Sleep Together to Stay Together


"Don't stop me Deno. She is my daughter. I have to protect her."

"If Dad says that you have not been protecting your son what would you say?"

"How would he know?"

"I'll tell him." Deno looked smugly at mother. "I'll tell him if you do not do as I say." Mom shrugged her shoulder helplessly. "I'll tell you what we should do."


"Teach him a lesson that he would never forget."


"When he comes out he would find your bedroom door open and there he would see a sight that would squeeze the juice out of him: He would find me fucking you." Mom was silent. Deno continued. "That would drive sense into him and into you."

"He would be enraged. He may get his gun and start shooting."

"Daughter fucker shooting in anger? You mean any man caught red-handed while fucking his own daughter would do anything but cringe? Come on Mom, time is of the essence. We must get our act together before they come out." Mom was doubtful, but Deno dragged her up. He stripped, and then he stripped her. Deno was already throbbing hard for the sight of Dad fucking Lenny had brought him to frenzy. Mom saw that large elephantine cock pointed up like an anti-aircraft gun and whatever resistance she had evaporated into thin air.

"You ride on top Mom. That way you can confront Dad, head held high, and thumb your nose at him."

"Now Mom, don't make any noise when you see them fucking. Please Mom, that would be bad." Mom saw the sight of her husband fucking his daughter. Licking over he was on top and from behind Mom could see her husbands cock inside her daughter. She turned away. She was trembling, not in anger but with sexual desire that was at bursting point. Deno sensed it. He gently led her in and soon she was riding her son, his cock stretching her as never before. Deno tapped the side of the cot. That was the prearranged signal for Lenny to come out with Dad and see the other two united in action.

Soon the screams of Lenny rent the air.

"Dad. Deno is fucking Mom."

"Get off you bitch," shouted father, but Mom was not listening for she was in the throes of a massive orgasm. She waved her hand in desperation and daughter came and held her and allowed her to rest her body on her as she moved up and down, and Deno was grasping is sister for he was also climaxing at the same time. Soon it was over. Mother and son withdrew to wash. When they returned Dad was spluttering incoherently. Deno suddenly found himself thrust into a position of responsibility, and drawing energy from some secret hiding place he planted himself in front of the other three, all naked, and all exhausted from very recent fucking, and spoke, not eloquently, but with pith.

"You Dad had to have Lenny because you scorned Mom, and you Mom had to have me because you were sex hungry without Dad." Lenny now did something that was not in the script at all. She got the idea on the spur of the moment. She got on to the table and put her feet up. Slowly, and with mischief written all over her face, she spread out her thighs. This was too much for Deno. He stopped talking. He was staring at her crotch and his cock was rapidly rising and soon it was in attack mode. This was too much for the others. They burst out laughing. That broke the ice. Lenny took over.

"I'll tell you want Deno wants to say. He wants Mom and Dad to resume sexual relations. I say the same too. Now, at once." Mom looked at Dad, and Dad looked at Mom. They smiled. Deno and Lenny whooped with joy. Silvia was correct. A shocking incident was necessary for them to see the foolishness of their behaviour, and what more shocking sight can one imagine than seeing their spouses fuck their children?

"You must give me time to get recharged," said Dad plaintively.

"All the time you want, but in this room. You both are not getting out till we see you fuck."

An hour later the room presented a scene of perfect family amity. Dad was on top of Mom at one end of the king sized bed and Deno was on top of Lenny at the other end. Mom and Dad were happy to see their children having sex.

"Families that sleep together stay together," said Mom amidst moans.

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