tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSleep, Sex, and Sun

Sleep, Sex, and Sun



Yes, I dared. I watched Lauren fall after playfully cradling her in my arms. She fell below the surface for a few seconds below thrashing up for air. Her arms flailed and her mouth widened for air. She moved her dirty blonde hairs away from her faces and wiped her eyes. "You're a jerk!"

I laughed hysterically at her misfortunes. "I know I am!"

She regained her vision and composure and was looking quite unimpressed. She rushed me and speared my back into the water. I almost forgot how strong and athletic she was. I would've been better to have made a run for it but alas, this was in good fun. Although, getting your own head dunked repeatedly underwater while your girlfriends screams "How do you like it?!" isn't the most fun thing in the world. After she had that moment of revenge, it was her turn to laugh at my misfortunes while I recovered. I wasn't going to get her back. We did this kind of thing all the time. We'd play with each other and then we'd play with each other. With no one around us for kilometres, we made out in the seemingly endless body of water. I held her face as our mouths slurped as our tongues danced with each other. There was nothing like the feel of our lips on mine. We were so animated and unable to keep our hands off each other.

After a solid five minutes in this shared embrace, we mutually called it quits and decided a move to the mainland was best. My dick was horny and at that point I was sure she was ready to get in on too.

We got back to our "camp" and Lauren took her spot on the sand. She lay back on her arms over her towel. Her long hair just down cascaded down her back. She looked so inviting. I wanted to drill her right then. Then just as I thought we were about to get it on, she said the most random and unwanted thing she could say.

"Honey, I want some ice cream. Could you go get some...pleaaaase?"

"Now?!" I outraged. She wanted ice cream?!

"Uh huh! Pretty please? Plus I need to catch some rays." She flashed me with those blue eyes and I knew I couldn't say no. At the same time, it was a turn off that she'd rather sunbathe than then get it on. My cock shrunk back in my trunks. But alas, I smiled and nodded. I made the long trek to the little ice cream shop.


As made my way back after fetching her request, I questioned whether picking a secluded spot on the beach was a good idea. The walk was so damn far and the ice cream was starting to melt! My agitations promptly disappeared after I quickly reassured myself that we valued the privacy and time. The sun was good to all us Wasaga Beach-goers that day. As I carried two bowls of vanilla ice cream back to Lauren, I squinted at the sea of blue above and in front of me. I loved the feel of the sand between my toes. The breezy Georgian Bay air topped of f a day of ideal conditions.

As I neared my darling girlfriend, I saw she was sunbathing on top of her towel. Her upper body was rid off the light blue t-shirt she wore coming here. Instead it acted as a makeshift pillow under her head. In its pace was a yellow bikini top and her already sun kissed skin. I knelt down at her and put down the ice cream. I shook my head and smiled. "I leave for ten minutes to fetch the ice cream and you decide to nap? C'mon, wake up." I shook her body a bit. Nothing.

I rubbed her slightly harder. "Lauren? Wake up honey." She didn't react one bit. She was fast asleep! I couldn't believe this! We had just got here and not only did she begin the sun tanning, but she passed out as well. This was supposed to our beach day together! We just had some fun in the water but that wasn't going to be enough for me.

I was undoubtedly furious and ready to call her every name in the book...but I calmed down quickly after I saw what I had in front of me. Ideas were brewing. Here was her sleeping form with her near bare back, her tight jean skirted ass, her long legs, and her peaceful face. It all told me I could still have my quality time with her. I glanced down at the bottle of sun lotion and smirked at Lauren. I pet her and then smelt my hand. I shook my head at my findings. "Silly girl, are you asking to get cooked out here?! We'll have to something about that..."

The first thing I did was undo the knot for her bikini top. With it removed, I could now see her entire back, tan lines and all. I squirted some into my hands and kneaded it into her back muscles. I covered every inch of the broad surface, gradually moving lower and lower and even going back to do spots I believe needed more.

I bunched her skirt that she'd redressed in at the waist and tugged her panties down to her knees. I marvelled at her smooth, light ass. It was so perfectly shaped, like two rolling hills adjacent to each other. I applied more lotion into my hand and placed both of them on either side of one leg and slowly caressed it from her pelvis to her kneecap. The whole time I watched her head for signs of stirring. There weren't any so I proceeded to do the same with her other leg. She was just so flawless. I crouched down and kissed both cheeks. I'd show her more appreciation but I'd need some extra creativity.

