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Sleazebag Hotel


I was working out of town for a week on my own and staying in a rather seedy four storey hotel. The room was okay and clean enough, but the hallways and front lobby were shabby with old furniture and not very clean looking carpets. I had been there all week and seen some shady looking people around the hallways and in the elevators, but didn't think too much about them and just stayed in my room in the evenings. I had thought that maybe some of the girls I had seen around the hotel could be hookers, but it was hard to be sure. There were elevators at each end of the hotel and a few times I had seen the same girls go up one side of the hotel and then walk across one of the floors and come back down the other elevators.

I didn't really care much as long as I could avoid them and any other trouble. One evening in my room, while feeling a little horny and considering jerking off on my bed, I thought about going out to buy some porn magazines. Just as I was about to get ready to go out, I remembered another time while staying in a cheap hotel and finding porn above the ceiling tiles. I stood up on the bed and lifted one of the tiles. I peered across the ceiling and was surprised to see a small pile of what looked like magazines close by and a few bundles of other things further across the room. I was able to reach the magazine and it was actually three foreign porn magazines. I brought them down onto the bed and flipped through them, thinking that this was perfect timing for a good jerking off.

After flipping though the first one and feeling my cock stiffen, I realised these were really good magazines and removed all my clothes and started to slowly jerk off. Then just as I was about to open the second, I thought of the other things I had seen in the ceiling. I slid a chair over to where I had seen them and stood up and slid the tile back, then reaching up with my hand I felt some soft material touch my hand. I reached further and felt something else and lifted them down into the room. I jumped down off the chair and dropped a pair of pantyhose and two pairs of panties onto the bed.

My cock stiffened up again when I saw them as they appeared to be very new and could only have been there for a few nights. This puzzled me as I had been there for six days now. I must have been mistaken and laid them out on the bed and looked at them. The pantyhose were very fine tan coloured and not the type used for wearing to the office, but more like the ones from porn movies or used strictly for having sex. The panties were small lacy ones in black and pale pink. I sat on the bed and started jerking off a bit quicker than before as I flipped through the second magazine and felt the pantyhose and panties with my hands, wondering how they got there.

I couldn't quite believe what I had found just as I was about to jerk off and was now very horny indeed. I took the sheer fine pantyhose and slide them down over my cock and started to jerk off into them before wrapping the pink panties around my shaft as well and lying back on the bed. I knew I was going to have an intense orgasm, but didn't expect it so soon. Only a few minutes after pushing my cock into the fine nylon and panties, I let out a long slow breath and started to fill the pantyhose with my thick hot cum. It felt incredible as my cock pumped sperm into the pantyhose and I lay back with them still on my cock as it softened. I slide the wet pantyhose and panties off my cock and laid them on the bed beside me, then had an idea.

I checked my wallet, then dressed in T-shirt and jeans with no underwear and put the magazines and cum soaked pantyhose and panties in the bedside drawer. I was 2am and I was going to take a walk around the hotel to see what was going on at this time in the morning. I had never done anything like this before and felt my legs shaking a little as I boldly opened my door and was about to step out into the hallway, but turned back. I went back to the bed side drawer and took out the magazines, pantyhose and panties and laid them on the end of the bed. Then looking at them lying there and thinking how kinky what I had just done was, I left the room and walked along the hallway.

At first things seemed quiet and I was disappointed that maybe I would have no encounters at all, but I took the elevator up to the fourth floor and stepped out to a floor with much more activity. I could hear music and people talking and laughing, then as I walked along slowly past 409, I could hear the unmistakable sound of a couple fucking. They were not being quiet by any means and this gave me some hope and made my cock stiffen a little. I saw no one as I got to the other elevator and pressed the button, then when the door opened I jumped back when I saw a petite young girl in a black dress standing in the elevator. She smiled and said, "Sorry to scare you," as I stood back to allow her to get out as we were on the top floor. She was no older than maybe 25 and appeared to be Indian with the loveliest smooth dark skin. She also had a fine little jewel stud in the side of her nose and beautiful long black hair.

"It's okay," she said "I'm going down again."

I stepped in beside her, but could think of nothing good to say.

