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Sleep Over Surprise


When you grow up in a tiny conservative town, the only girls who had sex were the sluts, and the ones who were "in love". When I was in High School, I was neither one of those. That's not to say that I didn't get close a few times, but something would never let my boyfriend get past 3rd base.

I grew up in a very strict religious household. We went to church every Sunday, I went to youth group once a week, bible study once a week, and went to a young women's group every other week. Until I was 15 or so, it was just part of who I was, and I never questioned it. I enjoyed taking part in all of these activities with my peers, and I was a very good girl.

I only started to question things when I turned 16 and the talk between all of the girls was only about marriage and children. They all had exactly the same plan: Graduate high school, go to college, meet the man of their dreams, graduate college, get married, have children and be wives and mothers the rest of their lives. It made no sense to me why they would want to go to college simply to meet a man and stay home taking care of all of their children. But I played along, spouting the same rhetoric as the rest of them, but I knew in the back of my mind that was not the life for me.

I did graduate at the top of my class, but instead of following all the hens to the local school, I went across state and enrolled in a much larger university.

My first year in school was an absolute nightmare to me. The school was much more diverse than I was used to, and being around all of those other people who didn't hold the same values that were instilled in me was quite the culture shock. I spent most of my time in my dorm room studying, and only rarely went out with my roommate when she literally had to pull me out. I hated it, and was plotting my excuse to leave.

I knew that my parents would be more than thrilled to have me follow the path of the righteous and go to the local future wives club college just up the road. And I also knew that telling them that the big city college was filled with fornicators, alcoholics, drug pushers and atheists would be more than enough reason to let me drop out. I had made up my mind that when it got to be late in the summer, before it was time to go back, I would spring it all on them.

I went back home that summer to find out really how small it was. Although I didn't spend much time carousing with my fellow classmates across the state, that I was still immersed in that huge melting pot of different cultures. It has changed me, just a little.

I started seeing just how narrow minded everyone was. Two of my classmates had already found the men of their dreams and had already gotten married. Another 5 of them were engaged, and there was only a handful of them who didn't have serious men in their lives. My eyes were really open for the first time. I started seeing the moms of my friends differently even. They were just the grown up versions of what their daughters were striving to be. They were all moms when they were young, married to men that they obviously didn't get along with, and completely miserable. But that was what we were all told to be.

When I went back to school in the fall, I was going to experience college and all it had to offer, while still staying within my core of ideals. I wasn't going to drink, I was still going to save myself for marriage, I wasn't going to do drugs or go to parties where that was happening................I am still who I am.

My first day in school I found the group of friends that are still very close to me now 8 years later. We were inseparable, and I guess that is why I succumbed to peer pressure for the first time. 4 girls with different backgrounds are going to find ways to stay cohesive, and with us, it was getting the others to try something they never had before.

I was the only one who had never drank, done drugs, had sex, etc. They all took it as their mission in life to get me to do those things. I never felt actual pressure from the group, and I know at any time I could have said no, but I didn't. It was with them the first time I got drunk (I puked in a trashcan next to my bed for 2 hours), the first time I got high ( I fell asleep on a strangers couch with a bag of bread in my lap), and the first time I had sex.

His name was Barry, or Brian or Buddy or something. It doesn't matter because I was fucking miserable. I had grown quite fond of drinking now, and it was at a party where I met "B". We was charming, handsome and the one who happened to be there when I finally got the urge to fuck. We went upstairs to a bedroom where he pawned all over me for 5 minutes before fumbling with his condom for another five, to finally get his tiny little prick inside me. All I can remember was tasting the cigarette smoke and beer on his mouth, and the way he grunted and groaned for every bit of 30 seconds before rolling off of me out of breath. I went in to the bathroom and puked.

I never smoked pot again, but I did continue to drink socially with my friends. I was still getting good grades, and I really was having the time of my life. One of the group, Megan, worked at a hotel as a maid. One of the perks was that she could have a room any time the hotel wasn't full, and she had to clean it up after herself. We weren't allowed to throw parties in the room, but with the 4 of us together, it was always a party.

The hotel had a pool, and because it was at the end of the hotel, not near any rooms, we would swim and carry on until the wee hours of the morning. And during the stays when Megan could get us in to a suite, would all run back up to the room in our bathing suits and take a bath in the big jetted tub with an assload of bubbles. I bet we did that a dozen times, and never once did it ever take a sexual turn.

I decided not to go home for Christmas break. It was a hard decision to make, but my parents were going to visit my grandma in Ohio, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend 3 days in a car with my 3 brothers, to sleep on a couch at my grandmas house for 5 days, to turn around and spend another 3 days in the car again. My mom really turned on the guilt, but I held out, and was not made to go.

It was only Megan and I out of our group who stuck around during the long vacation. The first couple of days I was pretty bummed because Megan worked all day, and I sat in my room and studied or read. It was Christmas eve when Megan called me up saying she got another suite and that we should get drunk and watch pay per views all night.