I picked up the cup of ice cream. I took a little in the spoon and allowed a little to run off it. It was melting but still solid. I widened the crevice of her cheeks and lined it with dessert. Then I dropped a bit on the cheeks themselves. Not even the coolness on her flesh woke her. I put the ice cream down and knelt right down to bottom so I was eye level with it. Looking down her body to her head, I loved the way her back arched. My brown eyes lit up with keenness. I ogled her ass with delicious cream filling. Enough staring, time for a taste.

Starting at the bottom of her, well, bottom, I licked a tiny bit off and let it sit on my tongue. Sweet...creamy...delicious! In one swift move upwards, I swept up the rest of the desert. The taste danced on my tongue. I was convinced it was the best ice cream ever if only because of the circumstance: the rush of licking ice cream off my sleeping girlfriend's tushy. I was doing the unthinkable, the unmentionable. With no one around, there was no one to stop me. The only thing that could was her reanimation. I went in for another go, this time with more precision. I moved my tongue the surface of her crack, just vacuuming up the remaining residue. I didn't go further because an ass was still an ass even covered in ice cream. Instead I let my tongue roam over her cheeks and made sure to wolf down the two little specks in the centre of them.

I flipped her over onto her back. She moved quite freely. It was unlike the dead weighted corpse I half expected. Her head lolled slightly impact but remained still after that. Still asleep. One hand rested on her belly whiles the other at her side. Her back side had that very cute ass but her front had everything else. Starting from the top, she had the cutest face when she slept. Expressionless, peaceful, innocent. I think it was those lips more than anything. They were pink and slightly parted. So delightful. Moving down her body was her chest. They weren't big but they weren't small either, but they got noticed either way. Pointed, perfectly spaced from eachother...delicious! Nice taunt abs, complete with a very cute belly button stud. Her legs were parted in such a way to give the most breathtaking view of the great centrepiece. Her hairless snatch looked good enough to eat. Hmm, that WAS a great idea! Noted. Finally, long legs screamed that she was one athletic woman. Firm thigh muscles, enough meat there...there was a tightening sensation in between my own thighs!

I took more of the lotion in my hands and rubbed it all over chest save her nipples. I took more time than I needed to make sure she was perfectly protected...but that was only because I couldn't get enough of them. They were so perfectly rounded! I traced around them many times. By the time I finished her chest just glistened under the afternoon sun. Then I coated her sweet abs. And again, I let my hands walk all over her smooth thighs.

She was majestic like a goddess. I grabbed the ice cream and placed some on each teat. Then I crouched down and hovered right above her, studying her unconscious form below me. Then when I was ready, I sucked the entire clump right off the first breast. My lips smacked as I pulled off her. I repeated the same with the other mound. The whole time she remained in peaceful slumber. She was completely oblivious to this food play.

I clutched her chin and shook her head back and forth. "Mmm, you like that Lauren? Enjoying your little nap?" I taunted. I then kissed her lips and the transferred ice creamy residue onto her lips. It felt weird not feeling anything back. But at the same, it was hot! And she'd get her ice cream after all.

I flicked my tongue back and forth on the nipple and sucked it some more. With the other hand I clutched the second tit. It wasn't hard of course. It was just enough to cop a feel of the soft flesh. Sweat dripped off my face and onto her body. It was the product of the piercing sun and the anxiety of my actions. I was done with her breasts now.

I skipped over her belly and went right to her thighs. Of course, her abs were good enough to eat, I wasn't knocking that fact. It's just that right now I had pussy on the brain. I grabbed the ice cream a final time and just like her backside I coated her lips. Then I wasted no time in cleaning her right up. I glanced at her face and then took the plunge. I made quick work of the creamy coating. Beyond those lips was the real dessert. I showered her tasty pussy with licks and kisses. If the area wasn't so vacant, one would be able to hear the sound of slurping. I parted her lips and entered. I danced around her mighty clit. I moaned her name in bliss. I ran my tongue all over the vaginal walls. She tasted so sweet. I even took a whiff of her to find she smelled just as pleasing. My obvious goal was to get her unconscious frame excited. She may not have been fully aware of the sensations between her legs, but on a subconscious level I was really lighting up her sex.

