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I remember the first night my roommate, Emily, went sleepwalking.

I was having trouble falling asleep due to mid-term exams, stressing about my grades, and horny as hell because I hadn't had a date in f-ing forever since I wanted to focus on my studies. Emily was having troubles, too, but not with her schoolwork. She was a straight-A student. Her problems were with her boyfriend. I guess they were keeping her up, too.

I opened my eyes as Emily got up, mumbling to herself about something. She sleeps in these light teddies, and I always admired her DD breasts - much larger than my own 36 C's - and the way she never seemed to mind the fact that her sheer teddies left nothing to the imagination.

"Em? What's the matter?" I asked drowsily. But she either didn't hear me or didn't care because she wandered off down the hall. I assumed she was just going to the bathroom or to get a drink of water. But when she didn't come back in about ten minutes, I got a little worried and slipped out of bed.

"Emily?" I called softly. The kitchen light was on, and Emily was talking to somebody. Except it was a one-sided conversation, with her pausing every now and then as though someone were responding. I peeked around the corner and saw her standing in the kitchen with an empty glass, sipping from it every now and then as though it had water or something.

Emily giggled, as if her imaginary friend had said something funny.

I saw that, even though her eyes were open, they didn't seem focused. It would have creeped me out if I hadn't had some experience with sleepwalking before.

When we were twelve, my twin brother (fraternal twin, obviously) went through a brief period of sleepwalking when my folks were having a rough patch in their marriage. That freaked me out, especially the night Zach walked into my room and started to crawl into bed with me! There wasn't anything sexual about it - he just really thought it was his bed, and didn't understand why I was in it. It happened again when we were about sixteen or so, when his hormones were surging like crazy. I often wondered if he masturbated a lot to handle it and try and lessen the pressure. (I know I did!)

Anyway, when I realized what was going on, I said to Emily, gently but firmly: "Emily, why don't you go back to bed now, okay? It's late, honey, and you really need to get some sleep."

Ok - creepies here when she looked at me with those blank eyes, but she smiled and nodded. "Okay," she said. "Tom, I need to go to bed, now. I'll see you tomorrow." Tom was her boyfriend.

With that, she set her glass on the sink and shuffled back to our room. I followed, making sure she didn't bump into anything, and watched her as she slid into her bed.

For some bizarre reason - don't ask me why right now - maybe it was subconscious - but I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and brushed her hair away from her forehead like I was her mom or something, and Emily muttered" "Thanks, mom. I love you, too" and drifted off.

I slipped into bed, and my mind wandered. Odd imaginings drifted through my thoughts, and I guess I eventually fell asleep, too.

It happened again a few nights later. This time, I wasn't as worried, but did get up and follow Emily around to make sure she didn't hurt herself. Much to my surprise, this time she had sex! With herself! Well, with her imaginary boyfriend, Tom. She was "fucking" him on the sofa in the living room, acting like she was bouncing up and down on his cock with him beneath her. I have to admit, it made me a little wet watching her - the way she was talking, and touching herself. She slid her teddy off and played with her boobs while "Tom" fucked her.

Watching, I felt my nipples grow hard, and let my hand slip under my T to ease the ache with some light pulling. That, however, only made my pussy want more, increasing the hunger I felt down there.

"Oh, yeah, mmmm..." Emily writhed. Then, to my further surprise, she came! Emily arched her back, and shuddered, and I saw her panties grow very wet as her liquid came flowing out. Her aroma was warm and delicious from where I stood.

That was when the idea - the wicked, naughty little idea - crept into my head.

Emily was sighing and laying down on top of her imaginary Tom, and slowly grinding her hips against the sofa cushion.

I spoke firmly, but not loud - I didn't want to wake her and freak her out, let alone break the spell.

"Emily, go back to bed. But when you get up, I want you to wake me with a kiss." I said it, feeling perhaps it needed time to trickle down in her awareness. Maybe I couldn't get such immediate responses like I did with the more innocuous request that she go back to bed. Then I remembered, too, that people - hypnotized people and sleepwalkers alike - will not do anything against their wishes. You can't make somebody a mass-murderer or do harm if that's not their nature. So, maybe Emily wasn't into girls at all. I didn't know, so I made it something easier to start with.

