tagIncest/TabooSleepwalking Neice

Sleepwalking Neice


My wife is from France. We met when I was visiting the country on, of all things, a bird-watching tour. We got married when I was 33 and she was 28. We have been married for over ten years, and we now live in Atlanta. She was always complaining about never visiting her family and friends, so last summer, we did just that.

Her older brother has a comfortable home, and he would not hear of us staying in a hotel. So, we stayed with him, his wife, and their 18-year-old daughter who has yet to "find herself". The daughters name is Raven, and from all I can tell, she shops, talks forever on her cell phone, and tans in the backyard as a profession. Anyway, this niece of mine is stunning. She stands 5 foot 6 and weighs, I would guess, around 125 pounds. Her hair is long and brunette, and she has the most beautiful and piercing green eyes you have ever seen. In other words, she is a knockout.

While sitting at the dinner table the first evening of our arrival, I noticed that there was a bell hanging over the front door and the back door which I thought slightly odd, so I asked why they were there. Apparently, Raven has a tendency to sleepwalk for reasons unknown. The parents did not feel it presented too much of an issue. The bells are there to alert them if Raven gets too deep into her sleep and wants to go out into the neighborhood. The worst that has ever happened was when she walked to the neighbor's house and woke up on their couch. The family has decided to just accept it.

On about the forth night of our stay, at around 3:00 in the morning, I got up to take a piss. The house was as still as a cemetery. As I turned around to leave the bathroom, I let out a little shriek as right before me was Raven. Her eyes were glassed over. She was looking right through me. Then, she turned and started for the front door. I followed her and called her name loud enough for her to hear, but no one else. She did not even break her slow stride. As she turned to reach for the door-knob, I touched her shoulder to stop her. She turned, but gave no other reaction. It was like following a mummy. I am ashamed as to where my mind went next. I looked around to see if there was anyone moving from either her parent's room or my wife's. I know my wife can sleep through a nuclear attack. I decided I would chance it with her parents.

I waved my hand in front of Ravens face to ensure no response. When I saw no pupil reaction, I reached into my shorts and pulled out my dick. At first I started to pull on it while simply staring at Ravens young body. She was wearing a thin t-shirt and cotton panties. I began to rub the outside of her panties and felt the course hair of pussy while still pulling on my dick. I was staring in her eyes. Nothing!

I reached up to pull at her right nipple. It started to get hard in my hand. Then, I reached under her t-shirt and started to alternate between rubbing my open palm against her nipple and pulling the entire perfectly shaped titty. My dick was in full bloom now, and I was stroking it for all it was worth. Raven, standing there just staring, made me feel even more daring. So, I stopped the wank-yank for a minute so I could pull her panties down. I only pulled them down mid-way. I suppose I was telling myself I could react quicker this way in case someone woke up.

The house was dark, but the little light from the kitchen was all I needed to stare at what is possibly the most exquisite pussy that man has ever seen. Picasso could not paint a better penis pit. I leaned over to sniff that delectable diamond. As I figured, it smelled like a slice of heaven. I got on my knees and did a knee walk up to her box. I grabbed her around the waist and then playfully poked my nose at her opening. She just stood there, hands to the side. Motionless. I pulled her panties all the way to the floor now. Her only remaining covering was the t-shirt.

I did a snuggle up to her pussy with my nose just to part the opening, and then I started to slowly lick. At first, nothing was happening. Then...moisture. I think I sensed that Raven had sort of partially knelt allowing me deeper access to her hole. This excited me and frightened me as I thought she might be waking. But, in peering into her face, I could see that she was not. Back to work then. I pushed my tongue into her opening. As she was still standing, this was kind of awkward. So, I guided her over to the couch, sat her down, and then took her panties all the way off.

Moving her around was like positioning a mannequin. She was putty in my hands. I pushed her back on the couch in a sitting position. Then, I spread her legs wide open. I stared for a good minute at that perfectly young and inviting pussy. Her hair was silky smooth and a little moist from my tongue action. I knelt in front of her, still pulling my dick, and put one finger in her pussy. I couldn't believe the amount of moisture that was hidden behind that hairy entrance. Once I got one finger in, it was easy to slip in two, then three. I was fingering her, jacking off, and watching her eyes. They were staring somewhere out into space. Like I give a shit.

Now, I moved in closer to her opening. Steadying myself with my left hand on her leg, I ran my dick up and down the length of her slit. Then, I pulled her in close to me by grabbing her hips just above her legs. This allowed her to slide lower on the couch and position that pussy higher for my throbbing dick. Slowly, I began to enter my niece. Deeper, in more, a little more, a little more. Now I was all the way in, and past the point of no return. I hesitated a second to look at my dick actually stuffed in Raven's pussy, and at her beautiful face, her small and pointy nose, those wanting and inviting lips.

Then, I started to pump in and out. At first slow ...then a little faster. I was steadying myself by placing my hands on the couch on either side of Raven. I was looking deep into her eyes. Then, I leaned in to kiss her mouth. Her lips were wet, and I drove my tongue deep into her throat. I even licked behind her teeth and sucked out her spit. At one point, I took her arms and placed them around my neck. May as well continue the illusion that this young girl wants me and is willingly fucking my brains out. As I continued to fuck, I reached around Ravens outer thighs until I was touching her ass. I moved my right hand in lower and started to finger her asshole. I was imagining what this must look like to someone watching us. The visual and the actual made my dick began to heat up from deep inside me. I could feel my cum building.

I braced my hands against the back on the couch so I could really lengthen my stroke as I went deeper and deeper into Raven's cunt. Over and over in my mind, in the rhythm of my stroke, I kept saying, fuck this young pussy, fuck this young pussy, fuck your young nieces pussy. Here it comes. Here it comes. Suddenly, the eruption! My cum was intense and continual. In a last second sick ass move, I pulled my dick out of Ravens pussy, and stood over her face jerking the last few drops of my cum onto her face and lips. I watched as the cum traced a slow trail from the base of her nose past the line of her lips and into her mouth. I was actually shaking when that last drop of semen hit her cheek.

I collapsed beside my tranced out niece to catch my breath. Afterwards, I snuck into the bathroom to grab a face towel. I wiped her face, and I dug deep into her pussy pushing the cloth in with my finger to not only retrieve the drops of cum that I could, but also because it just feels great to be able to dig deep into an 18 year old girl's pussy. After I was satisfied that I had cleaned Raven up enough to give a convincing argument if there was some evidence left behind, I walked her to her room and placed her back in bed and under the covers. Then, I snuck back to my room and my sound asleep wife.

Tomorrow night, I think I'll sneak Raven some sleeping pills.

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