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Slave's Request


A few weeks later I woke early to help my sisters fix breakfast. I rolled over to see Master Arik staring at me. I blinked fast feeling my heart beat wildly at the surprise of seeing him awake. He slowly smiled as I sat up; the covers exposing my breasts and my nipples hardening in the cool air. He reached forward and gently rolled my nipples between his fingers.

"Come here," he said huskily.

I scooted a bit closer and he motioned for me to straddle his prone body. I lifted up one caramel thigh and lowered it over his olive toned body and rubbed my naked center against his pajama pants. He scooted me higher until I straddled his chest and he pressed on my back pushing my chest closer to his face.

I placed my elbows on opposite sides of his head and leaned closer as he started slobbering all over my honeyed globes. It felt so good I couldn't help the moans that escaped through my mouth. His tongue swirled around one of my nipples than to the other causing me to shake my head making my hair whip wildly around my face.

"You like that Severen?" My Master taunted me.

"Oh, by the gods yes! Yes."

He squeezed my breast together and suckled both my nipples into his mouth. I thought I was in heaven as I felt my pussy get wetter and my walls clamping on thin air trying to create friction; anything to help me orgasm. He bit down on both of them and I moaned loudly not caring who I woke up. I eased my body back delighting in the pain making my breast form sharp triangles as I shook them to create a bit more sting. I didn't even feel pain all I felt was delicious pleasure. I came back to him then pulled away once more feeling a swift sting than pleasure course through my body.

I couldn't believe how glorious this felt; his teeth on my breast. I kept pulling away from him throwing my head back as he bit me. I eased forward relieving the tension then pulled again liking the sting more and more. I kept feeling my pussy pulsing with each sting of pain. Unbelievable my pussy muscles started to quiver and my muscles started to stiffen.

"Oh, I... I think ... I'm gonna... cum!"

"Um," came his command through pressed lips as he bit harder on my hard nipples. I knew he meant cum and at his command I went wild. I would lean into him than back out to feel that delicious pain and back as I stroke my pussy over his pajamas faster and faster. I was so close and I couldn't believe it was just from his teeth on my chest. I squeezed my eyes tight and leaned back so far I thought his teeth was going to break the skin. Suddenly I felt electricity zip through my body, I felt the walls of my wet cunt clamp together on air and then rub on itself, I felt my body stiffen and jerk as my orgasm hit me with a powerful blow.

I couldn't stop shuddering from the intense pleasure. Finally I collapse as my Master let my breast go. He stroked my back as I try to regain my breath. I heard a rumble under my ear and felt him shaking and I lifted my head up peering at him inquisitively as he laughed.

"So I have myself a pain slut."

"No. I don't like pain."

He arched an eyebrow at me.

"At least I don't think I do."

"Something for us to find out about together," he smiled and swatted my ass. "Go your sisters are waiting for you."

I lifted up, but before I get more than an inch he stopped me staring at my breast. My areola was a purple bruise and my nipples had teeth marks. He frowned and I could tell he didn't like the thought that he hurt me without his knowledge. A Master should always be in control. I kissed him deeply proud of his mark on my body.

"I have a surprise for you after breakfast."

"You're not going to work," I asked as I pulled on a short black skirt and a loose fitting white shirt that tied in the back.

"Nope, just you and me today."

"Really?" I jumped on the bed and wrapped my arms around him. "We'll have hot passionate sex all," I rubbed my sore chest against his hard one, "day," I crawled up his body staring down at him, "long?" I leaned in to kiss him, but he flipped me over so that I was below him.


I laughed feeling trapped under him, but succumbing to it. He was my Master. I should never be over him unless he desired it. I licked my lips brining his attention to them. He grabbed a handful of my reddish brown mane and pulled. I felt my stomach do flip flops and I close my eyes in pleasure.

"Not a pain slut," he teased as he crushed his lips on mine, forcing his tongue between my lips and taking what was his. I didn't fight as he took what I gave and then took more. I push my body up against his already ready to please him. To give him the pleasure he had just gifted me this morning. Master Arik pushed his self away and pulled me up.


I pouted sexily with my head down and my huge brown eyes looking up until I can see his face. I slowly moved a piece of hair behind my ear and then let my hand trail against my neck, my eyes closing in pleasure, as I cup my own breast and stroked my still tender nipple.

