tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSleeping Beauty & The Forest

Sleeping Beauty & The Forest


Blaise luxuriated in the warmth of the sun. The cool water was evaporating off her smooth skin after her quick dip in the waterfall. Her white underclothes were blinding in the sunlight, making a stark contrast to her long flowing black hair. Her lightly tanned, usually pale skin glowed. The hem of the little white slip ended just above the midthigh, revealing beautiful long legs. Her heavy dress was neatly folded on the blanket, where it wouldn't get wet.

"Mmm...glorious, glorious, glorious." Blaise murmured sleepily to herself. The warmth of the sun was making her sleepy. She crawled into the shady section of the blanket and felt her eyes flutter closed.


Lucian strolled through his woods, delighting in the last rays of the setting sun, and watching the first stars twinkle to life. Despite the rapidly setting sun, he could still see perfectly fine, one of the gifts that his race, the Leira, had blessed him with at birth.

Lucian came upon a pool of water, fed by a waterfall and looked at the clear, glassy surface that reflected the twilight sky back at him as well as his own reflection. His black hair shone with the light of the moon and his grey eyes twinkled with starlight, even in the dimness. His build was muscular and tall, and he had a very handsome face, that no woman could resist, though he did not think that.

In fact, Lucian was very naïve about his looks in general. Though he had a kind heart and would always stop to help anyone in need, he thought he was quite ordinary and always wondered why women flocked to him.

Lucian had started to walk around the edge of the pool of water, when something caught his eye near the edge of the woods, something white. The shadows were too thick to be able to see clearly, so he walked closer, curiousity as well as a sense of duty if the thing was hurt drawing him nearer. When he was a few feet away he finally realised what he was seeing.

A young woman lay sleeping on her side, a few feet away from him, her shimmering black hair obscuring her face. He was unsure of what to do, he was taught to never disturb a lady that was sleeping unless there was danger around, but he had never encountered a situation like this.

He hesitantly sat near her, a few feet away just in case she woke up and was surprised, and waited for her to wake up. While waiting, he examined her. Her body was luscious and firm, with smooth velvety skin and taut muscles. His eyes roamed from her feet upwards, very aware of how little clothing she was actually wearing. Up her sleek thighs he went, and over her firm bottom, noticing how she seemed to possess a slight luminous glow about her, or maybe it was the moon. His eyes continued up her trim waist and along her side and back. Her hair fanned across the blanket around her head and draped along her shoulders and hands, which her head was pillowed on.

Lucian smiled appreciatively - this woman was certainly beautiful in body, and he wondered if her mind and face was just as beautiful. As he continued to watch her, she stirred and shifted her position, rolling onto her back. Her glorious hair fell away from her face and shoulders, revealing a beautifully shaped face and well-endowed torso, which rose and fell gently with her deep, even breaths.

Lucian moaned softly in appreciation. He could not help but notice the way her chest rose and fell, and the way the slightly damp slip clung to her breasts, accentuating the curves as she slept peacefully. Lucian could feel a stirring in his loins as he watched her. His eyes meandered over her body again, down her stomach and to her hips. As his eyes moved lower, he noted that the hem of the slip had ridden up when she stirred, and with her legs parted that way, if he dared chance a look, he would be able to see her womanly privates.

As tempted as he was, Lucian sternly told himself that to do that would be ungentlemanly and disgraceful, so he ignored the warmth within his groin and continued to watch the sleeping lady.

After a few moments, the woman stirred again but went back to sleep. She had remained in the same position - on her back - but again, her movements had shifted her slip from its previous position, revealing more skin to him. Lucian bit his lip and moaned as he saw that one strap had slipped down her arm from her shoulder, revealing the top of her breast.

The warmth in his loins intensified as he watched this beautiful woman, who was revealing more to him than she would know, while she was asleep. Lucian clenched his fists together and forced himself to ignore her vulnerable state, firmly reminding himself that he would protect her until she woke up.

Lucian was drifting amid fantasies of this woman when he heard her moan. This startled him out of his reverie and he was immediately alert, afraid that she had been hurt while he had lapsed from his guard. He was looking around, checking for intruders when she moaned again. He was caught off guard - there was no one around, yet she sounded like she was hurt.

