Slowly Turning


A day just like any other it seemed that my wife was just her normal self and we decided to have sex.

We showered that night together and without me expecting it she began to wash my ass and then my asshole which at first made me squirm but then really got into it as she held me tight not allowing me to break free easily.

That was that and then once in bed she started by whispering in my ear that she was not in the mood to just get fucked as always.

She got up and left me a bit baffled as to why she would say something like that. She walked into the bathroom and honestly I fell asleep.

The next thing I felt was her grabbing my hips with one hand and with the other she was grabbing her strap on meat. She was looking to fuck me and make me her bitch. She said that lately I had been bitchy and that it was probably due to lack of cock.

She said she understood because like me she was a cock craver. She started whispering softly that us women need to help each other out. She would now feed me cock and cram it into me as the pussy little girl that I was.

She started saying that she loved it when my cock was just dangling there and would flap on her belly but that she liked it even more when it would grow and she would not let me touch my dick.

Enough of me believing I was a man and its time for us both to get a real man to fuck us. She started inserting it by this time and she just would keep on humiliating me telling me that this is where I should always be, on my back or on my belly just taking not giving.

Your small cock is just not enough and you deserve to feel what I feel when I get fucked by a real big black cock. That kind of shocked me since I did not know if she was just playing the part or she was confessing.

Once she had the head in she just grabbed me hard and told me not to scream or she would just fuck me harder, she began to push it into me hard and say that if it didn't feel good honey.

Feel the big head, this dick is bigger than yours. Feel the veins, I tried pushing her of and since I really did not apply so much force because she was right, I wanted it. She would get off on me trying to get away and that's when she pushed harder and faster as she began to cum.

She would say that she was going to cum inside me and forever make me her girlfriend, make me her bitch, a cum whore forever. And that's when she finished cummings, burring that 8 inch dick inside me.

She knew I didn't cum and she placed my legs on her shoulders and started pumping me, she ordered me to cum but just by rubbing my dick with two fingers like if it were a clit. I was surprised to have been placed in that position, so vulnerable.

She would just degrade me and say come on bitch! You know you love my cock, do you need my boyfriend to come over and finish the job? Is it real hot dick that you need?

I couldn't take it I came like a girl. That's good honey she would say. She didn't stop fucking me she just slowed down. She would slide it in and out slowly and she would just say that I need to feel the shame of still having a dick and loving it after I came.

She started to explain to me that there was something I needed to know, she was really thinking it is time that we get someone in bed with us, p

She said that that was the first step of accepting the reality of being a real girl preferably a black man that is a strong alpha male, obviously large cock to please us both. I was taken back with the suggestion since this means that she really wants another man, I am no longer enough of one for her.

I figured it was either saying yer or losing her forever since if she already has it in her head and she is being honest with me, I can't say no, especially when I have a dildo in my ass.

She said that we could easily accept one of many followers that she had not added through friend request on Facebook. It was interesting how she just started to talk about how she really feels when she is looking to get dick.

She started describing what she liked about one guy and another, just if I was another girl. She asked whether I was interested in any of the ones she was showing me, explaining how one could easily pick me up and force fuck me.

I was so turned on but also very amazed to see her as she really is. I was no longer that man she needed and we were both on the pray for our next man to fuck us both.

This story will continue if there is a new outcome.

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by Anonymous

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by Alemuchomas08/10/18


I will shortly add what after 25 years I was waiting for.

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by Anonymous06/21/18

More please!!

More, more please!

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