tagIncest/TabooSleeping Arrangements Ch. 02

Sleeping Arrangements Ch. 02


Dear Reader,

This is the second part in a series, the first part can be found here:


Before you read this encounter, please understand that I am pacing myself. If you have a list of sex acts that you want accomplished in the next 10 minutes as you read this part, you might find yourself disappointed.

The overall story is an exploration of a highly unrealistic fantasy... a guy who gets to participate and instigate as a mother and daughter explore incest for the first time. If such an event ever really came to pass, I don't believe the mother and daughter would instantly begin behaving like porn stars, performing multiple unspeakable acts on each other and the lucky guy during the first or second encounters.

The following portion is slower paced (as far as sex goes), more of an exploration of incest. There is sex, but it's mostly one sided as the mom gets to realize a specific fantasy.

If what you seek is a down and dirty porn by the formula, you might want to skip this encounter and wait for the next. The next encounter (I've already started on it, should be finished before you read this one) will be an extremely nasty... with a twist, of course.

If you are still reading, I'm guessing you are more into the incest aspect of the story than just porn. Hopefully you will enjoy this treatment!

As mentioned, I'm already having lots of fun writing the next encounter. But that will finish by midmorning on Saturday of the weekend adventure, leaving the rest of the day, night, and the following day. If you have any suggestions or would like to discuss how the story should progress, I've started a thread in the forum:


Thanks for taking the time to read!




My wife Candy's mom, Linda, came in town to spend the weekend with us. We have a small house, so Candy and Linda were to share our room, I was to sleep on the couch. After a day full of many off color hints and suggestive comments from Linda, then increasingly naughty joking between Linda and I, I ended up being invited to join them in bed. The invite was a half joke, but I ran with it anyway.

Despite the fact that Linda was in the middle, she said she was an adult, that it was ok if Candy and I wanted to mess around a bit. She even laughed that she might enjoy being a "Linda sandwich". At one point, as I was kissing my wife, her mom began kissing my cheek. So I turned and kissed her briefly on the lips, then back to my wife. Then back to her mom, this time open mouthed. Each time as I switched kissers, I drew them closer to the middle. Eventually I was kissing both women at the same time. Finally I moved away and they continued to make out as I went down to munch on a couple of excited women.

I took turns fucking both women for a short time, then committed to fucking my mother-in-law. As I was screwing her mom, I pushed my wife's ass forward until she was straddling her mother's face. In the dim light, as I fucked my mother in-law, I watched the older woman eat her daughter's pussy.

Afterwards there was no conversation about it, no nothing. As soon as we had reached a conclusion, Candy switched off the lights and we went to sleep. But twice during the night I found my mother in-law's hand inside my boxers. Candy had pretended to sleep as I fucked her mother.


I awoke to find our once crowded bed empty. I found the women in the kitchen, sipping on tea, still in their nighties. My mother in-law's gown was knee length, but Candy's barely covered her ass. It was my favorite.

I put one arm around my wife's shoulders, the other around my mother in-law's waist, and kissed Candy on the forehead. "Good morning, honey," I said.

Then, palming the older woman's ass, I kissed Linda on the lips. "Good morning, naughty mother-in-law!"

Linda rolled her eyes with embarrassment, but wished me a good morning, too.

"Really? Already? You just woke up," Candy said crabbily.

"Yes, already," I replied happily. "Last night was the most exciting night of my entire life, today is going to be the most exciting day of my life."

Candy groaned irritably, her mom pretended to be oblivious.

"Coffee," Linda announced cheerfully, handing me a mug.

I took a cautious sip as I considered how to get things going again. The scene in the kitchen, mother and daughter still in their nighties, was painfully arousing. Linda had stayed with us on plenty of occasions and we had stayed in her home on just as many. But she was always so dignified and formal, I had never seen her just lounge about casually in a night gown. It was a massive turn on, even though the gown was anything but revealing.

I was wearing just a t-shirt and boxers, and I'm sure my t-shirt did little to hide the morning wood. I was feeling very confident.

"Baby, this is so great! We have a whole weekend to play around! I can barely..."

"That's right," Candy cut me off, turning her back to me to do something on the stove. "We have all weekend, so calm down."

Even as she chided me, I sneaked my hand down to the bottom of her short nighty. With laughter in her eyes, Linda watched as I lifted her daughter's dress, revealing a pair of red striped cotton panties. Candy turned quickly and batted my hand away, shaking her head with disapproval.

