tagIncest/TabooSleeping Bro

Sleeping Bro


This is part 2, please read Sleeping Sissy first.

"Was that a dream? It felt so real?" As I started to awaken a little more, I quickly pulled up my skirt and inspected my pink cotton panties. Sure enough, the crotch was hard as a rock. I quickly took them off and held them up to my face. They smelt so good, like sweet musky cum. Jacob's cum? Oh. My. God. It must be! I wasn't dreaming after all...

"Oh shit! What time is it?" I grab my phone and notice it is 8:00 am and I have to be at work by 9:00. Ugh, I have a killer headache too! Why did I go out drinking last night? I quickly jump up and head for the shower. As I am walking through the hallway to the bathroom I notice Jacob coming up the stairs. My heart is pounding! "Good morning, Jess", he says, and quickly runs into his room before I even have a chance to say anything back.

I jump in the shower and all I can do is think about last night and what had happened. Passing Jacob this morning didn't help any and I still have goosebumps. I can still feel his cock rubbing up and down my pussy. I can still feel his fingers inside me. I wish he would have fucked me. I can't help but be turned on by the fact that my own little brother took advantage of me. Continuing to think about it put me into overdrive and I head towards fantasy land. I am going to be late for work, but my body needs to be relieved beforehand. I start lathering up my body and playing with my round breasts. I keep imagining Jacobs brown eyes, and picture myself rubbing my fingers through his dark brown hair. I wan't to see what his cock looks like so badly. I want to feel it inside of me. I start getting hotter and start rubbing my clit and sticking my fingers inside. I imagine Jacob raping my ass with his cock. Just then, as I am about to cum, I shove my fingers in my ass and let out a moan. My body is quivering and I have to sit down. I let the water run all over me and continue to fantasize about my baby bro.

I head to work and all I can think about is fucking my brother. I can't wait to get home...

Finally, after being stuck in traffic and meeting with Tina for a few drinks I head home and it is a little past 1:00am. Everyone is sound asleep, including Jacob. I walk past his room and am so tempted to peak in. The Vodka Tonic's I had have me feeling extra frisky and extra wet. As I felt my pussy juices trail down my thigh, I didn't hesitate any longer to head in.

There he was, sound asleep. I stepped out of my satiny panties and unbuttoned my purple top. I took down my hair and started to touch myself. My pussy was pounding as I walked over to Jacob and noticed he was sleeping naked. I kneeled down in front of him and put my mouth over his cock. I breathed my warm breath on it and felt it rise up to my lips. I slowly started licking the head and then the shaft, until I couldn't take it anymore and his entire cock was in my mouth. I was deep throating it, spitting on it, and jerking it, all at the same time. I couldn't believe how much I loved this! I could feel his cock getting stiffer and then I heard him moan. I went to lift my head and he pushed it down again; it felt so good to feel him deeper inside my mouth. He pulled me up, sat up and laid me across the bead. "This is going to hurt!" he said, and he took his dick and shoved it in my ass as hard as he could. I couldn't take the pleasure mixed with the pain any longer and I started to cum. My body jerking and quivering, sent him over the edge, and I felt his warm juices fill my asshole as he let out a, "Oh that feels so fucking good!"

We both collapsed right where we were and Jacob says, "I had been waiting to do that to you all day and night. I never thought it would have been this soon and that you would have come to me willingly. You little fucking whore!"

"I couldn't help it, I woke up a few times last night and thought I was having a dream. It was only until this morning that I realized your little performance was actually a reality."

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