We only swam for an hour or so because a family with some snot nosed kids came down to use the pool. And, per our tradition, filled the big jetted tubs with bubbles and jumped in. We both had already finished off 2 bottles of wine by this time, and were feeling pretty good. Things got a little carried away in the tub somehow, and we started wrestling.

I accidentally had ripped off Megan's bathing suit top, and when I saw her wet, soapy breasts, it was the very first time I had ever felt a tingle down there. I thought she would rush to put the top back on, but she didn't. As a matter of fact, she stood up and took off her bottoms as well. Her bald pussy was only 6 inches from my face, and I felt an even stronger tingle down in my own area. I had no idea that girls shaved their crotches, my own looked like a damn forrest. Still being the naïve, small town hick that I was, I asked her straight up why she did.

In so many words she told me that she had been shaving her crotch since she started getting hair down there, and also shaved her arms. She said she hated body hair, and that no hair was way more sexy. I didn't really understand why it would be, and told her as such. She started explaining that it stayed "fresher" down there without all that hair when she got a look on her face . She had finally realized that I was asking her because I had never even thought about grooming that area. She actually laughed at the thought of me having Sherwood Forrest between my legs and that it was gross. I really didn't know what to say. I knew that I was pretty hick and that I really knew nothing of the world outside my little town, but a lot of things you can bullshit your way through. This was not one of those times.

That's when she asked me pull down my bottoms so she could see for herself. I was extremely apprehensive, to say the least, but I kept telling myself that this was just like gym class, and it was okay for girls to see girls. I stood up, and pulled down my bottoms. She didn't actually laugh so much as she gasped. I also gasped when she reached out and grabbed some of the hairs and pulled them out to see how long they were. I think her exact words were "Oh my fucking god!". That was the 3rd time that I got that little tingle, only this time, there was actual contact to go with it.

After tugging on my pussy hair for what seemed like forever, she jumped up out of the tub and stated matter of fact like that she had to do something about that. I saw her rummaging through her bag, and then ran back with some scissors, a razor, and some shaving gel. I think I asked her what she thought she was going to do with that, but I may have only thought that in my head. She asked me to sit on the edge of the tub, grabbed a water cup, and started pouring fresh, hot water from the spout down my pussy. Not only was she doing that, but she was wiping the suds off with her hand, and running her fingers down my lips. I started getting that feeling again, but it didn't go away.

I could feel something building inside of me as she gently shaved and cut all of the hair from my crotch. Each glance of a finger, each swipe of the razor stoked the fire. I was physically hot, and it felt like my insides were shaking from my toes to my ears. My initial reaction was that I was feeling what any virgin would feel the first time they had their naughty parts touched.....but I wasn't a virgin, and this wasn't my first time being touched down there. It was my first time feeling like this though.

My head was swimming, my body was on fire, and I was seconds from jumping out of my skin. I didn't know what I was feeling, and was even more confused about why I was feeling this way with another woman touching me like this. I thought I was already completely on the edge of insanity, but it was nothing compared to when she had finished, and was wiping the remaining shaving cream from my now bald twat. It was also the first time she let a finger go down right between my lips.

I had been wet before. I mean, I was slightly wet when "B" fucked me, and I was slightly wet when I let my boyfriend go to 3rd base, but the wetness I was feeling now was nothing compared to that. I had almost forgotten where I was, or what I was even doing until Megan asked me "Sweety? You ever been with a girl before?" I don't remembered if I nodded, or actually spoke, but it was a no. She didn't ask me if I wanted to be with a girl or nothing, she just simply stuck her tongue in my pussy.

In the back of my head, I knew this was a very naughty and bad thing to be doing, but every other part of my body wouldn't have had her stop for anything. The way her tongue danced in and out of my sopping wet pussy, the way she gently nibbled on my bald lips, the way she flicked my swollen clit with the tip of her tongue, was a dream coming true that I didn't even know I wanted. My first of 11 orgasms that night came on the edge of that tub with her tongue in my pussy.

After I came, she pulled me down in to the tub with her and kissed me. I tasted my own pussy on her mouth and it sent me to another place entirely. I loved tasting myself on her, I loved kissing her and feeling her tongue in my mouth and I wanted more. She suggested we get out of the hairy water and rinse off in the shower.

We continued kissing in the shower while she gently fingered my pussy. I don't know why I thought I should volunteer information at this point, but I told her that I didn't know what I was doing, and had never done anything like this before. I remember her saying "Sweety, just do what I do, and do to me what feels good to you." (I have since used that line myself, twice). She grabbed my hand and pushed it down to her crotch, and instinctively thrust a finger inside her. She was just as wet as me, and just as hot. It felt so fucking naughty and taboo to be doing this, but it also felt so right. We stood in the shower kissing and rubbing for at least a half an hour.......we even washed each other's bodies from head to toe (which was just as fucking erotic as the rest of it I have to say. )

When we got out, we didn't even bother drying each other off, we just fell in to bed.

(To be continued........)

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