Slender Girl


I like to go fishing, and now that I am at that stage of my life where going to work doesn't interfere with it, I spend quite a bit of time doing just that.

One Saturday morning I looked out and it was clear as a bell, from the looks of things it was going to be one of those warm and windless days.

Perfect for heading out onto the rocks near the ocean.

There is one spot out there that if I am careful I can make it down close to the water without too much effort. Being 66 years old, my legs just aren't as secure underneath me as they used to be so I take my sweet time.

Way out on the jetty the rocks are slick, I don't dare try that, but closer in there is a spot where I can drive right out there and park less than 20 feet from where I want to fish. The big rocks lining the jetty are huge, but one is almost perfectly flat on top and dry.

That is where I head without fail.

Of course, the spot is popular, so I headed out early, with my pole and a bucket of sand shrimp, a few hooks and some split shot in my pocket.

I hang a pretty good sized sack on my belt also, one never knows what might come out of the ocean.

There was a dozen cars and trucks parked in the parking lot but no one out on the end, the road if it can be called that gets really rough, big rocks sticking up. More than one person has found out what rocks can do to the underside of cars.

My truck has huge oversize tires just because of that. Still, a few cars do drive out there and make it OK if they are careful.

I climbed carefully down the boulders, got to my favorite big flat rock that sits securely up above where the water never reaches.

In no time, I was waiting for a bite.

I saw a couple of guys walk by, they had surfboards and were heading out to ride the breakers off the south beach shore. I see people carrying those things all the time, and always wearing wet suits.

The air might be warm enough, but the water is really quite cold on the Oregon shore.

I was settled in, the sun was warm and the fish were ignoring me, so I sat down with my back to one of the boulders. Usually something would come along and nip at the line, sooner or later.

Then I heard a car, it was going slowly. I looked up and I could see the side of a tiny little hatchback, it parked right behind my truck.

A young woman got out and went around and opened up the rear, she picked up a surfboard and a large cloth bag. She was impossibly thin looking, her hair was cut short, barely to her ears.

She reached into the bag and pulled out one of those wetsuits, laid it out in the rear of the vehicle. Then she just tugged her top over her head. She had on a flowery looking bikini top under the blouse.

A man walked by and they talked for a minute or two about how the water was and where the tide was, he said something about it would be coming up on high slack tide in just a few minutes, then he left.

She looked over her shoulder towards the parking lot, then reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. The bottoms matched the top. She had a long slender body, her waist looked to be so thin I could encircle it with my hands.

She picked up a mirror with a long handle, turned facing me and stood there looking at herself in it for a long time. Not once did she look down to where I stood, I had to be in plain sight. Then she turned and put down the mirror, I thought that seemed odd. If she was going into the water, why did she need the mirror?

Next she looked over her shoulder again, no one was coming. Then she looked on down the jetty, no one was in sight that way either.

In a quick motion, she reached behind herself and untied the top, shrugged it forward and off.

That was an unexpected surprise, she was almost totally flat chested. Her nipples were like tiny little dark buttons, her abdomen was flat as a board and sleek, her skin the same milk chocolate tone all over.

I forgot about fishing, and just stood there and watched.

Rude of me I suppose, but what the hell. She was actually rather attractive, I always did like my women friends to be slender.

Not much chance of her ever being a friend though, she couldn't have been more than 25.

She looked both ways again to be sure no one was in sight, seemingly not noticing me standing right there about 15 feet away down by the water. Then she turned her back and down went the bottoms. She stepped out of them, bent over quickly to pick them up. For just an instant there was a flash of pink, then she stood back up.

She had a slightly rounded and firm looking little bottom, it was the same color as all of the rest of her. No doubt she spent a lot of time naked in the Sun.

She folded the suit and tucked it into the bag, leaning over the rear of the tiny little car as she did so.

I glanced over at the tip of my rod, it was dancing so I picked it up and reeled in a small fish. I unhooked it and tossed it back, put another piece of bait on and flipped it back out there.

I turned back and she was still standing there, sideways to me and stark naked. Her hands were busy doing something in the bag, I couldn't see what.

Then she straightened up, reached for the black wetsuit. She turned my way, holding it up high and began to shake it out like it had sand on it or something.

I stood there fascinated, she did that for a very long time. Then I heard voices, someone was coming. She put down the wetsuit and picked up a huge towel out of the rear of the car, wrapped it around herself.

A young man and another young woman stopped and talked to her, both of them were wearing similar dark wetsuits, carrying surfboards. After a couple of minutes, they headed on down the jetty.

The slender young woman watched until they were out of sight, then she took off the towel and put it back into the car. Next she picked up that darned mirror again, turned my way and held it up to look at her face in it.

She either was pointedly ignoring me or she hadn't seen me, but I could see no way she could not see me standing right there.

Facing me with her hands held up high like that was spectacular, she had a thin strip of pubic hair that was perhaps an inch long, it stopped right at the top of her clit. Her lips protruded, I realized that they were swollen, and her nipples seemed to tighten up even more. The skin right next to her puffed up lips was lighter, like the sunlight didn't quite reach in there as much.

There was no doubt at all that she was excited by my watching her. She was standing with her feet about a foot apart, completely nude, the Sun at my back was almost like a spotlight on her body.

At that point it was obvious to me that she was doing it deliberately. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my rod tip start dancing again, I just let it since the butt of the rod was stuck securely into the rocks.

A solid minute went by as she just stood there like that, then she turned and set down the mirror again. My pole was now bent over pretty good, so I picked it up and reeled in a fairly good sized one. I unhooked it and stuck it in my bag, flipped another bait out into the water.

I turned back to look at the young woman again, she was just tugging the wetsuit up over her hips. Her tiny little breasts were in view for a few more seconds, then she had it over her arms and reached down to zip it up.

"Hi! Going surfing, huh?" I called out.

She acted like she was startled.

"Oh! I didn't see you there!" She answered.

Like hell she didn't.

"I am just trying to catch a fish." I told her.

"Are you getting any bites?" She asked, reaching for her gloves. She tugged them on, reached down and pressed what looked like felcro bands to attach them.

"Yes, I got one so far." I grinned up at her.

"Well, have fun!" She picked up her surfboard and headed down the path.

I shook my head and turned my attention back to trying to catch a fish. It was about two hours later, I now had three fish in my sack.

I looked up and three people were coming, the one young couple I had seen go by and the thin young woman. They stopped at her car, the other woman was teasing the man about his spectacular wipeout, they were all laughing. Then the couple headed on down to the main parking lot.

The slender woman looked down at me and grinned.

"Still here I see? Getting any more fish?"

"Yes, I have three of them so far."

"Neat!" Then she stood there with one hand on her hip, holding her bathing suit in the other and looked down at me.

"I need to change out of this wetsuit, do you mind?" She asked me.

I managed to keep from laughing, I had been waiting to see if she came back.

"I don't mind at all, not one bit." I told her.

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