tagNonHumanSlayer's Wolf Ch. 05

Slayer's Wolf Ch. 05


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I groggily opened my eyes to Cloe's pink ones. She was watching me intently with a worried look on her face.


My mouth felt heavy like it was filled with jello. I sat up rubbing my eyes and felt a sting at my neck. I rubbed it tenderly and caught Cloe's eyes flicker to the movement then back up to mine hesitantly.

"Um you feel any different?"

I looked at her like she was stupid and stumbled out of my bed. Why am I so groggy? And where the hell is Leon?

"Where's Leon?"

"Him and Alex had to leave for some urgent meeting."


She smiled sheepishly then cleared her throat.

"Umm the dude I was with at the club last night. He's Leon's older brother."


I walked into the bathroom and glanced at the mirror, when all time seemed to freeze. My neck. MY NECK? There was a huge bite mark on it.

Isn't that how werewolves marked their mates?

All I could see was red. I know he didn't do what I think he did? He couldn't be that fucking stupid! I'm a slayer and couldn't walk around sporting a fresh werewolf marking like the shit was cool.

"Fuck me...."

I banged my head against my wall cursing Leon. Cloe came up behind me and rubbed my back.

"Well I can't say I didn't warn you."

I looked over glaring at her. He thought he was oh so slick. Well two could play at that game.

"Cloe pack your shit, we're paying Leon a little visit."


I couldn't believe this shit. Out of all slayers, my mate's face loomed largely on the projection screen in the center of the meeting room. My wolf growled at the issue at hand and the board's interest in her.

"This meeting has been called because we have been in negotiations with the human board for the sake of both species."

My eyes made contact with the woman speaking. She was head of the board and also everyone's primary choice as Alpha Bitch. She smiled at me and continued on about my mate.

"This slayer in particular has earned a lot of bloodshed on our part. She's killed an estimated 132 werewolves and a startling 378 vampires. And quite frankly she's a great threat."

I growled and everyone's attention came to me.

"Valerie, I really don't understand the importance of this information and would like if you just got to the point."

She smiled, "The point is, that I believe if we kill her then werewolves and vampires would be satisfied and willing to make an agreement with the humans."

"And what makes you think that killing this one female can really pull everyone together?"

Her green eyes seemed to shimmer as she made her way back to her seat swaying her hips seductively. Her long auburn hair was in a high bun and she seemed to relish in the attention she was being given. But all I could think of was wringing her little delicate neck.

"I've spoken to a number of vampire leaders and other Alphas who feel it would be good....collateral."

Her smile was chilling. And aggravating. I looked over to Alex who was staring at me with a look I knew all to well. I cleared my throat and stood.

"Let's finish this meeting tomorrow."

All nine of the board members nodded their heads with the exception of Valerie who looked angry. I began to leave when she again began to open her mouth.

"But Leon, this female needs to be handled now. It's in the well being of the--"

I growled and was across the room in a second. She shrunk back visibly frightened and avoided making eye contact.

"Are you challenging me Valerie?"

"N-No my Alpha."


I turned and stalked out of the room. I shifted to wolf form and took off into the nearby woods to do a perimeter scout. I could hear leaves rustling behind me and knew Alex followed me.

{So what are you going to do?}

{I don't know.}

{What do you mean you don't know? Sky is your mate and you need to tell the pack. If other Alphas knew they wouldn't agree to what Valerie is proposing.}

{No one is going to hurt my mate. I'll handle it.}

Alex quieted down and accompanied me through the scout. Even though I knew what I had to do, there was still something putting me on edge. Like something bad was to come.


As Leon stalked out, my eyes blazed a fiery amber. How dare he talk to the future Alpha Bitch like that! I was his soon to be and he treated me like I was a fucking omega or something. I looked over angrily to see all of the board members making their way out.


The board members all filed back into the room obediently and sat. I grinned at the power I held over them.

"Obviously our Alpha has a lot on his plate so I will continue as the facilitator of this meeting. We will find the girl and bring her to our Alpha."

One hesitant board member raised his hand and I acknowledged him.

"But Valerie the Alpha clearly didn't want to have anything to do with this."

I thought on that for a little bit, not deterred one bit.