I had to pause for a moment as I saw Lauren's head twitch and exhale. I was having fun, but I was cautious all the same. Was she waking? I looked at her for a moment and worked it out in my mind that it just a natural sleep tendency. I even went as far to reason that it was probably a sleep convulsion combined with unconscious reaction to my pussy assault. I resumed with double the pace while feeling up her chest. I shifted so my head was practically buried in her while I feasted. She smelled and tasted so good! I could've spent the whole afternoon doing this but I know there were bigger things to do. I removed my face from her thighs. I ringed my finger inside her walls to see the extent of eating out. I pulled it out and saw that it was moist from her residue. I smiled knowing this was the perfect set up for what was to come next.

With all the fun tasty bits over with, I knew there was one thing left to do. I took my member out of my shorts and stared down at her...

I didn't enter her right away. Instead I hovered above her stroking my member while I thought things over. My eyes panned over her body and settled on the spot between her legs. The "R" word certainly crossed my mind. Sure, she was my girlfriend, but significant other or not, she was not in control of things. But the weird thing is that this same reservation drove me completely nuts! I was venturing into forbidden territory here and that was so erotic! My cock was dancing at the helplessness of her position.

Still, I approached with caution. I parted her thighs slightly and braced myself. I half anticipated her to wake up upon impact. Taking a deep breath, I inched my body closer and closer to hers. My member was full and ready to go but I'm not sure I was. Licking ice cream off her body was innocent enough, but here I was talking about doing the naughty with her in this prone state. I went in anyways. I held my breath and entered....

And nothing! She didn't shoot away. She didn't scream. Nothing. I was good! I stayed in that position for moment and relished in the relief.

With those jitters over with, I proceeded to do my business. I started off slow with the purpose of comfortably planting myself there. I was keen on getting a good rhythm. I pictured a circular motion even though what I was doing was furthest from that. I guess I was best to sticking to the old "in and out...in and out..."

This was so wrong. I figured only sicko first dates and night prowlers did I was doing now. I was neither of those; I was her loving boyfriend! Did that make it better? I tried to tell myself it did. I'd deal with whatever consequences arose later.

For now I took it one thrust at a time. With each one, I gained more and more confidence. And with this confidence, I figured out my attraction to playing with Lauren's prone body. It was simply power! I got off knowing that I had the license to do as I pleased. She was like a little puppet. I could manipulate her in any which way and she'd have no protests whatsoever about it! She jerked with every push inwards. I gradually got more and more forceful in physicality and in words. "You feel that Lauren? Of course not...because you're ASLEEP you bitch!" I'm not normally a jerk (despite my earlier admittance), but it was fun playing the role of one now. The situation had me possessed by one at least.

It was interesting to map the wave of emotions I had gone through during this ordeal. I had moved from fear to caution to ambition to downright aggression. I hit her hard and fast. Her breasts jiggled with all the movement. Her arms slapped against the sides of her body and the sand (by now the towel ceased to be the mat we intended it to be).

At that moment, she finally stirred awake! Lauren was waking up! Her lolled as she tried to get a grip of her surroundings. When she did she frantically tried to push me off. I snapped out my possessed state to control my woman. "It's me, it's just me," I reassured her. Even after hearing my voice and recognizing my touch it took a few seconds to settle down. She thrashed about like a disobedient stallion. My rhythmic thrusts aided in the task. Feelings of pleasure overtook her fright. She got into it. "Oh Jay....Jay..." she cooed. "Glad you're finally awake." I replied back.

The transition between fucking an unresponsive to a living person was an interesting one. I loved the power when she was asleep but I was solo in it all. In the land of conscious she could share in my passion. We could feed off each other's transmitted energy. I pounded her with the same aggression before she woke up. She panted hard and called out my name through airy gasps.


I was nearing explosion and judging by her shrieks so was she. My hips continued to stab her pelvis. Our bodies rocked under the piercing beach sun. I could feel it most of all on my back. The stinging sensation across my spine matched the burn in our crotches. I felt it now. It was on its away.