But Candy's frowning lips disagreed with her laughing eyes.

"Sexy," I exclaimed. "Don't you agree, Linda?"

Linda's brows went up and she nodded her agreement, but didn't speak. Life is good!

"So I really enjoyed fucking your mother last night," I said, rudely. "And your mom likes the cock, honey. Twice she woke me up because she wanted to fuck your husband."

Candy had already turned back to the stove, I wished I could see her expression. She carried on with cleaning the kitchen, giving me no reading. I continued: "But as much as I enjoyed fucking your mother last night, I want to start the day with something even more exciting." Candy's shoulders bunched up expectantly, knowing I was about to tick her off. I paused dramatically, then uttered a single word: "Incest."

Candy groaned with irritation, Linda gasped.

It was a powerful word. Candy said nothing, she simply continued cleaning the already clean kitchen. Her mom seemed fascinated by the cup of tea.

As confident as I felt, I knew I was very close to the edge. I softened my tone but stuck with it: "Last night, you two shared something lovely, it was an experience that most mothers and daughters never dare to have. I'm just happy I could be included in the fun." I smiled for Linda, who was watching me with self-conscious reserve. "Really, Linda, it was a beautiful thing, watching the way you kissed your little girl."

Candy had turned around, less annoyed with my new approach. She rolled her eyes at the 'kissing' part. I reached out and lifted her mom's nighty. Linda did not resist. Nor did she move away when I slid my palm between her thighs. Linda was wearing the same pair of white cotton granny panties from last night. Or, more probable, an exact match.

"But watching you lick your little girl to an orgasm? Oh, man that was hot," I said seriously. Linda parted her legs so I could slide up to her crotch. "And watching you go after her ass! Wow, that was just so... so... nasty!" I exclaimed with pure joy, watching Linda closely. She was very embarrassed, hiding her face shyly. Candy watched her mom with a smug smile. "What was that like, Linda?"


"Oh my God, mom," laughed Candy, embarrassed. "If I had known you going to lick my butt, I would have taken a shower!"

We all laughed hard. Finally Linda added: "I'm glad you didn't, I liked it dirty!"

Candy's eyes went wide with surprise, Linda looked up with realization. "I'm just kidding! But you were fine, seriously. We were all just having fun..." Linda trailed off, embarrassed.

The moment hung, so I poked fun with a sing-song tease: "You like your daughter's dirty bottom! Nan-nan-a-boo-boo you licked her stinky tushy!"

Linda was now studying the ceiling, Candy shook her head and rolled her eyes at her mom.

After a moment, I said: "So... incest?"

Nobody responded. Linda's panties were hot on the side of my index finger.

"But first," I said, withdrawing my hand. "I want to see some normal, motherly stuff. Linda can you give your daughter a nice kiss?"

Neither of them answered. And neither of them moved. So I gently guided Linda by the shoulder, turning her to face Candy. "I just want to see a normal hug," I urged. Neither woman noticed as I retrieved the camera from the counter. "Just pretend you didn't do weird things to her last night. Just give her a little hug."

I switched on the camera, it made a little clicking noise that drew an irritable sigh from my wife. Linda wrapped her arms around her daughter, Candy reluctantly returned the hug. The camera flashed.

"See, perfectly normal, nothing going on here," I said, snapping again. "Just a mommy giving her baby a hug. Now give her a little kiss. Aaah, so sweet. What a good mommy."

Their lips were puckered, pressed together, holding the pose so I could take pictures. After a moment, the lips relaxed and lingered, becoming kind of sexy. "Ok Linda, now why don't you let your hands come down on her butt. Nothing gross, just... good, good." I said appreciatively. Linda's hands were on the outside of the nighty, just a nice hint at naughty possibilities. "Now tell your little girl that you love her."

"I do," Linda spoke up quickly, moving back to look Candy in the eyes earnestly. "You know that honey, I love you with all my heart." She kissed Candy's forehead.

"Sweet. Now tell her you want to fuck her," I said with a smile.

Candy sighed loudly to show my continued rudeness.

"It's ok, I'm having fun," Linda laughed. Then, more conspiringly: "And I kind of do."

Her words filled my heart with joy. "So tell her," I urged.

