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Slow Sucking, Oral Discipline


So there was Cassie, spending her Saturday night taking an Uber ride to the sophisticated side of New York City. To be exact, Park Avenue. She wore a long coat to cover her sexy, yet sophisticated outfit while she was still in public.

No one knew about this. She had turned down offers from friends to go out for dinner, and even a small party with the major advertising firm where she worked. She was certain that several of her male colleagues were plotting on ways to fuck her there.

Tonight, she had other plans, and when her Uber ride had reached its destination on Park Avenue, she paid the driver and went inside the large luxury apartment building.

She got in the elevator and leaned against the wall as she rode up to the 38th floor. Her eyes closed for a moment. All she could think about was how crazy she was for doing this for the sixth time. Naturally, Cassie was still hesitant about sharing her talents with complete strangers. But she saw it as a chance to discreetly explore all her dark desires that she suspected many professional women also had.

Rumor had it, this whole thing was arranged by a wealthy Russian couple with a taste for exotic and deviant sex acts without fear of judgment. No one lived in that apartment either. It was bought and arranged solely for this particular purpose.

And although these parties were billed as 'anonymous,' they weren't totally anonymous. Everyone knew that. The guests at these events usually wore masquerade masks. It was just enough to conceal their faces and lose inhibitions. Names weren't exchanged either.

The rules were simple: Secrecy was sacrosanct. Cleanliness was non-negotiable. Respect was necessary. This is an exclusive affair and everyone must dress accordingly.

So as Cassie flashed her card to the doorman of the apartment, she was directed to a nearby room where she'd been given her cover for the night. It was something smooth and sexy. It was a black mask which covered her eyes and the bridge of her nose; like something Catwoman would wear.

She made the small adjustments to her appearance in front of the mirror. She had already removed her coat and given it to the doorman, and she stood in her sleek black dress which showcased her slender figure, and heels to accentuate her toned legs (a product of endless cardio on the treadmill).

When she was ready, she stepped into the open space of the apartment floor.

It was the kind of place Stanley Kubrick would be proud of. The kind where you had to be well-connected to get a membership. It was plain, yet shockingly elegant. The lights were dimmed but you could still see rustic ornaments and classical furniture. There were also old paintings and artworks placed on walls to give the place more character.

A lone violinist played his instrument in the background as people went about their business and found different rooms for privacy.

And then there were the people. So far, Cassie had seen at least twenty others in the dimly lit halls, with men wearing suits and women wearing dresses. It was a high class affair. They all wore styled masks to conceal their identities. But even with the masks, people didn't seem so uptight or secretive.

Each person knew where to go based on specific needs and interests they had. Cassie knew which room was for anal service based on the squealing noises that emanated from there.

She peeked in each room as she walked by. There were groups of semi-naked people. Men with their pants down. Women with their dresses hiked up. There was sex. There were spankings. There were anal fuckings.

All of those things had their appeal, however, Cassie always went to a different room. The room where she could let men appreciate her special talent, and where she enjoyed sharing it.

When she entered, she was treated to the sight of two masked men leaning back on a couch while their pants were down. They were getting their cocks sucked by younger women. The women wore dresses with the hems of their skirts lifted so it wouldn't be wrinkled while on their knees. Both women seemed proficient in the art of the deep throat.

Even though she had been here and participated a few times before, it was always jarring. This simply wasn't her world, though she loved venturing into it every so often.

There was a soft touch on her shoulder. She turned to see a woman in a gold mask, wearing a dress with the breast area exposed and hard nipples showing.

"For you," the masked, bare breasted woman said.

The woman was holding a collar, leash, and handed Cassie a note, who promptly read it:


We have something for you. A match. Two men request someone with your talent in private.

We will arrange it once they arrive.

Until then, wait and relax.

Enjoy your evening.


After reading and consenting, the woman locked the collar around Cassie's neck, which had the leash attached to it.

Then Cassie was asked to wait. It was no problem really. She wanted to finish watching the deep throat action. It was glorious and the men receiving it got what they expected. The women took it deep, to the top of their throats, and stroked fast when the men came. Both women licked their prizes clean, and Cassie couldn't help but feel envy for those moist mouths.

