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Sleepover Turned Striptease


It all started at a sleepover. The two girls had been best friends forever, since the third grade when Alex met Dana on her first day after she moved. The two made a natural pair, and aside from playing soccer, they were girly girls who loved shopping, getting their nails done and dressing up.

They had their ups and downs as a duo, but managed to stay friends and truly cared about one another. But as they grew up, things had changed, most notably, the boys that were interested in them. They had always had the attention of the boys at school, who would each take a turn having a crush on each one of the girls. Some would fall for Alex's beautiful blonde hair, while others loved Dana's olive skin and piercing blue eyes.

But now at age 18, they were starting to notice looks and glances from all types of men. And it was happening almost every day. Dana was shocked when she noticed her teacher clearly turn around to watch Alex walk out of class. They felt a sense of pride about growing up into beautiful, attractive women and catching men with their eyes all over them. They began to wear tighter clothing and lower cut shirts to gather more attention and felt giddy when they heard a man hoot and holler as one of them walked by. The girls were relatively inexperienced sexually.

They had all made out and let boys grab at their chests, but questions of how to perform oral sex arouse as they sat on the couch about to go to bed.

Alex's boyfriend had been pressuring her to go down on him. It was something that made her feel nervous, and anxious in a good way; she had an urge to do it but wanted to make sure she did it right.

"But what if he doesn't like it? Then what will he think?" she asked her friend.

"I don't know why you're so concerned. It's just not that hard." Dana responded was far more experienced, since she had a boyfriend for almost six months. "Wait one second. I'll be right back."

Dana rushed downstairs to the kitchen to get a few props for her teaching lesson. She grabbed two bananas and ran back upstairs. She threw one to Alex.

"You know what they say: practice makes perfect"

she giggled.

Alex was confused, "wait you want me to what? Seriously?"

"Why not? We won't tell anyone how it goes. Just try to lick it. That's all you have to do. Just like this."

Dana leaned forward in her Juicy Couture track suit and slowly stuck her tongue out before sliding it over the banana like a true pro.

"Try it."

Alex pulled her long blonde hair back and gave it a try. She licked the banana from top to bottom and felt a tinge of excitement. She licked it again and gave Dana a sly grin.

"Now you can't tell me you can't handle that," Dana demanded.

"Is that all you have to do."

"Yeah, basically. Then just put your lips around it and push it in and out of your mouth. Like this."

Dana wrapped her dark lips around the end of the banana and slowly put more of it in her mouth. She couldn't help but feel turned on as she did it. Alex followed and did exactly as Dana did.

They both continued this for a while. Playing around with the different ways they could please man. Dana told Alex to use her hand, and in no time, the girls were sitting on Dana's couch making love to a banana.

"I can't believe we're doing this," admitted Alex.

"Well whatever. At least, now you know. Think you'll do it?"

Alex answered, "Yeah I guess, seems pretty fun." It had been pretty fun for Alex. She had never really felt that turned on before as she did imagining giving a blowjob. Though she didn't admit it, Dana had been aroused too.

The girls threw the bananas on the table in front. It was getting late, and they both knew they should be getting to bed since 8 AM would come around before they knew it.

"Want to call it a night. We do have soccer practice pretty early tomorrow" Dana asked.

Alex was restless. She had never felt so sexually charged. For the first time, she felt her pussy tingle, and she couldn't escape the anxiousness and excitement she felt. This was the first time she had ever felt this way and had no idea how to act upon these feelings. Feeling helpless, she agreed "yeah, I'll go get my bag. I think I left it downstairs."

While walking down the stairs, she couldn't stop thinking about how she felt. She felt happy, excited and giddy. Overcome with these feelings, she really didn't want to go to bed. She wanted to continue to feel this way, and explore the feeling. For the first time in her life, Alex was incredibly horny.

She returned upstairs to find Dana right where she left her, texting on her phone.

As Alex walked in Dana said, "One second, then I'll strip down and get ready for bed."

"Oh so you're a stripper, now." Alex asked with the sensual part of her mind still clearly turned on.

Dana didn't immediately respond, but Alex pressed. "Could you ever imagine what it would be like to be a stripper?"

"Huh?" Dana couldn't help but respond.

"Ya know, like in the movies. Like how it might feel to give a dance." As she said it she strolled up to Dana, straddled her legs and brushed her hands through Dana's hair.

"How would you do it." Dana asked, attempting to play along.

"I don't know. Isn't this all it takes." Alyx immediately began to take her jacket off and dropped it to the floor. Alex was now wearing just her red dress. It hugged her tight body up top but flew freely down towards her the middle of her thighs. Alex was a petite fit girl. Though not tall, she was shapely with a small waist and a round ass that the boys frequently commented on.

