tagBDSMSlave's Piss

Slave's Piss


Kneeling upon the cool bathroom tiles, she involuntarily shivered as the first salty drops of piss issued from Master's flaccid penis. Pouty lips encircled the spongy glans and accepted the warm stream into her mouth. Firm, strong fingers held His slave's head in place. She swallowed eagerly. As He emptied, she heard the contented sigh, felt His buttocks unclenching and the stream became a torrent. Flooding the back of her throat, nostrils straining for oxygen, she chugged the sweet pee, impossibly capturing the hose's volume. Rivulets spilling down her chin and anointing her naked breasts.

"Ahh yes. That's My girl..." He whispered, emptying a full bladder, pushing His manhood deeper into the slave's gullet. She shivered again as the flow eased, gulping as much of His lovely urine that she could never get enough of. Her moistened cunt fluttered secretly.

"Umm. What a good pet! You were thirsty. Full now?" With watery eyes, she peered up past the masculine, hairy chest into His handsome, smiling face.

"Yes Master. Thank You Master. This slut lives to serve Your needs..." She blushed, feeling the warmth encased in her bloated tummy. She would clean the room shortly, without question.


Life with Master was fulfilling. He was wealthy and as His property, the appointed chores and desire to serve consumed her existence. Torture, beatings and variant sexual acts were always preceded and rewarded after with a cherished love.


As instructed, she had cleaned the toilet and floor with her tongue. The remnants of His piss clung to her sticky skin, His cologne and she awaited His permission to shower. The servant's bell chimed and she hastened downstairs to her Master's call.

In the large, decadent living room, her Master stood by the fireplace wearing silk boxer shorts, "Ahh, there's My pet. Finished with the water closet?"

"Almost finished Master. Thank You for the task and ability to serve Thee." answered with eyes downcast. His hand softly stroked the top of her hair.

"Special surprise tonight pet, Mistress Diane will be arriving for a visit. She is most anxious to meet My pet. Let's see, put extra rouge on your face and cunt. And place the one pound weights from your nipple piercings. We like they way they hang, don't we pet?"

"Yes Master." Slave carefully hid her excitement, it wasn't often that Master showed her off.

Promptly at 7 o'clock, she knelt by the large front door and touched her brown, leather collar anticipating the guest. She heard soft footsteps across the gravel walk and heels upon the slate entryway. Opening the door, Mistress Diane's deep brown eyes looked intensely into the slave's eyes as if She could read her mind. Pet quickly looked down.

"Good evening Diane! Welcome to My home and this is pet." In a clear sign of loyalty, Slave knelt at His side, purring and stroking the calf of His right leg.

"Serve us wine in the library pet."

"Yes Master."

Mistress Diane was a tall, buxom redhead clad in a long flowing black skirt. Offering Her the glass from the tray, slave glanced at the high heels. Secretly she indulged in the moistness they caused to her quim, the loud clicking they made.

"She looks adorable. Lovely breasts. Apparently obedient, you've done a fine job. May I?"

"Please Diane, feel free to use her in anyway." Slave felt the manicured, soft hands jiggle her breasts, touched the healing welts along her naked back and cupped the fleshy derriere.

"Very nice. I...I must admit, I'm feeling rather randy this evening. Such a wicked girl to have that effect on Me." She chuckled, slave easily detecting the heady scent arousal from under Her skirt.

Master led them down a dim set of stairs into the chamber. Soundproofed, the enlarged cellar was simply designed for torture. Wrought iron handcuffs dangled from a thick beam. A cage sat quietly in one corner. Next to a long table with gleaming, chrome devices was a padded sawhorse with leather restraints. Hung along the wall were a multitude of crops, bamboo canes, whips and floggers. The piece d' resistance was the medical examining table, centered and brightly lit.

"Pet darling...assume the position."

"Yes Master." Obediently leaning over the sawhorse, legs spread. He chose a thin yellow cane from the wall. Diane watched with delight as the object swished through the air, making direct contact.

"One. Thank You master." The next one a tad harder.

"Two. Thank You master." He offered the cane to Mistress.

"Come see Diane. Something I am quite proud of. Notice how soft her globes are? Her flesh here ripples, she never tightens up. I like that in a slave." His penis began to stiffen while palming His property's tingling derriere.

"And I see, she marks well." Touching the new stripes. She carefully aimed at the reddened ass and switched with vigor.

