Slips and Girdles


She knew what it was but she wanted to hear it from me.

"Huh pardon me Mrs. P?"

She walked around in front of me, looked down at my chest, and at my face, and directly asked if I did naughty things with them. The smile I saw at that point wasn't the same charismatic one she gave me normally. She walked behind me again and finished cutting my hair.

I wouldn't tell her; but I felt her hands grace the back of my neck as though she was a lover. She was trying to entice it out of me. Mary accomplished what she set out to do.

"Well, okay, yes I did and I still do it sometimes, but it's rare." I tried collecting my thoughts, but I could not. I broke down and told her the truth about what I do. To be honest Mrs. P, I will, ummm uhhh, strip down to umm my underwear late at night. I'll have one of the slips next to me and hold it. I'll close my eyes and rub the slip all along my chest and face. It, well it feels ummm it feels incredible Mrs. P!"

I heard a sigh from behind me and I wanted to turn and look, but her hands held my head in place. In a relieved sounding tone I heard her say "Go on tell me the rest baby." I tried again to turn around and look at her but she wouldn't let me. She sounded strange all of a sudden.

"I'll get umm well I'll get you know, umm excited, and well uhhh you know" as I finally turned my head around to see her reaction.

She was all smiles. Her face was gleaming but she was looking out into space as if she was fantasizing about what I just told her. She told me to keep going.

"You know what I mean Mrs. P."

"Ohhhhh yes, yes I do Robbie Pallone! Yes I do sweetheart" she said in admiration! But I want to hear it from your lips" she said closing her eyes while her smile diminished. She took another long and deep breath and her smile appeared.

She stepped around in front of me and said "Because Robbie honey, you love being turned on by slips and all kinds of silk slips, especially. You want to be turned on by one right now too! You want to tell me all your secrets, especially about your wonderful gift you conceal. You want to show me the gift, feel my slips, and feel my girdle too, don't you Robbie Pallone?"

She nailed me! She knew me like there was no tomorrow!

"You want to rub your body all over me and my slips. You want to be so turned on, don't you? You want your penis to be so hard! You have to show me too, don't you? You even want to ejaculate all over me at least what, four, five times, and maybe just maybe six times? Isn't that true sweetheart?"

She spoke to me in a strong, passionate tone but at the same time it was soft too! The way her voice sounded to me had me saying to myself, "Rip her clothes off, claw her everywhere, touch her, feel her body, and ohhh my god feel her tits and feel everything!"

"Robbie, Robbie honey, do you want to do all of those with me too? Would you like it if I let you? What do you want honey?"

"Ohhhhhhh Robbie, Robbie I want you to let it all out. I want you to feel me and my body, my slips, my girdle, and my tits too! Maybe if you are as good as I've heard and read about too, I am going take off my girdle, and my underwear and show you my soft hot pulsating" but her voice trailed off for a second as her eyes closed too. She jiggled her head, opened her eyes up and continued on and said "my vagina, yes Robbie I'll let you have it; I know it yearns for you too" as she looked down between her thighs!

"Do you want to know why" she asked "because I've lusted for you for a long, long time!"

"I've lusted for your handsome and masculine body for months now. I'm so happy you are a real man now. Here, feel it, feel it as much as you want" and she lifted up her dress over her head.

I sat stunned in the chair in the laundry room, not able to move for a moment. What a sexy incredible figure Mrs. P had. She stood smiling at me even though her head was covered up. She waited for me to touch her silk slip and other garments.

Mary finally took off her dress and laid it aside. Her silky hair looked beautiful. Her eyes were soft and welcoming. Her lips were inviting. Better yet, she was a summer lawn waiting to be laid on so I could stare at the passing clouds. I wanted her and everything she wanted to offer me.

I did not hold back. My hands reached forward, as she stood looking at me and I touched her silk slip. I felt its amazing beauty and my hands moved very slowly up towards her tits, but I didn't touch them. I looked up at her briefly. Mary was smiling and watching what I did. I felt her slip and her frame underneath the palms of my hands and she was incredible!

It was so soothing. Nothing compared to her ever! What enhanced all of it was her slender upper figure. She was taller then I realized. She had long legs too. As I felt the firmness in her stomach, I glided my hands down it. I'd run them up again short of her tits and then back down again, stopping short of her waist.