"I want to... I want to... ." But Linda just couldn't bring herself to say the word. I wasn't surprised. In all the years I'd known her, I had not once heard her swear. "I do want to do some pretty yucky things with you, sweetie."

Candy didn't say anything. I don't know when, but at some point Candy's hands had found their way to her mom's butt. I knelt down and took pictures.

"Show her with a kiss, Linda," I suggested. "Kiss her in a way that's not very motherly. Show her what's really on your mind."

Linda didn't need any further urging. Candy resisted at first, her mom's open mouth enveloped pursed lips. After a moment, Candy's lips parted a bit and Linda's tongue tried to push in.

"Please sweetie," pleaded Linda, sliding her hands up under the back of Candy's nighty. "It's no big deal, I just..."

Linda stopped talking because Candy closed her eyes and her mouth ceased to resist. I thought Linda was going to plunge in, she did not. She kissed her daughter's bottom lip, tugging it. It was very gentle and, though Linda had seemed to want to get down to business, now she took her time. She kissed all around Candy's mouth. When tongue finally appeared, it was Candy's, not her mom's.

They began a very wet, very raunchy kiss. After a moment or two I remembered the camera. I took several shots, walking around them, taking many shots of the older woman's hands, fingers splayed wide, groping the striped panty clad treasure. When I returned to Linda's side, I discovered my wife kneading her mom's butt through the thin gown.

Suddenly Linda pushed back. "This is no big deal, really! It doesn't change anything between us. I'm still your mommy. I still love you," Linda said convincingly, trying unsuccessfully to get Candy to look back at her. "It's just another way to show you how much I..."

"Oh give me a break," Candy snapped, suddenly locking eyes directly. "You are just a horny pervert! This is sooo gross, mom, don't even try to make it sound normal. You licked my butt, mom! And now, not only do you want to do sick things again, but numb nut is taking pictures of it!"

Linda's eyes couldn't take the harsh light of that reality. She looked to the ground shamefully.

"Numb nut?" I protested. "I'm just documenting this for the family album!"

Linda laughed, looking up again. "You're right, Candy. Ok? Fine. I licked your butt... and I liked it!"

We were all quiet, soaking in this unrepentant admission.

"Your little girl has a very nice bottom, doesn't she," I said with a grin.

Linda slowly broke her gaze with Candy, gradually turning her attention to me. When her mom began nodding a very enthusiastic 'yes', Candy laughed despite herself.

"Do you want to lick it again," I asked.

Candy laughed again at her mom's clownish show of enthusiasm.

"Ok, we'll get there soon enough," I smiled reassuringly, knowing I was about to change directions. "But this whole thing––what we are doing right now––is totally out there. Mothers and daughters simply don't do these sorts of things. I really think we should be careful that no one gets hurt. You guys have always had such a great relationship. We don't want don't want to damage that, right?" I paused and they remained silent, waiting. "So I think it's important that we clear the air first."

Again I paused and again they simply waited. But so did I.

Eventually Linda leaned in and kissed Candy gently on the lips, very motherly. Leaning back, she said: "He's right, the most important thing is our relationship. I don't want to hurt that. I know this isn't normal, we really shouldn't be doing this kind of thing. Maybe we should stop right now?"

I had a sudden flash of panic. Shit! I just wanted to hear everybody acknowledge out loud that they were cool with this. Really, I mainly wanted to hear Candy say it. I did not want her to end up blaming me later for this. I wanted them to talk it through... not to up and quit!

But Candy said nothing. Her eyes were closed, her brow smooth. Linda leaned in again and gently kissed her daughter's lips.

"Obviously I would never do something like this if you were still a kid," Linda continued. "But you are a grown woman, we're all adults here. And grown ups can do grown up things. Besides," Linda said with a longing. "You have no idea how bored I've been in this department. Your dad will take a little pink pill every 3 or 4 months to make me happy, but that's about all the action I've gotten in years!"

"Oh gross, mom. TMI."

Linda didn't understand the TMI, but she got the gist. "Seriously," the older woman continued. "I can't even remember the last time we had sex!" Candy cringed. "Old women like sex, too! Your dad is 15 years older than me. That makes him really old! And crabby. And boring. And my little coochie has just been collecting dust these..."

"Oh my God, yuck!"