"You seem to be a natural." Dana admitted while Alex slowly turned around and leaned away from her, leaving her ass beautifully outlined with the red dress right in Dana's face.

Dana, always the more playful one, took things a step further. Without hesitation she reached up and pulled the bottom seam of Alex's dress up onto her back, illuminating a simple black thong cutting deep through Alex's rounded cheeks. Alex nervously giggled and started to move away. She was not even in the slightest mad about what Dana did or even uncomfortable, she was just nervous and didn't know how to respond. Alex slowly leaned back up right and walked away.

She giggled, "Well that was fun," while she turned around to face Dana again expecting the

whole charade to be over.

"Seemed like it. Now my turn." Dana stood up and immediately, sat Alex down in the chair. Alex's face had blushed. Without hesitation, Dana took steps towards the wall and lowered the lights. She then walked and stood directly in front of Alex, about ten feet in front.

"Ready?" Dana asked.

"Um, uhh" Alex stumbled not really sure what to say. At this point, Alex had no idea what she had gotten herself into. She wasn't against it at all, just nervous that she wouldn't know what to do. She realized that Dana had always seemed so confident in everything she did, and wished that she shared that confidence.

Alex's hesitation didn't stop Dana at all. She slowly paraded towards Alex, barefoot, wearing a black juicy tracksuit that hugged her body with a white tank top barely visible. Dana had dark tanned skin, and a body that any girl would die for. Though slim, she possessed an hour glass figure with a large chest. Her boobs were beautifully rounded, she loved letting others get lost in her deep cleavage.

Once Dana's slow walk reached Alex she leaned forward, letting the softness of her upper breast brush up against Alex's face. Slowly, Dana leaned forward even more and with her finger pulled down the top of her tank top and pressed forward until Alex's nose felt her sternum and her face was surrounded by two warm breasts.

Dana leaned back a little bit, and removed her jacket. She turned around and leaned forward placing the jacked on the floor and pushing her ass up into the air. Dana's perfect top was accompanied by a better lower half and the velour sweatsuit did it justice. Her round ass fit perfectly into the tight pants. Right under the elastic waist band, Alex could see Dana's ass emerge rounded until it returned to her smooth thighs.

Dana stood back upright and while leaning forward slowly lowered her pants. First, she pulled them down a little, giving Alex a glimpse of a silver thong wedged between her cheeks. The triangular part of the thong disappeared into Dana's shapely ass.

Then Dana pushed them all the way down and pushed her ass back until she could feel it make contact with Alex's body. Dana put her hands on her knees, and rolled her back making her ass slowly rise and fall before Alex.

Dana was no longer thinking. Consumed in the moment, she just reacted and did what she felt naturally would come next. In the dim light, Alex couldn't help but realize just how perfect Dana's body was. The white of the tank top and the silver of the thong highlighted her dark olive skin. Dana leaned all the way forward to grab her ankles and Alex saw the thong run in between the lips of her pussy. The lips were puffy and Alex realized just how turned on she was. She reached between her legs and felt dampness through her underwear.

Dana stood back up grabbed the bottom of tank top. Facing away from Alex, she put her arms above her head and removed her tank top. She turned back around and one by one put her arms through the straps of her white bra. She pushed it down so both her beautiful, natural breasts were exposed. Alex noticed her dark nipples and was amazed at how hard the tips had become.

Dana leaned forward and placed her head near Alex's waist. She slowly raised her head so that her hard nipples would run up Alex's body stopping them right in front of her face. Alex, unsure of how to react, acted naturally, licking the tip of her nipple. Dana was not expecting this, and was taken aback at the cool wet touch on her right exposed breast. She quickly moved back and noticed an apprehensive look on Alex's face.

Alex thought she'd taken things too far as Dana moved back. Without saying a word, Dana pushed Alex's legs together and moved forward, sitting on the couch on top of Alex with one leg on each side of Alex's. Feeling her breasts completely up against Alex's body, Dana leaned forward and pushed her lip's towards Alex's. First their lips, then their tongues, collided in the most aroused embrace either had ever been a part of. They continued the connection and the make out for the next ten minutes, until the climax had fallen and Dana moved away.

"Wasn't expecting that" Dana quietly admitted as she stepped away towards the lights. She quickly went to gather up her clothes as Alex stood there silently.

"Are you ok?" Dana asked worried that Alex was not comfortable with just happened.

Alex sensed Dana's concern and quickly assured her she was alright. Even adding, "I'm glad that happened. I've never felt like that before."

After Dana got dressed, Alex got up and gave her a hug. During the hug, Dana gave Alex's ass a squeeze reminding her that they may need to recreate this experience again.

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