tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSleeping Betty

Sleeping Betty


Man it was late. My eyes felt almost gummed together as I wrenched them open to keep my eye on the road. I'd just dropped off Joe and now only Betty remained snoozing on the backseat of my car.

It had been a great party, no doubt about it. But being the designated driver I had not drunk a drop and I was very eager to drop off my last fair and get home to bed. But Betty... oh had she only been going home with me.

I had tried every move known to man to get Betty in bed, but even while being drunk out of her skull, she politely rejected my advances every time I tried again. But I just had to try. Betty was the perfect woman! Her name wasn't actually Betty, but as her jet black hair and a fondness for blue clothes reminded us all of a certain cartoon figure, she ended up with the nickname. She even seemed to like it.

Despite her passion for blue, one could never call her unfashionable. Even on usual workdays at the office, her outfits were always impeccable, and at staff parties such as the one tonight, she was a real knockout. She really knew how to highlight her advantages, not to mention fuel my lust to nigh on unbearable.

Despite my sleepy eyes, I kept sneaking glances at her in the mirror. When we began the drive, she had been scrunched up in the middle of the seat between Joe and Edward. Apparently the two warm bodies combined with her drunken state had cause her to dose off. So now that the backseat was empty, she was more or less splayed out in the middle, with her head lolling off to the side.

Being tired and preoccupied with Betty, I was halfway down the ramp to the parking basement of my own building, before it occurred to me that I was supposed to drop her off first. I groaned at the thought of going back out on the road and decided to park at my own space and rest my eyes for a bit first.

As I turned off the engine and flicked on the lights inside to avoid falling asleep, Betty mumbled a little in her sleep and slid down a little further on the seat. There was really nothing to hold her up. The front seats were moved as far forwards as they could, due to the long legged men I had driven home. I was rather short myself, so it didn't really bother me.

After rubbing my eyes furiously and blinking wide a few times, I let my eyes drift to Betty again. And then the miracle happened. Betty ad slipped so far down the seat, that her ass was at the edge. And as there was nothing to support her bent legs, they slowly fell apart and treated me to an absolute beautiful sight! Her skirt had crawled up her legs enough to give me a broad view of her creamy white panties, and even a sneak peek at one of her dark haired pussy lips that had sneaked out a little to the side.

I was stunned and just sat there staring and sweating. My dick sprang up the second I saw it and I had to adjust it's suddenly painful position against my zipper. Very carefully I turned around in my seat and suddenly the view was much closer. I very nearly drooled and rubbed my dick a little through my pants. If I hadn't been afraid she'd wake up, I'd have ripped the sucker out and jerked of right then and there. But... what if...?

This opportunity was too good to miss and my boldness increased as my lust did. I very carefully disentangled myself, crawled over the stick shift and placed myself beside her on the backseat very gently. I had to check first.


I had spoken her name clearly, but not too loud. No reaction. I tried touching her elbow too, and still she didn't move a muscle. I swallowed a large amount of drool, gently reached out and placed my hand on her thigh. She was very warm and I got afraid that my cold hand might wake her. But she didn't move, so I boldly proceeded to slowly glide my hand up her thigh.

When I was just a fraction away from her exposed pussy lip she sighed. I quickly raised my hand a bit to lessen the pressure, but as her breathing returned to deep long breaths I ever so slowly continued my quest. When I finally touched it I hardly dared to breathe. Her soft hairs tickled my fingertips and she was burning hot. I felt my cock jerk as our skin made contact.

I fondled her very very gently on the outside of her panties and every once in a while sliding my fingers back over the exposed lip. Her face revealed no reaction, so I decided to go all out and was prepared to take the fall if she woke up.

I sneaked a finger in between the pussy lip and the hem of her panties and gently pushed my finger under the fabric. It was easier than I had dared to hope for, as the panties were very elastic. Still no reaction from her. I slid my finger down another notch and without warning I was in absolute heaven. She was wet! Oh my God. Here I was with my finger almost inside Betty's wet pussy! I caught myself panting and willed myself to keep the hell quiet.

I slid my finger out again very gently, leaving the panties a little more exposing than before, and then immediately put my finger in my mouth to taste her. I couldn't help but moan quietly as I tasted her. Perfect. Just like I knew she would be. That sour, sweet taste almost had me blowing my load right there and I sat for a few seconds breathing deeply to prolong this unique moment a while longer.

I slid my fingers under again and felt her wetness increase. God. She was enjoying it! Still no reaction from her though. I wondered how far I could go. I slowly, ever so slowly slid my middle finger deep inside her. Shit she was hot! It felt like my finger was burning and making my cock burn as well. She sighed again, but didn't wake up. I added another finger and fucked her slowly and deeply with them for at least a full minute and I enjoyed every second of it. I peeked down and saw that her panties were wet through now. Oh God.

I had to have my cock in her! I had to!

Her legs were still spread widely apart and I easily slid between them and hooked my lower legs under the front seats for support. Her ass was slid so far out that it was no longer supported by the seat and it made the height absolutely perfect for my cock. I prepared myself to be revealed as a total asshole and slowly moved closer. I fished out my moderately sized but granite hard cock and gently slid her panties aside.

I enjoyed the view of her glistening wet pussy for second more before I guided my cock head to her burning hot pussy lips and slowly let myself in. I let out a strangled grunt of pleasure, trying painfully hard not to moan as loudly as I wanted. So hot. So wet. My perfect Betty. I held still with all my might, watching her face for a reaction. She sighed again, but still nothing more. I couldn't believe my luck.