Oh yeah, I wanted inside her slip, but I didn't think of it yet. Feeling and feeling, and feeling that slip of hers and her slender curvaceous frame underneath made me very horny. I wanted to hold my cock; I wanted her to hold it too!

My eyes closed continuously. I yearned for her touch. I yearned for her and me to be together intimately, sexually, and passionately. Whatever it would take to be with her more intimately I wanted it twice over!

Not once did I picture Lisa during any of this. I only pictured Mary holding me while truly worshipping me and visa versa. I pictured her naked. I pictured her with her undergarments on. I pictured her both ways almost at the same time.

This wasn't good it, this was great! This was the most spectacular day of my life!

"This is as wonderful as I hoped" she said as she watched me feel her body. "Robbie, I bet you are horny aren't you honey?"

I opened my eyes with surprise. I shouldn't have been but yes I was horny! I looked up and smiled. Mary knew I was and Mary wanted my 'gift' for sure!

Mary sat down on the carpet in the laundry room. It was a large soft remnant. She pushed her hair back behind her shoulders. She stretched her hand out for me to sit down with her. I sat in front of her. She lay back on the floor facing me. Her slip draped her and her flat limber physique.

"Go on take them off now; take off your jeans honey. I'd love to see you and your beautiful manliness."

I did as she requested. I took them off and flung them aside. I looked down at my awaiting goddess and my cock began to burst at the seams.

Both my cock and I were ablaze with fire. I felt like I wanted to cum in front of her and right away too!

Calmly she says "If you will, I'd love to see it now. I am very horny and I'm probably not going to get enough of it today. I am almost sure of it. So honey" she started to say but paused for a few seconds, "please show me how you, well show me how you'd masturbate. Let me watch you do it. When you are ready, shoot it all over my slip!" She spoke out in a provocative manner that she stimulated me even more then I already was.

I stood up; I pulled out my cock so I could jack off for her. I stared at her smiling face. God damn was she a hott and sexy looking lady!

It was easy to be motivated. She in her glorious slip as her tits and cleavage rooted me on. She made everything easy for me. I wanted to please her and I wanted to be equally gratified. She watched in triumphant glory while I stroked my cock for her. Her smile grew bigger.

I felt great! I was close to ejaculating. Before she knew it, I was down on my knees and spraying cumm all over her slip. I felt bad doing it all over the slip, but she didn't.

What happened next blew my mind! It was wild! She was wild! She was one awesome woman and she proved she was too!

Mary sat up and lifted her slip up too. While looking me straight in the face and smiling at the same time, she began to lick it off. Every bit I sprayed on it she licked off and she swallowed it all too!

It was to put it mildly, erotic! Her tongue came out of her mouth and she licked her slip where cum was at. She slurped it or licked it all up. Each splash of cum was entirely gone from what I could tell. She smiled each time she licked or slurped it up. Never once did she take her eyes off me except to find cum. I watched it slide down her throat. Every few licks, and there were a lot of licks, she'd wink lovingly at me. She turned me on, forever!

Ohhhh did she make me and keep me horny during the whole time. I could have done it again. Raising her hand, she says softly using her index finger, "Come here honey" and she began removing her slip.

"This is yours for as long as you want to treasure it. Use it to masturbate when you're in your bed. When I'm not around for you, use it as a replacement for me."

I looked at her, as we both held her slip, and thought "What did you just say" as though there were going to be other times to do it? She read my mind and repeated herself in so many words.

"It's great seeing you are still horny honey" she said intimately. "It is" and she paused closing her eyes. "it's so wonderful, so special that I am going have my fantasies fulfilled knowing all the rumors I heard and read about are true. What are you going to do for your encores" she asked me giggling.

"Whatever you want me to do" I replied.

"Then let's go upstairs right now, to my room, and let me show you." She sat up, held me inside her arms, and she kissed my forehead. I looked at her with surprise. She added "Oh yes Robbie, like I said, I do love you. I love you very much."

"Ohhh fucking shit" I thought, "she turns me on so god damn much I could kiss her for days and fuck her for years!"

In reality we did make love in different ways for a few years too, but a little differently then you'd expect.

She stood up and in front of me the most beautiful sexy woman with the most gorgeous eyes, lips, and hair I'd ever come in physical contact with in my life let me look her over. Her body, her slender shapely body, was covered up by her underwear, girdle, and her white bra masking her cleavage and awesome tits. I wondered how I would feel once I saw them in the flesh too.