Emily lazily got up and shuffled back to bed. Her face, lax as it was, still held an "after sex" glow that I envied, even if it was all in her mind!

Emily slipped under her covers, and I stroked her hair before climbing back into my own bed.

The impulse to implant a command was sudden, but just for fun. I thought. And so I wasn't all that attached to the outcome.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised when I was awoken by a very light, sisterly kiss!

That decided it. I made up my mind to "experiment" with Emily whenever I caught her sleepwalking. In fact, two nights later, when she did it again, I actually implanted the suggestion that she do this more often!

I began with simple, "next day" suggestions. Part your hair on the other side. Wear a particular outfit. Borrow my panties without telling me. (I really got off when I found them in the laundry basket a few days later. I even fingered myself to orgasm, sniffing her scent out of the crotch, as my excitement and feeling of control grew!) Stuff like that. But soon, Emily was sleepwalking almost every other night, and I began to get bolder. My sense of power was growing, and I was really getting off on the feeling of being in control of my roommate.

So, a few nights later, I suggested to Emily that she "suck Tom off like he's always wanted" the next time she saw him.

Tom desperately wanted Emily to give him head, but she always refused. She had asked me about it, and I told her that all guys love to have their cocks sucked. And that they love a girl who will let them cum in their mouth.

Emily made a face, and said "Eww! I don't think I'd let Tom do that."

I just shrugged. It's not most girl's fantasy, I guess, though I know a lot of girls who do enjoy giving head. Just not taking the load in their mouths. "It's no big deal," I told her. "Some guys - yeah, it's pretty strong - even downright skanky! But most guys, it's just rather salty and, well, fishy."

She didn't like that at all.

Poor Tom. But I wondered if Emily had ever tried it - had ever tasted a guy's cum before - and figured, "What the heck! If she's really not into it, she won't do it. No harm."

Well, to my delight - and Tom's - Emily did give in. She sucked him off in the front seat of his car after going to the movies. And she swallowed it all down!

Emily told me about it that night as we were laying in bed.

I was getting way turned on, more by the fact that I very well may have had something to do with it than anything else. But sex talk is sex talk, and it was making me horny. I lay in bed, playing with my pussy discretely under the covers, as she told me all about it.

"I don't know what came over me!" she exclaimed. "But, well, I just saw his cock all hard and long, and knew he wanted me to put it in my mouth - and I have done that before. But this time... I don't know... I felt this, like, hunger inside me - way deep down. More - well, curious. But very turned on curious, you know what I mean? And I ignored that part of me that always got grossed out by the idea and just - well, kept on licking and sucking and making him feel good. And that was turning me on more than it ever has before, too! Knowing that he was going nuts, and that I was doing it to him!"

"Mmm-hmm," I said, knowing exactly what she meant. Power is an aphrodisiac.

"So, anyway, I could feel his cock get really hard, and like, tighten up, and he said 'Fuck, baby! I'm gonna' cum!' And I smiled, with my tongue sliding up that really sensitive spot just under the rim, and didn't back off. And he said 'Oh, fuck, babe! I'm gonna - I'm gonna'...' And then he came!

"I didn't know what to expect, so I just kept my mouth wrapped around his cock and did my best not to choke as his jizz shot in my mouth. I choked some, too, which embarassed me..." Emily glanced at me to see if I thought any less of her for not being an expert at giving head, but I had my eyes half-closed, enjoying my own imaginary show, and just nodded. "Anyway - I felt kind of - I don't know... powerful? Really sexual, having his cock throbbing like that in my mouth. I swallowed down what I could, though a lot dribbled out - which was kind of a turn on, too, actually. I kind of liked it getting all messy, down my hands and chin and all... And while I can't say that I really love the taste," Emily paused again. "I did love the way it made me feel to get him off like that. And to hear him moan and writhe and feel so damn good."

"Yeah," I replied. "I know what you mean. That is very sexy." I slipped a finger into my oh so wet pussy, wanting to do more, fuck the fact that Emily was right there. But another idea crept into my wicked little head...

"So - are you going to do it to him again?" I asked.

Emily cocked her head as she thought about it. I could see that she was turned on, too, by the way her nipples were showing through her night gown. "Yeah - I think I will. But I want it to be something special. I'm not going to go down on him all the time, just because he likes it!"

I smiled at that.