Two masked men in business suits entered the room. Cassie was used to men like this in her office life. She wondered if these were the men who'd own her mouth tonight. If they were, she'd be more than happy to oblige them.

Sure enough, the men spoke with the masked woman, and the masked women brought them over to her.

"Here is your entertainment for the evening," the masked, bare breasted woman told the men, referring to Cassie. "She's an expert in the art of slow sucking and oral discipline. Her skills are renowned and highly touted. She can deep throat, suck hard, and give the best tongue strokes you've ever had. Gentlemen, have a good evening."

With that, the naked bare breasted woman handed the leash to one of the men. Both men smiled. They each took a moment to look over Cassie's tight little body, then into her seductive eyes, and of course, those lips of glory.

"Hello," the man holding the leash said.

"Good evening," the second man added.

Cassie slipped into character. "Hello boys. Shall we begin?"

She tried her best to put on a sexy voice, and from the look in their eyes, it worked. They were ready to begin, and after a few complimentary comments on her beauty, the man gave a gentle tug of the collar and led her out of that room.

As they headed down the dimly lit hallway, they paid little attention to her, as the man holding the leash walked ahead. Instead, the masked men in nice suits talked business and quarterly reports. How typical, she thought. And not very surprising either.

Cassie was used to dealing with men like this in the fast pace of the corporate world. These were the kind of men whose entire world revolved around their work and making money. They were addicted to the game. And every once and awhile, they'd need a kinky way to blow off some steam. A natural stress reliever.

Through the strings of the violin in the background, Cassie suddenly noticed something jarring. A nagging, uncomfortable feeling hovered in the back of her mind. Her breath caught in her throat when it finally hit her.

This man was Mr. Hasselbeck. The fantasy world Cassie was in seemed shattered as she recognized his voice. This was a man she had been working with on several occasions. His company recently started doing business with her company. And whenever his company needed advertising services, they'd exchange email messages and phone calls. A few times, they even sat in the same meetings across from each other, where strategy and deals were discussed.

Her face blushed hard as she walked behind them. What the hell was this guy doing here? He wasn't supposed to be here! This was Cassie's little getaway. No one from her personal or professional life was supposed to know, let alone be involved in it, or be anywhere near her mouth, most of all.

Her body seemed to be on autopilot as she followed them along.

As they neared their destination, Cassie debated with herself on what to do next. She leaned towards making up some phony excuse in a deep, unrecognizable voice and turning away. Or she could simply exercise her right to flat out refuse, and leave with her head held high.

Sucking them off wasn't an option.

Or so she thought...

They reached their private room and turned the light on. The room was barely lit, with only a strong light from one bulb near the wall. The room was classy but plain. There was a bed and a nearby chair, along with a table. There were also floor cushions for a performer to rest her knees on while she sucked cock. Cassie always found those to be quite convenient.

Mr. Hasselbeck led her to the center of the room as the other man closed the door. They were face to face. He admired her beauty. She was a bundle of nerves, wondering why she hadn't abandoned this before entering the room.

They looked each other in the eyes and she wondered if he had recognized her yet. So far, she didn't think so. When she looked into his eyes, all she saw was lust. This man was very happy with what he was seeing, and what he was about to receive.

"You know how this works," he said with the utmost confidence, finally addressing her. "My friend and I have heard much about your reputation. Let's see if you live up to the hype. On your knees."

Even getting ready for a sex act, Mr. Hasselbeck was still the overly confident, domineering man, she thought. She wondered if she should just get on her knees to suck them off, getting this whole thing over with. Maybe next time when she'd see him in the office, she'd find the whole thing to be funny. Maybe it would even give her a mental leverage over him, knowing that she was temporarily able to make him weak in the knees when he'd cum in her mouth.

On the flipside, maybe he'd eventually recognize her at some point, during or after the blowjob, and she'd never be able to face him ever again at work.

Cassie was never much of a risk taker.

"I'm sorry," she said softly.


