tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlaves of the Desert Compound 03

Slaves of the Desert Compound 03


The two slaves sat next to each other on the low divan. Somewhat shy – each was totally naked, except for a thin silver collar around their necks – they nevertheless exhibited unspoken responses to the other, since both were slender and finely muscled, with unblemished skin, soft hair and fine features. The nipples on the woman's small but shapely breasts were semi-erect, while the other's short thick cock stirred a little.

"How long have you been in this household?" the girl asked softly.

"Almost a year since I was brought here. I was taken in a raid on our town, brought across the desert and sold to the Master and Mistress."

"Like me; though I've only been here a few days. Can you tell me what is going to happen to me?"

"We are here to serve the master and mistress, and whomever else they wish. I've been told to begin teaching you what you will need to know. That is, to give pleasure. Tell me, what experience – you know what I'm referring to – have you had?"

The girl blushed. "At my home I was confined to the women's quarters. It was said that I would be married to an important ally of my family. So I was carefully guarded and had little opportunity to experiment; although sometimes at night one of the other girls would come into my bed, and kiss and caress me. It was nice. Then on the journey here the trader made me take off my clothes and stand before him while he looked and touched me all over. I was so embarrassed! He made me kneel down and open my mouth, and kiss and suck his thing. I think I was doing what he wanted until he made a loud sound and cream came out of the end. I was so surprised that I choked and accidentally scraped his skin with my teeth. He was angry and hit me on my behind with a cane. It stung horribly! But I think he thought he would get less money for me if I looked beaten, so he stopped."

"You will have to learn all the arts of love, and quickly. If you disappoint, you will be sorry; punished long and hard and perhaps sent to work in the fields. Your sweet looks won't help you there; and they won't last long either. It was the same for me when I came; I didn't know anything, and was sometimes slow to understand all my duties. But I learned more quickly after I was sent to the Mistress. She is beautiful, but very fierce. I was tied over a bench, with my ankles fastened and my wrists pulled up in the air. It was very uncomfortable and I couldn't see what was happening, and then she smacked my behind with a wicked little crop that had a square of leather on the end. It was really loud and stung like mad. She smacked me again and again, doing it each time just as the pain from the last stroke began to go away. After a dozen or so I was writhing in pain and trying to move my burning bottom out of the way. I was crying and begging her to stop, if only for a minute. She just laughed and continued, one after the other. Finally she paused and I was able to relax a little. My skin was on fire. I'd never had anything hurt like that and go on so long.

But that wasn't all, at all. My bottom was glowing – it felt like it must be bleeding – but she told me that now the real "instruction" would start, that the crop was only preparation. What came before was only a warm-up. She had a thin bamboo cane in her hand, and began to thrash me with it. She did it more slowly, but it hurt much more. The cane would strike, and there was a moment's pause; then a really agonizing feeling hit, and I cried out and tried desperately to reach to soothe it. After a while I was howling in pain, and she began to cross the strokes over where she had already beaten me. Finally I just started sobbing, couldn't stop, tears pouring down my face. After that she finally stopped, and actually comforted me. She gave me a drink and touched me gently. Then she made me do some things to her, and sent me back to the slave quarters. She said she thought I had learned my lesson. That was for certain! I thought I must be covered in blood. But when I looked, there were only stripes. And my skin was bright pink."

The woman was pale, her mouth trembling. "But how awful! Will they do that to me? I couldn't stand it!"

"I'm afraid that sooner or later you will be thrashed. The Master and Mistress feel that it is necessary occasionally if we slaves are to maintain a proper attitude of serving. But I've seen slaves commit relatively severe offences and escape with a reprimand, while others are whipped severely for something very minor. Mistress seems to like especially to chastise the soft, pretty slaves; they are regularly summoned and return weeping piteously and unable to sit down for a day or so. I've been beaten three times in the past year; and I try to behave well, I'm enthusiastic and obedient in my work. which is servicing the men, and sometimes the women of the house, in any way they desire."

The girl looked at him fearfully; then another thought struck her. "But I don't know what to do...what Master and Mistress will want from me. How will I learn? I'm afraid I won't be skillful enough; then I'll be whipped!"

"When I arrived here, I was an innocent. But on the first day I was brought into a bedroom by one of the overseers. He gave me lessons in pleasuring a man with my mouth. "

Horrified but fascinated, the girl asked how that was done.

"I learned to kiss and suck his cock and not to touch it with my teeth. He showed me which spots were most sensitive, and how to relax my throat so I could take in a greater length. When I had stimulated him to come in my mouth, he held my ears so that I was forced to swallow his cream. That evening I was stripped naked, bathed, shaved and perfumed. They bent me over and slid a slender post with a ball at one end, to keep it in, into my behind. At the other end of the post there was a tail of horse hairs; so that I seemed to have a long pony tail at my rear.