There was a pause as the conversation lagged, and finally Emily said "Well, goodnight, Kat. I - I'm kinda tired now, so I'm going to turn out the lights. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure," I said. I was dying to put a little more effort into my masturbation, and felt it would be easier to do with the lights out, anyway.

Emily turned out the lights, and I waited a few minutes listening to see if she went to sleep so I could get myself off. Damn me if she wasn't over there fingering herself in her bed, too!

I guess the sex helped calm her unconscious down enough that she didn't sleepwalk for about four or five nights. But when she did, I suggested that she masturbate for me. I was more than delighted when it didn't take a day or two for the suggestion to take effect.

Emily was sitting up in bed when I said "Emily, play with yourself for me. I want to watch you cum."

And she just pushed off the covers, pulled off her nighty and sat with her legs open, facing me, and began to do exactly that!

I was in heaven! It was strange to have her looking at me, but not really at me, you know? Like, she was seeing me, but because she wasn't truly awake, I wasn't sure if she could watch me or not. Tentatively, I slipped out from under my covers and slid out of my panties and T and began to masturbate along with Emily. I watched her, and let her watch me getting off watching her. She didn't wake up, and she didn't snap out of it, but she just did what I asked. She masturbated in front of me as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Totally uninhibited. And hot!

OM f-ing God! Emily has this strange innocent sexuality. She's built very curvy - wide hips, very rounded ass, huge breasts, and has this beautiful pussy, like an orchid. And she made sure that I could see it very well from where I lay, smiling as I watched.

I only wished she weren't asleep! As exciting as it was - and it was, believe you me! - Emily wasn't getting off to me getting off to her. And I wanted that. I wanted to see her watch me play with my pussy. To know - just like Tom - that I was getting turned on and enjoying the sight of her playing with herself. That it was giving me a lot of pleasure and excitement to do this together.

The fact that Emily responded so quickly to this suggestion was - well, suggestive - in and of itself.

I felt even more turned on as another idea crept into my wicked head...

"Emily," I said in my firm yet gentle tone. I was getting a lot of practice at this! "I think we should do this together more often, don't you? In fact, I want us to do this together. Soon! Tomorrow."

Emily's face made a half-smile as she nodded. Her fingers were sliding over her pussy now, very hard, and she was really getting into it for me.

"That's it," I said as I lay back enjoying the show. "Now, cum for me, Emily! Go ahead - cum! I want you to do it. We'll do it together, if you like." I came when Emily did because she made this little nod that she wanted me to cum, too, when she did.

"Ohhhh!" I crooned as I orgasmed. I lay there panting as Emily, in a dream, got up and slowly slipped on her nighty and went back to bed.

I gathered up my clothes and slipped them back on, too. I slept well, dreaming of the delights the next day should bring.

The next day, I watched for signs that last night's suggestion had taken. Or if Emily rememembered watching me masturbate with her.

I knew something was up because Emily seemed agitated. I'd catch her staring at me out of the corner of my eye. But when I turned to look, Emily would look away, a puzzled frown on her face. I wasn't sure if this boded well for my little control fantasy...

Finally, I decided the best course of action for me to take was to act as if nothing was going to happen. That way, if it did - great! I would be in for a good time! If not - well, maybe we just needed a few more "sessions" - which I wouldn't mind so much, either. I would much rather have Emily an active, willing participant. But, in time...

I went and took a shower. As I was in there, shaving my legs, Emily knocked and came into the bathroom.

"Just - uh - needed something..." she said, and glanced around nervously.

"Sure," I shrugged and went back to concentrating on my shaving. Knowing Emily was there, I decided to put on bit of a show, testing her. I rinsed off my legs and then lathered up my pubic hair. I keep it trimmed, and it was due for a shave. I like a little patch, just down the center.

I noticed Emily watching me in the mirror.

"Kat?" she finally spoke. "Can I ask you something?"

Trying not to get too hopeful, I did my best to concentrate on what I was doing. Making sure that Emily could see my pussy as I trimmed the nether reaches of my outer lips. "Sure," I said, acting cool.

Emily paused, watching me. Finally, I looked up and caught her glance in the mirror. She blushed, and pulled out a brush and began to brush out her hair. She has medium length, blonde hair with hilights to die for.

