tagFirst TimeSlightly, Once Ch. 07

Slightly, Once Ch. 07


Well, I'm still having fun writing. Seems, though, that these two have had it way too easy. Time for a little trouble. So, let's go to college.


My nouveau Bug was completely full. There was barely room for the two of us. Kim looked to stuff just one more bag of clothing somewhere. Her parents and I stood aside, looking on with amusement.

The nouveau Bug was a 1969 used Beetle, navy blue with a little rust. It ran great. But it was a Bug, meaning no air conditioning in the summer, and vestigial heat in winter. Good thing it was going to North Carolina, where the winters were far less severe than here in the Midwest. I had learned to change the oil and adjust the valves, a requirement every 1,500 miles or so with its air-cooled engine. I had done so the day before, so with a full tank of gas we were ready to travel.

Ever see the circus, where clown after clown emerges from a Bug? We were trying to do that in reverse, stuffing both our sets of college possessions. I had pared down mine as much as I could to leave more room for Kim, figuring that if there was something essential I had left out, I could get it at Duke in Durham.

Kim pushed with her sneakered foot. That foot attached to a long, tan leg, which attached to the finest butt in the universe, which sat upon a slender, toned, body-to-die-for, topped by a beautiful face framed by long, blonde hair, at the moment tied back in a pony tail. A complete six-foot package. The outfit? A simple grey Duke T-shirt, and a pair of farmer jean shorts: bib overalls with short, hemmed legs. She was so adorable. I could feel it in my heart every time I looked at her. Must be love.

"Give it up, Kim," her dad said. We'll mail it to you."

"No," she grunted. "One...more...push!" And the last pillowcase filled with clothing was stuffed in, barely.

"Congratulations!" I said. I was rewarded with a smile.

Mom fretted. "Now, you're stopping tonight, right? You're not going to try to drive all the way through?"

"No, Mom," said Kim; in a way that suggested this wasn't the first time this conversation had taken place, or even the sixth. "I have the motel money you gave me. We'll make sure to stop for the night."

"It's just that with a stick shift, poor Dave has to do all the driving," she said. "I don't want him falling asleep behind the wheel."

"I'll be OK, ma'am," I said confidently. "I know my limits, and I've planned our route. I think we can make Knoxville and then cut east. That should make it about a 12-hour day today, and much less tomorrow."

"Uh," Dad said, clearly uncomfortable. "And just what will the sleeping arrangements be tonight?"

Kim hugged him. "Oh, Daddy, all motels have two beds, if that's what you're worried about. We'll be fine in one room. If Dave were going to take advantage of me, he's had plenty of opportunity before now!" She kissed him on the cheek. I struggled to keep a straight face. Kim's mom, who knew all about us, stifled a guffaw. Dad relaxed a little. Kim could charm the Grinch out of stealing Christmas.

"I guess you're right. Well, you'd better be off if you want to beat rush hour going through Chicago." Said Dad, mollified.

Kim hugged her mom. "Dave will take care of me, Mom, he always does." They hugged tight, Mom whispered something, and Kim giggled.

She embraced her dad again, and I shook his hand and hugged her mom. Into the Bug we piled, and took off down the street. The adventure to college had officially begun.

It was a long day, but with windows down we were able to stay pretty cool. Bug zoomed down the interstates, through Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville. We stopped for gas and snacks about every two hours, but pretty much kept going without a break. Bug got 35 mpg, and ran well. I pretty much stuck to 55 mph. It was 1973, and the first Arab oil embargo was trying to paralyze the country with $40-a-barrel oil. 55 was the patriotic speed.

We found a Holiday Inn outside Knoxville about 6:30. While it had a pool, we discovered that we would have to unpack most of the car to get our swimsuits, so we forgot the idea of a cool dip.

"I'm sooo stiff," Kim complained. "I need to go for a run." She had been doing about five miles a day to get in shape for basketball workouts. We checked in, taking the small bags of essentials we had kept handy for overnight.

"OK," I said. "I'll get us some take-out while you're gone, and we can just relax here.

"Sounds good." She changed in the bathroom into running shorts, and disappeared out the door.

To work. I got fried chicken and trimmings with some soft drinks. Food taken care of. Check. I found my secret bag in the car. Check. Into the bathroom, I took candles out of the bag and lit them. Check. Drew hot bath with special bubble bath. Check. Everything was ready.