Linda continued to laugh for a moment, then sobered. "Look, I've been with your dad for 35 years. I've always been more interested in sex than he has." Linda turned to Candy knowingly. "I know you know what I keep in the night stand." Candy inserted another 'yuck'. "And I know you've borrowed it a time or two." Linda paused again, looking at her daughter seriously. Candy refused to acknowledge, so Linda continued. "I've just become accustom to handling my own needs. I've fantasized many times about what it would be like to be with another woman, I've just never had an opportunity to try it."

Candy looked up curiously, then down again quickly. I think she liked that last night had been a first for them both in that regard. I'm pretty sure that Linda saw this, too, and guessed that the private fantasy of being with another woman was a shared thing.

This cue led her to leap to further conclusions about Candy's thoughts. Now the older woman leaped boldly down the shared path. "And, since I'm being honest about fantasizing about women, I can admit that I may have thought about you a time or two as I was playing with..."

Linda trailed off. It was impossible to misread the shock on Candy's face.

Linda had had sexual fantasies about Candy? She had masterbated while thinking of Candy? She masterbates??? Holy shit! My dick was having a heart attack.

"I mean, uh, I just...," Linda struggled to cover over. "Oh come on! You were beautiful. All the boy fawned over you! Anybody who saw you..."

I decided to rescue her. "So you think Candy is pretty. Messing around with her is kind of a fantasy for you. But you don't want to mess things up between you. Bla bla bla... you love her. Right?"

Linda seemed grateful for my less than elegant summary.

"Yes," she said, leaning in to give Candy another gentle kiss. "I love you, sweetie. You've always been my little princess. I love you with all my heart."

Candy spoke for the first time in a while. "I love you too, mom."

Candy lifted her chin and waited for a kiss. Linda smiled with relief and delivered a very motherly smooch.

Ok, we're all cool here. This is becoming too lovey dovey for me. I reached a hand over and casually pulled the top of Candy's panties out directly below her belly button. With my other hand, I took Linda by the wrist and lifted her hand. I met no resistance as I guided Linda's hand into her daughter's underwear.

Their foreheads were together. Both women's eyes were closed, but both were smiling at what I just did.

"Can you repeat that," I asked with a grin.

"I love you, sweetie," Linda answered seriously.

"I love you too, mom."

Candy breathed in very heavily with the last word. Linda had pushed her fingers further south. The crotch of Candy's panties were very much alive. I remembered the camera and began snapping away.

"This isn't going to change us," Linda insisted, as if a question had been asked. "Mommy loves you sweetie."

"Oh," Candy gasped as fingers slid inside her. Then she whispered, "And I love you... mommy."

The word mommy shook Linda for some reason. She began rubbing herself through her cotton panties absentmindedly. "Say it again, sweetie."

"I love..."

"No, the last part."

Candy was quiet for a moment. "Mommy."

Linda went nuts, rubbing herself wildly and kissing Candy's face. "What's my name?"


"Who's touching your private parts?"


Suddenly Candy used her face to push her mom's face to the side. I found myself facing both women, cheeks pressed together. Linda's eyes were closed, brow furrowed in concentration. But Candy's eyes were wide open, glaring at me with urgency. "Are you satisfied? Can we move to the bedroom already?"

I was dumbfounded for a moment, finally I stammered. "No. Not yet, no! I really wanted you guys to..."

But Candy was already tugging her mom out of the kitchen by the elbow.

Dammit. I wanted this to be raw. I wanted... ah, fuck it. The bedroom door slammed shut.

I was only a few seconds behind them, but the door was locked!


It took me a full minute and a half––mostly because I couldn't seem to focus––to locate a hanger and use it to pick the lock.

An empty nighty was draped haphazardly over the foot of the bed, another was bunched in a little pile on the floor. Linda was in the bed, on her knees, face on the mattress, ass in the air. Candy was kneeling beside the bed, making out with her mom. Neither paid any attention as the camera flashed. I brushed behind Candy to get to the window, turn the rod to let light in.

Candy broke the kiss to glare back at me.

Whatever. As if our neighbors have nothing better to do than spy on us! Besides, I thought, I wanted you guys to do it in the kitchen.

I snatched the cord and yanked down, sending the blinds all the way to the top. How you like them apples!

I knew I had pissed her off, but Candy just ignored me. Moving closer so her mom's right hand could reach down her back, Candy leaned in and nibbled her mom's ear. I couldn't hear what she said, but whatever it was drove Linda nuts. Linda sent her other hand back and slid it inside her own knickers.

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