tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlow Train to Florence

Slow Train to Florence


Kate had just flown into the airport in Rome and was looking forward to a nice week touring the museums, palaces, cathedrals and ancient historical sights. Later in the week she was meeting up with some friends in Venice but for now she liked the adventure of seeing Italy on her own. But Kate also found out that because of a huge international soccer match the following day in Rome, that it was impossible to get a hotel room. So she had booked her trip with a train ride up to Florence this evening and a nice small hotel near the Uffizi Museum.

The cab ride from the airport to the downtown train station was harrowing. It appeared that the cabbie was trying to prove that he was capable of being a world famous international race car driver. The fortunate part of her race to the station was that she managed to get on the train with five minutes to spare. She settled back in her compartment as the train was just pulling out. Not feeling too tired yet, she pulled out a book and sat back to relax and enjoy some scenery as the sun was setting. Her compartment was otherwise empty her and she had noticed that the train itself had very few passengers aboard. It probably had something to do with the soccer match she thought. As she watched the darkness take over the countryside, Kate began to read and bought a coffee and some crackers from the vendor who was going from compartment to compartment. She felt content.

About a half hour into the trip, her compartment door opened and three burly, rough looking Italian men entered her compartment and sat down across from her. They looked like laborers with their broad chests and thick necks visible through their open shirts. One attempted to say something to her in Italian but she made it clear that she only spoke English. They seemed to be in active conversation about this when one of the men got up and walked across to sit down beside her.

"You from New York, lady," he asked her in very passable English.

"No, I am from Boston," Kate replied. She was surprised he spoke any English and was a bit put off by his closeness to her.

"Ah, Boston, I like Boston. North End is good place," he said. His eyes roamed her body and seemed to rest on her breasts before dropping further. She knew her legs were sticking out of her skirt showing her smooth skin several inches above her knees.

"Yes, the North End is very nice," she answered politely.

"You very pretty woman. Tell me your name," he asked as his eyes were back on her breasts again.

"I am Kate," she said as she hoped this conversation would end soon.

"I am Enzo. I see you are alone and I am glad we can keep you company on the train," he told her as his hand reached out and lightly touched her on her leg just below the hem of her skirt. He was smiling as his hand rubbed lightly.

"Enzo, please don't touch me. Thank you but I really am not looking for company," Kate told him with as much force and firmness as she could muster. His size and strength was intimidating. She took hold of his wrist and attempted to push his hand away. But he just smiled at her and she felt his grip on her leg tighten. While this was happening, she failed to notice that one of the other big men had moved to sit on the other side of her. His hand also came to rest on her leg and she snapped her head to her left to see this man also smiling at her as he too stroked her leg. Looking back to Enzo, she saw him looking at her breasts again. Her tight black top was cut a bit low and allowed him to see a good glimpse of cleavage and the swell of her sizable tits. As she watched him his hand rose from her leg and moved to capture her right breast in his big hand.

"No, please, stop," Kate said as she tried to push him away. It was like pushing against a stone wall. He was immovable. With the other man rubbing her legs and Enzo now gaining full control of her breasts, there was too much going on and she felt so small, weak and helpless.

"You are beautiful woman, Kate. We take nice care of you," he told her as she felt his fingers move over her breasts and tweak her nipples lightly.

"Please, I want to be left alone. Please stop," she pleaded with him.

The hand on her legs was moving up under her skirt and toward her panties. She felt a hand behind her head and suddenly it gripped her hair and as she turned toward the man on her left, he used her hair to pull her toward his face. He pressed his mouth to her lips. Kate struggled to free herself but knew that she would lose this battle. His tongue was between her lips and she finally could not avoid opening her mouth slightly. His tongue dove deep into her and sought out her tongue. His other hand had found her panties and she froze as his fingers pushed aside the material and began rubbing her slit from the top to the bottom.

Enzo had already pulled down her top as far as it would go and got his hand on the firm flesh of her breasts between the bra and her warm, sensitive skin. His fingers captured her nipple and caressed and stroked each one. From the corner of her eyes she saw the third man get up and go to the compartment door and pull down the shades to give them some privacy.

Kate knew this was going to end only one way but she also realized that her body was responding to these men and her nipples were swollen and hard and her cunt was soaking wet. Her mouth was open now and her own tongue was seeking out the warm probing tongue of this rough Italian stranger. She couldn't understand her building excitement and her lack of effort in fighting them off. This thug wanted to rape her and use her and take her. All of these things were firing off in her mind as she felt a finger enter and push deeper into her. Kate moaned into the man's mouth as he began to finger her. Her legs spread open, as if on their own, to allow him better access to her. He took advantage of this and worked her harder and harder.

