tagIncest/TabooSleepwalking Mom

Sleepwalking Mom


Mom has always been a sleepwalker. We've managed it over the years. But last night, she sleptwalk right into my room. I didn't realize it until I felt a warm body press against me under the sheets. I sleep naked in the summer; mom wasn't wearing any more.

"Mmm, hey there sexy hubby," mom whispered in my ear, nuzzling her head in my shoulder and draping her thigh over mine. "I know our boy is back for the summer, but you know how he sleeps. No reason we can't have some fun..." Mom licked around the outside of my ear, running a hand down my chest until it reached my naked cock.

I froze. Mom clearly had mistaken me for dad, and clearly was horny. I thought for moment about how awkward it would be when I told her, but realized it was better than her finding out later.

"Mom," I whispered, turning my face towards hers. She brought her lips to mine and darted her tongue in my mouth.

"Oooh, another role play tonight hubby? You want to be our darling, studly son, fucking me in his father's bed?" Mom asked, breaking the kiss. Her grip on my cock tightened as she mentioned me.

I froze again. Could mom and dad really have been role playing about me? And mom got off on it? Even more conflicting emotions swam through my head as mom lifted her hips over me and straddled my cock.

"Well OK then, my hunky boy," mom said, her lips resting just above mine as she fished between her legs for my hard on. "Your father hasn't been able to satisfy me for a while now. And you've been so helpful around the house this summer, home from college. Mommy needs a little...BIG favor." Mom's eyes widened as she finished running her hand from the tip to the base of my cock. "Jeez honey, you feel so much bigger tonight. And have you lost weight?" mom mused as she finally settled my tip at her entrance.

"So um, son," mom continued, breaking for a moment to kiss me again. Our mouths intertwined, mom gently sucking and rubbing my tongue. "Right." She paused again, pushing my cock head in her entrance and dropping her hips straight onto mine. "HOLY fuck baby...I mean son," mom winced as she bottomed out. "You definitely feel much bigger than your father tonight. Stretching mommy like a good boy, though," she added, beginning to work her hips up and down my shaft.

I had been still up to this point, but feeling my tip push against mom's cervix was too much. I groaned as she bucked against me, and reached to squeeze her breasts pressing against my chest. Mom wrapped her arms around my neck, gripped her thighs against me and continued her swaying motion, up and down.

"You're really something tonight, honey," she whispered. "I mean, you feel so thick inside mommy," she purred in my ear.

I began thrusting my hips up to meet mom's, intermittently feeling her pussy lips on my pelvis and my cock tip bottoming out. The sound of smacking flesh and muffled moans filled the room. As mom's juices coated my cock and ran down my balls, the smacking grew louder. I worried for a moment dad would wake up, but it felt too good to consider stopping.

After a few minutes of rhythmic fucking under the sheets mom reached back down between us. I realized she was rubbing her clit, and knew she must be close. I took my hands from her swaying tits and ran them to her hairless pussy, grabbing her hand out of the way and rubbing my fingers along her engorged clit.

"Mommy's so close," she moaned, biting my neck. "Oh God son, keep fucking mommy with your huge cock in your father's bed. Make her cum for you. Then cum for me. Shoot your hot load deep in mommy's womb; give her the second baby your father could never deliver."

Mom was really getting into it now, so I pumped and rubbed faster. I heard a few whimpers, sensed some tightening, and then felt a wave of shaking as mom came hard on my cock. The sensation was so beautiful that I grabbed mom's face and kissed her passionately, her hair falling around me. The sheets underneath became gradually soaked as mom continued. I realized it wouldn't be long for me either, so I pumped harder while holding mom's face just in front of mine.

"I can feel how close you are," she said. "Finish the job. Fill mommy with your load." I couldn't take much more after that, and I began cumming ropes inside mom. It felt like a full minute that I pumped and came, instinctively pushing in as far as I could and filling the small space between my cock and mom's cervix with cum. After a few more minutes I collapsed. Mom gave me a final kiss, rolled off and curled up next to me to spoon.

"That was amazing, honey. You were so good tonight; it felt like actually fucking our son."

As mom's ass nuzzled into my deflating cock, I ran an idle hand down to her groin and felt my hot cum oozing out of her pussy.

Then, my only thoughts were how to get mom back into her bed, filled with my jizz, without anyone knowing.


All characters are over 18 and entirely fictional.

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