Slow Sucking, Oral Discipline


She repeated it equally. She stroked them equally. And she took turns giving them a slow suck, working her tongue, lips, and famous suction technique. It was perfect equality. All part of being a true professional at sucking cock.

When the men spoke, it was too each other, and Cassie found it amusing that she had turned these savvy spoken businessmen into guys with juvenile vocabulary:

"God, what a fucking mouth on this lady."

"Who the fuck taught her that?"

It was strangely arousing that they talked about her like she was just a prop, and not a person with the same stature as them. Even on her knees, she considered herself to be their equal in the corporate world, and would be more than willing to show her tax returns to prove it.

As she kept on sucking, she wished she could spit the cock out and say, 'Gentleman, no one taught me this, I'm as natural as it gets,' but refrained from doing so. She didn't want to break the mood or momentum she was building from servicing them.

In her experience, momentum is very important and highly underrated when sucking a cock (or in this instance, two cocks). A man can only stay hard and at peak for so long. Based on the throbbing she felt while holding them, and the stiffness she felt in her mouth, she knew they were at full attention. She didn't like wasting precious moments by taking a cock out of her mouth to speak, unless it was absolutely essential and helped build the mood.

That was one of her keys to a good blowjob.

As she continued her slow suck on each of them, Mr. Hasselbeck gave the leash a soft tug to grab her attention, which mildly annoyed her, and for a split second she considered using teeth.

"You're an angel," he moaned to her. "I've wanted you so fucking bad from the moment we first met. Every guy wants a piece of you. I knew you were a sex bomb. But I had no idea you were....oh... uhh... like this..."

She looked up and winked at him. Then she broke her rule and spit the cock out of her mouth, continuing to stroke them, but only so she could tease them further.

"I'm only telling you this because we're bound by the confidentiality agreement of this place," she smiled seductively. "I. Am. A. Cock lover. Got that? I can cum just from giving a blowjob. And doing it to both of you, well, you can inspect my pussy after to see if I'm lying."

She winked again and went back to sucking them off, utterly amused at herself for driving them wild. Their eyes said it all. They were so much closer now to cumming. And the best part was, every word she said was true. Cassie was a true cock lover, and it felt good to admit it. After all, honesty is the best policy.

But that honesty came with a price.

The men were more aggressive with her now, fighting for more real estate in her precious mouth. Each of them used a hand to rub her hair, pulling her mouth closer to their cock, fighting for more sucking time. No, they couldn't wait. They desired her badly.

When they realized how rough they were being, they backed off slightly.

"I'm not as fragile as I look," she said, looking up at them. "Go ahead, I won't break. Bring it to my throat."

They both smiled down at her behind their masks. They fully expected to be scolded over their rough actions. Not be encouraged.

Both men tried their hardest to discipline themselves, to show Cassie the proper respect she deserved as a lady giving them a life changing blowjob of a gift. They took turns sharing her mouth. For each turn, they pulled her head in, digging their fingers into her silky smooth hair, reaching her throat.

She'd gag, but she did her best to maintain composure. Her eyes watered and she'd make a raunchy gurgling noise when it went too deep. She knew her mascara ran down, and she also knew that some guys enjoyed that look. It was the sign of a nasty blowjob, which clearly they were all here for.

In retaliation for the ruined makeup, she'd squeezed their cocks hard as she stroked them, which only made their cocks turn to steel. She felt them breathing. It was the most carnal sexual experience she had been involved with that didn't involve penetration.

"Where can we cum?" the other man said in a strained voice, trying to sound like a gentleman.

Cassie didn't reply.

Her eyes said it all. As she stroked both of them equally, she stared this stranger directly in his eyes as she bobbed and deepthroated him. The answer was simple. For every blowjob she'd ever given, she'd always want the cum deposited in the same spot.

The man whimpered and moaned. Cassie was relentless.

"Oh fuck..." he gasped. "I'm going to... are you sure..."

Of course she was fucking sure.

She stroked and sucked harder until he exploded in her small mouth. Each burst of cum was as delicious as the next. Her tongue and throat were both coated with the thick, creamy white orgasm. Her eyes remained locked on his the entire time.

The man became a whimpering boy, and his cock immediately faded, like they always do.

Cassie gave the tip a series of licks, like a thirsty kitty in need of water, and she made sure all the cum was gone before she let him go. She took a big gulp and her mouth was clean.

Then she turned her full attention towards Mr. Hasselbeck, who knew the same fate awaited him.

She repeated her magic on him, this time with both hands gripping tightly. Her arms were exhausted, but she didn't care. Her jaw was getting sore, but she'd been here before, and she always worked passed it.

"I have a big surprise for you," Mr. Hasselbeck said in a husky tone.

Cassie took that as a challenge. She prided herself on being able to swallow any man's load. No one had ever overwhelmed her. She needed to see if this big shot businessman was all talk.

He came as their eyes were locked and she realized that this was a man of his word. He came heavily in her mouth, filling it with her prize and reward. Something that all good kittens deserve when they obey and perform with discipline.

She didn't stop until he was fully unloaded, spurt after spurt, and she struggled to keep up with swallowing with every burst. But she managed. Though she saved some on her tongue to give a viewing treat that all men love to see.

When the cock turned soft, Cassie stuck her tongue out. She knew how horribly naughty she must have looked: pretty features, gorgeous hair, a glamorous mask covering the top half of her face, and a tongue full of fresh white cum. It was a sight made in heaven.

And it looked even more heavenly when Cassie retracted her tongue, pursed her lips, and gulped it all down.

"You are a fucking Goddess," Mr. Hasselbeck said with admiration.

His friend concurred.

"Wait," she said deeply, reaching between her legs to rub her pussy. "Let me show you what I really am."

She fingered her pussy furiously, quickly rubbing circles around her engorged clit, and suddenly her facial expressions contorted. Her thin nostrils flared and her lips curled. Her eyes went wide, which was accentuated by the mask. Her back hunched forward and her perfect posture became poor.

There were noises of liquid hitting the floor as she panted.

"Fuck," she breathed.

When she stopped rubbing and calmed down, she showed the men the palm of her hand, which was covered in clear fluid. Then she licked her palm and sucked her fingers clean, like a thirsty kitten.

"Not a word to anyone," she said from her knees, catching her breath. "If both of you remain good boys, maybe we can do this again."

Both men remained in awe.

She continued, smiling, "I told you I'm a cock lover."

Cassie licked the remainder of squirt from her hand and extra cum from around her lips. Both men helped her back to her feet. And they were also nice enough to help pull the dress back up, so she'd be presentable once again. Pretty. Glamorous. And sophisticated.

The End

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by Anonymous06/10/18

My Girlfriend Loves Heyall

My girlfriend loves to read a Literotica story and then tries to do what the story says. She is very, very good at doing it and I am the happy beneficiary. In this case, her Cassie was mindblowing andmore...

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by ndeavour01/30/18

well done

when you love cock then sucking it slowly is absolutely necessary. so you have to love that as well. Cassie does. Let's have more of her adventures!

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