Coming out of the bathroom, I closed the door behind me to wait for Kim's return. About five minutes later (no time to spare, so bubble bath will still be hot. Check.), Kim came in the door, sweat dripping down her face and hair plastered to her head. She puffed out a huge breath. How can someone look that pretty all sweated up? Easy, if you happen to be Kim.

"Wow, I needed that, but it's sooo hot! Time for a shower." She took her bag, and opened the bathroom door. She froze, and took in the sight. Slowly, she turned back to me.

"David? What's this?"

"I have chicken. I thought a picnic would be nice, and a hot bubble bath for you would be a luxury you may not get for a while. I suspect they only have showers at school."

"Can I eat in the tub?" She asked, in an excited voice.

"That's the whole idea."

"Will you join me?"

"On the floor. The tub's a bit small for the two of us."

Wasting mo more time, Kim stripped right there, and gingerly stepped into the tub. "Ow! It's HOT!"

"Too hot?"

She settled in, breasts disappearing under a mountain of bubbles. "No, once you're in, it feels heavenly." She was too short for the tub, so to get her body in, her knees emerged from the bubbles. "Oh, this is so good!"

I came in and sat on the floor, and served her chicken and biscuits on a paper plate. I kept the soft drink handy, but since it was a glass bottle, I didn't want to risk it slipping and breaking in the bathroom. We spent a pleasant hour munching and chatting. Kim was clearly enjoying the bath. I enjoyed seeing her face in the soft candlelight. But the second law of thermodynamics being what it is, the water cooled.

"I think this bath is about over. If it's OK with you, I want to wash my hair under the shower. I'll meet you in bed in a few minutes."

"I thought we were in separate beds?" I ventured.

"Nope. Mom whispered to me that if you were going to do all that driving, that I should take very good care of you when we stopped. And I can't do that from a separate bed!"

"I wondered why you giggled," I said. "She's the best."

"She knows it. Out, handsome prince, while the princess cleanses her fair locks!"

I gathered the remains of the meal and the candles and left, closing the door behind me.

Fifteen minutes later, Kim emerged from the bathroom toweling her hair, buck naked. I had already tucked into bed, having shed my clothes. The air conditioning was set on high, and there was a refreshing chill in the room. I had placed the candles around the room. They shed a soft light. Kim looked at the sheets.

"Hey, big boy," she said with mock sultriness. "Is that a pistol you're packing under the covers, or are you happy to see me?" We laughed.

"He's lonesome," I moaned in not-altogether-pretend pain. "And so am I."

"Well then, make room!" I lifted the covers and she crawled in, wrapping around me in prime cuddle position.

"It's chilly out there!" she said. "This feels good!"

We snuggled for a long time, letting the greasy chicken settle a bit. After a time, she started kissing my neck and running her fingers through my hair.

"It's time I took good care of you," she said softly in my ear. "How would you like to make love to me?"

"I would like it very much," I said. "How would you like me to do it?"

"David, I would very much like you to take me in your arms, lie on top of me, and make love as tenderly and lovingly as you can muster after a day's worth of driving a Volkswagen on the interstate with the windows down on a hot day. Can you do that?"

I didn't answer. I just kissed her. We kissed, and I felt her breasts, gently kneading and squeezing them. I felt her erect nipples, but decided that pinching or otherwise concentrating on them was too much tonight. My hand moved southwards and cupped her pussy, gently rubbing her. But again, an all-out attack on her clit didn't fit. It wasn't all that long before I looked into her eyes. "Are you ready?"

She nodded, slightly, once, with the trace of a smile.

I moved on top of her as she spread her legs to beckon me. My penis was at her entrance. I felt her hand take it and true its aim. Slowly, I moved forward and sank within her, feeling her velvety flesh encircle me. Bottoming out, I kissed her. Her ankles rested behind my knees.

And we made love. We made it slowly, tenderly, gently, and full of love. We kissed and held each other tight. The gentle rocking of my pelvis as I moved in and out of my beautiful woman was matched by her own gentle thrusts. We moved as one, full of love. We had a wonderful time. Covers over us, we nestled in the motel bed, on its too-soft mattress and cheap sheets, and didn't have a care in the world. We didn't worry about pleasing each other, we didn't worry about loving each other. We knew, just as surely as we knew that our bodies were merged, that we were everything each other wanted.

Tender lovemaking is incredibly erotic, have you noticed?

