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My husband has talked about it quite a lot. Told me he fantasizes about a line of men taking turns pumping their cum into me, filling me up. He has told me that he thinks about me kneeling over his face so he can watch as the cum is pushed out as another man mounts me from behind. I had never paid it much mind, not even the times we watched videos that depicted the scenes he told me were his fantasies. In truth I wasn't that keen on the idea. Yes my pussy would get wet and quivery when he said those dirty things but my mind and heart rejected the very thought.

We came close to exploring this idea of his one night with Mr. B. when he told Mr. B to cum in me and then he slid in right after him. Mr. B was the only man other than my husband that we have allowed to cum in me. So last night when he started texting me from the other room that he wanted me to stop and pick up some story material, I tried to shrug it off. I had to run to town to pick up a friend from the train station and judging by the time, I wasn't likely to have the time anyway.

"Why don't you stop and get some story material before the train ;)", he suggested.

"Honey I'm not stepping out no matter how hot wet and quivery my puss got just thinking about it", I countered.

"You gave me a pass in Vegas :) I'm just saying timing might not be so bad tonight. Go have a quick little tryst, get filled and cum home...I'm getting hard"

"But you didn't use it" I insisted.

You see, my husband has always been more than an exceptional lover. I want of nothing when it comes to sex. He is adventurous, passionate, fierce and fun all in one man. I have no reason nor want to have sex without him.

"True but I might have if I had a free opportunity"

"He may not be available or up to it" I argued. "OMG! My puss is throbbing"

No matter how much I denied it, my body was tingling just from the idea of having Mr. B's hands on me without my husband there to observe and assist.

"Here is your pass tonight only! The rules are 1. he cums in your pussy. 2. You put your panties on and hold the cum for me. 3. You don't tell him you're gonna have me tongue fuck your cum filled pussy. Don't tell me what you decide!"

My panties were drenched! I couldn't drive all the way to town with my panties soaking like they were at that moment. I had to leave. The train was due to arrive at 9 pm. I quickly slipped into dry panties and kissed my husband. Then I turned back to kiss him again, this time slower and deeper. My tongue seeking his, I could feel the heat form his body telling me he was serious. He really wanted me to go through with it.

The fog was thick and I was already filled with apprehension. I was fighting a ticking clock and near zero visibility along with my own indecisive mind. Mr. B had texted me back letting me know that he was free and welcomed my company if only for a few minutes. I shot him another quick message as I pulled off the freeway a full ten minutes earlier than I had expected. Nervous and slightly giddy, I managed to beat the lights and pulled into his drive with ample time to enjoy these few gifted moments.

At first we just stood in his entry fidgeting and wondering how to proceed. It was much easier to transition when you are already in a hot tub naked than when coming out of the cold. He suggested that we not waste time. I almost giggled at how dutiful it seemed. Standing inside his bedroom door, he reached for me and began gently playing with my nipple through my blouse. I reached for his cock and could immediately feel it swell in response to my grasp. I shrugged out of my clothes as he reached back to turn off the light. As my jeans slid down my legs I realized I was much wetter than I thought; my juice was literally running down my legs! As much as I denied it, I was very turned on by the idea.

I stood in front of him and stroked his cock then led him to the bed. Words were unnecessary as we both knew why I was there, well he may not have known the full details but enough to know that he was expected to wreck my pussy and send me home with evidence. As I began to suck his cock he began to tell me of a unsuccessful meet up he'd had over the weekend. His words rapidly trailed off and became moans.

"I love how you work your mouth on my cock. You better stop or I'll cum in your mouth now."

I didn't listen and kept sucking and tugging at him. Within moments he had to push me away and insist I stop or he would ruin everything and dump in my mouth. He pushed me back and knelt on the floor between my legs, pressing his thumb against my clit and feeling the slick pussy juices pouring from me. I squealed a bit as he quickened his pace and nearly came as he fingered me.

Not wanting to waste time he pulled in closer to me and I reached for his cock again. I would have liked to suck it some more but we were on a tight schedule and I didn't want to risk not having any evidence.