"Nice hotel," I said and she burst out laughing, either at the actual state of the hotel or my terrible chat.

"It's a fucking hole," she said, "What are you doing wandering around at this time of night?"

"Eh, just out for a walk," I said very unconvincingly.

"Oh sure, maybe catch you later," she said as the door opened on the first floor and she looked out first then stepped out.

I could think of nothing to say, but as she left the elevator, she gathered up her short black dress and held up it up above her firm little ass and I gazed at her lovely dark naked buttocks as she left the elevator. "Have a good night, maybe see you around," she said as she walked along the hallway.

I put my foot in the door and watched her bare ass as she held her dress up all the way along the hallway until she reached the other elevator. My elevator door closed, but the elevator didn't move as I tried to think which floor she might be going to. I guessed at this point that she must be a hooker or just a real slut, but either way I wanted to meet up with her again. I pressed the fourth floor again and as it slowly moved, I reached into my jeans and had a few jerks at my cock, bringing it back close to full erection. The door opened on four and I looked out as I held the door with my foot, but no one was there. I waited a few minutes, then pressed the third floor, where I did the same thing. Now I was panicking that I had screwed up and lost her, then tried the second floor, but she was not there either.

I was now really pissed at myself and tried four one more time, before returning down to the first again. When the door opened on one, I jumped again as I saw her standing there with her dress now back down to its normal length, halfway up her thighs. She stepped in and said, "You still scared of me?"

"No, no," I said, I just didn't expect to see you again.

"Then who were you looking for?" she said, as I gazed at her lovely slim body in the tight black lacy dress.

"What room are you in?" she asked.

"210," I said as the elevator neared the fourth floor again. She then slowly began to gather her dress up again into her hands and I watched as I expected to see her bare ass as she prepared to leave the elevator. I saw the dress slide up over her smooth thighs and then expose her hips and she kept pulling it up. She then turned to face me as the dress was pulled up over her smooth flat stomach, exposing her completely bald pussy with its tiny little slit between her plump naked lips. She then twisted the stretchy material from side to side until her lovely breasts popped out under the dress and I was gazing at her fully naked body. She had the same small jewel in her belly button as the one in the side of her nose and it looked so sexy sparkling in the middle of her naked body.

It was a sight to behold for sure as my cock grew in thickness once again and she smiled at me as the elevator door opened. She stepped out backwards into the hallway as I feasted my eyes on her, then she said, "Like what you see?"

"Oh my God yes." I said.

She then paused as I gazed at her, then she said, "It's late, you should get to your bed."

I stepped out and watched her walk along the hallway slowly and casually with her dress still up over her breasts, her lovely smooth dark buttocks moving from side to side, then she stopped and entered one of the rooms. The elevator door began to close as I got back in and I was now horny and confused, so when the elevator didn't move, I popped open my jeans and started to jerk off thinking for a moment that I would just ejaculate in the elevator. I got close, but stopped and went up and down a few times to look for her, then after fifteen minutes decided to go back to my room and jerk off into the pantyhose again.

I opened the door to my room as I turned to lock the door something on the bed caught my eye, I turned back towards the bed and saw the Indian girl sitting up in the middle of the bed with her dress up around her waist and one hand down between her thighs. I just gazed at her sitting there and then noticed that she had a pair of the panties that I had left on the bed in her hand and was rubbing them up and down over her hairless pussy.

"You've been a dirty boy," she said as she lifted up the pantyhose and showed the large wet patch of my sperm on them.

"How dare you cum on my pantyhose when I'm not wearing them," she said.

"These are your things?" I said quite surprised.

"Of course, this is one of my rooms," she replied.

Things were now a little clearer, but although I was now desperate to fuck her, I knew it was going to cost money and I wasn't sure how comfortable I was with doing that, but felt that now I almost had to.

"So, are you going to fuck me with them on now?" she asked as she lay back on the bed and pulled the dress back up over her breasts exposing her entire naked body again. She then started to pull the wet pantyhose up each leg and then arching her back up off the bed, she pulled them up tightly over her hips. As she lay there with the tight nylon pushing in between her lovely dark slit, I asked, "How much is this going to cost?"