Content in our knowledge, I felt the time coming on. I slowed, kissed Kim with as much love as I could gather, and entered her one last time to give her my essence. She felt me, gave a little cry, and closed in around me, all hands and arms and legs and body, to hold me close, shudder gently in her own orgasm. We lay, in supreme comfort and satisfaction, for a little while. I came off, and she snuggled into my chest. I think we were fast asleep in less than 30 seconds.

I awoke seeing early light through the cracks in the curtains. I was spooning with my lady, arm over her waist, threading up between her breasts to where my hand was on her shoulder, her chin resting on me. My morning erection lay between those lovely butt cheeks. To pee? Or to rub? Rubbing won. I gently stroked my rod.

Kim awoke and felt my movements. Purring, she wasted no time and with her hand guided me into her from behind. She was still wet from our session before sleep. I went in all the way immediately, and set to rocking, my hand on her hip. She arched back into me and cradled my head with her hand. I kissed her chin and neck. No words. Only silent love. My bottom arm, pretty much asleep from being under her neck, now moved down and took her bottom hip, so we were on our sides with me holding top and bottom. With a little more control, I could increase the tempo of my thrusts. Kim sighed and responded, hips bucking back against me. Now, it was a little more than just gentle lovemaking. We were doing some pretty serious rutting.

"Do you know what I see?" panted Kim.

"No, what?"

"A mirror above the dresser," Which was across from the foot of the bed. "I like having you from behind, but can we get up?"

With only a tiny bit of grace, but without coming out, we maneuvered to where we could see ourselves in the mirror from the side. Somewhere in all of that I turned on a bedside lamp, so we'd have a good view. Our candles had long since burned down.

It excited Kim, and she bucked, doing all the work. "Oh, God! Look at your cock! I love to see and feel it disappear into me. Watch this!" And she proceeded to fuck me like a wild woman, on hands and knees, long hair hanging down, the poor bed rocking and bouncing and squeaking, and me more turned on than I had expected to be first thing in the morning. She pounded back against my abs, working her tight pussy on my dick, stroke after frenzied stroke, all the time watching our mating forms in the mirror..

He couldn't take it, my penis. The excitement, the turn-on, the sight of a gorgeous blonde impaled on him, riding him for dear life. It made him upchuck. Or, rather, I came with abundance and ferocity, grabbing her hips, pulling her back towards me, and letting go. My contractions and the swelling of my helmet against her cervix caused her to scream out as a huge climax spread from her womb with blinding speed to make her entire body tingle. What had started as love had ended as lust, but the love never went away. It was always there, expressed, maybe, with a little more vigor.

We collapsed onto our sides, genitals still engaged, breathless. We pulled the sheets completely over our heads and huddled under them, napping. The Big Guy finally went limp enough to come out. Cuddling felt so good, because we weren't sure when we would have the same opportunity again.

Reality finally intruded. "Let's go to Durham," I said.

"I need a shower first," Kim said. "But I won't wash my hair again."

"Do you want to?" I asked, since I didn't really understand how often girls liked to wash their hair.

"Well, I could. But I don't have to," she said, "It would be troublesome taking the time to dry it."

"Why do you have to do that? Just let it dry in the car with the windows open."

"As humid as it is, that'll take forever."

"Well, it's a good six hours in the Bug today, so I think you'll have time. I want to take a shower, too, but I'll go second."

She kissed my nose and hopped out of bed. Taking a minute, she sorted out her clothes for the day before slipping into the bathroom. I enjoyed the view of her naked form. I loved this woman.

It was another hot August day as we Beetled across Tennessee, and then North Carolina. We tended to be a little slower than traffic, and I enjoyed being passed by trucks. I would move to the left lane of the interstate, and let them pass on the right. The truckers didn't really like that until they looked down to see Kim in a tank top and her farmer jeans, showing some cleavage and a lot of fine leg. She'd get a honk almost every time. We laughed, and I teased her about flashing, but she was too shy to try it. I was actually grateful for that.

We held hands a lot, and sometimes I would just hold her leg, her hand rubbing the back of mine. I missed the bench seat of my parents' car, where Kim could sit beside me, but Bug wasn't so bad. We were mostly quiet, but occupied that space where two lovers can be, not needing to talk. It was, in fact, a really romantic drive.

