tagBDSMSleepless on the Sofa Ch. 05

Sleepless on the Sofa Ch. 05


Author's Note: Thank you again to Secretsxywriter for helping me edit this story.


The elevator ride up to Haley's place was just as scary as the first time. The car's rattling made me wish I'd used the stairs instead. Haley and I had agreed to meet to talk about everything that had happened. We both had wanted to do it on Monday, but our schedules had disagreed. So Tuesday it was.

I had rushed to her apartment straight from work, taking only a quick detour to get something to eat. Now, strengthened by a meatball sandwich, I was ready to face her.

The shame of what had transpired during the weekend still weighed down on me. I had come so much while listening to Brie fuck Haley and playing with my toys. It had been hard to look into the mirror after all that. My mouth had still ached from sucking the dildo. I could still feel the plug in my ass, and that was making my cock hard even now.

I took a better grip of the strap of my backpack like it was the straw keeping me afloat. If my coworkers had wondered why I was smiling all last week, now they must think I was getting sick. I had been all over the place for the past two days: copying the wrong documents, coming late to meetings, forgetting simple tasks.

Something big was shifting inside me...like my mind was suffering a continental drift. There didn't seem to be any other way to deal with this than push forward. I was done wallowing in my own misery.

I rang the doorbell before the nervousness could turn into anxiety. I had no idea what she wanted to say. Her escapade with Brie had come out of nowhere, not that I had minded it. Sometimes people you'd known for years managed to surprise you.

The door opened revealing Brie in black yoga pants and a yellow tank top. There were beads of sweat on her dark skin. "Oh, hi. It's Tom, isn't it? Come on in. Haley will be here soon."

I stood in the doorway staring at the wall behind her. She vanished into the kitchen. The smell of honey and roasted nuts poured out of the apartment. What was I supposed to do now? Haley hadn't said anything about Brie being home. Let alone that she herself was running late.

"Hi," I said to the emptiness and immediately felt like a dolt. I inched in and closed the door then hung my coat on the rack, clutching the backpack in my arms.

My pale face greeted me from the mirror when I forced myself to look into it. To see my completely normal, not-enslaved self. I had the collar in my backpack so I could give it back to Haley. Maybe I could just leave it there and sneak out. I was about to escape into Haley's room when Brie popped into the hall again.

"You want some coffee or tea?" she asked...wearing the flower-patterned apron I'd worn—naked—just couple of days prior.

"S-sure." Sheepishly, I followed her back into the kitchen.

It was warm in the small room. A big cast-iron skillet rested on the corner of the stove, still giving off heat. The small table was occupied by several greased pans and a big bowl full of brown goo. That goo seemed to be the source of the mouth-watering smell lingering in the apartment. The only recognizable thing I saw in it was crushed nuts.

"I make my own energy bars." She took a mug from the cupboard. "Tea or coffee?"

"Coffee, please." I sat on the closest chair. The one Haley had sat on when I'd massaged her Saturday. My nervousness wasn't a match for my wild imagination, and I felt my pants tighten again. I hid my erection with my backpack.

"Now I get it." Brie turned to make coffee, but she took her phone out then turned it face me. "Haley meant to send this to you."

My face grew warm from reading the message that said Haley was running late and would be home in half an hour.

"I did wonder why she put all those hearts at the end. We were chatting about groceries, so she probably sent this to me by accident."

"Doesn't matter," I mumbled, "if you don't mind me being here."

"Of course not." She grinned and finally put the coffee on before continuing to make the dough into flat squares. "I'll be out of your hair in a minute."

"So, you work out a lot?" I noticed how uncouth my comment was only after I had uttered it. "I mean, of course you do. Look at you. You're gorgeous. Fuck. Didn't mean that in a creepy way."

She laughed. "Don't worry about it."

"Okay." I tried to will the coffee to be ready faster.

"Yeah, I'm going to hit the gym after I finish these, and then I'll go to my boyfriend's for the night." She emphasized the last part. All that was missing was a wink at me.

I nodded at the bowl. "It smells really good."

"You want a taste?" She took a spoon and gave me a dab of the dough.

The mix of roasted nuts, honey, and fruits exploded in my mouth. "Damn! This is really good!"

"Thanks. It took years to perfect."