"I can't. There are so many beautiful women here; maybe you can find someone else."

"Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

She shook her head. "It's not you, it's me. I can't do this."

The worst case scenario came true, and Cassie realized that she should have kept quiet, sucked their cocks, and enjoyed the rest of her night in her apartment with some wine and music. Because as she spoke to him, his eyes squinted and he studied the lower shape of her face, along with her distinctive eyes and smooth voice.

His eyebrow rose when he solved the puzzle. "Cassandra Fairfield?"

The words cut deep when he used her full name. It made the discovery feel even more insulting, even though he didn't mean to. She felt slightly nauseous and wished she had just blown them and left.

"Let's not make a big deal of this," she said.

He smiled so wide. "Well, isn't this an unexpected predicament?

"Does your friend work for the same company too?" she asked, nodding at the other gentleman who seemed rather amused by this.

"No, you don't know him. He's a buddy of mine who works in finance. We're here for a good time, just like you, apparently."

She crossed her arms and softly sighed. "Look, a little discretion would be appreciated. I know this looks bad."

"We're all consenting adults here, Ms. Fairfield."

"Will you please stop calling me that?"

"You seem to like all the formalities in the office," he replied.

What he didn't understand was that these office formalities are exactly what made Cassie so uncomfortable right now. This was supposed to be her double life. Her secret escape. Certainly not an extension of her professional career.

Even more troublesome was that Mr. Hasselbeck still held onto the leash that clung to her collar. And by the looks of things, he had no intention of letting go.

Cassie shook her head. "Not a word of this to anyone. I mean it. As for tonight, you can find someone else to suck your dick."

"Wait a minute," he said with a devilish smile. "I have a better idea. Why don't we take things to a more taboo level?"

"What do you mean?"

He grinned. "Maybe I'm in the mood for Cassandra Fairfield, a businesswoman extraordinary, who happens to be a renowned cocksucker by night."

The proposition caught her totally off guard. Especially how brazen it was. Even worse, the possibility of this continuing had made her intrigued and clench between her legs. She never anticipated that her worlds would ever collide.

Now, as she felt her pussy drip and her nipples harden, it felt like a real possibility. They stared at each other through their masks in private room.

"I... I..." she stammered.

He gestured to his friend. "Don't worry about us keeping this secret. Do you think we want any of our colleagues knowing that we come to a place like this? We're discreet. Trust me. Don't forget that we're all bound by strict confidentiality just being here."

The truth was, she came here tonight because she wanted to suck cock, and had anticipated sucking two cocks since she had read the letter. It was hard to say no. Her mind, body, and mouth were all ready.

But the doubts still lingered...

"Please, I'm a businesswoman," she said. "You know that we'll have to work together again eventually. I could never face you in the office if, you know, I did this for both of you. I'm sorry, you should find someone else."

"So this doesn't excite you at all?"

"Obviously I'm here," she said with a faint shrug.

"Just think, the next time we face each other at a meeting, we'll always have this secret between us. Think of how fucking sexy that is."

"You sound like you're eager for me," she said passively. "Like I'm some conquest, having your way with the office girl."

"Cassie, every man in your office wants to throat-fuck you. They wish they can take you into a private office and throw you to your knees. And you know what the best part is? You have your dirty fantasies too. You probably wish you could suck half the cocks in your office, but you don't want to be labeled a whore for it, which is perfectly understandable. That's why you're here, dressed like this, standing before us. Don't deny it, Cassie, embrace it."

She felt her toes curling slightly and her fingers fidgeting. Anyone who had ever been in a sexual relationship knew that it was all the tell-tale signs of her arousal.

"Don't be an asshole," she said with a false confidence. "You don't know anything about me. Or why I'm here."

"Is someone blackmailing you to be here?"

"No way."

"Then admit it, you're a cocksucker," he replied. "And men like us, we love having our dicks sucked by strong women like you. What can be simpler than that? Outside of this, no one will ever know. It will never be repeated."

At this point, she knew she was vulnerable. In the business world, Cassie had a poker face like you couldn't believe. She never ever showed her vulnerabilities. You would never know if she was hurt or wounded. She was a killer with a Hollywood face.

