tagErotic CouplingsSleeping Beauties Ch. 02

Sleeping Beauties Ch. 02


Everything feels so small. I stand on top of a very high staircase, so high up that I can clearly see the curvature of the earth. With a big smile on my face I stand there, up high with one arm over my head. I look up and see my hand living its own life. It performs some sort of victory gesture and I am greatly puzzled. Despite the great joy, I feel something gnawing inside me that will not disappear.

The staircase begins to lean and I am desperate to keep my footing. "No!" I cry out as I slowly start to fall backwards into the air, down to the earth far below, but I wake up. Confused and sweaty, I sit dead straight up in bed. Staring into thin air , I try to remember what is so important, but get distracted by all the empty cans scattered all over the floor. It is still dark and hard to see clearly, but I swear that we did not leave it like that...

Then it comes back like a lightning strike. While I quickly inhale, I look at the two beautiful women lying on either side of me. It is still dark in the room, and I can barely see Kim lying next to me, with the subdued light dancing on her skin. I reach over to cover her with the blanket but change my mind in the same motion. I love this image and cannot leave it. Desperately, I look around for a suitable solution but nothing comes to mind. "Think of something, think," I tell myself. Unconsciously, reality snaps back to me like in a B-film when I come up with an idea that might work.

Discreetly, I get out of the bed, pull the covers over Kim's bare belly and up over her breasts. Oh those glorious breasts... "Snap out of it," I say quietly to myself and pull up the covers all the way. After what seems like an eternity I manage to find my clothes and dress quickly. I gently open and close my door before the cold floor makes me realize that I'm still barefoot. Irritated, I turn back for my shoes. I find them, and a minute later I'm leaving. After a glance at the clock, I realize that no stores are going to be open now.

I fish for the phone that apparently remained in my jean pocket and look surprised at the display.

"Hi, this is Towe..."

"Yes," I answer, a little confused.

"Hey, how are you?" I hear someone, who I figure must be Towe, cry right into my ear, with music blaring.

"Uh ... well, tired ... sleepy," is my highly intellectual response.

"I tried to call Hannah or Kim, but they sleep like logs," I manage to decipher from the wisecrack.

"What, huh ... uh, what do you want?" Again, it is all I can manage to blurt out, this time revealing my annoyance.

"Oh, Mr. Cranky, sorry to bother you," is the answer in a most ironic undertone, while the music seems to be louder in the background. "The rest of us fought hard for our daily bread at school today, and thought now that while we celebrate our class trip tomorrow, we'd call and hear how you are doing. But if you have more important things to do..."

"Oh, fuck you. " I stop talking when my brain starts up and recalls an old inside joke, and then I hang up before she can reply.

I try to ignore the fact that no business is supposed to be open at this time, and begin to trudge downstairs. Towe is another girl in the class that I'm close friends with. Although she is very attractive -- the more I think about it, the weirder it is that I have these girlfriends -- she is very different from Kim and Hannah. Towe is taller and more ... "edgy" might be a good expression. She is very aware of how sexy she is, and likes to use it. Always fashion-conscious, she has the latest clothing and uses it to show off her hot body. She has a smirk on her face whenever she pulls off her slightly sexually-explicit jokes.

The old inside joke I allude to above comes from a long, drawn-out, and serious discussion that we had, where we finally ran into a wall and could not continue. When she instead tried to undermine my arguments with clearly untenable assertions, just to annoy me, I replied irritably with a brief "Fuck you." After a few seconds pause, she ignored the vulgar conclusion of the discussion, choosing instead to treat it as a question, and replying, "Yes, thank you." Then she shaped her lips to an overly sexy kiss in the air, turned on her heel and walked away, clearly teasing me with her ass, into the classroom. I had to stay in my stooped position at the window for a minute before I could follow.

Once down at the front desk I ask if there is any shop nearby where I can buy soda and candy. The clerk looked at me as if I was completely dense, and I do nothing to change his impression as I feel my scalp itch and use my whole hand to scratch. He realizes that it is not a joke and makes a dramatic sweeping motion toward the large fridge labeled "Coca-Cola" behind him, and then toward the candy shelf next to it. I point a little embarrassedly at the items I want and pay for them.

Back up in the room I set down the newly purchased goods on a table and strip down to my boxer shorts again. It's a bit early to execute my plan, given that the two sleeping beauties are dead to the world for a few more hours, so I crawl under the covers. I am fully awake and feel it will be impossible to fall asleep. I'm starting to instead think of tomorrow, when all my classmates come down, and what we intend to do. My thoughts wander to Towe again.

Tall and lithe, certainly not bony, but well-conditioned, I see her in front of me in her white sweater that is cut in a way that always draws my eyes to her breasts.

"Up here sailor," says the object of my fantasies as she shifts just enough to bring her breasts into the middle of my field of vision, luring in my eyes with their charms.

Just as unabashedly as usual it was also Towe who interrupted my only chance to be with Hannah. It was at a party a few years ago that Hannah and I were talking when we hit on the subject who looks best in our class. Uncomfortable with my real answer, I tried to coax her away with "everyone's beautiful in their own way" and other politically correct statements.

Hannah breathed in, grabbed my gaze with her eyes and said, "I think you are one of the best looking in our class, you are..." Then she closed her eyes halfway, bent forward and slowly kissed my lips. I was dumbfounded.

"Get a room," injected Towe, while she laughed loudly. More people entered the room we were in and the moment is over.

