I look over at you seeing your beautiful face, but you don’t know that I exist.

To you I’m just the bratty little brother whom only seems to get underneath your skin. I wanted to be so much more but you wouldn’t give me a second look. And why should you, you were six when I was born, and all that I seemed to do was get in the way and annoy you.

I would pull your hair and raid your doll collection, but the thing that I really wanted was for you to notice me.

You of course had no realization of this and continued to do your thing, and why shouldn’t you. Time passed and we both grew older and you were more beautiful.

I took to hiding out in my room, ashamed of my sticklike figure, where as you did all that girly stuff; like run for the debate and cheerleading teams, an equality of brains and brawn.

It wasn’t until I turned fifteen that I realized what a svelte beauty that you were, and then there was the time that I saw you creeping from the shower to your room and saw that you weren’t wearing a towel. “Did you do that all for me?”

I certainly hoped so!

My cock tented in my pants and I had to race into my room. I closed and locked the door behind me, and as soon as that was done I raced over to my bed, rearing over the covers and shedding them down as fast as I possible could.

My other hand was busy with the belt of my jeans and my mind concocted the interesting scenarios that you, yourself was doing inside of your bedroom. Were you still naked, staring at yourself in the vanity, or were you on your bed, with your legs splayed out ever so slightly.

Were you running a hand down your legs and feeling the soft coarseness of your pubic hair?

I strained against the walls of our adjoining rooms, trying to hear you as you hopefully touched yourself. I couldn’t tell what you were doing, but I could imagine couldn’t I?

I slipped my jeans down ad off, kicking them away from me; they were a hindrance to be avoided at all costs. I lay on my side, scrunched over to the side of the bed with my ear pressed up against the wall in a vain attempt to hear you touching yourself or something.

I felt as my own hand slid down to my penis and encircled it, squeezing ever so slightly as I gently started to work my hand up and down, feeling my pubic skin as it tightened and loosened in my hand.

I felt my balls as they shrunk closer to me, and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm as it started.

I heard as you put on music in your room, and I cursed slightly. There would be no way that I could do anything now, not with that damned radio blasting out to me.

Even if you were having a rip-roaring orgasm, there was going to be no way that I would be able to do anything about it.

I lay back in bead, and stared up at the ceiling, my hand gently playing with myself, toying with weather or not to actually come or not.

I didn’t hear as you came into my room, and crept up next no me. I couldn’t hear as you sunk silently to the floor and went onto side sit. I just felt as you placed your hand around mine, never missing a motion, you continued to work my c9ock with me, jerking me off ever so slightly. It felt so good and I told you that I was about to cum.

“Hmm.” You told me, “then I guess that we’d better take care of that…"

I want to ask you how you plan to do that, but instead you simply slip your lips around my cock head and start to slick me. I know that in a few seconds, I’m going to cum and warn you of it.

“Go ahead…” you tell me quickly returning your mouth to my cock and licking ever so slightly.

In a few moments I start to cum and I feel you lick up as much of my jizz as possible. I lean back into the bed, and let you do your best, sucking me off till I’ve completely filled your mouth with my seed.

You lick your lips and then head back to your room, “Goodnight my brother, you do know that I expect you to reciprocate some time, don’t you?”

You close the door behind you and I fall asleep alone.

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