My pussy was most welcoming as he shoved his thick uncut cock into me. I arched my back slightly reveling in the feel of his familiar yet still vaguely foreign cock swell inside of me. He grasped my legs as I swung them up over his hips and pressed them back to gain easier access to my throbbing puss. I wanted to be able to cum too but knew that it wasn't going to take him but a few good thrusts before he would climax. Thankfully I was turned on enough by the whole taboo of the situation that I was on the verge of orgasming too! As he plunged into me I rubbed my clit hard with my finger. Just as I had expected, he clutched my thighs harder and pressed deep into me just as I began to cum. I felt his cock erupt as my pussy began spasming. We both chuckled at the speediness with which we were both able to get off.

I didn't have time to lie around and bask in any afterglow. I jumped up and he offered me a towel to clean up. I wiped my hands and reached for my panties aware that if I didn't get in the car real soon I would spill the goodies and have nothing to bring darling hubby. I am not sure if he noticed that I didn't wipe up. I think it would turn him on to know what I was up to.

Standing at the door we exchanged a few pleasantries about the upcoming weekend and suggested that we get together again soon, as a trio. He let me sip from his lemonade then I slipped out the door.

The drive was interminable! I had to drive across town to the train station, then back out to our home in the county all the while trying to clamp my pussy down to keep from spilling the fresh cream that filled my puss.

My arrival home was none too soon! I couldn't hold it any longer! I dashed straight to our room. My husband followed me in and asked me,

"Did you stop?"

I just smiled and slid my blouse off. He asked again and told me how horny he was thinking about me over at Mr. B's getting fucked by his friend. I kept smiling, not indicating whether or not I had stopped. But he knew. He could smell the sex on me. I slid my jeans off and lay across the bed. He came to stand in front of me and I drew his hard cock into my mouth. He was definitely turned on by the idea of me out fucking without him. I rolled over and let him see the large wet spot staining the crotch of my panties. He greedily leaned forward and licked at them as I grabbed a handful of his hair and rubbed the mingled cum of me and Mr. B all across his mouth and nose. He moaned in sheer ecstasy.

My dirty little hubby, a complete pervert! And I...I loved it. I loved it as he began eating my pussy through my panties and slurping the cum out through the fabric. I loved it when he pulled them off and licked at the inside, then buried his face deep between my thighs, plunging his tongue into me to sweep out the salty sweet cum as it began to seep from all the folds and crevices. I loved it as he moaned and gazed up at me lovingly, lapping at the cream as it flowed freely for his expectant tongue.

He begged me to tell him about it. He wanted to hear the lurid details of how I spread myself for our friend to fuck. How I offered up my pussy to be wrecked then brought home obligingly to my doting husband's anxious tongue. He wanted to hear that I enjoyed being beneath another man as he thrust his cock into me.

I told him how we were awkward and nervous yet excited to be alone together, naked with permission, directions to fuck. I told him how I could feel my juices streaming down my legs before Mr. B had even touched me. I told him how I had sucked his cock for just a few moments before he nearly erupted in my mouth. And I told him that it only took a few thrusts of another man's cock before I was cumming and could feel my pussy filling with a tasty cream pie to bring home.

He came up to kiss me and the taste of my juices mixed with Mr. B's were pleasant on my husband's lips. I sucked the bottom one into my mouth to savor it a little more. I wanted desperately for him to fuck me hard and long. To torment my pussy with his cock. To feel the warmth and wetness of his friend's cum sliding down his balls from my cunt. I wanted him to fuck me and regain possession of me. To claim me as his. And he did. He grabbed me and fucked me hard. But again the fervent sexual energy was too much and he exploded a short time later as well.

I was not dismayed though as he made haste to begin licking at my cum drenched cunt again. I felt my own urgency build and grabbed his hand to shove into me. I wanted to feel him fist me. I told him that I had talked to a friend the night before about how she had fisted her plaything and I wanted to try it. I wanted my pussy to be stretched and beaten. But it wouldn't fit. I knew this to be true. No matter how soaked my cunt is, there is no way his hand will fit into me. However, this did not prevent him from digging in deep and massaging my g-spot until I was spurting all over the place.

"Fuck yes! I love fucking! I love having cocks in me, lots of cocks! Different cocks! I love fucking and cumming! I am a cock junkie and I can't get enough" I panted as he brought me to another climax. "I love you. I love you so much, baby! Thank you. Come here and lay on top of me."

He laid his body over mine and I reached down to place his softening cock against my pussy. I love having my husband's body pressed against mine, relaxing his weight into me as I bask in the incredible post climatic high that follows a session of lovemaking with the man I love and would do anything for, even steal a cream pie.

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