"Seems to me that this is your lucky night as someone else is willing to pay for it," she told me.

"Who?" I asked, sounding very confused.

"Well, there is a guy who is willing to pay for the night if he can fuck me after someone else has already cum inside me, and I was hoping you would oblige and get a free fuck?"

I stood at the end of the bed and stared at her pussy under the tight nylon and up at her lovely little breasts, then felt my cock harden inside my jeans and so I popped open the front of them. They fell to the floor and my rock hard cock was revealed then I also pulled my T-shirt up over my head.

"Can I take that as a yes then?" she asked.

"So I can fuck you and cum inside you for nothing?" I asked.

"Yep, just need to call him and let him know we have someone to do it and he wants to be here when you cum inside me, so I don't try to trick him. You okay with that?"

"I just need to fuck you in front of him and cum inside you, that is all I need to do?" I asked again.

"Sure, if that is all you want to do or you can stay and watch him fuck me as well, if you like, it is your room after all."

"Okay, I'll do it," I told her as I reached down and started to pull gently at my foreskin, getting my cock fully hard again. "When will he be here?" I asked.

"Just as soon as I pick up this phone," and she leaned over to the side of the bed and dialled a room number.

"Hey, I'm in 210," she said.

"Yes, he's in the room with me now."

Then looking at my cock she said, "Ready, very ready, but not started yet."

Then the tone changed. "What! You never said that," then after a few seconds of looking over at me she went on, "Okay, yes that's fine, but it will cost double."

I said, "What's up?"

"Oh nothing, just a small change of plan, don't worry about it. Unlock the door and come over onto the bed."

I went to the door to find that it was still slightly ajar and closed it, but left it unlocked. I then walked back towards the bed and got up on my knees, totally naked, and moved up towards her. I held her nylon covered hips and slid my hands up and down her thighs and waist feeling the wet stain of my sperm on her left hip and could see the wet nylon reaching over close to her pussy. Her dress was bunched up around her neck and she lifted her head up and pulled the dress off leaving her now completely naked, except for the pantyhose. My hand rubbed over the tight nylon covering her lower belly, then I turned my hand and slid it down between her lips and felt her plump pussy under the nylon. I could smell the cum on the pantyhose from earlier and it was quite a turn on as I put my mouth down towards her firm little breasts and sucked gently on each of her stiff nipples.

After a few minutes, I felt her hand reach between my legs and her fingers take hold of my shaft and roughly start to tug at my foreskin and pull me up the bed a little. I soon moved my feet up the bed and my head down over her pussy, before getting the idea and lifting my leg up over her head and settling into a 69 position as my smooth balls bumped against her chin and I pressed my mouth firmly down onto her pussy. I licked at the nylon as it became damp with my saliva, then after realising the pantyhose were too high up her hips and too tight to pull down, I gathered a little between my fingers and ripped them open. Once I saw her exposed pussy lips, I stuck my tongue down between them and started to lick and suck at her pussy. A few thoughts of how many cocks had been inside her and how recently went through my head, but I was past the point of no return now.

I sucked hard on her smooth pussy as I felt the head of my cock enter her mouth and get sucked down inside her throat, when I heard the door suddenly open. I looked up to see two men a bit older than myself walk into the room and then lock the door behind them. I must have looked surprised seeing two of them as the first guy quickly said, "It's okay, same plan as before, just two of us, nothing else changing."

They looked like pretty clean business men, but who knows why they were in a hotel like this. I looked at them both as they took in the scene in the room and then I looked down at the girls open wet pussy between the torn pantyhose.

"Please continue what you are doing," said one of them.

And I soon put my mouth down onto her again and started sucking and poking my tongue down between her pussy lips. My cock popped out of her mouth at this time and she started to jerk off my slippery wet shaft quite fast over her face. I ran through my head what the plan was and knew that I would have to turn around and fuck her pussy, cumming inside her to keep my part of the deal and give them the fantasy they were paying for.

I too had fantasized about such kinky things as fucking a girl's pussy after someone else had shot cum inside her and some even kinkier things like eating hot sperm from inside a girl's pussy or licking cum from her lips. I started to realise as I was sucking at her lovely wet hole, that these were all possibilities tonight and that I would not have to pay for anything. I then saw their feet move closer to the end of the bed and when I looked up, the two men were naked with close to full erections and they were jerking off as they watched me eating her pussy. I had no idea what to do and just put my head down again and licked around the open pantyhose.