We made it to Duke mid-afternoon, well in time to sign in and get registered for our dorm rooms. We were in adjacent buildings on the East Campus, where they sequestered freshmen. We decided to move Kim in first. She went ahead while I found a place to park among the other move-ins. I gathered up the first load and climbed the stairs to her second floor room. The door was closed. I sort of knocked with my arms full.

The door was opened by one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. About 5'4", she had jet black hair that came to the middle of her back, and pale, pale grey eyes. Being as tall as I am, I would never have thought of someone that short as statuesque, but she was. An incredible, slim, tight body, wearing a tight tank top and jeans that hugged every curve. Pedicured toes with bright red toe polish. I had to admit, I was out of breath, and not from climbing the stairs.

"You must be Dave," she said, and smiled a smile that could melt metal. "Come on in. Kim's got that side of the room. Squatter's rights -- I was here first." She walked across the room, and I suspected she had smiled at herself and melted her body. I couldn't believe the sinuous, sexy way she moved. Dancer. She gestured to Kim's bed.

"Kim's in the bathroom. Come on, let's get the next load." She walked (people call that walking?) past me and out the door. I dumped the load I was carrying on the bed and hurried to catch up.

"You're Cindy?" I said fumblingly. "From Bethesda? Kim's told me a little about you."

"She told me a little about you, too," she said, cutting me another melting smile. "She's happy you're here."

"Me, too."

"Have you guys been dating long?"

"I took her to Homecoming last year for our first date."

"And you've been together since?"


"She's an All-American?"

"Yeah. And twice All-State."

"Pretty impressive. You must like it that she's so tall." I was, after all, 6'6" to Kim's 6 feet.

"Pretty nice. But I can't say I have much to compare it to."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, she's pretty much the only girl I've ever dated."

"No, really? You?"

I blushed. "I'm pretty shy."

"But, the only?"


"Are you ever curious?"

"About what?"

"What it's like to be with other girls? Maybe someone not as tall?"

"Yeah, I've thought about it. But, well, Kim's pretty special."

Kim caught up with us, and with two loads apiece the three of us were able to get all Kim's stuff into her room. Next, we found my room, and the caravan continued. Word spread of the quality of my pack mules, and there was literally a line of guys in the hall watching us walk past with the bags and boxes I had brought. We met Brian, my roomie, who on first impression was one of the nicest guys I had ever met.

"I've got money from my folks," I said. "Can I buy everybody dinner?"

Brian had made other plans, so I was left escorting two lovely women by myself. Recommendations from locals sent us to a little place, candle-lit, with reputedly good pasta.

We had a pleasant supper getting to know each other. Cindy was charming, and her eyes unnerving when she turned them on me. I guess I had never seen the combination of black hair, a good suntan, and pale, pale eyes. Incredible. Sexy. Her tight tank top showed some nice cleavage. Kim noticed my distraction, I think, and was unusually quiet.

Back in her room, I said early good-nights to the two ladies, and got a perfunctory hug. She came with me to the hallway.

"Is everything OK?" I asked.

"Do you like my roommate?"

"Yeah, I think she's nice."

"I kept seeing you stare at her chest." Caught.

"I'm sorry," I said. "But think of it as window shopping: Look, But Don't Touch."

"I don't want her to steal you."

I laughed a deep laugh. "No danger. I would want to be stolen, which would mean that I no longer love you, and that won't happen in this lifetime, or any future lifetime."

The hug was better, but still not as mind-bending as they usually were. A perfunctory smooch. I chalked it up to fatigue and a little anxiety about the whole college experience.

I took an hour to unpack and organize my stuff, chatting and getting to know Brian. Son of a farmer, he lived on 1,500 acres of corn in western Iowa. His high school graduating class was 32, 24 of whom had married each other already. So far, he had resisted matrimony with his girlfriend. This was his first time outside of Iowa, except for trips to nearby Omaha, Nebraska. He was pretty mellow about it, and eager to experience the wider world. He wanted to become a veterinarian, and had gotten a full academic ride to Duke, majoring in Biology. We got along great.

"So, which one is your girlfriend?" he asked.

"Kim, the blonde," I said. "But you knew that."

"I knew that, but I saw how close Cindy stayed to you the entire time you were here. Coulda fooled me about which one was which."

I hadn't noticed. Wouldn't have noticed. My radar isn't tuned to things like that.

"Nah. I just met Cindy taking Kim's stuff up to her room."

"She wants you to fuck her."

I laughed. "I'll bet."

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