I slid carefully in and out only just keeping my moans and grunts low. Oh my God. I was fucking Betty. Finally fucking Betty! I was so far gone in my craze of lust that I now decided I wanted to see more. I held my cock still in her searing hot insides and slowly opened the few buttons on the lose shirt she had over a light blue tank top. I could see the outline of a darker bra underneath and my hands were shaking as I carefully pulled up her top. And then another delicious surprise from my sexy Betty. The bra underneath wasn't blue. It wasn't even black. It was red. A deep sensual red that made the skind around it almost glow. I almost regretted removing it, but I had to see more. I had to. I gently eased out one of her breasts from it's cup and marvelled at it's perfection.

It was exactly like I pictured it. A perfect size for my hand, and slightly slack, probably from breastfeeding. I knew she had had a child once but lost it somehow. I never asked more as it always upset her. But I just love breasts like that. That little loseness to the skin made them so much softer and easier to mold. I love molding breasts and I'd dreamed for so long about Betty's. I quickly lifted out the other one and fondled them with intense pleasure. I was gasping loudly now and jerking my cock slightly in and out of her while playing with her perfect breasts.

While indulging myself thus, I had completely forgotten to watch Betty and I froze as I heard a little moan from her. I noticed now that her breathing was a lot faster, but her eyes were still closed and her arms were still slack at her sides. I took a chance and picked up again where I had left of. She moaned again as soon as I moved my cock again. Oh my God. She was enjoying it!

That was almost more than I could take, so I picked up the pace and my vision became slightly blurred from lust. I neared the point of no return and I lost more and more self-control. My gentle touches were now rougher and and I panted and gasped loudly while fucking her harder and harder. She moaned and whimpered, and every sound was music to my ears.

As I felt my climax rapidly approaching I lost it completely and muttered all kinds of things to my Betty.

"God I love your perfect tits Betty Girl. Your pussy is so hot, oh God. I'm gonna come so hard inside you. Aw shit, this is too good. Oh Betty..."

I felt her clench her pussy hard around my cock and I exploded with a yell. God that was too damn good! My vision treated me to a fireworks display of colors and shapes as I pumped my load deep into her. I felt my chest constrict painfully and not until the white dots exploding in front of my eyes started to vanish, did I realize it was Betty's arms around me almost crushing my lungs.

I swallowed loudly and felt my heart fall to the pit of my stomach. She was awake. This would be the last time she would ever even look at me. God. What had I done?

I heard her sob. Oh dear God. I had as good as raped her. God forgive me. Then I heard her say something. I must have heard wrong. I asked blankly into the air.


Well... I heard right.

"Thank you Dennis. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

She was sobbing uncontrollably into my chest. Was she in shock or something? She couldn't possibly be thankful for my total abuse of her? I started to pull my deflating cock out of her, but she yelped and locked her legs around me.

"No! No Dennis please, stay in me! It's been so long... so long."

I was absolutly lost, but hey, I'd do anything she said at that moment. Hell, I'd do that anytime. I became aware that my hands were still holding her breasts and carefully slid my arms around her instead.

She sighed deeply and her sobbing slowly subsided. I still felt like a complete ass. So I tried to apologize.

"Look Betty I'm... so, SO sorry. I shouldn't have done that..."

"No Dennis, it was a wrong thing to do, but it turned out to be just what I needed."

I frowned.

"I don't get it."

She slackened her grip a little and looked up at me. Even with smeared makeup, tussled hair and lingering tears in the the corners of her eyes I still thought she looked hot.

"Remember I told you I had a son once?"

I nodded.

"When I gave birth to him, I had to have my uterus removed. I didn't mind as long as I had my son. But then I lost him. It was a drunk driver. Since I couldn't have any more kids, my husband ditched me. So I closed down. No more sex, no more love. Ever."

I just looked at her with wide open eyes. Shit, I never knew. She seemed perfectly normal and friendly around the office. Not to mention hot as hell! And how anyone could say goodbye to love and sex all together was unfathomable to me.

Her eyes slid closed and she hugged tighter again.

"When I woke up with you inside me I wasn't afraid. I wasn't even uncomfortable. It was so incredibly good. I never thought I could feel like that again."

Another tear made it's way down her cheek and she pressed her face to my chest again. Her voice was slightly muffled but I could clearly hear her next words.

"...and nobody ever said I had nice tits."

"What?! How could someone look at those and not drool?!"

I had cried out without even thinking, but she laughed into my shirt, so I guess it could have been worse.

Just to prove my point, I slid my hands around to her breasts again.

"You have the best set of tits on this whole damn earth. I've always known, even though I haven't seen them until tonight. I had to see them. I just had to."

She sighed again as I slid my finger across her nipples. She looked up at me again and I swear her eyes were glowing. God, I loved making her feel good. I bent down and kissed her, and her response was passionate to say the least. I knew it. I knew she would be a real sex kitten. I had to have more.

"Say, Betty... would you like to come up to my place, so we can do this again properly?"

She smiled widely at me, nodded and followed me out of the car and upstairs. The night was... God... there aren't enough words in any language I know that can describe how fantastic it was.

I still get horny every time I drive. Cause one look at the backseat shows me the permanent stain from the dried up cum, just where I first fucked Betty.

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