"Severen," he warned.

[i]Damn[/i] I opened the door and walked to the kitchen smiling.

"Well look who got some this morning," Alison, the first girl of the home, teased me.

"It must have been good for you to be moaning like that," Azya giggled.

I blushed while going to the sink to wash my hands and looked around to see what was done and what needed to be done.

Myra just walked over to me, placed her head on my shoulder, and smiled. "We're about all done. Will you set the table?"

I nodded and as I grabbed the dishes I realized that I did love these girls as though they were my real sisters. This was my new family and I was happy to be here. I was so used to serving on my own that it felt good to have someone to talk to or someone to help you cook and clean.

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I set the table placing huge white plates with gold trim on the table with matching glasses and silverware. The Free; Jarl Veston the head of this home, his wife Mistress Shyra, and their children, Master Azyon, Master Arik, and Master Nicolas would all get the beautiful dishes to eat upon. Alison, Azya, and myself will eat upon plain white china. In some homes the girls are required to eat by themselves in a corner. Luckily, in this home Jarl Veston likes his girls near him so we're allowed at the table.

I go back into the kitchen and stare at all the food. Feeding 9 people, 5 of them men, you had to have a lot of food. Alison takes out a platter stacked with pancakes and I follow with a platter of waffles. We each walk in and out the kitchen setting the food on the table. At the end of it all I stared at the table laden with pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, sausages, biscuits, and roasted potatoes.

Jarl Veston walks in from his room with Mistress Shyra on his arm. They smile at us and he holds the chair out for her as she sits. Myra immediately goes to the table her eyes respectfully lowered, "Good morning Jarl Veston and Mistress Shyra."

Jarl Veston smiles at Myra as he sits in his own seat causing Alison to go to the table and greet Jarl Veston and Mistress Shyra as well.

"My Mistress what would you like to drink and eat," Myra asks Mistress Shyra.

The Mistress's answer is lost on me as I stare down the hall wondering what could be taking my Master so long. I chew on my lower lip worried when Jarl Veston's booming voice tells his boys to get their asses out of bed and to breakfast.

Master Arik can be seen coming down the hall with his brother, Master Azyon's head under his arm. They're both laughing as Master Azyon comes from under his arm and he swings at Master Arik's arm who deftly moves out of the way. Azya and I both go to our respective Masters and after greeting everyone we start to serve them. After I'm done serving my Master I see Master Nicolas coming into the dining area. I greet him and start to serve him. Since Master Nicolas doesn't have his own girl it's up to the three of us to make sure he is serve as well as our Masters.

Finally the Free are eating and us slave girls can start eating our own breakfast. "So Arik I understand that you took the day off," Mistress Shyra says conversationally.

"Yes, mother, I'm going to spend the day with Severen."

I look at my Master with a smile before lowering my eyes seductively. I reach over and gently place my hand on his thigh. His eyes flicker towards me, but he says nothing as I chew my breakfast.

"Do you have plans?" The girl's giggles and she blushes deeply. "I mean other plans than the obvious?"

I trail my nails up the inside of his thigh and feel his cock jump in his pants. I pluck another potato and place that in my mouth with my head tilted listening to the conversation even as my nails scrape against his cock. I feel his cock jump again and I slowly unzip his pants making sure no one hears the zipper.

"Arik," Mistress Shyra questions.

I plunge my hand into his pants and through the opening of his boxers bring him out under the table. I bite into another potato staring at my Master who is looking at me with barely concealed amusement.

"Uh, no. I thought we would walk around and I would see how she was doing. Making sure that she is okay."

I wrap my hand around his hard shaft and slowly glide it up; my nails scrape over the head, and then slide it back down to the base. I hear my Master suck in a breath of air holding it. I glide back up squeezing him on the way up, again barely scrape my nails over his sensitive head, before I squeeze and glide it back down.

"That's good. Nicolas I understand you have finals?"

The rest of the conversation flows on, but I'm focused on one thing and that's pumping my hand faster without my body jiggling. I pump faster and my Master's head glides back before he catches himself and brings his head forward. I continue jerking him off and twist at the wrist with every up motion. My Master is staring at me his eyes so black with pleasure. The power had switched and I boldly smile at him. He calmly places his hand on top of mine stopping me instantly.

