Slingshot Ride


Thanks to Chris Philips for his editing assist. Much appreciated.


"Come on. Come on. Please come with me. It's really fun and you won't regret it. I promise."

"Lynn. You know I hate rides like this. Plus it's sixty extra dollars. I don't have sixty bucks to get launched in the air and piss myself." My heart was already racing inside my chest. Just the thought of being strapped in that ball made me nervous - and really, really excited. And then, getting slingshot into the air! Two hundred feet! OMG!

The thought that they'd be using oversized bungee cords didn't sound very safe, either.

"You won't piss yourself. Well... You won't piss yourself, but when Paul brought me here last weekend, I did cum in my panties a little, but that was totally just me and I'm sure that wouldn't happen to you." She had stepped close to me and whispered her confession in a soft voice.

"Well, now that you've added humiliating myself by having a spontaneous orgasm in public while being scared to death and being out $60.00, I don't know how I could bear to say 'No'." I smiled as I felt the argument of my decision was sound and the tone I was striking was firm but still playful. The truth was I wanted to be more like Lynn.

She was this 5'3" Hispanic whirlwind of a girl, with petite legs and full, firm breasts. She kept her curly, dark hair with that slight tint of red back in a cute little pony most of the time. She had this feisty attitude that was engaging and fun while at the same time could be a little intimidating and demanding. The truth was I craved her approval. I wanted her to like me. It would give me a warm tingle when I did things for her that made her smile.

The truth was, that no matter how scared I was of getting on this slingshot ride, if I could get Lynn to be happy with me I would take the ride. With her. All she had to do was push past my defenses and tell me what she wanted me to do.

"Please, Christina. I'll totally pay your way. Paul pays for everything else these days so I have it to spend and I really want to do this with you. Once school starts in the fall we might not be seeing each other as much and I want something to remember this last summer before college. This is totally the kind of thing we'll talk about after we graduate, right?

"Yeah, you'll say to your new friends in the future, 'Remember that girl, Christina, she had that heart attack and died on that ride I begged her to go on?' And then you'll all laugh." Even as I made a joke of it, my heart really felt like it was having an attack. It was throbbing in my ears and I could feel my pulse in various places on my body. My neck throbbed, the inside of my upper arm, the high inner side of my thigh all pulsed with my fear and anticipation.

All that primal energy was making me tingle. Hard. Real hard. The thought of having an orgasm in front of someone in public made my body want to squirm. In front of Lynn? OHH, what a turn on!

"Stop being so dramatic. You know I'm going to just keep bugging you about it until you say yes. so just say, "Yes," and save us all the torture. I am going to put you in that seat even if I have to clamp you in myself."

My cheeks turned red as I thought of her standing over me. Her, pulling my safety harness down, locking me into the slingshot ball. Her full breasts would be at my eye level. Her scoop neckline would expose that lovely cleavage that would draw my eyes to the center of her chest. I'd look up and catch her eye - and she would know that I was staring at her beautiful body.

She would know that I longed to be touched and to touch another girl. She would know that I would submit to anything she wanted if she just would fulfill my fantasies.

Lynn was my first real crush and, ever since I met her, I couldn't stop fantasizing about what it would be like to be with her. Actually, I had no idea if she was even into women. She had a boyfriend and we really never talked about anything sexy or sexual. For all I knew she was this confident, smart and sexy girl that had as much interest in me as a chicken salad sandwich. None of that stopped me from fantasizing about being consumed by her.

"OK. Let's go." I said quietly, almost unable to get the words out of my mouth.

"What? Really? Yay!" She clapped her hands together with the excitement of a child and then took my hand in hers and pulled me toward the slingshot ride. Toward what felt like inevitable doom.

When we got to the ticket booth, the attendant immediately recognized Lynn. He was this gangly and scruffy looking guy a couple years older than us. His attempt at a beard was mostly random hairs growing every which way. Maybe some day he'd be handsome, but not tonight.

"Hey! It's you! Came back for seconds, did you?" The boy smiled as he greeted us.

"Well, I wouldn't mind a repeat performance, but now that I know what to expect I doubt lightning will strike twice." Lynn dove into the conversation as if the two of them were old friends, even though it was clear this boy didn't know her name. That was just another amazing thing about Lynn. She treated every stranger she met with the same warmth as an old friend.

"Well I'm not ashamed to tell you that I've watched your video like 50 times. Totally, the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

"Oh baby, that is so totally sweet and creepy at the same time." Lynn said, with a prideful smile.

"Tape?" Intellectually I already knew what they were talking about even before I asked, but I wanted it said out loud so I could use it for an excuse to chicken out.

"You know, to record our reaction on the ride." Lynn pointed up towards the center of the basket.

"Here, I have your video on my phone. Do you want to see it?" Without waiting for a response from either of us he pulled out his phone and began to cue up the video.

The video was great in black-and-white but it was clearly Lynn sitting next to Paul. Some kind of large sparklers was going off behind them. Lynn did not look her normal, confident self. She looked nervous and tense but still smiling broadly in anticipation.

"You ready babe?" Paul said in a sweet, reassuring voice. Then the slingshot suddenly released, catapulting them into the air.

