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I came to love slips when very young. The feel of the lace against my skin was just fantastic. I remember going through my mother’s slips. Trying them on when no one was around. My cock had a life of its own when I wore them. The first time I ever jacked off was when I had one on. From then on I was hooked. I then started looking other places for slips. I would watch the women at church on Sunday morning and see what kind they had on that day.

I remember one lady whose husband was in the army and was all alone. She would come in on Sunday morning and set in the pew just down from my family. I would set so I could see her clearly. As she sat, she would flip her dress around and her slip would show for a moment. She always wore a white slip not always the same one. I cannot remember her name but she had rented a house a few blocks away from our house. I got to wandering, what a wonderful time I could have with her slips. It was a madness that took hold of me and it was all I could think about.

I started to plot out how to get into her house. My mom and dad were gone to meetings a lot a night and I was left at home by my self. One night I decided to see if she was gone and maybe sneak in and find some slips. I called her number hoping that she would not answer. It rang about ten or eleven times and I decided that she was gone. I sneaked over to her house and it was dark. I carried a small flashlight with me so I could see if I got in side the house. My heart was pounding as I tried the doors and windows. All were locked and I was almost ready to leave when the thought occurred to me to look under the door mat. Lo and behold there was the key to the door.

I unlocked it and slipped inside the house. I could smell her scent as soon as I entered the empty house. My mouth was dry and my head was spinning from the adrenalin pumping in my veins. I headed to the bedroom and found her dressed. I turned on the flashlight and started through the drawers. What I found was a treasure chest of slips panties camisoles and other feminine things. My cock was raging to be let out. She was a very neat person and all the slips were folded and stacked very neatly in the drawer. There were many white ones, two blue, two black, one yellow, one pink, and a brown one. All had a lot of lace like you would find in the sixties. Now mind you I was terrified do death that I would get caught and go to jail or my parents would find out but still I just had to jack off in those slips.

Every time a car would go by I thought it was her coming home. I loved the white ones so I took the top one and held it up to the light. It was a full slip with a little bow just above the waist and four inches of lace at the bottom. I held it up to my face and inhaled her fragrance. I unfastened my pants and set on the bed and slid the lacy garment against my hard cock. I almost came and I made contact with the head of my cock. I began masturbating at a slow rate but could feel the cum swelling up in my balls. I began to jerk my whole body. I was on another level. I to me it was just like being on drugs. I continued to jack off at a frenzied pace.

All at once I started to cum. Big globs of cum spewed out of my cock and into the slip. I got a cramp in my foot. I finally came to my senses and realized that I had made a mess of the slip. I could not put it back and I did not have time to wash it so I pulled up my pants and stuffed it in my pocket. I carefully slid the drawer closed and made my way out of the house making sure I had locked the door. I made it home before my parents and did not get caught. I still have that slip after all these years and would not part with it. I have other stories that I will tell later on.

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