve more. It has been said there are three types of pain a slave must endure. The first type is the daily pain. The sore knees from kneeling, the sore jaw from sucking, the sore back from sitting upright waiting for the Owner to return. Then there is the immediate corrective discipline pain. The slap on the ass over the knee, the strap for an infraction, the riding crop for looking into your Owners eyes. This pain is quick and demonstrative and used to help the slave grow and perfect their slavery. Then there is the stylized punishment. Tied to a cross or across a bench and beaten. Perhaps it is for a serious violation. Perhaps it is to remind the slave of exactly who is in control and maybe it is just because the Owner wants to do it. All three have their place for a slave, and a slave must endure all three.

i believe in protocols. Its helps ensure that a slave is constantly thinking about what it needs to do next and how to do it and how to do it properly and it ensures for the Owner that there is a level of service that they can expect at all time, in all conditions. Protocols also ensure that the slave is always remembering its station. Protocols that i believe should be observed include: proper greeting of an Owner on their return by supplicating before them and kissing their feet; recognizing with immediate kneeling whenever an owner enters a room; slave positions when required by the owner; and silence with only proper speech when asked; among others. One important position for both Owner and slave is the waiting position. The slave on their knees, legs spread wide, ass up and open, head down and submissive. Whether male or female, this position signifies, and reinforces the openness of the slave. And the Owner can see all of his slave, the open holes, the dangling but restrained cock. Both know exactly their station in this position. I believe that slaves should never be at the same level as an Owner when communicating with Them. Kneeling is the only way to receive orders and instructions and kneeling is the only place to be when seeking to communicate with my Owner. And a slave does seek to communicate. i would not speak unbidden to my Owner, but seek Their permission to speak. A slave would never use furniture, except the sparse furniture in its designated room or to provide service to an Owner on Their bed.

Which leads to sex. Let's face it, sex is a big part of the lifestyle. Why would you have a slave without the benefits of the sexual activities? But, sex for a slave is sex to satisfy the Owner. It is sex controlled. Orgasm control is important for two reasons: one; an orgasm may, for a male slave, reduce their capabilities in the sexual activity that is happening, and; two, to remind the slave its not about them, its not about their orgasm, it's about the Owner and Their needs, desires and wishes. That is not to say that an Owner may not want to see a load shot across the floor or onto another slave or even onto its own belly, but They get to decide that, not the slave. A female slave in full orgasm can be both a beautiful and sexy sight to behold when allowed by an Owner. So, i am not a proponent of fulltime, long-time chastity. i think that neither benefits the slave nor the Owner. However, orgasm control, restrictive chastity to ensure the Owner controls sexual activity, can focus a slave on their position and responsibility.

i am not heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. A slave does not get to choose. i am sexual. my Owner gets the sexuality required when required. i also believe that an Owner should take full advantage of Their slave. If They want to penetrate it anywhere, anytime, then that is Their prerogative. If the Owner, (Mistress usually) does not want a plastic dildo to help her with her sexual drive, a properly trained slave can be that living dildo. Remembering of course that it is all about the mistress and her needs and desires and not about the slave. Slaves may often be warm-ups and clean-ups for Owners. Serving Them is a slave's desire.

A slave must worship their Owner. Mentally and physically. i must be prepared to worship His cock, His balls, Her pussy, Her breasts, Their asses and Their feet for however long and whenever They chooses. i may have a sore jaw, a swollen tongue but i will always remember that i am there to serve and to worship. At Their rising in the morning or Their retiring at night, i will worship. At meals, while watching TV, while preparing and dressing, i will worship. Worship means more than simply providing orgasmic relief to the Owner. It means inhaling, absorbing and breathing in their scent. Spending time nuzzling the ball sack, the pussy lips. Learning the very essence of their Owner in order for it to be imprinted in the slave's mind.

