tagLoving WivesSloppiest of Seconds

Sloppiest of Seconds


As I explained in my first story "Dirty Girl" my wife, April, had been wildly promiscuous before we began dating. April estimates that she had sex with something like two-hundred men before we met, and that she had sucked off dozens of others. I realize now that even early in our relationship, her promiscuous past was a huge turn-on for me, I just wasn't ready, or willing to admit it to myself back then.

One night early in our relationship, April slept with my roommate after a night of drinking. When I found out the next morning, I knew that I should break up with her, but I just couldn't do it. Strangely enough, I found myself more aroused than angry. After all, I was fully aware that she was ridiculously easy, especially after a few too many drinks – and I had left her alone with him.

Ultimately, I forgave her for cheating on me, and not long after, we were fucking on the same couch that my roommate, Chris had just fucked her on a few hours earlier.

I would never have owned up to it then, but it was the hottest sex that I'd ever had up until that point of my life. The sight, smell and feel of pumping April's sloppy-second pussy was beyond description. My excited prick shot off like a cannon inside of her steamy cunt in less than two minutes.

I had mixed emotions about what had happened that morning for a while, but several months later I was fantasizing about her with other guys all the time. With my encouragement, April began to tell me stories of her many one-night-stands, guys with big cocks, and wild parties where she would take on more than one guy at a time.

Eventually, April's torrid tales turned me on so much I found myself practically begging her to fuck other guys. I wanted sloppy-seconds again. I wanted that inimitable feeling of plunging my cock in and out of her swollen, well-used cunt right after another man has had her.

I never would have thought that I'd be one of those guys that allow their woman to sleep around. Stereotypically, those men are meek, little men with Coke-bottle glasses and small dicks. I am nothing like that, I am confident, above average in looks, I have a nice build, and a big cock. For reasons I can't explain, I just wanted her to be a slut in the worst way.

Looking back now, It wasn't all that hard to persuade April into doing other men. Because of her promiscuous past, parting her thighs for strangers was almost second nature. She did it easily, and without guilt. The first time it happened, was a week before our wedding on her bachelorette party.

She met a guy named Brian at the bar, and after some drinks and dirty dancing she snuck out with him, leaving her friends and two sisters wondering what had happened to her.

They went straight to his place, and once there, he fucked my slutty Fiancé repeatedly, coming inside of her half a dozen times.

When she got home the next day and told me where she had been, I was so turned on that I went down on her, and cleaned up her wayward cunt with my tongue. The smell and taste of another guy's semen in her pussy made my dick harder than it had ever been before. April gasped out all of the steamy details while I ate her out, and then took my turn fucking her soupy snatch.

April promised that she would spread her legs for lots of guys after we were married, and less than two weeks after saying her wedding vows, my new wife broke them with a co-worker named Terrence. She fucked him in the front seat of his car, riding his big cock until she felt it spurting deep inside of her.

I was in bed when she got home. April came into our room and told me that she had been a very bad girl. She then raised her skirt, shed her thong panties and straddled my face, just as she had straddled Terrences' cock only a few minutes earlier.

April ground her slick pussy on my mouth as she told me all about fucking Terrence, and then she rode her second cock of the night to ejaculation inside of her messy snatch.

Plenty of other men follwed Terrence. In fact, about half the time my wife goes out with her friends, she winds up doing some guy. I am getting sloppy-seconds about once a month and I love it. Strange as it may sound, whenever April committs adultry, it seems to bring us closer togther and feel more in love than ever before.

I find nothing sexier than my wife after she's been with another man. I love it when she comes home smelling of booze, sweat and sex. I enjoy listening to her describe her recent sexual activities while I go down on her randy pussy and slurp up the creamy evidence of her debauchery. When I finally add my discharge of semen to her steamy cunt, it is with such force that I am left dizzy and depleted afterwards.

I believe that the reason that I come so hard when I get sloppy-seconds from April, is at least partialy instinctual. It makes sense to me, that if a man believes his spouse has an additional suitor's semen in her vagina, he will ejaculate more intensely and with more quantity, in an attempt to out-number the others sperm. I have fucked my wife shortly after she's had unprotected sex with several dozen other men, and I always come much harder when her pussy is brimming with another's spunk.