"True, send out a message, whoever finds the girl bring her to me," I smiled devilishly and I could feel my amber eyes glowing in delight, "and I'll kill her myself."


My anger seemed to creep higher and higher the closer I got to the woods I knew Leon stayed in. Cloe sat in silence watching the scenery go by. Her mood seemed somber.

"What's wrong?"

She looked over at me distantly and studied me.

"I have a bad feeling about this. Let's turn around and go home."

"No Cloe. Leon bit me and I'm not going to just sit around waiting on him to return to me like I'm some fucking prize. We handle this now."

She shrugged her shoulders and went back to looking out the window. We made it to the woods in thirty minutes. I parked my car and hopped out. I took a sniff of the air and could smell something that made my skin prickle. I pulled out a few knives sticking them in various places on me. My hair, strap around my right arm, bottom of my shoe. Then I stuck my gun in the holster on my thigh and threw Cloe one. She huffed and stuck it on the holster on her hip.

"Sky, let's go back."

"No Cloe. In fact don't you want to see Alex?"

Her eyes lit up excitedly then she scowled at me.

"Under different circumstances yes."

"Well now is a great time. Hope you can keep up."

I took off at an inhuman sprint and Cloe followed.


I sat in my office chair peering out the six foot windows in my office. I gazed out at the compound looking at the various werewolves it housed. A shudder of delight flooded my body. This would all soon be mine if I just played my cards right.

I spun around facing my desk and opened my nearest drawer. I pulled out a bloodied shirt with the Slayer's scent. Taking a deep breath I let it envelope me and fill me with a burning desire.


Once I killed her I would have completed one of the biggest mergers in history! I would be famous. I would be praised. And Leon wouldn't be able to resist me. He'll see all the power and smarts and finesse I possess. A perfect mate!

"Oh how wonderful! Leon won't be able to resist me and I'll finally become the Alpha Bitch."

Running my hands up to my bun I let my auburn hair cascade around my shoulders. I slowly rand my hands down my chest, pinching my nipples. I imagined the many positions Leon would have me in once he finally gave me the 'mating bite'.

"Can't just sit here. I need to run."

I hurried and shifted into my auburn colored petite wolf. I left out of my office making my way down the hallway past some other board members. I pranced outside delighted with myself. Sniff.

I took another deep breath and climaxed hard. The Slayer! She was here.


I couldn't scent for him and I couldn't call out for him. I had to stalk him like he was an animal. He is Sky! I followed trails looking for broken twigs and animal droppings. I came up empty each time. Cloe made no moves to help me either. She just followed behind me quietly yawning and bitching about getting something to eat.

"Skyyyyy, I'm so huuuuuungry."

I turned glaring at her.

"Cloe first off shut up! Second off if you actually helped me this could go by a whole lot faster."

She rolled her eyes and continued to do nothing. The scowl stayed plastered to my face and I could feel my temper spiking. The need to Slay was getting increasingly worse and I hoped I ran into one of the mutts to take out my frustration on.

Twigs started crackling behind me and I turned to see what was approaching. Cloe followed my eyes and suddenly a blur of auburn shot out of the woods. The blur came right at me and I didn't have enough time to jump before I felt a searing pain go through my arm. I looked to see a cut on my arm with blood pouring out.

"What the hell...."

I looked up to see a petite auburn wolf looking at me with glee. The image blurred and in it's place stood a very pretty woman with an ugly sneer on her face.

"Ugh! I can't believe you're the slayer. Such a small insignificant human couldn't possibly be behind the deaths of so many of my kind."

"And who would you be?"

Her eyes glinted with superiority.

"I am Valerie, Leon's future wife and also future Alpha Bitch and you are trespassing on pack lands."

Leon's wife? Oh that no good cheating dog. HE had a wife the whole time. My anger was uncontrollable now.

"I don't give a fuck who's wife you are and who's land I'm on. All I know is after I kick your ass, Leon is next!"

Valerie laughed. She laughed like I told the funniest joke in the world. I looked over at Cloe who also sported a frown and watched me wearily. This bitch obviously thought that this was a game. I don't know what was up with the mutts and trying my status as of lately, but this shit ended now.