But sexually, she was easy to read. Her body language always gave her away because her sex drive was sometimes unbridled. And she knew that Mr. Hasselbeck had a read on her. There was no point in denying this. In fact, he seemed to have clenched the leash even tighter, exerting even more control over her.

Cassie instinctively licked her lips. "You know what happens if you cross me, don't you? Maybe I'm not as innocent as I look. I do have a dangerous side if you ever try to fuck me over."

"Hmmm... a femme fatale," he said with his eyes lighting up. "I like that. And no, I would never dream of fucking with you, unless of course, you want me to."

She took a deep breath. "One blowjob each. And if we're going to do this, then we do this on my terms. Just the blowjobs and we go our separate ways for the night. No collar, no submission, no ordering me around."

"That's non-negotiable," he said firmly. "Cassie, I have the utmost respect for you. But rules are rules. We both know that. It's the principle we live by in our everyday lives, isn't it?"

"Fine," she huffed, but only because she wanted this so bad, though she couldn't bring herself to admit it.

He laughed. "Your negotiation skills could be a little better. Don't worry, we're not chauvinists. We'll treat you well."

As he made his point, he gave a light tug on the leash, signally for Cassie to step forward towards him, which she did. On cue, both men pulled her dress down which pooled around her ankles, exposing her slender chest, nipples and all. The nipples were small, dark brown, and stiff.

Normally, being naked like this was a real thrill at these events. She got to be a total exhibitionist and savor the feeling of anonymous men lusting after her beautiful body.

This time was much different. This time, she actually knew the masked man in front of her, and he grinned wide, unabashedly looking over that naked body he had long lusted after. It made Cassie tense. It also turned her on, being his object for tonight.

"On your knees," he said, as the other man placed a floor cushion below Cassie.

Mr. Hasselbeck gave a gentle downward tug of the leash, pulling at her collar so she'd drop down.

Both men stood before her. They both undid their pants while looking at her. Cassie's eyes were locked on their crotches, wondering what surprises they'd have for her. When their manhoods were revealed, she was delighted by the fact that they were mostly erect already. That always made her glad. It meant that she was an instant turn-on to whomever she was about to please.

He gently tugged on the leash so that she'd look up at him.

"Tell us your specialty," Mr. Hasselbeck said.

"Slow sucking," she replied in her sexy voice. "Oral discipline. I can take a cock deep in my throat. I can maintain a tight suction. My tongue is highly specialized. And my mouth is like heaven."

"I love what I'm hearing."

Cassie nodded submissively. "Good, because I was blessed with the ability to give an amazing blowjob. Best of all, I'm addicted to doing it."

"Ms. Fairfield, you may proceed with me."

Cassie brought her eyes back to his cock. It wasn't the same cock she had looked at a few seconds ago. During the course of their short dialogue, it had turned into a rock hard instrument. She wrapped her fingers around it, feeling how badly it throbbed.

She closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around the tip, and it felt like magic to her. It pulsed in her mouth and grew insanely hard, which she noticed more as she bent forward to take in the shaft. And that was one of her most favorite parts of giving a blowjob. The feeling of a man pulsating and throbbing in her mouth. How something could feel so alive. So stiff on the inside, with ultra smooth skin on the outside.

When she heard him moan, it only made her pussy wetter. She didn't have to look at his face to know his expression. Every guy had the same expression when she sucked them off-- bliss. She sucked on it, swirled her tongue, and bobbed.

"Fucking incredible," he whispered to himself. "Oh Jesus."

She loved the tender feeling of Mr. Hasselbeck reaching down to cradle the lower side of her face and then briefly under her chin. It made her feel like a good little kitten, which was perfect since she was wearing a Catwoman mask.

Remembering Hasselbeck's companion, Cassie reached out with her hand and held the stranger's erection. He was equally as hard and eager to be pleasured. Not wanting to be a tease, she stroked both cocks with each hand, pulled her mouth away, and started sucking the other guy, making him moan in the process.

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