tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSlow Night Shenanigans

Slow Night Shenanigans


When was the last time you got an urge to masturbate, and went through with it no matter where you were?

For me it was a few nights ago while I was at work.

It started when I found a suspicious silver SUV parked in a secluded park while on patrol around midnight. It was facing away from me as I turned the lights off on my patrol car to make a stealthy approach. At this time of night people tend to do one of two things in a hidden parking spot and with as slow as my night had been I was okay with either.

I stopped about a car length behind the SUV and gingerly closed my door to be as quiet as possible, only turning my portable radio up just a hair so I could hear it. As I made my way closer to the vehicle I noticed rocking and could hear moans coming from inside. It was definitely the best of the two options and my heart quickened with the thought of what I might see next.

I took my flashlight out of its holder and shined it into the back seat area of the SUV illuminating two bodies going at it doggy style. They were facing my direction but both parties had their heads down, focused on the task at hand. The guy had short dark brown hair that I noticed had a slight bald spot on the top as that was all I could see of him. His hips bucked back and forth as he drilled the blonde underneath him. Her hair was a little longer than shoulder length and draped down around her bobbing head. She was resting on her forearms as her lover continued his assault from behind.

I had be there for a good thirty seconds with neither of them noticing me so I tapped on the window with the end of my flashlight. This got the males attention as his head snapped up and he saw me with his wide, shocked eyes. His partner must have still been oblivious to me as she continued pushing back into him. "Don't stop" I heard her tell him. He reached down and pulled her hair back and directed her face my way. She let out a sharp screech as she sank back into him attempting to upright and cover herself. Her small hands did little to hide her ample breasts, the pale flesh squeezing out from behind her tanned arms and fingers.

"Y'all do me a favor and step out here, please." I requested through the small crack in the window. Their naked forms began trying to gather their clothes to cover themselves. "Don't reach for anything, just go ahead and step out" I instructed as I opened the door and stepped back, making way for them to exit the vehicle. The girl was first, hanging her head as she stepped out she used one arm to cover her impressive tits while reaching down with her other hand to shield her public area from my probing eyes and flashlight. Once her feet were on the ground she scooted to her left to make room for her companion. She was a little over 5 feet tall and build like she just stepped out of one of my dreams. Thick, muscular thighs, abs that anyone would love to show off along with toned shoulders and arms. Definitely a college athlete or gym enthusiast.

As the male exited he was much less bashful, not bothering to cover himself at all. As I eyed him while he stood himself up in front of me I saw why he was unashamed, he had absolutely no need to be! His cock stood proudly and impressively at 9 inches or better and was so thick I imagined his hand had a hard time wrapping around it. He stood over six feet and looked like he was an athlete as well.

"Holy shit," I stammered "that thing fit inside her?!"

The girl blushed and dropped her head again while he smiled and boasted "All the way to the hilt!"

"You wish I could take all of it" she retorted, coming out of her embarrassed shell a bit. "I can take a little over half of it" she explained.

"She's being modest" the male interjected. "She slams her pussy back into me when I'm behind her. She takes half of me down her throat" he said with a wink.

"Rick, shut up" she scolded him.

"That'd be an impressive sight" I said encouragingly. "I tell you what. Being in the park after 10pm is a violation of city ordinances, but it's one I'd be willing to forget about if I got to see that" I offered as I ran my light over her toned body.

She dropped her eyes to the ground and shifted uneasily. "I don't know about that. Isn't you offering something like against some sort of law or policy?"

"It is, but it's one I'm willing to violate to watch you suck that impressive pole of your friends" I explained honestly.

"C'mon Lauren, it's not the worst thing you've done, and I really don't want a ticket or whatever. Plus I'm starting to hurt from the build up" Rick pleaded as he began massaging his member.