I was obliged to serve wine to the men at dinner, and smile and bend over obediently when they fondled me, but feeling humiliated and helpless. I was really embarrassed and blushing constantly, feeling all those eyes on me as well as having my bottom squeezed and cock stroked as I poured wine. It was like the tail in my behind and my painted mouth were invitations to the men, and I knew I was completely at their mercy and would have to do whatever they wanted, after the meal in the room behind the dining hall. But in a way it was exciting to know that I was completely in their power, and that if I wanted to avoid a whipping, I had better seem enthusiastic. My cock was standing out in front of me and several of the men made jokes about it. But they weren't spiteful, they were almost friendly; like they appreciated me.

When the meal was over four of the men took me into a bedroom. I was placed on all fours and the horse tail pulled out, My behind had already been greased so that when the first man placed the head of his cock at my opening, it slid in fairly easily, even though the passage there was narrow. It felt really strange, but he was quite gentle, and just started moving in and out of me, going a little deeper each time. It wasn't hard to submit to him; I was already excited, and you get a kind of glow all over when you're being fucked from behind. I held a prick in my mouth and fondled another with each hand. I felt I was a true slave, attending to the various cocks in me as carefully and obligingly as I could. I couldn't stop myself from making little sounds as their cocks penetrated me – they like that – and my own cock was just bursting. But when I tried to touch it, they moved my hands back to themselves, so I had to attend to the work with all my concentration.

The girl was staring at him, appalled but fascinated. "How long did this go on for? Did it hurt?"

" When one had come, I opened for another. Each of them came in my mouth or ass at least twice; their cream was dripping from me. My bottom was sore and my mouth stiff at the end. When they were done with me, they had me stand before them and play with myself until I came. It was a fountain! In that one evening I learned a great deal; and I've had much opportunity to become more skillful since then."

"I couldn't do that. That's awful; having to take something in your mouth after it's been in your bottom. What must it taste like? Why are we here together now? Are you going to teach me how to please my masters?"

"To answer your questions; you will have to do these things, and more. Believe me, if you don't you will be whipped until you're covered in blood, then put to work outside. Then you'll wish you had chosen to please your masters instead. About the taste; you clean yourself out before you do these things. Come doesn't taste bad; just a little salty. None of this will hurt you. And yes, my sweet, I am here to help you learn. I hope you don't find me unappealing?"

"Indeed, no. But I'm afraid. Though one night my girlfriend got into bed with me, and one of the things she did was to put her finger inside my bottom, after she'd stroked the outside for a while. It felt strange but nice. And then she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it! "

"Touching and playing with your behind can feel wonderful. You will have to serve some ladies of the house as well – just like you did your girlfriend – and they like to have their bottoms licked. And other places too, of course. I have to do it to some of the men, as well. Like me, you'll serve both sexes. You and I will start with this. Kneel over me, and I'll show you how it's done."

Subdued by these revelations about her future, the girl obediently moved to all fours over the boy. Beneath her face was his cock, and she watched as it started to stiffen. She felt his hands grip her soft globes and part them. Then a teasing, flickering sensation; he had touched her secret place with his tongue. He began to stroke it, licking across the little ring, then probing gently at the entrance. A warm sensation began to fill her lower regions; she arched her back and, as the caressing continued, without thinking pushed her ass to open and allow a deeper penetration. As he licked her, his cock jerked, and she looked with fascination at the fine erect specimen which now touched her face. Experimentally, she kissed it, and it jerked again. She licked the length of it; a drop of clear liquid appeared at the head. Encouraged, she took the plunge and opened her mouth to take in the head. It felt amazingly smooth, soft and stiff at the same time. Instinctively she began to move her lips up and down the shaft, remembering his injunction to keep her teeth away from the sensitive skin. She began to employ her tongue in conjunction with her lips; and could quickly tell that her partner was most receptive to her attentions.

Meanwhile, the man's tongue increased its tempo as he licked and sucked at her anal entrance, stopping to thrust his tongue inside as far as possible. His fingers crept up and began to caress the most sensitive place in her pussy. She began to move her hips back and forth, encouraging him to probe her; both had begun to moan and squirm. She opened her mouth more deeply to his cock, desiring him to thrust and dominate her; the delightful reciprocating sensations that her mouth provided incited him to even more fevered caresses and kisses. They rocked in unison. His finger was all the way inside her ass, while he licked that part of the outer ring that he could reach with his tongue. She fondled him with both hands while she sucked him frantically. An extraordinary sensation began to fill her lower body, and soon she was experiencing a tremendous orgasm, the first of her life, which swept her away on a wave of delight and halted her sucking. The man was used to restraining the completion of his desires; nonetheless, the girl's wild attentions also took him over the edge. He exploded in a gush of come, which she eagerly swallowed without hesitation.

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