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Sleeping Girl


[This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental.]


My roommate usually has a hard time sleeping, so one day she bought this drug from a classmate of ours that was guaranteed to help with her sleeping problems...

"Becky! Beck, look what I got from Jasmine!" cried Natalie as she rushed through our dorm room and slammed the door shut.

"What is it, Natie?" I asked with such monotonous expression, she was used to this by now.

She held the small tablet to my face. I read the words inscribed on the side of the pill; [Roche].

A date rape drug? [Boy, was she stupid.] She may be an insanely hot 5'4 with fair skin, dark brunette curls, and pretty hazel eyes, but man was she the dumbest person I've ever met!

"Natie honey, are you sure it's safe to use?"

"You bet, Jasmine says she uses it all the time."

[Uses it on whom, exactly?] I decided to let her find out the effects of it herself. I know it seemed like the wrong thing to do, but I'm so fed up with righting her mistakes.

"Well alright then, I'm going to get ready for bed."


I headed towards the bathroom to do my nightly routine. Thirty minutes later, I exited out of the bathroom and find Natalie sound asleep in her bed. This was the first time since we met that I've ever seen Natalie sound asleep and not tossing or turning.

"Natie, are you asleep?" I asked as I leaned over to her.

No answer, she was definitely asleep. I poked her on the face for a little while until I was fully sure that she was in a deep sleep. I even tapped a few things to see if she would awake from the sounds, nothing at all.

I went over to my bed and took another glance at her. [Damn was she ever so hot in her sleep.] I spent the next few minutes watching her 38D breasts rise and fall due to her calm breathing. Natalie likes to not wear bras whenever she's relaxed in our dorm room. Our room is fairly cold, so I could see her little nipples erected through her button down pink silk pajama top. It made me so hot watching her that I began to mindlessly touch my little private as I watched those stone hard nubs try to pierce through her top.

Then suddenly, a mischievous grin crawled across my face as the most cynical idea popped into my head.

I hopped out of bed and went towards Natalie. I kneeled over and started to gently slide my fingers from her jaw line down her neck. I could hear little Natie moan to my touch. [God was she gorgeous.]

The thought of her awaking struck my head, so I searched for a face towel to use as a blindfold. At least she would think she's dreaming if she actually does wake up. I secured the blindfold onto her and another idea ran across my mind. [Wouldn't it be hot to have her all tied up like a helpless slave?]

I didn't have the effort to fully tie her up though, so what I managed to do was bring both her arms over her head and tie her wrist together really tight. If she does wake up, her hands wouldn't get in the way.

There I was, binding the helpless girl in her sleep. The thought sent a tingling sensation that was hard to ignore. I unbuttoned her pajama top to get a full view of her breasts. I slid a finger from her neck down to just above her belly button. She moaned a little louder than before.

I removed the rest of her bed cover, and to my surprise, I found her wearing the skirt she wore when she came back to our dorm room rather than the matching pink pajama pants she normally wore.

This, however; only made my job easier. I easily took off her skirt and revealed her pair of black lace panties. I traced around the outlines of the lingerie with my finger. I placed both hands on her gorgeous abdomen and slid my hands down in attempt to remove her undies.

And there is was; a clean shaved pussy. I spread her legs just a little bit to reveal the soft pink skin hiding in her lips.

I spread her legs further enough for me to crawl in between them. Her breathing became heavier now that her flesh was exposed to the coldness of our room. I leaned towards her face and lightly licked her thin, pink lips.

I slowly caressed her neck, breasts, and tummy with my fingers, without ever letting the warmth of my palm touch her. She let out a sharp gasp to the coldness of my touch. And then finally, I placed my palm on her left nipple.

The feeling was incredible. The hardness of the nub with its incredibly soft skin left a tingling sensation on my warm palm. I played with her left breasts, groping and rubbing it, flicking and pinching its nipple. I could her Natie's breath become irregular now. She was definitely getting turned on.

I continued the same routine to her right breasts, all the while attending the left nipple with my gentle tongue. It turned me on so much that I had to touch myself too. I let my free hand go past my undergarment and into my private. First, caressing my vulva, and then rubbing my clit.

I left her breasts and placed butterfly kisses on the way down to her muff. I licked the outside skin of her labia, and then kissed her thighs while getting off myself. I licked her cunt once more before attending to her needy clit.

I let my face smother in between her legs with my left hand tending to my nipples while the right attending to my own little kitty. Her sweet, yet dark aroma was making my sensation build up, and Natie's moans and grunts told me that she too was coming soon.

My left hand couldn't decide whether or not to attend to my needs or Natie's. I could feel it groping my breasts one minute, flicking her nipples the next, and caressing her right thigh the minute after.

By this time, she was wet enough for me to easily slide 3 of my fingers into her. And that's exactly what I did. I went in and out of her while continuously licking her warm and slippery slit while rubbing my own throbbing clit.

The warmness of our bodies accelerated my motions, and in a matter of minutes she came on me. At first, I took a finger and let it smother around the juices. I sucked on my coated finger for a few seconds before launching my face back into her wet pussy.

I devoured her juices into my mouth. I don't know why, but the more I tasted her, the more I wanted her. Her dark, yet sweet flavor filled me, her heavy pant invaded me, and I soon came at the realization of her coming at my touch.

My mind became weary now; I quickly untied her wrists, took off the blindfold and attached her skirt. I shoved the bed cover back on top of her before dragging my heavy legs to my own bed. I instantly passed out as soon as I surrendered to my sheets.


The next morning, Natalie awoken when I had just finished my shower.

"Did you sleep well?" I asked.

"Yeah, I felt kind of weird. But the good kind I guess. Anyways, I need to pee."

"Hey, why are you wearing your skirt by the way?"

"Oh, I guess I fell asleep while changing. The pills really do their magic," giggled Natie.

I looked at my reflection on the mirror. I knew what I had done and felt like such a naughty little girl. And the best part is, sweet innocent Natie had no idea what happened to her last night. A big smirk was drawn to my face.

"Where are my panties?"


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