Then there is performing. Sexually performing. This is different from worshipping as it is done on someone as directed by the Owner. Different from worshipping but requiring all the same devotion and singlemindedness, after all, the Owner has directed it. Fucking for the Owner's pleasure would require all of a slave's talents and training, be it another slave, another Owner or whatever person the Owner wants. And while it may be pleasurable, the pleasure is really for the Owner, which must not be forgotten.

What should a slave wear? Of course the correct answer is whatever the Owner wants it to wear. i would suppose that having gone to the trouble of getting a slave, an Owner would most likely want to see Their possession in all its glory all the time. Yup, naked all the time. Also, this ensures that both the Owner and the slave recognize, at all times, the differences. i am a naked slave here to serve You. You are a normally dressed superior Owner who is here to be served. So naked, except for restraints. Some Owners might wish to keep genitalia covered, so thongs might be used. Of course, an Owner would have outfits and costumes that They would want at certain times. A proper chauffeur outfit, modified for slavery, to drive around town. A set of black tie cuffs and collar for formal dinner service, and most likely a nice set of vanilla clothes for when vanilla friends of the Owner are visiting.

Slaves should be shaved from the neck down. For a few reasons. Firstly it is more aesthetically pleasing for the nude form to be hair free. Secondly, it accentuates the nudity for the slave, which itself is a reminder of slavery. Thirdly, the constant little itch will keep the slave focussed on it function and lastly, the daily shaving by itself or by someone else is a ritual, reaffirmation of the slaves status.

Restraints. i believe restraints are an integral part of a slave's apparel, its persona. It starts with the collar. The collar placed by the Owner and accepted by the slave. The collar from which the leash can take you anywhere the Owner wants to go. The collar that can be attached to the bed post for the night, to the kitchen for daily chores and to Owner's ankle to teach heeling. But more than just collars, ankle and wrist restraints are necessary. Comfortable but tight and secure. Easy to secure the hands behind the back, to hooks in the wall or ceiling or to the collar to keep them out off the way. Ankle restraints for much the same purpose but more to make sure everything is completely available to the Owner by keeping the legs open. Slaves should also be restrained most of their day, somehow. Whether it is a hobble chain, or wrists connected behind the back, or by a short chain, or to the collar, some sort of restraint to make the chores of the day challenging. These restraints accentuate the slave's nudity and thus their place and is both pleasing to the Owner and a constant reminder of slavery.

For a male slave, a cockring is an absolute must. With hands tied attached behind his back or to his collar, a leash on a cockring can lead the slave anywhere or conversely keep him in any one spot indefinitely. Leash training is an effective way to force a slave to anticipate the owner's movements and desires and the requirement to be quick to respond. It reinforces the slave's desire to serve their Owner. Also the tightness and the weight will be a constant reminder to the slave just what he is and what he needs to do. The cockring also tends to keep the cock plump and full, the balls forward and displayed. Displayed for the Owner, by the Owner.

For both sexes butt plugs or princess plugs would also ensure that there is a constant reminder of the slave's status. The plug in the slave's ass would be felt constantly, with any movement or even just sitting still. Some actions would force it deep, some action might threaten to dislodge it. But it would never be out of mind. As slavery should never be out of mind.

Everyday with an Owner is a time to try and make Their life a little better. i will fulfill Their wishes but i will also make Their life easier and better. That includes the mundane things a Owner needn't do. So laundry, light cleaning, looking after his clothes, running Their bath or shower, cooking Their dinner and serving it. These task are not the fetish fantasy based actions many think of when considering slavery, but they are tasks that need to be accomplished to make an Owner's life better and easier and therefore are slavery tasks. Serving the Owner or the Owner and his guests dinner while they are impeccably dressed and i am naked in restraints is actually very exciting. Having to then get under the table, to please Them orally while they eat is a matter of course. Working on laundry while naked and restrained makes the mundane tasks a slave's task. Trying to clean with one hand tightly restrained, or both hands limited by the chain to my cockring focuses me on my status and my tasks.

And in all things i have to remember i am serving the Owner not serving the fantasy. I serve Their desires and wishes which i make my own. Slavery is challenging, but fulfilling. Slavery is all-consuming, but liberating.

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