In lighting speed I pulled out a knife and chucked it at her effectively lodging it into her thigh causing her to scream. I smiled triumphantly. Not so funny now is it. Her eyes started to glow an eerie amber and she crouched down ready to attack me.


"Cloe move out the way."

"But Sky...."


Valerie rolled her shoulders and then pounced effectively bringing me and Cloe to the ground.


Alex and I settled into a light jog and made our way towards the compound. A strong gust of wind blew our way and mixed in was the sent of Cloe, Valerie, and Sky's blood.

Alex was already shifted and bounding towards the scent of his mate with me close on his heels. We sprang through an opening and the sight in front of me made me send a resonating growl throughout the forest and through the minds of the pack. Sky was standing protectively in front of Cloe who had claw marks on her legs. Sky had cuts on her arms and Valerie sported a wound on her flank, back leg, and front paw.

{Valerie! Shift now.}

Valerie looked over alarmed to see me, then shifted with her head bowed. Sky looked at me and anger was evident throughout her being. Any progress I may have thought I was getting with her was shot to hell now.

"Leon you should learn to control your bitches better than that."

Valerie looked over at her growling. Alex was instantly at Cloe's side licking her legs healing her.

"Valerie back to the compound now."

"But Leon---"


She whimpered and hurried and scurried into the forest. I tried to step towards Sky, but she gave me a warning glare.

"Stay away from me. Where the hell do you get off marking me without my fucking consent!?"

"You're not marked."

"Well what do you call this?"

She pointed to her neck where my bite was visible. My wolf growled in satisfaction.

"It's just a show bite. It will go away, it's not permanent."

"Why did you do it in the first place? I'm not ever going to be with you! In fact, don't you have a wife?"

Confusion then realization dawned on me.

"Valerie? No she just wants to be Alpha Bitch. I'm not with anyone. I'm already tied to you. You're my mate."

Sky's eyes seemed to harden even more. Her normally soft grey eyes turned into a hard steel color.

"Cloe and I are leaving. Now."

"I don't think so."

Everyone's eyes snapped towards the voice. Out walked Belv, head of the vampire council. I growled at his closeness to my mate.

"Sorry Leon, but we've been in contact with all Packs and humans and have decided we need to detain her for the time being until a common ground is met."

"You are not detaining my mate."

Shock graced Belv's perfect vampiric face.

"Mate? You're mated to this Slayer?"

"Yes and you've seriously gotten old in age if you believe I will let her go into detainment without a fight."

A second figure appeared. The man was obviously human and had an air of authority about him. Sky immediately straightened and bent down on one knee to him bowing.

"Sergeant Mell."

"Sky. It would be in great interest if you were detained for the time being. As you may know the humans, vampires, and werewolves have been in agreements on peace and it would be in our best interest if you cooperate."

I watched Sky tense visibly, but do a subtle nod.

"Yes, Sir."

Three men, one of each race mentioned came out of the forest and locked chains around Sky's arm and feet. I growled and stepped towards them. There was no way in hell they were taking my mate anywhere.

"Take those shits off of her!"

"Now Leon, she is not going to be hurt. Just detained for a few days."

"Shut up Belv, she's my mate and I said I don't want her detained."


I snapped my head in Sky's direction. She had a very emotionless face that made my wolf cower.

"Leon stop. I'm not your mate and I will be detained regardless. Do not try to fight the inevitable."

She continued to hold eye contact with me before being turned and escorted out of the forest. Belv and the Sergeant followed. I straightened my back and held on to my wolf who was fighting to break free and run after our mate.

{Not now.}

{But their taking her! You're letting them take her!}

{There's nothing we can do. At least not right now.}

I looked over at Alex who held Cloe's hand while she cried.

"Do you know where they are going to detain her?"


Cloe cried harder and I saw Alex visibly get angry with his mate's distress. I couldn't take the constant emotions bubbling up inside of me and shut down completely making my way back to the compound.


To send Sergeant Mell, the head over all humans in combat was a huge feat. He was the head boss in charge and I only met him on special occasions, which is an honor within itself. I sat in the backseat of the large SUV as they took me to my detainment facility. Every thought imaginable was swirling through my head. Was I going to be killed? How long would I be detained? Was Cloe okay? What about Leon?