One of them moved to the side of the bed and started to rub his hands over her belly and up over her breasts, while the other guy stood at the end of the bed and slid his hands up the insides of her thighs and started to pull at the torn pantyhose. I decided that we were all getting very close and lifted my leg back over her head and knelt on the bed beside her and reached down to hold my throbbing cock. The guy between her thighs grabbed her behind the knees and pulled her down the bed until her ass was right at the edge. Then looking up at his friend the other guy at the side of the bed got up beside her and held his thick cock down to her face as she turned her head to the side and took his cock into her mouth.

I saw the guy between her legs rub his hand over the wet area of the pantyhose where I had cum in them earlier in the evening. He moved forward until his face was over the wet patch and to my surprise, he started to lick at the damp nylon. He instantly started to breath deeper and louder and then looked up at me and said, "Have you fucked her already?"

"No, I, I jerked off using her pantyhose earlier this evening."

He gave me an odd look, but then went back to licking at the pantyhose, then after a few seconds he reached down to his cock and pulled hard down on his foreskin. He exposed a thick red tip and moved forward until his cock was at the ripped hole of her pantyhose and laid it between her open lips. The bed had always seemed low, which I now realised was a perfect height as he held her hips and pushed his cock into her pussy. His shaft wasn't fully rigid and it slid up over her clit and into hole in the nylon, which from where I was, looked very kinky indeed.

I stayed close by her side as her mouth continued to be fucked by his friend and he tried once again to enter her pussy. This time his tip entered her, but the shaft did not go in very deep as she arched her back a little and he pulled out slowly. He soon pushed in again and this time went quite deep into her, but again she arched her back. He pulled out and I saw his rigid shaft throbbing just below me and between her thighs and then I looked at her open dark pussy lips and wanted so much to be sucking them again. It seemed he knew this or at least wanted more saliva on them as he looked at me with his cock held back from her hole. I got the idea, but hesitated as I gazed at her open hole where his cock had just been. I really wanted to do it and figured it was now or never to try something as kinky as this. So I took the bold step of putting my head back down between her thighs and pushing my tongue up inside her and trying to get her pussy as slippery as possible. As I raised my head, I left a large amount of saliva between her lips and licked up over her clit and kissed up onto her lovely smooth belly.

I was very conscious that I was supposed to cum inside her for them to enjoy and here he was about to fuck her and I had no idea what might happen if he were to cum first. His friend was now off the bed and kneeling at the bottom of the bed jerking off, so it seemed we were ready for action as I watched his shaft once again penetrate her and this time, with the help of my saliva, he pressed deep into her until his balls were tight against her asshole. This was a real treat for me as I kissed her belly and looked down a few inches to see her being fucked. He got into a good rhythm fucking her and then suddenly pulled out and said to his friend, "Fuck, just wait until you feel that pussy."

They quickly switched places and his friend got his cock inside her and he seemed to fuck her with a bit less self control and was soon really pounding at her pussy. It looked to me like I may not be the first to ejaculate in her pussy.

I assumed he would tell his friend to get out and wait for me to fuck her and deliver the first load of sperm between her lips, but the more his friend fucked her the more I thought he was going to cum. I too was getting quite carried away and was jerking off pretty good now and was beginning to considering whether or not I would eat her lovely tight pussy it he were to shoot his cum into her right now. I had fantasized about doing such a thing for a while now, but never thought I'd ever be in a position to actually try it. I quickly figured this was unlikely to ever happen to me again, but was worried that it would seem too weird a thing to do in front of them. I reached down to the ripped pantyhose and with his cock still fucking her, I ripped the hole open and bit wider. I then stretched the nylon open and exposed her smoothly shaven mound and moving my head down, started to lick at it. This made my cock very hard indeed and the guy who was waiting for me to cum in her pussy started to jerk off faster and said to his friend who was nearing orgasm, "Oh fuck it, just cum, just fucking shoot a load into her."

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