"Excuse us," he says as he pushes himself inside his pants and stands up.

He grabs my upper arm and hauls me to my feet. Everyone is staring at us as he takes me back to the bedroom. He closes the door and leans against the door with his arms crossed. He stares at me and I stare at his chest not meeting his eyes. I'm not sure what I've done wrong.

"Severen what am I?"

"My Master," I answer automatically.

"What does that mean to you?"

I glance up not sure what he means. It means everything to me. My mouth open, but no words come out. What did I do wrong? He must have seen the confusion in my eyes.

"In the dining area [b]I[/b] let you touch me. [b]I[/b] let you pleasure me. [b]I[/b] let you. Do you understand? You are very beautiful and I will admit you influence my decision, but you will never let me doing. You will never have control of me. I control you. Understand?"

And in that moment I did. I had stepped over the line. When I had boldly looked at him and smiled. When I had thought I held all the power when it was always and will always be him who held the power. I sank to my knees feeling remorse at my actions. I glanced up at him with tears in my eyes.

"I apologize. I didn't realize."

"I know Severen, but I must punish you."

I stood there unable to move. I didn't want to be punished. He indicated for me to go to the bed and my feet heavy with fear I walked over to it and sat down. He twirled his finger in a circle and I immediately stood up and get on the bed on all fours. He lifted up my skirt bunching it at the hips and folding it over.

I glanced over my shoulder to see him rummaging in the closet. He pulled a black whip with a leather handle and numerous leather straps coming from the handle. I look straight at the wall my body shook from my terror. I could hear it arcing in the air a sound of wind moving before I felt it against my bum. The loud slap made me jump. The pain more of a sharp sting than of an actual beating. I feel his warm hand touch my bum; a faint trailing of his finger before the whip comes down on my bum again. He hits me again and again until my bum is sore and I know its red without even looking at it. Finally he stops and pulls me off the bed and into his arms hugging me. He looks at me and I hang my head in shame.

"Don't forget."

I nod. I won't ever forget this lesson. We return to the dining area. I squirm a little in my chair my bum still stinging. I glance up and my sisters suddenly find more interesting things to focus on. I realized they could hear my spanking. I hang my head even lower embarrassed.

Jarl Veston stands. "Well I must be off. Good breakfast girls." Shortly after Mistress Shyra follows also going to work.

"Okay so what did Severen do," Master Azyon asks.

Master Arik looks at me. I glance up at Master Azyon, "I thought to be in control of my Master."

Master Azyon stares at me for a long moment before he nods. "Then he did well to teach you a lesson." I nod. "Well I must go to work. Come on Nicolas I'll take you to school." Master Nicolas went to college nearby. They both rise and leave.

Alison, Myra, Azya, and I start to clean up the table and the kitchen. Myra cleaned the table of trash, I washed the dishes, Azya dried them, and Alison swept the floor in the dining area. After a few minutes both the dining area and the kitchen were clean. Alison excused me from the day's chores so I could go to my Master. I hugged her and all my sisters before running to the bedroom.

Master Arik was sitting at the desk surfing the internet. When I entered he turned it off. "Where would you like to go?"

"How about the Mess Hall?" I hadn't been there since our first night here.

"Alright," Master Arik states. He leads me out of the home and the few blocks to the mess hall.

"How are you doing here?"

"I'm learning your life, but I like it."

"And the other girls?"

"Alison can sometimes be hard, but I understand as first girl she has to be. I love them all. We get along fine."

"Good. You're learning your place nicely." I blush at his compliment taking pride at his words. "I have a surprise for you."

My eyes light up with wonder. "Really? What is it?"

He chuckles. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you would it. But first..." He opens the mess hall door and beckons me to enter.

We enter and he leads me to a small table and sits on a plush cushion. He pulls me onto his lap and nuzzles my neck. I close my eyes regaling in the feeling of his breath on my sensitive neck. I mew and leaned my head giving him more access.

"May I get you and your girl anything Master Arik," Solila asks.

"Two cold ales," he answers.

"Solila," I exclaim having to wait until after my Master answered her. "How have you been?"

She smiles at me, but it slowly dies as the door is open and Gregory walks in. "Been better," she quickly replies before she hurries to the bar to get my Master's order.