I ran my tongue over my teeth to savor every bit of the deliciousness. "I really should cook more. I make a mean chili, but work takes all my energy and I just eat whatever in the evening."

"So, you in the chocolate school of chili making?"

"Sometimes. My mom didn't use it, so if I want to go for her taste, I leave it out."

"Nothing ever tastes as good as mum used to make."


Brie poured the coffee and gave it to me. "We don't have to go into it any deeper, and I know Haley probably already told you, but I'm really sorry about Saturday."

"It's okay." I hid behind my mug and hoped she didn't notice my burning cheeks. Sure, she had busted in on us having sex, but it had been an accident. "I don't know what the normal reaction to something like that is. At least you didn't call the police."

"Only if you'd hurt Haley, and that was the opposite." Brie leaned closer. "If you want my two cents, Haley is one of those people who feel someone is always watching them. Judging them. She's really bad at just letting go."

"I'm no master either." I stared into the coffee. It was a darker roast than I was used to, but asking for milk was too high of a mountain to climb. "I'm just clad it didn't cause bad blood between the two of you."

"No, as was evident. For the record, I'm not going to keep fucking her. It just got out of hand. I did whip myself for it yesterday." She chuckled. "Metaphorically, that is. I hope you really were okay with it."

I nodded and stared at anything but her. All the hope I'd had for distracting my cock went out the window. "I'm not good at this. Talking about sex."

"We don't have to. Haley's important to me, and you seem to be good for her. That's why I feared I ended messing things up. My impulse control is shoddy at best."

I put the mug on the table and finally looked her in the eye. She didn't blink. "Okay, real talk. It was hot listening you two. I don't really know what else to say about it."

"Then don't." She went back to molding the dough. "It's communication, you know. Sex."

I leaned back and nodded. The anxiety of being alone with Brie was slowly easing up. She seemed to be a more welcoming person than I'd thought. Carol had always had something against her, probably because she was so upfront. Carol didn't deal well with people who spoke their mind. She was a planner through and through.

"Thanks for helping Haley," I said. "I'm glad she has someone to talk to. I don't, and it's hard sometimes."

"I'm here for her, always." Brie was finally scraping the bottom of the bowl. "It sucks when you can't pour your heart out if you need to."

"It's weird how little I knew about Haley's life. She and Carol were kinda close."

"Haley didn't want to open up to Carol. She could be the overbearing big sister."

"Carol's always been good at pointing out mistakes. Her own and other's."

Brie covered the energy bars with a parchment paper and stuffed the pans into the refrigerator. "I have to run, but you can probably manage here until she comes?"


She filled the bowl with water and left it in the sink. "This was nice. I'm happy Haley has found someone like you."


Brie rushed to her room, and I stayed in the kitchen thinking what I should do. I felt awkward like I was somewhere I didn't belong.

My salvation came in the form of a rustle of keys. I peeked into the hall just as Haley emerged from the door. I bounced up and greeted her, still holding the backpack over my crotch.

"Hi." Haley unwrapped her long, purple scarf. "You decided to come here to wait?"

"You sent the message to Brie by accident."

She took her phone out and checked. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Brie kept me company."

She glanced towards Brie's room and lowered her voice. "How did it go?"

"We had a chat."

Brie stormed out of her room just then, gym bag on her shoulder. "Finally! I thought I'd have to leave Tom here alone. How's your day?"

"Good." Haley clutched her purse. "You going then?"

"See ya tomorrow." Brie grinned at Haley and vanished into the corridor, slamming the door shut behind her.

The temperature in the apartment seemed to rise as Brie's steps faded. I looked at Haley, and she smiled nervously.

"Should we..." she started, moving towards her room, "like, talk first? I mean, we agreed to talk, didn't we?"

"Sure." I brought my backpack with me, but then I just stood in the middle of her room while she sat on the bed.

She stared at the wall and played with a strand of hair that had escaped from her ponytail. "Um, are we cool?"

"Sure." The office chair creaked when I sat on it. And I chastised myself for not being able to say more than that one word. "Uh, I talked with Brie. She was surprisingly nice. But the first meeting was kind of a mess."

Haley chuckled and quickly slapped a hand on her mouth. "I didn't mean to laugh."

"Don't worry about it." I laughed, too. I had been a mess, she had been a mess, and we definitely had made a mess. Then I sighed. "You're the best thing that has happened to me in years."