She was quick. We were in her room before I knew it. She stood there and not even out of breath, took my hands, and I caressed her naked stomach while once in a while I'd feel her girdle beneath my fingers.

Naked, my cock became hard again. She saw how hard it was and murmured "Ooooooooohhh Lord, honey push it, press it, press it against me now!"

I pushed my cock into her tummy. I pushed it deep into her flat tummy. She smiled while I did. "Deeper honey" she said as her eyes closed, "deeper, harder baby" she cried out!

I closed mine as I jammed it as hard as I could and as far as it could go into her gorgeous stomach.

"Ooooooooooooohhh yes, yes oh god yes you make me so horny Robbie! Make me hornier honey, make me hornier! Make me so fucking horny baby!" She was crazy I thought.

"God Damnit you're the one who makes me horny Mary" I cried out! "You are the sexiest woman alive" I yelled out louder!

"Ohh I know, I know I am" she replied and she flopped down on her bed, pleading with me by saying "Spray my tummy honey! Spray it, spray it again like you did a little while" but I jacked off so fast and cummed so quickly she didn't get a chance to finish begging me. Mary screamed out in a delightful shriek of ecstasy!

"Ohhhh god, oh yes, yes Robbie! You are sexy Robbie and then she stunned me by what she did after I cummed on her belly.

She began spreading the hot cum lower and lower as her fingers slowly stretched out the elastic waistband of her girdle. She spread my fresh cum inside it. She spread it farther down then I expected.

She loved my white thick cum. She clamored for more and more! She spread what I sprayed all over her tummy inside her girdle. She spread down about where her vagina was. Her hands rubbed down around the tops of her thighs while they were inside her girdle. I was still turned on and as surprised.

"Now I'm not only having fun" she exclaims, "I'm having an experience too; my own secret orgasms you don't know about honey" she said she winked again. "While you did that to me, I orgasmed and I want to thank you for the pleasure," and Mary closed her eyes and murmured "mmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmm thank you."

She sat up and got on her knees. She held my limp cock gently and rubbed her stomach, but then somehow turned it so it would rub against her girdle.

"Ohhhh my god, ohhh my god" I thought! All of it made me feel like I was in another world. There was an interweaving of energized sensations I felt as my cock ran across her smooth girdle!

The high octane collection of feelings had my blood boiling and my juices pumping.

I wanted to shove my cock all the way in her girdle so I would be able to cum in it and preserve a memory like that forever and ever and ever! Somehow and someway I felt I had to do it.

"Please Mary, ohh please, please let me cum inside it" I cried out.

"Inside my girdle" she asked surprisingly. "You want to cum inside this honey?" She screamed out and her arms opened up as I heard her say "Feel free to, ohhh yes, yes feel free to cum in it! Ohhhh Robbie then I'm gonna feel your blessed hot cum easily ooooooohh! Go ahead do it, do me, do it now!"

Her hips vibrated and her legs shook. Her facial expression changed to a look of fearful but joyful anticipation. I was free to do something I wondered later if I'd ever get the chance to ever do again!

Trying hard, I was pressed up so close against her body, but I couldn't get my cock inside her girdle while we faced one another. We knew it wouldn't work that way. I slid my cock underneath her girdle, between her thighs. She shuffled herself back and forth over my shaft repeatedly. Now that was a big turn on! It was so stimulating!

I was hard again!

I shuttered once I felt the beauty of her girdle sliding along my pulsating cock. I did an about face. I came up behind her and grabbed my cock, rubbing and running it over her backside along her ass. It felt so incredible! It was so sexy seeing her girdle covered ass move while I teased myself.

I jammed my cock into her ass even though she still wore the girdle. I pushed harder and harder for my own self pleasure. Not once did it have any affect on her, but finally I found a way, from behind, and I developed a pre-cum.

"Ohhh shit, I gotta go in somehow" I said and she pulled out her elastic waistband as I slipped around the front of her. Somehow I was able to push my cock down inside. I looked down and I saw her magical underwear!

I cummed ferociously as she stood as though she was amazed and surprised! I was able to cum for a third time that afternoon! She couldn't believe a man was capable of cumming that often.

"How Robbie, stuttering, how, how uhh Robbie?"

