Slightly, Once Ch. 10


"It has been incredible," He admitted wholeheartedly. He had fallen in love with this little girl. Fallen fast, and hard.

She nuzzled and kissed him more. "Once more for the record, sweet man." Her voice expressed eagerness.

"And how would my lady like me to make love to her this time?" He asked, looking into those eyes. Loving those eyes.

She looked back. Her heart swelled. Her eyes misted. Cindy was full of joy at her newfound love. That joy needed an outlet, and she wanted to cement his love for her body, as well as her heart. She thought, fantasized, daydreamt for a moment, and decided. She loved this man with her entire soul, and she was about to let him know it.

"This time, David," she said calmly. "We are going to break the bed."

"Will I survive?" He smiled sweetly, full of innocent love. Maybe not completely innocent.

"Only until you cum inside me. And I hope that takes a long time. After that, all bets are off. But don't worry David, you'll survive," she said thoughtfully. "After all, you're just getting broken in. I've only just fallen in love with you. We have too many more nights ahead that I want to spend making love to you. I won't let you die." He took her in his arms, rolled her over, settling between her legs. Her arms encircled his shoulders, holding him tight. His penis had no trouble finding her opening, and he was quickly in all the way. Cindy shivered as he penetrated. She had never done that before. He looked into her eyes, and she in his. They shared love.

"But making love is for next time," she said. "Right now," The words came with agonizing slowness, a pace about to be contradicted by the motions of her body. "" And she did. Boy, did she.

I awoke, as I often did, dazed and a little confused. But this time I was really confused. I was in Kim and Cindy's room. But I was in Kim's bed.

Cuddling with Kim. Huh? Her warm, sweet form snuggled into our favorite cuddle position, asleep. I ran my cuddle arm down her long, lovely side. It was Kim, alright. She felt so good to me. But I thought she had spent the night with...? That she had...? I had no memory of what I had done last night, but remembered watching Kim and...? But how would I have known? How could I have witnessed...? It must have been...?

No Cindy. Her bed empty and unused. That's what Kim had arranged, so we could talk. I understood now, to my incredible relief.

Kim awoke with a start, saw me, and immediately started crying uncontrollably.

"Hey!" I said tenderly, rubbing her shoulder. "What's this?"

"You're here!"


"With me!"

"Yes? Where would I..."

"I thought..."

"Thought what?"

She saw Cindy's unused bed. It took her a moment. I watched it wash over her face. She figured it out. Relief, and pain. "A nightmare! I had the worst nightmare!" She sobbed.

"Tell me," I said. "What was so terrible?"

"It was all about you...I can't talk about it!" She sobbed.

"I had a pretty bad dream, too," I said, "About you." The vision of Brian pile-driving between her legs was all too vivid, and painful, even if only in a dream. Relief, and pain.

"Tell me."

"No. It was awful. It scared me," I said. And that was true.

A thought. Her dream was similar? About Cindy and me? I didn't, and did, want to know.

"Kim," I said.

"Yes Dave?" she sobbed.

"The idea about Brian and Cindy? No. Emphatically no. I won't participate. And if you still want to, then you've made a choice."

"Oh, Dave! Never! I'm sorry I ever brought it up. Can we pretend I never did? It was a stupid idea from the start! I'm so sorry!!" She buried her head in my chest and sobbed.

"It wasn't a stupid idea," I tried to sound reasonable, though feeling far from it. "We've only had each other, and it's a big world. But after sleeping on it, I'd prefer to think, years from now when I'm bouncing our baby on my knee, that Cindy and Brian were The Ones That Got Away."

I had Kim's full attention. "What did you say?"

"I said I'd rather think of them as..."

"No, before that. The bouncing part."

"Oh, uh, you mean bouncing our baby?"

She nodded, slightly, once.

I choked. I couldn't say what was in my heart. I couldn't speak the words. The old shyness had me by the throat, and my heart was full to overflowing. It came out as tears streaming down my face. It was overwhelming feelings of love for this girl, my beautiful Kim, bringing visions of a life, a family, growing old together, always having her hand to hold. A life full of love. But I couldn't put words to it. I was too full.

Her tears streamed, too. "David, you can't say it, can you? You still surprise me. You've come a long way from the shy boy who couldn't find the words to tell me he loved me. But not far enough," She laughed, and the world was a bright place. "But I see it in your face. I see what you want to say, and I love you for it, with all my heart." She was so beautiful.

I looked at her, struck dumb. But full of love, and relieved that we hadn't...hadn't.

"David? Make love to me. I need to feel your love badly. I need to know you still love me. Please?" There was stark pleading in her eyes. How did she do that?

I smiled at my little girl, took her chin in my hand, and ever so softly kissed her lips. They were electric. Her lips tasted like she had plugged them into the wall. "David," she said, and her eyes were unlike anything I had ever seen, and it seemed she was remembering something. Parts of a dream, maybe? "I am about to make love to you in ways you've never dreamt of." I considered that fully. This was going to be fun.

Yeah, a cheap gimmick, that dream bit. But you never thought that I could let these two characters actually cheat on each other, did you? No way! At the same time, it was blazingly fun to think and write about. Such is the nature of fantasy, so I hope you forgive me. No harm, and in fact much good, was done to our two lovers. A very happy ending after all. I think we're done with Dave and Kim. Their destiny is clear, and joyful. As for me, I'm off to find another female character to fall in love with. See you soon, I hope. Thanks for reading, and for the kind and encouraging comments.

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by Anonymous04/21/18

I had to get up and walk away

about 3 different times, the story line had me so conflicted. Great job, You kept me on edge throughout.

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