They were pushed by "G" forces back into the chairs. Lynn gripped tightly onto the padded restraints and seemed to hold her breath. Paul, meanwhile, was letting out a loud rebel yell, showing how much he enjoyed the exhilaration. As their capsule reached the highest point of their flight, their bodies slammed forward. Lynn's breasts pushed through the center of the restraints and almost escaped through her spaghetti strap top. Her breasts rose on their own, apparently separated from the rest of her body's momentum. You could watch the anxiety build inside of her as her smile shifted into an uncertain frown. Her hair rose as they began to rapidly descend and she arched her back and bucked her hips.

The bungee cord reached the limits of its stretch downwards, and threw them back skyward again. Her awkward position pushed her to the side of the seat and she pressed her face against the cushioned restraint. I couldn't hear her moan on the video but I knew that's what she was doing. The capsule reached the top of its arc again and Lynn's body rose from her seat again. Her expression was a swirl of emotions.




She tipped her chin forward and let out a very loud, deep moan that dragged a surprised smile out of me. I knew what she had told me, but without that, I would have totally surprised at her next statement.

The capsule plummeted down again.

In spite of the limited quality of the camera's footage, I saw Lynn press her face against her shock restraints and shiver powerfully.

"Oh my god, I'm cumming," she said rapidly between spasmodic breaths.

I watched as she raised her knees up and began to rock her hips against the center of her restraint. Her body shivered. The expression on her face changed as she had a painful release of control over her body.

The capsule plummeted down again, trying to eject her from her seat.

"... ha... ha... hu... hu... I'm cumming... ahhhhhh ha, ahhhhh ha, ahhhhhh ha!" With her face looking straight into the camera, you could see every nuance of her expression. The loud rush of the wind stole her inhibitions from the loudness of her moans.

This grabbed Paul's attention now. He looked over and asked if she was OK.

"Ahhhh, ut... ahhhhh, it... I... my pussy... uuuhhhg." It's her only reply as saliva, thrown by the violent motions of the Slingshot Ride, flowed up her cheek from her open mouth. Her breasts heaved and strained to stay contained in the thin fabric of her shirt.

She was still twitching and breathing heavily as the capsule settled and was lowered back to earth. The young ride attendant stepped forward and reacheed between her legs to release her restraint harness. She looked straight at him, a mixture of dazed confusion and carnal desire flowing over her pretty face. Maybe the only thing that kept her throwing him down for a fast, violent fuck was the exhaustion in her legs.

The attendant seemed completely oblivious to how tightly wound she was, and simply stepped over and released Paul from his restraints. At that point Lynn grabbed Paul's hand and pulled them both from the ride and out of the video.

I was stunned. I was squeezing my thighs together and listening to my heart and my chest. There was a fuzziness to my senses and everything seemed to be dreamlike. I was going to cum on this ride. I knew it, and this goofy stranger would get to stroke to the images of myself bending and twisting in sexual release. The thought of it added another coat of the slickness to my already quivering cunt.

The only thing holding it inside of me was the tension of my thigh muscles. I knew I would have to part my knees as I sat down, to let the safety restraints pass between my legs. I knew in that moment I would slime my panties and beige-colored Capri pants. The extent of my arousal would be sooo obvious. Both visually and by scent.

My body twitched. I shifted my weight from one foot to another, squirming in my skin. My breasts felt heavy on my chest and I knew by their aching that my nipples would be plainly visible underneath my light summer top. I nearly moaned out loud at the thought of so many people seeing me so aroused.

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt Lynn brush my long blonde hair away from my shoulder. We held hands as she guided me to my seat in the ride. My knees ached as I sat. I felt my slick fluids well up at the entrance of my slit and then trickle down into my panties. It tickled against my soft skin, I already felt like I was near climax. The capsule shifted and and my head lolled forward. I looked up from my seat, mouth relaxed and open. My eyes felt heavy, like they were lidded.

Lynn... Her eyes... looking down at me. She bit her lip seductively and pulled my safety harness down over my shoulders. She reached between my legs and clicked the buckle into place. Closing her eyes, her hot breath came through her nose blowing deeply into mine.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm" as she moans, drinking in the scent of me. She leans forward and our lips touch for the first time. In an instant our mouths are open and our tongues are swirling around each other, tip to tip.

Too soon, she pulls away and I feel the carriage shake as she sits, next to me. The young attendant buckles her in.

I can see her looking over at me to the bars.

"When we are done here, I am going to take you back to the car and devour your body because I won't be able to wait any longer."

Her voice was low, lusty and ragged. Her message somehow short-circuited my brain. I felt two sensations. The rapid beating of my heart and the sudden clutching of my pussy in rhythmic contractions where the only things I could feel.

I knew the sparklers were lit. I knew the camera was on and recording. I knew that in a moment we would be flying through space and my orgasm would gush from my body.

"Lynn? I'm already cu... "


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by Anonymous

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by AlwaysHungry09/08/17

Agree with Anonymous

I think that the pacing and the ending are great. If you have a sexy idea, there is no need to beat the reader to death with descriptive writing. You have ignited the imagination.

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by zoolicious08/23/17

I need more

Sorry, but I need more. That got me all wound up. I really hope you continue it.

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by Many_Memories08/22/17


You didn't finish the ride! How did it go? Did she BLOW? or just dribble? Now you left us all hangin'!

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by Anonymous08/21/17

Loved the way Christina's increasing arousal matched the the increasing nervousness of going on an exiting ride. Brilliant choice to end the story at the moment of 'release'.

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