"I'm gonna cum Lauren."

"Please...empty your seed in me...." She begged.

She didn't have to ask me twice. I released my entire load inside her perfect cunt. She was so complicit, so accepting. We both reached our sexual apexes simultaneously and expressed them in synchronized cries of elation. Then we just shrunk in place.

I rolled off her body and collapsed next to her. We lay on our backs looking at the clear blue sky as we gasped for air. We turned to each other and saw that the other person had the biggest smile on their face. We were both drained and could barely speak.

"My back...burns..." It was a joke to break the silence between us but in truth I actually was in agony.

"Aww really? Lemme see?"

She pulled my body so I was laying on top of the towel belly first and then she straddled my back. "Aww, it is pretty fried! Why didn't you use the lotion I set out?!"

"I was too busy applying it to you that I forgot about myself!" I remarked from below her. "OWWWWWW!" My back throbbed with the feeling of her open handed slap. "What was that for?!" It was arguing with her yet I could only see sand. How degrading.

"I already had some on stupid!" Again with the insults. At least they didn't sting as much as my back right now. Then I felt her lips on my back. Coupled with my sensitive skin it felt like burning kiss. But it still felt alright. "Better?"

"Mmmhmm..." I replied. I closed my eyes and let her do her thing all over my upper back. She'd something like "like that?" and I'd just groan back lazily. Then I felt something squirt on to my back and being rubbed around. I figured it to be the sun tan lotion. At this point applying sun protection was like wearing a bike helmet while recovering AFTER a big crash. However I went along with it. But yawwwn, I was so tired! She rubbed the cream into my damaged skin. Starting high and working her way down my spine, she pressed soft palms between my shoulder blades.

"Feel good?"

"Yeahhh..." I weakly cooed back. She continued to hit the right spot. She was so gentle as to not agitate my skin. Occasionally she'd bend down for a small peck and even a lick of the longue. So fatigued...Hot, humid conditions really do make one tired...

She expertly worked her individual fingers into each little bump. It felt so good and so relaxing. My body just turned to mush under her very sensual touch. Yaaaaawn, I could nap right....


I shot awake with the feeling of two exertions to my body. The first was the sand on my still sensitive back. It stung...a lot. When did I turn over anyways? The second was the feeling of a body lying on top of me. The beach sun instantly invaded my eyes which made me temporarily dazed. As I lolled my dead to get a grip on reality, I sensed kisses on my chest. Through blurred vision I raised my head to see who it was. I only saw a head of blonde hair. It rose up and smiled at me. "Lauren?"

"You know it!" She replied.

I groggily smiled. "What are you doing?"

"Well you decided to take a nap so I decided to have a little fun with you too."

"How long was I out?"

"Oh about twenty minutes!"

I couldn't believe it! Lauren pulled a "do unto others..." on me. I must've fallen asleep while she was giving me that back rub and then she took it upon herself to fuck me or whatever she did while I was passed out! And I didn't feel a thing! It was certainly never my intention for it to happen but I loved it!

She sat up on my chest and pinned my arms to the side of me. "So what did you enjoy more: me awake or me asleep?"

I winked at her. "Eh, you both have your plusses...You?"

"Sleeping. I feel so baaaaad with you being the hapless fuckmate."

I kissed her right there for that comment. She totally understood my fascination with it now...

She slithered back all the down my body and nestled herself between my thighs. She gripped it hard and looked at me. I felt some good vibrations right now.

"There's nothing like a live cock though..."

And with that she dove in. I felt like the king of Wasaga. Getting sucked off by my girlfriend, glorious weather beating down on us...It was perfect! She bobbed her head off and on my shaft while occasionally pausing to stroke it. I just lay back with my hands behind my head and reacted with glee to every pleasurable feeling.

My poor back arched as she quickened her pace. She did magical things with her mouth. Racing her tongue up along the shaft and back down again. Sucking and slurping and tasting my snake. She was so tantalizing. I was about to reach my edge again. The end of my cock just ached and tickled. I forewarned her of my impending ejaculation. She withdrew her head and braced herself.

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