He looked at her and watched in fascination as she arched her back and moaned for a third time. This thrust her chest into prominence and as the fabric peeled off her breast, more of it was revealed to him, almost to the pointed nipple that he could see through the thin fabric that still covered her breast. He goggled at this sight as his pants grew quickly and uncomfortably tighter. She squeezed her legs together then spread them apart, causing the hem of the slip to ride up her legs all the way to the hips, revealing a pair of skimpy white cotton panties. He saw something shimmer green and blue around her legs. He got up and crawled closer, trying to see what it was. He tried to make as little noise as possible so that whatever he saw would not be alerted to his presence. Suddenly he heard giggles and two creatures appeared seemingly out of thin air, each sitting on one leg of the young woman, both barely taller than 3 feet.

His eyes widened in shock and he stifled any sounds of surprise he might have made. The shimmery blue water sprite and the shadowy green wood nymph giggled as they surveyed the young woman. Their water sprite's blue skin shimmered in the night as she sat on one leg, her beautiful white-blue hair flowing down her back and over her shoulders, onto her perky breasts. He noticed that there was only a small white-blue patch of hair at her mound. The green wood nymph seemed to be both sunlight and shadows as she sat on the other leg, her hair cut short to reveal a body ripe with womanhood - her breasts were fairly large and stuck out from her chest proudly.

Curious, Lucian crawled forwards a few paces for a closer look. He was a few feet away, and they were either not yet aware of his presence or they were ignoring him. Either way, he couldn't care, as long as they didn't hurt his sleeping lady. The nymph and the sprite began to caress the young woman's legs where her womanly parts were. Their caresses traveled over that soft looking panty-clad mound. Most of the young woman's clothing was only slightly damp, so he could clearly see a wet spot forming on the panties where the nymph and sprite were touching.

Despite the surprise of the wood nymph and water sprite, Lucian could feel the beginnings of a rock hard erection forming in his pants. He sat back and absently rubbed it through his trousers as he watched the sprite and nymph playing. The sprite grabbed the panties and bunched them into a narrow strip, then pulling them away from the young woman's warm mound, the sprite and nymph rubbed against the glistening flesh. The young woman moaned and arched her body again.

Lucian's trousers could barely contain his semi-hard erection. He unbuttoned his pants and stuck his hand down them, and rubbed at his manhood. He moaned softly and continued watching the sprite and nymph. The sprite now had 2 of her fingers inside the young woman, who was moaning almost continually. The nymph had pulled the other strap of the slip down the young woman's shoulders to expose both ample breasts, and had begun sucking on one nipple.

The sprite, seeming to tire of plunging her fingers in and out of the woman, had decided to conjure something that she seemed to think would suit the occasion even better. The sprite had used her water magic and formed water into the shape of a phallus that seemed to be quite large, alarmingly large. It looked bigger than three of his fingers, and his fingers were large.

The woman still hadn't woken up yet, and the wood creatures continued to play with her luscious body. The nymph sucked and nursed both her protuberant nipples while the sprite slowly slid the water phallus into the woman's tiny slit after pulling the crotch of her panties aside. The sprite slowly pounded the phallus in and out, the tight sopping hole stretching wide to accommodate it and then swallowing the whole thing. The woman squealed in her sleep and bucked her hips at the intrusion to her most private places. Her legs tried to clamp together, but the sprite forced them to stay apart using water bindings that only her kind could conjure.

The nymph seemed to be enjoying this just as much as the sprite. The nymph was playing with her dewy green-brown breasts and stroking her lightly mossy slit while alternating between sucking on one breast and the other.

Lucian moaned and forced his pants down his legs, freeing his prick. He wrapped his hand around it and groaned at the sensation. It pulsed warm and hard beneath his heavy hand, which began to slide up and down the shaft. The pressure in his loins was mounting and it was becoming unbearable to watch the beautiful young woman being ravaged by woodland creatures without doing anything about it. Part of him knew he should stop them, take the young woman and clean her off as best he could, then dress her and take here away in his arms to the closest village. But another part of him wanted to see this; wanted to watch this perversely sexual tableau. So with his pants around his ankles, and his hand around his prick, he watched as the young woman was attacked in her sleep.