All I did was look and smile and all I wanted to do was hold her, caress her, and want the same back, but no, not Mary; Mary wanted more and more of my hot blooded cum!

"You have to do that again! You have to do it again!" She was elated!

"Ohh I know, I know" she began to say and her eyes closed, then opened and a warm glistening look appeared. "I know what I've wanted for a long, long time and who better then you? Yes, ohhh yes Robbie Pallone what I want, you can give to me."

"What's that" I remember asking. "What's that, let you suck it? I mean let you give me a blow job" I asked. You had to see the look on her face. I read her mind.

How many parties did I go to and not once, not once did a girl have the guts when they saw my cock countless of times at those parties, did any one of them offer to do that? All they ever wanted was to watch me put on a show for them.

Mary Parker was a veteran. She told me later she hadn't sucked Gil's cock in several years. I asked her how she became so good and her response was "Some girls are gifted Robbie, some girls are inherently gifted honey."

I wanted to laugh, but it was her turn to enjoy the opportunity. She told me to sit on the edge of the bed. My cock was limp and we were going for number 4. I wasn't exhausted because we hadn't got to the big dance yet. The Big Dance would be either me on top of her or her on top of me and without any of her undergarments on.

Looking up at me, she caressed my thighs slowly and carefully. I felt relaxed and my cock was too. It was limp and it looked and felt as though it was not getting up to 'dance' for anyone anytime soon. Mary changed that within time.

Mary had a way with everything and everyone. Her eyes and facial expression said "I'm in love and I hope you are too, with me of course."

"Mary, I love you" I told her. She winked and nodded while her tongue tiptoed over the tip of my cock.

Ever so gently, the tip of her slim tongue felt that little hole on the tip of my wilted penis. Holding it carefully, she moved around it with using her finger tips. It was incredible watching her do it! She smiled while studying the form of it. Just watching her peculiar stare as though she was studying and toying with it aroused me but not the cock itself.

She turned herself almost upside down while going underneath to lick the shaft some more. "That's wild" I remember thinking! "What is she doing" I asked myself also.

Then all of a sudden I felt two effects and one was physical, but the other was emotional. All of a sudden while looking across the room, I felt her tongue progress further down my cock's shaft. It was still limp up to that point, but she had stretched it out using her fingers to enjoy it all.

All of a sudden I felt an eruption of emotion within! All of a sudden I felt a tremor induced excitement! My whole freakin body quivered and she looked up suddenly to see why, but she wasn't worried; she was inquisitive. She was smiling the whole time.

"Ohhhhhh isn't that sweet" she remarked, "I've gone and done it again for us, oooooohhh yes this is going to go down in history for me as the most special day I'll probably have with a man. Yes it will" she said softly looking back at my cock as she kissed the tip of it along with part of the shaft.

She slipped my limber softness inside her warm mouth and I did nothing but let it lie inside her mouth. She closed her eyes while it lay in there; she took a deep breath through her nostrils. Opening her eyes, she took my cock out of her mouth, let out the air, and took one last deep breath. She held it in for a moment and then let out another breath of air.

Her shoulders went back, her head up high, and her chest went out and she said to me "Honey be prepared for a biggie!" I only smiled and she did too.

"Okay I hope so" I thought, but then I felt a suction I never ever felt in my life. I've never had one, although Lisa promised some day I'd get one, so this was my first actual experience. "Whoooaaa" I exclaimed, "ohhhhh my freakin ass whoooaa!"

Mary sucked it all the way down while my balls smacked up against her chin and my cock disappeared forever and a day. Mary was sucking it so hard I thought I would lose it, but then she let up, held it in her hands, and started licking it all over again. She even licked my sack but gently. It was the biggest turn on of my life I thought at the moment. Not really because Mary wearing her slip was a bigger one in hindsight.

With my cock in her mouth, Mary removed her bra as she sucked me off. She was smooth at it too. I watched her closely. All the way in, all the way out, and all the way in again and almost all the way out. Mary sucked on it flawlessly while her body and boobs rocked back and forth and back and forth repeatedly.

Her tits were fun to watch while they wobbled. It allowed me, along with her sucking on my cock to become hard for the fourth time. She sucked and sucked it not letting go too much or prematurely. Mary was amazing! The way she timed it all out seemed amazing. I was breathing heavily and rapidly too!

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