Ugh! The last thought shouldn't of been there. I shouldn't be thinking of him when I could be dying in a matter of days. The car slowed and pulled up to Precinct 3 located in the city next to my own Precinct. I was escorted inside as many people watched in shock and anger. Many of the slayers didn't want peace. I at one time didn't want peace. But now, I didn't know what I wanted. Especially now that I had Leon. Sky you don't have Leon!

I was put into one of the better cells that were excluded from the others. It had a comfortable bed and a TV inside. I was unshackled by the three men and then Sergeant Mell entered.

"Sky I know that it's been an honor to serve your race in it's protection against other beings, but it's time that you lay it to rest. You will be here at most for three days and I'll have your brother deliver the news on what's to happen to you after deliberation."

"Yes, sir."

He closed the cell locking it behind him and I laid on the bed content that the slaying business was over for me to start vacationing but then scared that my sentence would be death. Closing my eyes I sighed. At least I would be helping humanity. Even if I don't get to tell Leon off. The last thought made me smile before I drifted off to sleep.

*3 Days Later*

I couldn't help pacing back and forth. My mate. Sky. Was sentenced to a fight to the death. Her living was solely in her hands now and it was 50/50. I became more nervous and restless as my wolf mourned inside my head at the possibility of our mate dying.

An omega entered the office quietly. Everyone in the compound new the Slayer was my mate and I had been going crazy since they took her. She looked at me hesitantly.

"Alpha, they are about to announce the decision."

I rushed out of my office and bound down the steps running out into the front of the compound. Belv, Seargant Mell, and a handful of other influential people stood waiting. I straightened my back and stood beside Alex who held Cloe's hand. The rest of my pack gathered waiting quietly. Finally Sergeant Mell spoke up.

"Leon, Alpha of the Kwell Pack, since it is very known that you claim the slayer as your mate we have decided it would be honorable and more desirable to choose the opponent against Sky from your Pack. And after deliberation we have decided her challenger will be Valerie."

Resonating howls went up around me and Valerie stepped out of the crowd dressed like a Queen with a smile of pure victory on her face. I wanted to kill her. Snap her neck. How dare she harm my mate?

"Valerie are there any demands you would like to make before the fight."

"She shall not be allowed to draw any weapons. I fight as I am so she will also."

"Well enough. The fight will be in the Vampire's Gell Arena two days from now at 9 P.M. Any and everyone is welcome to come to see how this plays out."

With that everyone departed. I looked over at Cloe who looked worried and in deep thought. A dark skinned man made his way over to us.

"Cloe, Leon, I'm Chris, Sky's brother and I was told that you two were allowed to see her before she goes to battle. If you both will come with me, I'm on my way to see her now."

Alex looked hesitant to let Cloe leave but I assured him I would watch her. We got inside of his BMW and he sped off towards Sky. My wolf rejoiced at the thought of seeing our mate. We pulled up to a grayish building and went inside her brother leading the way. He signaled for us to stop.

"I'll come get you once I'm done talking with her. You can only go in one at a time."


The door to my cell creaked open and in stepped my brother. I ran into his arms squeezing him hard. He pulled away from me looking at me sadly. I took a deep breath and put on my stern face.

"Well give it to me."

"Fight to the Death."

"Against who?"


"That bitch."

My brother chuckled and shook his head. Then he became serious again.

"Her stipulations were that you couldn't use weapons. So this will be ten times harder Sky. You have to really tune into your best Slayer instincts and kill her or she'll kill you."

"She's a fucking coward! I'll do all I can do Chris."

He smiled and gave me a bear hug.

"I brought you some visitors. Your fight will be two days from now at 9 P.M so prepare be ready and fight for your life."

A kiss to the forehead was the last touch he gave me before leaving. Cloe came in and slammed into me with a breath taking hug.

"Oh Sky! I was so worried about you!"

"Ow. Thanks for nearly killing me!"

She smiled and pulled away from me. Tears were in her eyes.

"Sky if you die on me I will fucking kill you."

"That'll be pretty hard to accomplish Cloe."

"You know I can do it!"

I gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She looked around nervously like she expected someone to jump out then reached inside her bra. She pulled out a small bottle that was filled with purple liquid that shifted to green. She hurried and put it under the pillow on the bed.

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