"Enough," yelled Enzo as he pulled her away from the other man and stood in front of her.

Kate was stunned by the sudden withdrawal of the hands and mouth from her body. She sat there breathing heavily as Enzo pulled her to her feet and then pulled her top up and off. Next he unfastened her bra and threw this lace obstacle on the floor. Both his hands reached up to caress the large breasts and to tease her nipples.

"The skirt off now," he said looking directly into her eyes as his hands stayed on her tits.

"Oh," she moaned as his fingers pulled on her hard nipples. Her hand was at the zipper of the skirt and then it dropped to the floor at her feet. She stood before him in just her black thong and her heels. Then the hands descended upon her naked flesh once again and this time she did not pull away or complain.

Her thong was pulled aside and a finger was once again inside her and working on her wet cunt, then back out again onto her sensitive clit. Enzo leaned in to kiss her and she gave herself to his mouth as hands worked on her rock hard nipples and pulled them and pinched them. A slap was delivered to her gyrating, exposed ass and the sound reverberated around the compartment. A constant and steady string of moans was coming from Kate.

She had crossed the line from restrained and cautious to willing and submissive and needy. So many hands were all over her and she welcomed them and wanted more. Enzo pulled away from her and she watched him drop his pants to the floor and expose his hard thick cock. She watched him stroke it in front of her and she wanted it. She wanted to touch it and suck it and for him to use her with it. He was looking at her as if waiting for her to say what she wanted.

"Please," she whined, "Oh, please, I need your cock," she said as her eyes looked into his and confessed her deepest needs.

Enzo sat down on the bench seat and pulled her from behind until her wet cunt was just above his hardness. Her legs were outside his and her ass was directly in front of him. He pulled her back slightly and when she felt him at the folds of her wetness, she lowered herself onto him. She groaned and gasped as he entered her. She slowed her pace until she gradually took it all and seated herself fully on top of him. Her hips began to rock front and back and she kept the pace as she used his cock for her pleasure.

Then a hard cock was in her face and she reached up to stroke it and take it into her eager mouth. It was an automatic response.

Enzo's hands had reached around and were on her tits as she worked his cock back and forth. Kate had begun a slow and tantalizing blow job on the other Italian thug.

"Fuck Enzo, whore," he moaned from behind her, "yes, fuck Enzo, you cock slut," he said to her. She loved his words. She needed it.

Kate was out of control and her senses were in overload as she felt him tense beneath her and begin to empty his cum inside her pounding cunt. This brought Kate to an instant orgasm and she cried and moaned around the fat cock deep in her mouth as Enzo kept pumping cum into her deepest reaches. She ground herself hard against him and they both fucked feverishly into each other until the sensations subsided.

Pushing her up away from him, Enzo got up while the other two men pushed Kate on her back on the bench seat. Suddenly another cock entered her and the man who she had been sucking before her climax reentered her welcoming lips. They didn't let up and both men worked hard on the sexually alive woman beneath them.

Kate couldn't stop the need and desire within her body as she wrapped her legs around the man who savagely fucked her while sucking the other Italian hoodlum into her eager throat. She moaned and sucked and once again was building to another hard climax as her hips moved against her attacker with an urgent rhythm. Her hair was in the hard grip of the man above her face and she knew he was about to cum. She eagerly sucked him as his cock spasmed and began exploding with shot after warm shot of his full load. Her mouth filled and she swallowed and swallowed all his cum. Her hands took his cock and rubbed it all over her face and her tongue was in a frenzy trying to drink the last of his hot seed.

Then the third man was shooting his cum inside her. He pushed her legs to her chest and they crushed against her sensitive tits. He fucked her as hard as he could, drawing her to another earth shaking orgasm. She was screaming in total satisfaction as the sensations rocked her sexy body and he collapsed on top of her.

After several minutes in this position, Kate pushed out from under the spent thug and crawled on her knees to where Enzo was sitting. She got between his legs and took his soft cock in her mouth and began to bring him back to life again. He looked down at her with a slight smile. Pulling her mouth off him she looked into his eyes.

"Please, I need more," was all she said as his massive hands forced her head down as his cock began expanding once again.

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