"Uhm - have you ever..." she began. "Kat - have you ever - dreamed about - being with another woman?" she asked.

She looked at me quickly, then went back to looking at herself in the mirror.

"Sure," I said and laughed. "I used to all the time when I was a teen. It was when I began to figure out I was bi that I used to. Why?"

Emily put the brush down. "Do you think - Do you think it means you're - into - other women if you - um, have a dream about one?"

She was so cute. So naive, sometimes, but so cute!

"Not necessarily. It could just be a dream. Like Freud said - 'sometimes a cigar is just a cigar'. It doesn't have to mean anything."

Emily seemed to relax a bit when I said that. "Oh, thank God," she muttered softly.

"Why? Did you -? Do you mean, you had a dream about another woman last night?" I asked, feiging ignorance. I was also trying to keep my tone playful and not betray the tickle of lust that was beginning in my pussy.

Emily picked the brush back up and went back to brushing her hair. "No. Well, yes - but... Well, like you said, it doesn't mean anything, right?"

"Right," I assured her. My hopes were up, though, and I felt my pussy grow warm. I concentrated on my razor, however. When I looked back up, Emily was looking at my pussy in the mirror. I had the lips pulled slightly apart as I cleaned the edges, and she got a good look at my pink center.

I pretended not to notice. Soon, Emily finished brushing and said, "Well, thanks for the talk," and went out.

Weird. But promising.

Nothing much happened the rest of the aternoon, so I just figured she needed a few more nights of "coaching." I was right.

That night, I heard Emily sit up. She was talking to me, and at first I thought she was awake. But when I turned on the reading lamp, I saw that she was in her sleepwalking state. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, mumbling something to me - I heard my name clearly but not much else. And Emily was already lifting up her teddy and pulling it off. Her hands ran over her beautiful, large nipples and she moaned.

I slipped out from under the covers and lay back on my bed. I pulled off my panties and T-shirt and lay naked like I had the night before. I encouraged Emily as she began to slide her fingers under her panties. She slipped them off and opened her legs wider for me to see.

"Mmmm - that's my good Emily," I said. "That looks wonderful. Doesn't it feel good to do that to yourself for me?"

Emily replied "Yes" in that dreamy sleep-talk she had.

"I like it when you show me your pussy," I told her gently. "I love to watch how you pleasure yourself. Would you like to watch me pleasure myself?" I asked.

Emily nodded and got up from her bed. My heart was racing as she settled on mine, her far-away gaze sweeping over my body as I lay there.

I was so tempted to reach out and touch her, but feared I'd wake her up if I went too far too soon. So I lifted one leg and slid my fingers into my pussy where she could see. If she could really see, that is. I hoped that, on some level, she was taking all this in.

"Do you like my pussy?" I asked her. "Do you like to see my fingers going in and out of my wet little slit?"

"Yes," she said.

I picked up my pace as Emily continued her slow, dreamy masturbation while sitting on the edge of my bed. Only a few inches separated her skin from mine. The temptation was almost overpowering!

"I want to see you, too," I told her. "Finger your wet pussy for me, Em."

She immediately complied.

"I like doing this..." she said softly. "I like doing this for you..."

I thrilled to hear it! And it sent me over the edge. I came, and my juices flowed out of my pussy, soaking my cover sheet.

"I'm so glad, Em" I said. I sat up, careful not to touch her though dying to do so. "I want you to do this for me. I want you to watch me, too. Will you, sweetie? Will you do this with me tomorrow? I want us to so much."

Emily nodded and her hand pressed deeper into her own lovely pussy.

"That's it, Em - finger yourself. Harder. I love it when you do that!"

Her body responded, and her hand went faster and harder into her puss.

"Oh, yes, Emily... yes!" I watched as her fingers played with her clit, and her body began to contract. "Cum for me, Em. Cum!"

She shuddered as her orgasm broke over her. I watched as her hand pressed deep and hard, and smelled her wonderful aroma as her cum flowed out into her hand.

I felt naughty and in control. "Let me smell you," I said. "Let me smell you from your hand."

Emily lifted her hand and I inhaled her aroma deeply.

Gently, fearing I might wake her, I let me tongue sneak out and just barely touch her wet skin. Her taste was warm and sweet, and I felt a jolt of delight go right through me. I was going to have to have more - and soon!

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