I've had April after she's slept with co-workers, strangers, ex-boyfriends, married guys, black guys, and one semi-famous rockstar. Of course we both have our favorites, April's was the rockstar, so was mine, until a couple of months after our fourth wedding anniversary.

It was a Saturday night. April phoned from work to say that she was invited over to a friends house for a birthday party. She said that she did not want to go, but her friends insisted that she at least make an appearance. Because it was supposed to be a "girls only" party, April vowed that she would be home early.

"Go ahead, have a good time." I said. If she went out for a while I could watch the rest of the college football game on tv without interuption. It was a win-win for me.

"Okay, I'll be home around midnight." She said, but then added in a hushed voice, "Then we can talk about how naughty I was last night!" With that last statement she giggled and hung up.

My pants grew tighter at the mention of what happened Friday night. All of a sudden I was no longer so interested in the football game. April had gone out clubbing with the girls the previous night, and as usual, it was just after six a.m. when she finally sauntered through our bedroom door.

"Sorry I'm home so late." She said peeling off her bar clothes. "But I just fucked some guy I met at the bar."

"Who was it?" I asked, desperate to know. I had been lying in bed awake for the last two hours waiting for her to come home, and like always it was pure torture.

"I don't know." She replied, climbing into bed. "I think he said his name was Jeff."

April straddled me, and guided my already stiff dick into her wet pussy. She told me that he had bought her a shooter, introduced himself, and less than half an hour later they were fucking at his place.

I groaned with approval. I love it when my wife is ridiculously easy for other men.

"Did he have a big cock?" I asked, grabbing her ass and pumping her harder.

"Yeah he did. I just loved sucking it. He said I gave the best head that he's ever had."

I groaned again. April likes to tease me about sucking her lovers dicks. It's something she often does for them, but rarely for me. Deep down she knows I love it, she can tell by how passionately I kiss her after she's done it.

"Do you want me to show you exactly how I sucked him?" She asked knowingly as she eased herself off of my cock.

She began by kissing and licking my shaft and my balls before finally taking me into her hot mouth. After deep-throating it a couple of times she began to suck on the top half while jerking the base with a sort of twisting motion.

April had a reputation for giving great head back in high-school and it was something that she had perfected over the years. This was a new technique though, and it didn't take very long before I was ready to come. Just as I was about to bust my nut into her mouth she stoped and rolled onto her back. Parting her thighs I got between them as she guided my excited prick into her sex.

"That felt so good, April!" I gasped plunging my cock in and out of her.

"Mmm... thanks, I saw it done on a porno."

"So where did he come?" I asked, noticing the lack of semen in her pussy.

"Right here." Said my wife squeezing her tits together.

In the dim morning light I could see splatter marks of dried spunk all over her full breasts.

"And here." She said, pulling my head down and kissing me hard with her sticky lips.

That did it for me. I cried out into her mouth as my semen flooded her pussy.

Thinking about my wife's most recent dalliance made me want to stay up and wait for her to get home. Time passed, and twelve o'clock came and went. By two a.m., I decided to try and get some sleep. I dozed off for a wile only to wake again at five, April had still not made it home. My heart began to beat harder in my chest and I felt that familiar feeling of uneasiness that I always get when I know April is with another man.

I tossed and turned in bed. I tried desperately not to think about what April was probably up to for the second night in a row, but it was no use. My cock throbbed with anticipation. I knew that any minute now, I'd be sticking it into my wife's freshly-fucked pussy.

By seven I gave up trying to get any sleep. I had just got out of bed and put on a pair of pants when I heard a rumbling outside. I quickly looked out the window to see my wife getting out of a Dodge Charger. As the car pulled away April practicaly danced up to the house. I met her as she opened the door.

"Oh my god, baby!" she exclaimed. "I just saw the biggest cock of my entire life! It barely fit in my mouth!"

"Did it fit in your pussy?" I asked, unable to hide the unevenness in my voice.

"Why don't you go down on me and find out." She challenged.

With wobbly knees I followed my wife to our bedroom where she began to strip.

"Some of us were bored at Bobbie's, so at about midnight we decided to hit the downtown clubs. We had been at one for about twenty minutes when Tracy's new boyfriend, Steve showed up with one of his buddies. His name was Shamus. We partied with them until closing, and then Tracy suggested that we continue to party at Steve's place."

I watched her remove her bra as I eagerly rubbed my aching dick through my pants.

