tagIncest/TabooSleepless and Bedraggled Ch. 01

Sleepless and Bedraggled Ch. 01


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


Sonny is a freshly 23 year old college student living at home with his parents and 1.5 siblings. His brown, untamed hair sprinkled with dainty dandruff and his pastry face well-shaven. Some may wonder if he grows facial hair at all, even his brows consist of five - perhaps six - hairs each. Sonny has a fairly common mutation of the digits, wherein the ring finger of his right hand is instead located on the left, and an additional large toe protrudes from the rear of his heels. His life is dull and uneventful. Usually.

CHAPTER 1: Daddy's Sonny

Yet another sleepless night. Sonny had suffered from self-diagnosed insomnia for several months. The stress of having the condition caused sleeplessness, creating an infinite loop of hypochondria. It was after midnight and Sonny's eyes were dancing around the shadows on the ceiling, his mind whirring over the troubles of college life. "How will I extend this essay to 2000 words when I've made my point in 50?"

The door cracked open and daddy's face peeked in. "Are you awake, son?" He asked softly.

Sonny sighed. "Of course I am, daddy. I never get any sleep."

"I know." Daddy responded as he closed the door quietly behind him. Sonny began to sit up, but daddy urged him to stay comfortable lying down. He walked to the bed and sat on the edge, resting one hand on the other side of his son. One finger trailed along the matted hairs of Sonny's left pit, teasing them like a thousand sensual spider legs. This drew bulbous beads of sweat down the long shafts, flicking off the tips as they were played with. Sonny resisted the urge to recoil, the sensation building at the base of his hairs which now stood on end. He yearned for more.

"Daddy?" Sonny was a little confused. He was not accustomed to being close with his parents.

"I know," Daddy repeated. "I want to try help you with your restlessness."

Daddy's teasing hand moved to gently grip his boy's thigh. Sonny felt his boy pumping up. Daddy knew it. From his lips this drew a sensuous cry, not unlike a mating tortoise. Swiftly he retreated off the bed, struggling with his clanging belt for several moments. After it clunked to the floor he quickly stripped off his trousers and shirt, and climbed back onto the bed to straddle Sonny. He pulled his panties to the side and lowered himself onto his son's hard cock.

Sonny gasped; daddy's tight ass was gripping him. He couldn't help thrusting his boy further into the muscular fuck tube that was his dad's ass. His bucking was eagerly met with daddy sliding up and down in perfectly mirrored strokes. Daddy began to twist his body side to side slightly with every stroke and clench his love tunnel at the lowest point, when his son was fully enveloped. The moans of bliss from his son meant that he could not keep up the fancywork, however. He couldn't resist.

Daddy was hornier than a double dicked stallion. He stopped twisting and started pumping his plump rump desperately. "You're so big, son." He said breathlessly while jackhammering harder still. Sonny's eyes were wide as he watched daddy's erect penis bounce up and down like a tethered balloon in a hurricane. Daddy was shouting at the top of his lungs. Sonny had a burning feeling in his eye that his dad was cumming wildly and profusely. Globules were flinging out of his cock in every direction. Sonny couldn't help but unload into his papi's colon.

Daddy collapsed forward, panting. Sonny's cock flopped out like a limp carrot. Daddy's deliciously wet chest hairs pressed against him and tickled his nipples. Their writhing tongues entwined in passionate and manly strokes, each begging the others tonsils to come forth. With each tug on Sonny's oral innards, his own lemon hole winked and waned with wanton wanting. As their lingual lovemaking came to an end, their slick lips parted ways so that they could gaze into one another's eyes.

"You're so good at pleasing my cock, daddy."

Daddy smirked as he crawled off the bed to kneel on the floor. He beckoned his son to stand up; he wanted more.


"Fuck my mouth." Daddy commanded.

Sonny was visibly embarrassed, and possibly regretful. Both sets of cheeks were crimson and pulsing hot. Daddy reached around to grab a handful of Sonny's ass.

"Don't be nervous son, I'm craving your dick milk."


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Absolute Garbage.

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What was this

What is this mutation ? Why is dad wearing panties ? You need to develop characters not just lump them in .

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