"Master is there really nothing we can do for her?"

Master Arik shakes head.

"Can we take her?"

"What do you mean, Severen?"

"Can you collar her? Like you did me?"

"You'll share me?"

I blink at him. I hadn't thought about it like that. I didn't want to share my Master's love or attention and I definitely didn't want to share his body. He couldn't collar Solila without also giving her what he gives me. He was my master and I didn't want to be jealous if he liked her doing something more or not.

"Your ale Master Arik, sis Severen."

Those words are what clenched it for me. If she didn't call me sis I probably would have said no, but since she reminded me that were all sisters in training and if I could save her from a bad thing I should. She would do the same for me I was sure of it.

"Yes, Master I would."

Solila made to rise, but Master Arik stopped her. "Solila are you happy here?"

"SOLILA," Gregory yelled from across the room.

Solila shook her head.

"Do you want to come with us?"

"You're asking me Master Arik?"

"Are you questioning me, Solila?"

"No Master, just taken aback."

"Then answer my question."

"SOLILA, I'M THIRSTY ... AND HORNY," Gregory taunted her and some of the patrons laughed.

Solila shuddered at the thought of having to be that asshole's pleasure one more time. "Yes, please take me with you," she begged.

My Master grins. "I find it easier when the girl is willing." I blush at his comment as he gently pushes me to the side. He stands up and Solila stays kneeling. My Master reaches into his pocket and pulls out a collar. "I wasn't expecting this and this is just something I had in my pocket. You'll have a better one when we get home."

"No," came Gregory's booming voice and I can hear him thundering up to us.

Master Arik clamps it around her neck and pulls her to her feet. He kisses her deeply and steps away just as Gregory stops.

"You fucking asshole," Gregory yells at my Master. "First you bring home this caramel cookie and won't share and then you take the only real good candy in this place."

"You mean the only girl who will sleep with you and even she didn't want to do that," My Master countered.

Gregory eyes narrow, but Solila is smiling at me. I hug her close to me positive we're doing the right thing. My Master puts one hand on my back and the other on Solila's as he guides us out the mess hall and into open air.

"I guess that means I have a surprise for the both of you."

I glance at my Master curiously, "are we going there now?"


"Thank you," Solila says as the tears slide down her cheeks. "I thought I was in hell. I was never going to have a Master. I knew it and then..." Solila can't finish. She breaks into tears and my ... no our Master wraps his arms around her soothing her. After a small while she stops and rubs at her face harshly.

"Sorry. I was just so desperate."

"We understand, Solila," Master Arik says.

"Solila, why wouldn't you get a Master? You're a beautiful girl." And she was. Her skin was tanned, but lighter than my own natural honeyed complexion. She had long luxurious brown hair that touched her bum. I found I liked her eyes the best. They were a deep green with tiny golden flecks in them.

"Because I'm a whore."


"That's what that inn turned me into. Any man who paid the Mess hall keeper could pay to fuck me and I went along with it thinking that if I was good they would want to keep me. No one ever did."

"Oh Solila." I wrapped my arms around her. I knew how it felt to want a Master so badly you would do just about anything. To want no need to be dominated, to have that person that you can trust completely and wholly. It wasn't a want it was a need, a craving. This wasn't just a lifestyle, but a way of life.

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I had always been into BDSM ever since I found out about it at the age of 14. I read so much, but no one would touch me, because I was too young. When I finally turned 18 I could only find wannabes. Luckily I found my first Master after 8 hard months.

As we were talking Master Arik was guiding us down the road, so when he told us to stop I was baffled as we stared at a house I haven't been to before. I looked at him wondering what kind of surprise this could be. I had already met his parents.

"This is our home. I bought it. It's where you," Arik pointed to Solila and I," and I will stay."

My eyes lit up. I rushed up the walk way and opened the door. The house was sparsely furnished with 2 bedrooms. There was a Master bedroom and a second smaller one.

"I have my own room," I asked.

"You wish," Master Arik snorted. "You, me, and Solila, will be staying in the Master bedroom. The second bedroom will be an office."

Solila slowly entered tentatively. She closed the door and glanced around the room her eyes alight with wonder and amazement. My Master sat down on a couch, the only furniture in the living room.

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