Haley patted the bed next to her, and I moved to sit there.

She leaned her head on my shoulder. She smelled of sweat and strawberry shampoo. "Why is everything so hard?"

"There's a lot on the line." I wrapped my arm around her. She was warm and precious. I wanted to kiss her, everywhere, but things needed to be said first. My boner didn't give a fuck what I wanted, and it tried to grow big enough for her to notice. "You've done so much. You could've just said no to everything. To me."

"I want this. You. I don't want to seem flippant, but this is like an adventure. I've learned so much about myself."

"Me, too." I weaved my fingers in between hers. "Now I get why Carol wanted to be a sub. It's so liberating. Refreshing. It's hard to explain. Like peeling dead skin off of your soul. Or maybe not. That sounded silly."

"And gross." Haley laughed and kissed the back of my hand. "I like dominating you. I'm a little proud I've had enough courage for it."

"Of course you do. You're super brave."

"Should we, like, talk about...you know...that?"

"Is there something you want to say?"

"I didn't plan on getting fucked by Brie. It just happened. I know that sounds bad, but it really did."

"It was sudden, sure, but you had fun."

"So did you."

My cock twitched. "Maybe too much."

"I'd have loved to see you coming." She lifted her head and stared into my eyes. "How far would you like to go? I don't think I'm up to spanking you or tying you up. Verbal humiliation I don't mind, but what are your limits?"

"It's okay like this. I like verbal humiliation."

"Whenever you want." She poked me in the arm. "You didn't answer. I called you a cocksucker last time. Is that okay?"

"Yes." I admitted it way too quickly. "It's so stupid to be aroused by that. There isn't anything bad about sucking cocks, but I'm not supposed to want it. My dad would get a heart attack if he knew I even thought about something like that."

"I don't mind you sucking cocks, you know that."

"I noticed."

Haley grabbed my neck and forced her lips against mine. "You're my naughty boy."

I let her set the pace of the kiss and opened my mouth for her to explore with her tongue. She pressed her body against mine, and I moved my hand to her ass.

She pulled herself back and wiped her lips. "Talking time is running out. Is there anything else?"

"I love it when you make me serve you, like when I went down on you."

Haley nodded and smelled her shirt. "I need a shower. I've been running from lecture to lecture, and then to shops. I see no reason to clean myself when I have a slave for that. If you are willing?"

Her voice had gained this rougher, colder tone. My cock took notice.

"Yes, Mistress." I took the collar from my backpack. "I brought this back."

"We'll use it later." She left it on the bed and stood up, spreading her arms wide. "Undress me, slave."

I pulled her shirt over her head and folded it on the chair. Her black bra was next. I made sure I didn't touch her breasts as I freed them from their confinement.

She let out a sigh of relief and scratched at the red marks left on the skin.

I kneeled in front of her, unzipping the jeans. She stepped out of them, and I folded them on the pile with the shirt. I reached for her unicorn-patterned panties.

Haley slapped my hand. "With your teeth, slave. Eyes closed."

I nodded and closed my eyes. Slowly, I leaned closer. I heard her muffled giggle when my nose touched the soft skin of her belly. Her scent was my whole world. The saltiness of her sweat tingled on my tongue. I kissed my way down, enjoying her body. She didn't protest.

When I felt fabric under my lips, I carefully eased the waistband between my teeth. Ever so slowly, I dragged the panties down until they reached her knees and gravity dropped them to the floor.

"That was nice. Don't open your eyes." She struggled to get her socks off and then helped me to stand up. "Come."

She guided me into the bathroom, and then she was all over me. She peeled my shirt off, running her hands up my back. She fondled my boner through my jeans, pretending to have trouble with my belt buckle.

I remained as stoic as possible under her assault. She was out to get me. She kissed my chest and ran her palm more deliberately along my shaft. I trembled, and a moan escaped my lips.

"Behave, or I'll punish you." Haley released me from my jeans, and I felt her breath on my cock when it stretched itself out of my boxers.

When I was completely naked, I heard her turn on the shower. She took a firm grip on my cock and led me under the water. The streams bounced on my head and shoulders, the sound drowning out all others. Still I kept my eyes closed.

Her touch fought for attention with the running water. She fondled my ass, pressed herself against my back, and kissed my shoulders. She reached around and stroked my cock with long, slow movements.