"Fuck you, Rick! I let you and Tony fuck me together once while a few other drunk fuckers watched and you won't let it go. You're the one that wanted it" she said as she eyed him sharply. "Fine" she relented as she dropped her arms to her sides, freeing her breast, giving me my first glimpse of her pink and puffy nipples. Her bald pubic region was on full display as well and I got an instant erection eyeing the smooth area leading to the top of her slit.

She turned and stood in front of him, showing off her ample, muscular ass cheeks. I watched in awe as she slowly squatted towards the ground, bending a bit to allow my flashlight full access to her puckered anus and swollen, glistening lips. "You like the view, Officer" she asked as she reached her right hand down, parting her lips, dipping one finger inside. She used her other hand to grasp her studs cock and align it with her mouth. "This is wrong, but so fucking hot" she said as she looked up at Rick before enveloping his cocks head between her lips.

I moved closer and to the side so I could get a better view as Rick leaned back against the vehicle. His eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly opened as his head tilted back. I shined my light down to where Lauren was working and saw that she had coated his shaft with her saliva and was using her hand to jack off the half of him that couldn't fit into her stretched mouth. She bobbed furiously as she stroked in tune.

In the dead of night all that could be heard was her slurping on his stiff, thick rod. She'd gag audibly every once in a while when she'd try to take more of his meat. She'd pull back when she did this, allowing her throat to rest while she vigorously stroked his spit soaked cock. She pumped her fist over his bulbous head, causing his body to jerk with each stroke.

"He's gonna cum soon" she told me as her eyes caught me staring, mesmerized by her hand pumping back and forth over his manhood. "Why don't you record it so you'll have something to jerk off to later? I'll make it a good show" she said as she dove back down and throated half of the massive tool, gagging on it. She pulled back and let a long string drool drain from her mouth. She caught it in her hand and used it to lube the parts of his cock she couldn't reach with her mouth.

"Shit, after watching this it's burned into my brain. A video isn't needed to jerk to later, but my wife would definitely love to see this" I exclaimed as I pulled my phone out of my uniform shirt pocket.

Rick moaned as his shaft got worked "Wow, you're wife is into this kind of stuff?That's fucking hot! It's definitely not going to be long now, go ahead" he nodded towards my phone.

I opened the camera app on my phone and started recording the scene being played out in front of me. Lauren bobbed feverishly on Ricks hard cock. I could see her lips ripple over the veins that swelled on the top and sides of erection as her hand pumped in synch. The light from the phone made the tears running down her cheeks shine as she tried to take him further and further down her throat, his girth stretching it to its limits.

"Fuck babe, I'm cumming" Rick warned just as Lauren was pulling off of his root. Deep throat saliva spewed over her lips and ran onto her breast as she gasped for air, never stopping her fist from its pumping motion. She quickly wiped the slick goo off her chest and used it to further increase the speed of her stroke, focusing more intently on the almost purple head of his cock. With a quick thrust of his hips the first squirt of semen broke through the threshold and landed on the soft white mounds of Lauren's tits.

She continued to work his cock, now cupping and squeezing his sack with her free hand as rope after rope spewed forward. She opened her mouth and caught a thick stream on her lips and extended tongue before she moved closer to catch another on the bridge of her nose. The last few weaker squirts landed on her puffy pink nipples, hanging off the tips like rain drops waiting to fall.

Lauren licked her lips, scooping the hazy liquid into her mouth as she used a finger to wipe up the jizz hanging from her tits. She brought the finger to her mouth and sucked it clean, mixing it with the cum from her lips. She swallowed that load with a loud "gulp" as she wiped the errant rope that landed on her nose with the same finger, this tip holding it in front of her lips where she seductively licked it off for my camera.

"I love a fresh, hot load" she said with the remnants of Ricks seed visible in her mouth. She swallowed again as she stood. "So, Officer, are we free to go now? My pussy is dripping and now that Rick has shot his load it'll take him a little bit to recharge. I'd like to get back in the air conditioning while I finger myself if that's okay." She ran a hand down to her snatch as she asked and I could tell by the look on her face that she inserted a couple fingers deep inside.

