Slayer vs. Succubus


The succubus stretched her wings and brought her dive to an abrupt halt.

Carpenter didn't.

He slipped down her legs until his hands were clutching at nothing but empty air. He gritted his teeth and prepared for impact.

This was going to hurt.

A lot.

The impact never came. Carpenter fell into something soft that cushioned his fall like an airbag. He sank down into a pink substance that seemed as insubstantial as gossamer.

It was the succubus. She hovered above him, her black wings full extended. She chanted more of the strange words. Thick ribbons of what looked like solidified pink mist issued from her hands and lazily coiled down around him.

Carpenter was getting tangled up in it. It felt soft and looked about as substantial as candy floss, but Carpenter had nothing to push against, just more of a pink substance that yielded beneath his body, but refused to release him. Trying to get his limbs free was hard, energy sapping work.

"That's better. A bed is far more comfortable than these cold stone floors don't you think," the succubus said, slowly descending until her feet touched down on either side of Carpenter's waist.

He continued to thrash ineffectually against the soft magical energies entangling his body. The succubus held up her hands, chanted a few more words and more of the pink energy drifted down to bury Carpenter's limbs deeper.

"There," the succubus said. "That should hold you in place while we finish what we started."

Carpenter thrashed against the entangling energy. He was the big bad demon slayer. He was going to break free and snap her neck with his bare hands.

"You've still got plenty of fight I see," the succubus said. "That's good. You'll last for some time." Her tail coiled around his erect cock, holding it upright as she slowly squatted down on him.

"This isn't over," Carpenter said. It was only a matter of time before he got his hands and legs free.

"Yes it is," the succubus said. She slowly sat down on his cock and sighed as she drew it into her warm pussy. "It was over when you entered me the first time."

Carpenter groaned as he slid into her soft pussy. It fitted him perfectly, a warm fleshy glove for his cock. Now he was back in her, he wasn't sure he ever wanted to leave.

"My magic becomes more potent once I take the sexual fluids of my victim. I've already had a taste of you."

He just had to get his hands free, Carpenter thought. He strained against her magical bonds.

The succubus laid her hands on his chest and stared into his eyes with deep black pools. She rose up and down on his cock with brisk pumps of her hips, letting her wet pussy slurp and suck at his erection. Her full breasts swayed back and forth as she fucked him. Her magical bed gently rocked and undulated beneath them with the motions of her body.

"Can you feel it demon slayer? Your body is responding. Soon it will give me a spurt of your seed and then your body will be mine completely."

Carpenter squirmed beneath her, his hands still trapped in the soft silk of the magic entangling him. An ominous tickling sensation had begun in his balls and was beginning to grow in strength. Her wet pussy felt so good as it slid up and down his shaft.

"Not going to happen," Carpenter said. He was the big bad demon slayer. He just needed to... gnh... get free.

The succubus smiled. She slammed her body up and down against his, harder and faster. Her breasts swayed as she bounced up and down. Her vagina gripped his cock with a silken fist.

The tickling sensation in his balls grew. His cock twitched within her.


Carpenter tried to look away. He tried not to think about the incredibly hot babe riding his body, tried not to think about the soft walls of her pussy clenched around his...

Oh god, he was going to...

"Yes, that's it," the succubus purred. She settled down on him, drawing his cock deep within her vagina. Powerful muscles closed around Carpenter's cock and began to suck. The motion was gentle at first, but it quickly grew in strength until Carpenter's nerves were stretched taut.

"Ughh!" Carpenter groaned as the most powerful orgasm he'd ever experienced erupted from his cock. The succubus smiled in triumph as her pussy hungrily sucked down his seed.

"Now you are mine," she chuckled. She sat upright on his body and gently moved her hips back and forth. Her black wings opened wide behind her, like sails.

Carpenter continued to struggle, but his movements felt weaker and less coordinated. The after-effects of the orgasm were still jangling through his body.

And his body wasn't finished yet.

His cock was still hard and caught within the fleshy grasp of her pussy. Her powerful muscles continued to suck up and down the shaft and Carpenter could already feel the stirrings of another orgasm start up again in his balls.

He thrashed harder to try and free himself.

"The fight is over my poor prey," the succubus said softly. "Now it's time for you to lie back and relax."

She raised her hands and whispered more words of magic. Little drifts of pink energy settled over and permeated Carpenter's skin. A warm glow spread through his body and erotic thoughts entered his mind. The succubus slowly flapped her bat wings, and a gentle, perfumed breeze passed over his body.

He was the big bad demon slayer. Any minute now he'd break...


Carpenter's body thrashed again, but this time it was with another orgasm as he ejaculated more seed deep into the succubus. Her powerful vaginal muscles eagerly sucked it down and continued to contract hungrily around his cock.

"Yes, that's it, feed me more of your seed," the succubus purred.

She whispered more words and Carpenter's body became aflame with lust. It was difficult to think of anything else but the beautiful creature fucking him. He wanted to fill her with his sperm again and again.

His hips sharply bucked up as he spurted another jet of semen into her hungry vagina. She swallowed it deep inside her and sucked his cock harder with her juicy pussy.

The succubus settled down over his body. She didn't need to ride him any more. Her vaginal muscles were clenched tight around his cock and milking it with a steady action. She gently sucked on his lower lip before moving up and letting her full lips meet his in a soft kiss.

It was harder to struggle now. His limbs felt heavy as if his blood had turned to lead in his veins.

His back arched as his cock pumped more seed into her hungry suction. His life was being pumped out with it, he realised.

The succubus stopped the kiss and looked down at him with her limitless abyssal eyes, her exquisite face hovering just above his.

"It was very foolish of you to attempt to fight me," she said. "In the most secret part of their hearts all men would rather fuck me than fight me. That part always wins."

But he was the big bad...

Carpenter's hips bucked again as another orgasm rolled through his body.

"Your body is mine. Now enjoy the pleasure as my pussy drains you dry." The succubus leaned down and pressed her warm lips against his.

Carpenter's struggles grew weaker until they ceased altogether. Struggling required energy and activity. It was much easier to lay back in bliss while the succubus kissed him, her warm body lying on top of his, a soft bed undulating beneath him.

The succubus enfolded him in her wings. Carpenter's body twitched and jerked as the pleasure of orgasm after orgasm pushed all other thoughts from his mind. Within her embrace the succubus's pussy sucked and sucked and sucked, until there was nothing left to suck any more.


The abbot and the abbot's assistant listened outside the door.

"It's gone very quiet," the abbot's assistant said. "Do you think...?"

He jumped back in alarm as the succubus walked out through the door. She glowed with a beauty that was both radiant and perverse.

"That was quite the dumbest demon slayer I've ever fought against," she said. "Very tasty though," she added, rubbing her flat stomach.

The abbot's assistant quavered in fear as he tried to back away from the demon.

"There's no need to be afraid," the succubus chuckled. "I'm too full to bother any of you monks tonight."

She blew the two monks a kiss and sashayed off down the corridor.


"What do we do?" the abbot's assistant said as they looked down at Carpenter's body. Like all the others the corpse looked wizened as if it had been mummified centuries ago.

Why did they always have to have that ecstatic smile on their face, the abbot thought? It was most disturbing.

"We ask for more help," the abbot replied. "I hear there's a girl up in Sunnydale..."

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by GoddessAlisha10/04/17

I love the ending... I knew he was gonna die... but which slayer in Sunnydale. There have been 3 (and 1/2 cause one was a robot).

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