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Sleeping Shy Wife


A little history about my wife and myself: we started dating in high school and have been together ever since. We are now in our late 20's and are financially secure. My wife doesn't work, she is a "charity wife". She is on a lot of charity boards, and is always dragging me to some Junior Auxiliary event or some other event. She is always dressed to the 9's and is smokin' hot. She works out a lot and is small and firm, absolutely beautiful. Her secret is that she has tiny breasts, an A cup if that. She never leaves the house without a gel insert in her bra. Even her swimsuits are padded. She is mortified about this inadequacy, and I'm sure that with her careful dressing, her "little" secret is one of the best kept in town.

I've long had a fantasy of getting her comfortable with herself. My plan was to get her to expose her breasts, perhaps on the beach during vacation, and she would see that plenty of guys love the firm, tight body that she has. Needless to say, this has been a nonstarter. She would never even let me finish the suggestion.

Then came our yearly vacation. We always go on a trip with our best friends, 3 couples we have known since high school. The guys have lusted over my wife for years, but she treats them to nothing more that modest swimsuits (gel inserts firmly in place).

My friends, Steve, Jack, and David had no more success with their wives. No topless hot tub romps for us. We spent the days at the beach or playing golf. The girls did a lot of shopping. At night though, we would eat a big meal and drink a lot. Good times. On our third night, my wife, Jessica, drank way to much Saki at asian restaurant we all went to that night. Usually, we guys would hang out after dinner around the pool and have drinks, as we all had rooms that opened up on to the Caribbean air and the resort pool. Tonight though, the wife was drunk and horny and I excused myself from the guys for rare, uninhibited sex with my toasted wife.

In her drunken state, she let me strip her nude for our lovemaking, a rare thing as she likes to keep a shirt on to cover her embarrassment and her tiny boobs. Needless to say, I had a great 30 minutes, and headed to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back, Jessica had passed out with the sheet only up to her waist. Her tiny boobs looked almost boyish while she lay flat on her back. her little quarter sized areola were on full display in our well lit room. I wanted to take some pics to show the guys, but the camera was my wife's and I would certainly get busted when she downloaded the pictures. I watched her breath for a while, and it occurred to me that the guys were drinking right outside at the pool. Needless to say, I was drunk and foolish, but I decided to invite them in for a look at my wife's most guarded secret.

Of course, when I described the scene to the guys who have lusted for my beautiful wife since high school, all three agreed to sneak into my room for a look. I slid open the door leading directly from the pool to our room and there she lay. Her tiny, stark white titties exposed to three of our closest, long time friends. They seemed to be is shock, but David whispered to me "Her boobs are tiny, I always thought she had so much more!" At the sound of his voice, she made a small noise and rolled partially over carrying the covering sheet off her lower body with her knee. She drew one knee to her chest as well.

As I mentioned, Jessica has almost no fat on her trim little body. Her new position spread her newly exposed ass cheeks enough that the hair that ringed her little anus could be seen protruding from her shockingly exposed ass crack.

Now this was way more than I bargained for. I wanted to show off the boobs, but now she was mostly on her belly with one side boob and nipple exposed, but her position exposed her vagina with the inner lips just visible in the shadow cast by her thigh, and her anus could be seen by all my best friends.

They had been scared silent by her movement, but they moved to the foot of the bed for the full on view of my wife's pussy and ass hole. She just lay there peacefully while her modesty was violated in ways she could never conceive of. She had shaved for the vacation, making her exposure all the more complete. I tried to usher them out, but it took a few minutes, and my the time I got the guys out, there was no detail of my spread wife that our friends had not memorized.

When I got them out by the pool, I swore the guys to silence, an easy task as their wives would kill them if they knew.

We had four more days of vacation and my wife continued to wear her one piece swimsuits with gel inserts in the top, fooling no one. My friends gazes kept moving to her ass and tits, but I don't think she has noticed. I keep feeling unexpected pangs of jealousy that I didn't expect. I guess she had been mine alone for so long. We spend at least one day a week with our buds so I guess I'll have to get used to the feeling.

Have to admit though, I still think about her being unknowingly open and exposed to our friends. Nothing makes me hotter.

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