That was the last image I got on my camera as I stammered "Yes ma'am, y'all are free to go."

"Maybe we'll see you again" Rick said as he began moving towards the drivers door. "That was pretty fucking epic!"

"I work every other weekend and this park is in my zone so I'm the only one out this way. I'll definitely be looking for you" I shot back as I started towards my car.

"Hang on a sec" Lauren called out. I turned back to see her walking towards me, hips swaying and tits swinging. "I don't want to be the only one with cum on my breath tonight" she said as she reached up and pulled my face down to her mouth. She planted her lips on mine and shot her tongue into my mouth, intertwining hers with mine. I parted my lips further allowing for a deeper, wetter kiss. I could taste the salty, sweet, almost metallic taste of semen in her mouth. It wasn't the first time I'd had the taste in mouth and I damn sure wasn't going to stop her from what she was doing.

Before she broke our embrace she reached down and grabbed my crotch, causing me to jump. "Hmm, you're packing a good sized one yourself, aren't you, Officer?" She gave me a final squeeze before she sauntered back to the SUV, her plump ass cheeks bouncing in the moon light.

I could feel pre-cum starting to leak from my strained cock, knowing it wouldn't be long before I needed a release.

I still had about 5 hours left on shift so I figured I'd go run traffic on the piece of interstate that ran through my jurisdiction. It was a slow night so I'd have plenty of time to reflect on what I had just seen. With the dull buzz of the radar and low hum of passing 18 wheelers in my ear my thoughts wondered back to the view of Lauren's spread ass cheeks as she lowered herself to begin the exquisite blow job she gave Rick.

"I wonder if she takes that thick rod up her ass" I thought to myself as I began rubbing my own meat through my polyester work pants. My imagination began working as I envisioned her tight hole loosening and allowing his lubed Johnson to slip in just passed the head. "I bet it's so fucking tight" my mind raced as I unzipped my pants and fished my stiffening dick fro it's confines. I was parked, blacked out, in the median so I knew there was little to no chance of anyone seeing what I was doing.

I began working my hand over and around my now throbbing cock. I squeezed just below my head and pulled up, moving the foreskin over the sensitive, spongy tissue. Pre-cum oozed from the tip, which I wiped off with my index finger, moving it to my mouth. I licked it off and went back to massaging my cock head and shaft. The memory of Lauren's kiss came to the forefront of my mind. The salty taste mixed with her sweet saliva was all I needed to send me over the edge. With three more stroke my mind snapped back to the imminent eruption about to come from my dick. I reached across to my seat caddy with my left hand and grabbed a hand towel I kept with me to wipe sweat off of my face on hot days. I pulled it back and cover myself just as the first rope of semen jetted out. My hips spasmed and my cock twitched as another rope shot out. I clinched the towel over my head and I continued pumping my shaft with my right hand as I felt two more thick ropes flow from my erupting cock.

Once it felt like I was empty I released the towel from around my tip, wiping up whatever remained. I balled up the towel and tossed it into my passenger floorboard. Before I tucked my quickly softening member back into my pants I gave it one final squeeze, from the base to the tip, expelling one final glob of milky white goo. It pooled onto my index finger, which I again brought to my lips and sucked off. I had never been one to enjoy tasting cum, but having Lauren force her recently cum covered tongue into my mouth sparked some interest. Hopefully I ran into them again!

I tucked my deflated member back into my trousers and went back to checking the speeds of passing vehicles. It was almost 3am now and I knew my wife was sound asleep with her phone on do not disturb but I text her anyway: "You're not going to believe what I've got to show you when I get home!"

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Hot story. I hope there is a follow up when he is on shift next weekend

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Before getting married, I had a similar experience in a forest preserve around the Chicago area. The officer took our names and such. A week later he contacted me for a date. We went out but were not amore...

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