By now, the sprite seemed to have become incredibly horny. She had stuffed the water phallus into the young woman as far as it would go, and held it in place with the wet panties, so a large bump stuck out obscenely from the young woman's crotch. The water phallus seemed to be vibrating, and Lucian could hear bubbling through the pants and groans. As her juices continued to soak the panties, Lucian realised that the sprite had made the phallus start bubbling to simulate vibration, which seemed to be pleasing the young woman incredibly well.

Her body was trembling as sweat appeared over her flushed skin. Her mouth was open in continual pleasure as her juices spilled out of her stuffed hole and soaked the blanket underneath her and her panties.

Lucian stroked himself harder, this was incredibly erotic and he couldn't make himself move to stop it. As he watched, using magic, the nymph and the sprite pulled the woman into a standing position, with her legs still held wide open and her juices now dripping down her legs, the bubbling phallus still inside her. The sprite raised herself so that her head was at the young woman's chest, and she shredded her panties and slip using water magic. The tiny pieces of fabric fluttered to the ground like snow, exposing a smooth pussy that was shaking fiercely and dripping, and a beautiful body with smooth velvety skin.

The sprite then began to extend the size of the phallus so that the young woman seemed to be growing one of her own. The sprite raised her body up and grabbed onto the shoulders of the young woman, who's head was tilted back, and tossing back and forth in increasing pleasure. The sprite began to lower her tiny body onto the phallus with her eyes closed and her mouth open in expectation. As she was sliding her body on to the phallus, the young woman's body tensed and she left out a high pitched squeal before her body convulsed and shuddered. These movements bucked her hips and shoved the water phallus deep into the sprite who squealed as well and jerked. Juices cascaded down the young woman's legs, dripping onto the ground. The sprite began riding the phallus that was shaking now in both of them.

The nymph was watching this with pleasure until she conjured a knobbly twig and expanded its size. The twig with its ridges and bumps was smooth and thick. Lucian watched while his hand jerked faster up and down his cock while the nymph looked straight at him and raised one leg up to her head, bending backwards in midair to expose her soaked cunt to him. She then took the thick rod of wood and pushed it into her wet pussy, stretching to twice its size and moaning. The rod of wood stuck out in front of her and curved up slightly when she stood straight. She floated behind the trembling young woman and slowly spread the cheeks of her ass wide open. The young woman was slowly rotating in the air and stopped when he could see her back between her and the nymph. He watched as the nymph then slowly pushed the thick rod into the woman's tight ass, stretching it to accommodate it. The woman cried out at the intrusion to her ass.

After the nymph successfully shoved the rod as far as it could go, Lucian heard a hum. He saw the nymph and the young woman's ass begin to shake, then saw when the nymph pulled out to thrust back in that the rod was vibrating, and vibrating fiercely.

The woman was being filled by the nymph and the sprite, who were getting themselves off as well on this beautiful woman's body. Lucian moaned as they pounded into the woman's orifices. All their pussies were dripping, he could see gleaming clear juices on the woman's legs, slightly blue tinted juices dripping down the sprite's leg, and shadowy-green juices dripping down the nymph's legs. He couldn't hold it back any longer, as he gave his cock a few more strokes it exploded and white hot streams of cum flew through the air and landed on the trio's legs.

Lucian sighed in satisfaction then looked down at what he thought was a quickly softening prick. To his surprise it was standing straight as it was before and was just as hard to the touch. He could feel the fire building in his loins again. He watched the sprite and nymph slamming into the young woman, whose howls echoed through the forest as she continued to orgasm. The nymph and the sprite cried out in unison as they both orgasmed, their juices dripping down their legs, and into the tri-colour pool now underneath them.

Lucian had to fuck one of them, and seeing as the young woman was almost full and he didn't fancy sticking his prick into her mouth, he opted for the sprite. He dropped his pants completely and levitated himself using his limited magic, leaving his pants and underclothing on the floor. He pulled off his shirt then floated behind the sprite. He rubbed his prick between her legs, thoroughly wetting it with her juices. Then he used his fingers and slide them up and down her crevice, feeling her tiny puckered anus which he moistened using the juices he took from around her pussy.

