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Slender Bella


Slender Bella wanted to go to the bar. Her two stepsisters were going and they were not even worth looking at. Bella on the other hand? Her hair was a lovely golden shade that was totally natural. Her chest a respectable size in proportion to her curvy hips. Her lips, with the help of Cover Girl, of course, were the cutest shape and shade of mauve. Bella had eyes as blue as a summer's sky, and once those eyes were lined and mascaraed, no one in the room who was attracted to women could help but stare. Bella was beautiful. And she was going that bar.

"But, Annette, I cleaned your room and removed the viruses from your dumb PC just like you asked. You said I could go to the bar!"

"Bella, if I take you to the bar with me, every fucking single guy's eyes will be glued to you and I'll have no chance. There's no way you're going."

Well, thought Bella, at least she was honest. Fuck. If her sisters wouldn't take her, she'd find another way.

Bella waited until her sisters left to pre-bar at their friend's house then she sneaked into their room. Her sisters may have been butterfaces but their bodies were similar in stature and they had the best clothes. Bella pulled on Suzette's black leather pants paired with Annette's bright orange tube top and matching orange pumps.

"Damn, I'm fine." She said aloud, admiring her delicious figure in the mirror. The cab honked and Bella was out the door.

"To the bar!" She chirped at the driver.

"Your wish, my command." He replied and they were off.

Annette had been correct. From the moment Bella sashayed into that bar, every eye on the room was on her. Some with lust, some with jealousy, some with a spectacular mixture of both.

Shot after shot, dance after dance, the night became a blur to Bella. She wasn't even sure whose cock was in her mouth, but damn if it wasn't perfect. Thick and tasty, the squishy mushroom head bobbed between her lips, then deeper into her mouth, back to the lips, tongue swirling around perfect cock curves. Bella had sucked some cocks in her life, but this one, this was the greatest cock she'd ever sucked. She damn near came in her sister's tight pants as it exploded the most scrumptious semen into her mouth. She licked up a few drops that trickled off to the side and promptly passed out drunk.

When Bella awoke the sun was shining, too brightly, she thought as she pulled her covers over her eyes. She inhaled the scent of that marvelous cock off her skin and the previous night came rushing back to her. Who the hell was that? Where did he go? All she knew was her head hurt and she had to find that cock again. She needed it in her mouth, her ass and everywhere in between.

The next night Bella returned to the bar. She had to find the cock and she could think of only one way. Bella marched to the front of the bar, grabbed the conveniently placed Karaoke mic and announced "Last night I sucked the most magnificent cock that ever existed. I will have that man in my mouth again if I have to suck every cock in here to find it!" A cheer went up from the crowd as the men eagerly moved to the front.

Bella knew that the body attached to the cock was of a certain build, so when men reached her who were not of the same caliber she'd send them to Annette and Suzette. Hungry little cock whores they were, went beyond just sucking, the two of them. Bella glanced over a few times to see each with all their holes stuffed and men around them enjoying the sight.

Bella knelt on the floor, "Bring the first cock forward!"

A young man confidently unzipped his zipper and shoved his hard cock in Bella's face.

"Mmmpf" said Bella as she quickly got to work. The faster she could get the men off, the more cocks she'd go through. Bella loved it when the men grabbed her head and just face fucked her, much less effort needed on her part. But for the man who prefered a bit of tongue work, Bella was more than adequate at performing any number of oral delights. After about 20 cocks Bella was getting tired.

"I'll never find him!" She sobbed, but no one heard it over the screams of her sisters' simultaneous ass-fucking orgasams. Just then a cock appeared in her face that smelled very familiar.

As Bella inhaled slowly, she felt herself begin to salivate. Her tongue reached out and burrowed into the little hole, scooping out any precum and rubbing it on the roof of her mouth. As the hands pressed her mouth forward, she knew this was the cock. The fit of it in her face, the way it filled her so completely, she had found it.

The man pounded away until he was just about to cum and Bella pulled off.

"What the hell!?" The man said, "I was just about the blow my load, slut."

"Oh, I know, sir." She said, "I want you to fuck me though. I want to feel this amazing cock sliding into my vajayjay."

"Right here? In front of all these people?" He asked

"Uh, duh!" Said Bella. "The first time any way. I'm yours now. I would follow that cock of yours anywhere. Lead the way, stud."

The pair wasted no time. Pants, socks, shirts were on the floor in a pile faster than you could say 'fuck me.' He bent her over a chair and fucked her from behind, grabbing her breasts and flicking the nipples.

"Harder." She barked and he obeyed. He worked her with an animalistic pace until, with one final thrust, he grunted releasing himself into her and she clamped down around him, milking out every bit she could.

"That was fantastic." The man said, pulling his boxers back on.

"Good, I'm glad you liked it because you'll be fucking me wherever and whenever I want from here on out. And FYI, I'm a total slut and I'll do whatever you want me to."

The man smiled a giant smile, kissed her hard on the mouth and waved for the cheering bar crowd.

And they fucked passionately, ever after.

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