"One. Thank You Mistress..." the slave panted as the blows rained down, "Two...three..." she replied obediently, "eleven..." Diane dropped the cane from Her tired arm.

"God...look how wet she becomes!"

"Yes. That's her style! Let's put her up on the exam table, this one has a rather unique cunt." Slave quickly placed herself onto the table, legs resting into the stirrups and tried to breathe normally. How many times had she been abused and orgasmed here. Mistress tugged on the piercings, extending the tenderized nipples painfully.

"Very nice. Do you have many medical tools...you know, the lovely items used for inspections and..." Mistress cooed.


"How about...catheters?" She asked grimacing lewdly. Properly lubed, the minute, plastic tube was inserted through her pink urethra opening and entered slave's bladder. Clamping around the intruder, she lay still with unwavering steadiness. Mistress draped the four feet of clear tubing on the available hook.

"She has an unusually large clitoris, just what I'd expect for a sexual slut to have. And look how her anus puckers..." Mistress tweaked the slave's pearl, pushing two fingers into a dry bung hole. Expertly, Diane positioned the funnel and gravity fed, the quart of tepid water into her sacred vessel. Slave whimpered as the second container drained.

Anointed with a dollop of petroleum jelly, Master's purplish head pushed slave's sphincter open and drove the full length of His cock into her spasming asshole. Mistress viciously slapped the pregnant-styled belly eliciting somber sighs. Standing behind, Diane massaged His balls while emptying a huge load of spunk. He groaned through an intense orgasm, encouraged by Diane's squeezing, feminine hands.

Satisfied completely, He pulled the flaccid prick out, sperm dripping onto the floor which was perfect for slave's tongue. Diane slowly removed the catheter, slave's ultra pink urethra dilating open for Her pleasurable view. A few yellowish dribbles eked out and mixed with the white jism.

"After you've cleaned the mess here, you will again serve us in the library slut."

"Yes Master. Thank You Master." She lumbered up off the examining table, eager to lick the dribbles. Her inner belly churned from the extra fluid, her legs and stomach muscles cramping.

They lounged comfortably on the couch, accepting the refreshment offered obediently from the slave. Master patting her head as she knelt by his side. They chattered endlessly about everything and nothing and she refilled on cue.

The problem now was she had to piss. Terribly. Pain seared against the membranes of her overfull bladder. She attempted to think of other things but it was no use whatsoever. She suppressed the need to urinate again and again. She quietly closed her legs and the smallest movement caused ripples of aches around her crotch. She whimpered towards Master.

"Pet? Is that My pet whining? Does she need to piddle? It's only been what...an hour since you filled her?" Diane nodded affirmative. "Okay, go get your litter box now. Hurry!"

The slave nearly fainted while trying to stand up. Pain racked along her stomach and wobbly legs. She walked bowlegged to the closet, retrieving the small basin filled with scented sand and placed it in the center of the room. She looked up at Her master with pleading eyes.

"Turn your litter box towards us now and squat. Good girl!" Her thigh muscles strained straddling the object. She lowered further. Agony rippled her innards, the fullness causing her to perspire. Tightening her pelvis did nothing, a thin stream dribbled.

"I...I am sorry Master. I...I cannot hold it back." Tears filled her eyes, not wanting to displease her Master.

"Look at us pet." Cringing, she stared into His loving eyes. Mistress Diane's fingers were massaging creamy folds, Her eyes fixed upon the scene.

"Pet. You may piss now." With great relief, she relaxed her muscles and released a warm stream into the sand. Humiliated beyond belief, their eyes roamed over her as she urinated. The stream soon became a powerful torrent, splashing against her legs and ankles. It hissed loudly. Dizzily, she pissed, embarrassed at the sheer volume of liquid she held. Eventually the pond emptied and small squirts issued out. There would no cleanup, no wiping here. She understood.

Slave was ordered to orally please Mistress Diane. Her cunt oozed with a strong, heady scent and slave lapped to perfection. Viciously pummeling Her heels into pet's lower back as She orgasmed.

After more conversation and a nightcap, Master's guest departed. He patted pet's head, "You were very good! I am quite pleased with your behavior. Tonight, you may sleep on the floor next to Me."

"Thank You Master. You are so good to this unworthy slut. I love You so much." She gushed without fear of reprisal. She was most happy this evening and His pet slept deeply, curled up contentedly.

~To Be Continued~

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