"Shamus was really good-looking. He was so hot, I didn't know if I could seduce him. We were downstairs, drinking and playing pool while Tracy and Steve were doing it upstairs. At one point I went to the bathroom to go pee, and when I came out, Shamus was standing there. He steered me back into the bathroom and started kissing me."

By now April was naked, save for her panties. She sat down on the edge of the bed and I was beside her, kissing her lips, neck and breasts. April was beginning to breath harder as I planted tender kisses all over her upper body.

"As we kissed I reached down his pants. When I felt his cock I thought 'Oh my god it's huge!' I'm sorry, Greg, but I just had to suck it, I had to see how big it was."

I groaned with approval, kissing her hard on the mouth as I eased her back on the bed, then continued to kiss and lick my way down her breasts and over her flat tummy.

"It got so big and hard that all I could take was about two inches. So I jacked him off... licked his shaft... his balls, and rubbed it all over my tits. Then he picked me up off the floor and pulled down my pants. He placed me on the counter and ate my pussy. It felt so good, baby, he made me come. Then he started rubbing his big cock up and down my slit...

April raised her hips to allow me to remove her panties. With trembling fingers I peeled them down her long tanned legs.

"... and then he fucked me!" she moaned, parting her sexy thighs.

I gasped in amazement. Never before I had seen her so swollen or so wide open. My wife's vagina gaped obscenely, it was dialated to about the same diameter of a golf ball, and a pearly glob of come lay at the entrance. Everything from her pubic hair, down to her ass crack was sticky with spent jism. It was obvious that she had taken quite a pounding.

I moved my face closer and deeply inhaled the aroma of her adulterous pussy. The powerful scent caused my head to swoon and I let out an audible gasp as my raging cock trembled in my pants.

"Smell good, baby?" she asked seductivley. "Shamus pumped two big loads of come in there. I know you're just dying to taste it, go ahead, lick it up, baby. Clean up my dirty pussy so you can fuck it too."

Slowly, I pressed my mouth against her sticky snatch. As my tongue explored her yawning vagina I could already tell that it had never been this stretched before. I swirled it around inside of her, then pulled back and swallowed. The aforementioned glob of spunk was gone, and I groaned as I felt it slide down my throat.

With my excitement building, I mashed my lips against her distended pussy and sucked her slippery hole. My tongue explored the soft folds of April's hot sex as I kissed, licked and slurped the spent jism from her gaping gash. I couldn't belive how much spunk there was! There was so much I was forced to swallow several times, and I remember thinking that the size of his load must be comparable to the size of his equipment.

I ate my wife out for a good ten minutes, savoring the taste of her delicious fuck-hole. April writhered on the bed, hunching her pussy into my mouth as I brought her to orgasm.

After slurping up as much come as my tongue could reach, I kissed my way back up April's tight body and lined my erection up with her cunt. There was zero resistance as my excited prick slid in and I had to gasp in awe at how voluminous her vagina felt.

"Oh god, you're so loose!" I groaned.

"I know." She replied. "It was so big, baby, it was so big!"

April spread her steamy thighs open further, allowing me to penetrate her to my fullest. Normally, the head of my prick would be touching her cervix in this position, but all I could feel was the tip of my cock bathing in a large pool of semen deep within my wife.

I also noticed that the first couple of inches of her vagina seemed to be slightly tighter than the rest, leading me to believe that Shamus had a large head on his phallus, that mushroomed out from the shaft.

I asked April about this and she quickly confirmed my assumption.

"Yeah that was it exactly." She said, pumping her hips to meet my strokes. "It must have been the size of a doorknob... oh god I've never felt so full and stretched!"

"I bet it took him a long time to work it in." I moaned.

"Actually," she said almost apologetically, "I was so wet, it just slid right in. I'm sorry, baby, but he was so good-looking, and he had such nice muscles – he ate me out so good, almost as good as you. And that huge cock... I'm sorry, Greg, but I've never been so turned on in my life."

Pangs of jealousy tore at my insides as she said this, but served to turn me on more as well. I looked down between her legs and watched my prick, coated with semen, plunge in and out of my wife's well-used pussy. Each time I withdrew, it extracted more and more of his come, leaving a large wet stain on our sheets underneath April's ass. The only sounds were our heavy breathing and the wet, sloshing noise her pussy makes when it is really soaked.