And then suddenly, she pulled me out from under the water. My body was instantly chilled.

"Don't get carried away, slave," she said, like her touching me was my fault. She squeezed a big pool of something on my palm and turned the shower off. "Make yourself useful. Here's some shower gel. Clean me. Every inch."

I began at her shoulders. I rubbed the soap on her skin with slow, conscious movements. I followed her features with my fingers, feeling the bones of her elbows, the muscles in her forearms.

When I got to her palms, I made little circles on her skin with my fingertips and felt her shudder. I pressed her chest against my chest, painting her back with the broad strokes of my palms. Nonchalantly, I reached down to her ass and groped it with my slippery hands.

She bit my bicep then turned around, apparently refusing to let me set the pace.

My boner pushed against her lower back. I grabbed her hips. She was in my arms. I wanted to fuck her right then and there. Take her like I had before, against the wall.

But I didn't do it. My will wasn't my own. I was to do as my Mistress commanded, and nothing more.

I did quick work of her stomach to not tickle her needlessly. When I reached her breasts, I cupped them and made sure to spread the soap evenly. That's when she leaned forward, angling my cock between her ass cheeks.

I tried to concentrate, making sure even her nipples were properly soaped. She reacted by grinding her ass against my cock, making it slide easily against her slick skin. I moved my hands down to disrupt her teasing before my mind fell off the tracks, but she had other ideas.

"Detour." She grabbed my right hand and slipped it between her legs. "Make me come, slave."

I spread her legs wider to make more room for my hand. I ran my fingers up and down her pussy, and she leaned hard against the wall. I grabbed her with my other arm to make sure she wouldn't fall. I wanted to make it last, but I had barely thought about her clit when she started to moan.

Eyes closed, all of my consciousness was in the tips of my fingers. I found my way to her most sensitive spots and tormented them. She melted in my arms. Her orgasm took no effort. I was almost disappointed how easily she responded to my touch. Or had I learned to better listen to her body?

Haley took my hand and kissed my fingers. She was still panting when she said, "You're an exceptional slave."

She turned the water back on and pulled me under it with her. I rinsed her clean, and then she soaped me up. It was a hasty job, like she wanted to be somewhere else, and I had a guess what she wanted next. She'd barely touched my cock, maybe because she was afraid it would explode prematurely. I didn't blame her, the risk was real.

What she did, to my surprise, was pay extra attention to my ass. She fondled my cheeks, clearly hesitating to do more than that. I was sure she had ideas.

Haley sighed. "I wish I'd thought to ask you to bring your new toys. I would've liked to see what you look like when the plug goes in."

"Like a good slave, I did foresee this. My toys are in my backpack."

"Are you kidding me?" Her voice had completely lost her posh, Mistress tone. "Did you go to work with a dildo and a butt plug with you?"

"Anything for my Mistress."

"Stay there."

I heard Haley grab a towel and hurry to her room. She was rummaging through my stuff when she returned. Then it sounded like she had pulled out the Ziplock bag where I had secured my contraband.

I had been paranoid of my backpack the whole day, even taking it into the toilets with me. I knew that made everything more suspicious, but I couldn't leave it in my cubicle unguarded. There'd be no end to jokes, if I got caught with my toys.

"I like this." She took my hand, and something else was poured on my palm. Then she gave me the plug. "That's some lube. I want to see your face when you put it in."

I stood there, frozen, for couple of heartbeats. I had brought the toys just in case, not actually believing it would come to this. There was nobody to blame but myself. She kept upstaging me at every opportunity.

"Yes, Mistress," I finally said with a gulp.

I knelt down, spreading my legs. The floor was hard under my knees. I rubbed the lube on the plug and on my ass. It took effort not to touch my cock. My eyes were still shut, but I could feel Haley's gaze on me. Waiting, observing.

I pulled one ass cheek aside with one hand and used my lubed fingers to find my hole. I smeared the lube all around, making sure everything was nice and slippery. At first it had been weird to put something inside me. Not unpleasant, just something my body hadn't experienced before.

I touched my hole with the tip of the plug. The unrelenting mixture of shame and excitement rushed through my body like it had been doing way too often these past weeks.

I breathed out and made my best effort to relax. I pushed the tip in ever so carefully. There was more resistance this time, probably because I was more nervous. But I took my time. Both to make it easier for me and not to hurt myself.

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