The sprite groaned as the nymph and the young woman shook and convulsed, juices spilling from their sopping cunts. This spurred Lucian to spread the sprite's ass open, and position his cock at her anus. He began to push his large cock in gently, but the sprite's bucking movements pushed her ass onto it. The sprite was howling in pleasure and her could hear her pussy squelch. With each movement the sprite made, his cock went in deeper.

He couldn't believe how tight her ass was. It squeezed his cock completely like a vice, and he cried out as he began to fuck her. He reached around the sprite and put his hands on the young woman's hips was he thrust deep into the sprite. Their cries and pants reverberated throughout the forest and their sweaty skin glowed.

The young woman was shaking again as she reached another orgasm. Her panting was short and raspy and her breasts jiggled. Lucian grabbed one with one hand and squeezed it. The young woman arched her exhausted body and tossed her head from side to side, as her pussy clenched around the vibrating phallus, pleasuring her once more.

The nymph thrust deeper and faster, then shoved the vibrating rod all the way in, as she jerked her body, pressing her crotch tight against the young woman's ass. The exhausted nymph then drifted slowly to the ground, her eyes fluttering as she fought to keep consciousness to watch the others fuck. Her shadow-green body was shining with sweat and her cunt looked swollen. The rod had disappeared.

Lucian groaned and shoved his cock deeper and faster into the sprite's ass, he pounded away as the sprite and young woman orgasmed again. He watched the nymph touch her sweet pussy and rub the juices from that all over her crotch. Then, just for him, he watched as she turned on to her stomach and conjured a slightly thinner rod and position it at her ass. Using her will, she began to enter her tight anus, which Lucian imagined was as tight as the sprite's. The nymph began fucking her ass and panting. Her body tensed as she squeezed her ass together.

Lucian slammed himself into the sprite, hearing her howl as he watched the nymph's display. He could feel his seed bubbling within his loins and he knew that in a few seconds, he would start shooting deep into the sprite's bowels. The young woman howled again as she shook on the bubbling phallus. The sprite, finally having had her fill of the young woman, let her float gently to the ground, near the still horny nymph who was fucking her ass.

The nymph screeched as she orgasmed, shoving the rod deep into her ass. She rolled over onto her back and watched what was happening in the air, half-asleep from exhaustion and pleasure.

The sprite got down on her hands and knees in the air, and spread her legs wide, letting Lucian pound into her. The sprite fucked herself with the phallus in her pussy, expanding it wider and wider, stuffing her cunt full. Lucian could feel the water phallus bubbling through the thin membrane that separated the sprite's cunt and ass. The bubbling vibrated against the sensitive head of his cock and he pulled out then thrust into the sprite, orgasming hard. His body shook and he could feel the sprite tense and tremble as jets of his hot thick cum spewed into her tiny cavity, filling it and squeezing out around his cock, dripping down and mixing with her pussy juices.

The sprite, feeling his hot seed filling her ass, cried out fiercely as her body shook. Her panting changed to a high pitched keening wail as her body was pleasured by a seemingly endless orgasm. It rolled through the sprite endless, wave after wave crashing through her as her juices spilled out of her cunt. She shook one last time before her energy gave way. Lucian held her and floated gently to the ground, pulling out of her and placing her beside the nymph. The sprite was still trembling but there was a look of utter satisfaction on her face.

Lucian was tired as well. By now, the air stank of sweat, sex and pussy juices. He pulled a section of the blanket over the still sleeping young woman, who was now covered in sweat and pussy juices. He saw her sore red cunt and hoped that she would be able to contend with it. He looked up and saw that the nymph and the sprite were licking each other's cunts clean, but they were doing it gently. When they were all done, they both got up and kneeled in front of him, now licking his balls and cock clean. Their tongues fluttered over his sensitive head and the pressure and warmth of their mouths was delightful. He was half-hard before they stopped and began to clean the young woman's swollen red pussy. Their tongues were gentle as they lapped up mingled juices. The young woman moaned in her sleep. When they were finished they each planted a kiss on his cheek and walked away into the forest with the promise that they would see the humans sooner than they would think.

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