"He fucked me in the bathroom for a few minutes and then carried me out to the couch with his huge dick still buried in my twat." April continued. "He did me on the couch hard and fast and I told him to come in my pussy. We dozed off after that, and later I woke up with his throbbing penis in my hand. I think I was jacking him off in my sleep! I started stroking it and it got bigger and harder. Soon Shamus woke up and the next thing I knew he was fucking me from behind. He fucked me so hard, baby and..."

"Did it hurt?" I asked.

"No, it felt good, but I don't think I could handle being his girlfriend. Every time he stuck it all the way in, it took my breath away. That guy just has too much cock."

"Did he make you come?" I said, hoping the answer was "no".

April got that apologetic look on her face again and I knew the answer was "yes". Despite the fact that my wife has fucked well over two hundred guys not one had ever given her a cock-induced orgasm until now.

"I'm sorry, babe, I couldn't help it. That big head just kept hitting my G-spot. I came at the same time he was shooting off for the second time in my pussy."

I groaned with a mixture of jealousy and arousal.

Although I could scarcely feel my wife's sugar walls surrounding my come-soaked prick I knew that I couldn't hold off my climax much longer. April sensed this too and began to incite me to orgasm.

"Mmm... that's it, baby, fuck it. Fuck it hard! Your wife's slutty cunt has been fucked by two other dicks this weekend – two dicks bigger than yours, especially Shamus'. Oh god it was so big! So big, baby... Mmm stick your cock in deep and feel the come from that big stud. Oh, I can smell it!"

"Oh god, April!" I bellowed, speeding up the tempo of my thrusting.

"Yeah, I'm a dirty girl! ...So dirty... do it, baby – come in my pussy!"

My hips shot forward and my head threw back. I felt my semen spewing violently into April's sloppy, stretched-out cunt. I gasped and grunted on top of my sexy, unfaithful wife, adding a copious amount of jizz to her spent pussy.

I remained on top of April until my flacid cock slipped out of her yawning fuck-hole. Exhausted for the moment, I rolled of of my wife and she cuddled up to me. We kissed and reasured each other of our love.

April fell asleep almost immediately, and ordinarily I do the same after sloppy-seconds, but this time was different. I couldn't stop picturing April taking that huge cock into her mouth and pussy.

With my prick hardening once again, I dipped my head beneath the covers, pushed her thighs open, and began to slurp up the abundance of come draining from her open gash and down her ass. I ate her for about two minutes then gently mounted her.

April moaned slightly in her sleep as I quietly positioned myself between her well-worked thighs and slid my sticky erection into her pussy. It was so loose, and she was so out of it, I don't think that she even knew I was fucking her. I could barely feel anything at all, but that's how I like it after she's been with someone else.

I looked down between her legs. Come was everywhere. I could see it on my dick and smell it on my face. My throat burned with the taste of it. I imagined Shamus' cock churning inside of my wife, then pumping twitching and spurting it's heavy load deep within her pussy.

April moaned again in her sleep and muttered, "So big... so big..."

That did it for me. With a grunt I stiffened and came hard. I tried to keep from crying out as my prick silently discharged rope after rope of semen in her ravaged twat.

I managed to fall asleep after that, and when we awoke we did it again. Throughout the day all April would have to do is mention one small detail about her and Shamus and I'd be ready to go again. By Sunday night my balls ached from coming so heavily and repeatedly inside of my wife's insatiable snatch.

Shamus had such a big cock, it took three good weeks before April's vagina felt somewhat normal again, but to this day I still have not been able to reach her cervix with the tip of my penis. I would love for her to run into him again and I'm sure that she will eventually. For now, I can only wait – wait for the night my wife comes home, and gives me the sloppiest of seconds once again.

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by Anonymous04/05/18

Reading seconds

My wife found your story. She brought me her laptop for me to read it. As I read it she undressed. I finished it shortly thinking it was good. I turned around to see her, she's got a large cucumber upmore...

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but there are coupes LIKE this out there .. Know of several that live like this..

not for too many of us ... not my style of life... a five to bring forth a slice of life

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by Anonymous08/24/17

“My wife's vagina gaped obscenely…”

Your story was very hot; both my wife and I loved it. We became best friends in junior high school and continued on that way until we eventually started dating after graduating from college. We did somemore...

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