In what can best be described as a grunt, I snap out of my fantasies and feel embarrassed. Then, reality hits me in a most positive way when I realize that Hannah is here beside me and sleeping deeper than she probably ever has.

I prop myself up on one elbow so that I can have a look at this beautiful creation. A strand of her dark hair settles across her face and I slowly stretch out my hand to push it away. I let the back of my fingertips caress her soft cheek, while I slowly sweep away the hair. When I arrive at her lips, I pull gently with the tip of my index finger on her upper lip, then on her lower lip. I feel how incredibly soft they are, and moisture sticks to my finger.

I put one arm over the other side of her head and slowly lower my face against hers. Her sharp but feminine facial features are even more pronounced at such close quarters and I am amazed at how smooth her skin is at this close inspection. But my lips hover just inches over hers, and I feel a warm puff of breath hit my neck. I cannot control myself any longer. I kiss her lips gently, as if I were afraid they would break. Although I've kissed girls before, this is something completely new, and I feel completely engrossed in her soft silky lips.

With some effort, I manage to take my lips away from hers, and begin to kiss her on the neck. Hannah's breathing becomes fiercer and faster while I continue slowly down her throat. The duvet still covers her breasts, and I pull it gently aside while I continue to kiss her in the border area between her neck and breasts. She sleeps in a bra, and to my great joy I find it is one with the snap in front. I don't open it directly but continue to kiss the tops of her breasts with the bra on. I can hear her breathing becomes irregular.

After a few seconds of fiddling around, my limited knowledge of women betrays me in my inability to get the bra unlatched, but finally I get it open. The sight that greets me makes me realize how hard I am, and I slowly start to kiss beneath and between her not very large, but round and firm breasts. Then I start working my way up along the curve of one breast, and stop with a kiss right on the areola. I slowly stretch out my tongue against it, not knowing how she will react. But when I touch the already stiff nipple with the tip of the tongue, I get a long, heavy sigh in response.

I work gently downwards to her flat stomach that twitches a bit, with pleasure, judging by the sounds she makes. I play a bit with my tongue on the soft surface and to my surprise, Hannah wiggles a bit. I test again and get the same reaction, now realizing that she is ticklish. Amazed at my new found knowledge, I play a little with my kisses, on both the middle sides of her stomach, and am fascinated at how she reacts to my exact movements.

My own urges drive me to continue down, and soon I am at the white edge thought I had seen earlier today (or is that already yesterday, I ask myself.) Back in the present, I fight the desire to just pull them straight down. I decide that it will be nicer to be invited. I will therefore continue my kisses along those relaxed legs slightly bent at the knees. I go into her inner thigh of one leg almost down to her knee, and start working my way back up. Her leg moves slightly to the side, exposing a little more of the white thin panty. I repeat the pattern of kisses on the other leg, and again I get the same reaction. However, it is not enough, and I stop to think for a few seconds on what I can do, besides separating them myself. I decide that another kiss certainly solves the problem, and my lips move slowly toward the warm area hidden in the middle of a thin layer of white fabric. A heavy breath later, Hannah opens her legs.

The white panties, now rather translucent with her moisture, are removed quickly, and her wet labia look very inviting. Although much of me thinks I should continue my "look but do not touch" policy, Hannah's tongue and quick exhale convince me otherwise. Soon I stand without boxer shorts, with a hard cock straight into the air.

"Damn it," I swear to myself when I realize what I have forgotten. I obviously don't have a condom with me. But I hope Hannah and Kim have one. I jump out of bed, in a so rapid a movement that Hannah and Kim are rocking a little. I run to the bathroom, and luckily, I find one quickly.

With a heart rate well above normal, I sit astride Hannah, with a thin layer of rubber around my erection. My eyes are open wide as I focus on slowly steering myself closer. I gently probe the tip at the opening of her labia, but soon, I cannot hold back any longer, and start to slowly penetrate her. I know that not much will be necessary to get me across the finish line, and see it as a challenge to get her there with me.

With one palm I massage Hannah's joy button, a euphemism I read in a women's magazine once, or men's magazine. The same article stated that the entire palm gave an extra good feeling, and with the other hand massaging one breast, I bend down and kiss Hannah's mouth again. Even though I work with my body at intervals so as to come too quickly, I soon feel my excitement building up at an alarming rate.

Hannah is anything but indifferent, and when she starts to tense her body so I know it's time. I increase the tempo to fuck her at a rate that pushes us both over the limit, and just relish the feel of her whole body tightening. I calm her movements with my body while I give her a long kiss to hide any shouts. With her whole body tightly against mine, so that I can really feel her firm breasts, the hard-tingling feeling pushes me over the limit. I was almost biting her lip with the intense feeling I just can't forget.

What seems like several minutes pass, and I put myself in the end next to her again. There are still a few hours until I'll put my plan into action, so I can surely rest my eyes a little...

I wake up with the jolt of mobile phone sounds, and in the same moment realize that now is the time. I get up and find my cell phone, and see the picture message. Drowsily, I wonder at first why she is not still sleeping, but I laugh when I see what it is. I set up the two liter bottle of soda just behind the bed on a small table. What I should do is go take a shower and wash up immediately, but instead I feel almost a little proud of my plan.

I find the package and drop some mentos into the coca-cola bottle, aim it and then throw myself back into bed to await the fireworks. A smile spreads on my lips when I think about the message I just received. It was a picture of Towe, with her longest finger showing the universal sign for "fuck you," Given how this trip has gone so far, maybe I will get the chance to respond, "Yes, please."

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