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Slumber Parties

byGood Burger©


Tara and Sandy have been best friends for as long as they could remember. The two girls lived on the same block and their mothers were friends, giving them plenty of time to play together as kids. As they got older, and went through school, Tara became very popular while Sandy was very shy and pretty much kept to herself. Usually, this would end a friendship like this, but not in this case.

It began in the early school years, when all of Tara's friends would have slumber parties. Tara could never go. Tara had a bed wetting problem which was so bad, that her mother had to resign to putting Tara in a diaper every night. Tara never wanted to risk the embarrassment of her secret getting out. On one such occasion when she was left out of a party, her mom suggested she have Sandy sleep over. When the sleep over came, both girls were dreading it. They had started growing apart, and neither was thrilled about the possibility of certain secrets leaking out. But they didn't have to worry.

In fact, the reason Sandy was so shy is that she had the very same problem. Every single night she would wake up with her sheets soaking wet. She also was diapered every night before bedtime. So, ever since that first slumber party, the two girls have had one sleepover every week.

Chapter 1... Tara and Sandy were finally done with community college. It ended was two weeks prior, and naturally, they'd celebrate with a slumber party. To this day, both girls had not gotten over their little problem, but that was merely an afterthought at this point. With their parents gone for the weekend, the two girls were to spend the whole weekend at Tara's before going off to the state university, where they were going to be roommates.

Tara got home from work that Friday afternoon a little late. Tara is a five foot four inch knockout with a nice tan and blonde hair that reaches her shoulders. She is in good shape from being on the swim team at school. She wears a 36A bra, and her small tits are capped off by puffy nipples. She completely shaves her pubic hair, for the swim team.

Sandy had already been home for awhile. She got into the shower and washed her long chestnut hair. She lathered up her five foot eight inch skinny body, paying extra attention to her C-cup tits. She slid her soapy hands all over her body and down towards her mound, covered by a light brown strip of pubic hair. She slid two fingers over her clit and massaged it, rolling it around with her fingers until she came. After cleaning up, she stepped out of the shower and walked to her room. She dried and brushed her hair, and then plopped down on her bed, naked. She lay there, thinking about tonight's slumber party. She couldn't wait to stay over with her beautiful best friend.

Ever since one particular sleepover, Sandy has had a crush on Tara. It started the summer after high school, when the electricity was out after a thunderstorm on a hot, sticky night.

"Jesus, it is so hot in here," Tara whined, tugging on her night shirt to circulate some air.

"I know, I'm gonna lose like fifty pounds in sweat," Sandy complained.

"Hey, why don't we run some cold water over our heads before we get to bed?" Tara suggested.

"Awesome idea," Sandy agreed. They went into the bathroom and turned on the cold water in the tub. Tara stuck her head under the faucet and ended up getting her shirt wet instead of cooling her off.

"Shit!" Tara's long white tee shirt was clinging to the left half of her body. Sandy noticed that she could see Tara's puffy nipple on her left breast. Sandy looked away as Tara started talking again.

"Hey, remember when we used to take baths together when we were little?"

"Yeah," Sandy laughed.

"We should just do that, soak up for awhile; it'd be like going for a swim before bed! Then we'd be nice and cooled off." Sandy didn't know what to say, but Tara didn't mind. Tara peeled off her shirt and pulled down her panties. She turned towards Sandy. "You coming in?"

Sandy agreed and pulled off her shirt and panties and climbed in behind Tara. Tara's parents had a big tub that could be used as a jacuzzi when the electricity worked, so the two girls fit in without a problem. They splashed around, washed each other's hair, and relaxed, cooling off in the water.

With the hotness of that night, Tara said they should just sleep in their diapers. Sandy agreed, and they climbed into Tara's bed topless. Sandy woke up in the middle of the night with Tara's arm across her chest. Sandy felt her nipples harden under Tara's arm. Sandy checked her diaper, it was still dry. She slowly and quietly slid a hand into her diaper and began to rub her pussy. She rubbed her clit and dipped her fingers into her twat until she squirted her juices all over her diaper, moaning as she came. Her moans woke Tara up, and Sandy quickly pulled her hand from her crotch. Tara sat up groggily and looked at her friend.

"You alright Sandy?"

"Yeah, I was, I mean, I..." Tara reached down and felt the outside of Sandy's diaper.

"Oh. What are you stammering about? No biggie." Tara had assumed that Sandy had wet herself. "We drank way too much water before bed; I need to be changed too."

Nonchalantly, Tara grabbed two fresh diapers and some wipes from under the bed. Sarah didn't move. Usually, they'd go into the bathroom alone in the morning and change themselves. Tara didn't feel like getting up, and to her it seemed Sandy was too tired to move. Sandy just watched as Tara untaped her diaper, and wiped her pussy dry with a wipe before wrapping her up in a clean diaper.

"Could you do me?" Tara asked, not realizing the effect those words had on Sandy. Sandy sat up as Tara laid down and spread her legs. Sandy slowly took off Tara's wet diaper, and with her fingers trembling, grabbed a wipe. Sandy could see Tara's hairless pussy, her love hole ready to be entered and her clit ready to be touched. Sandy wiped that beautiful pussy clean, and wrapped her best friend's butt in a fresh diaper. Tara mumbled a thanks and drifted back off to sleep, as Sandy forced her self not to masturbate her sopping cunt before doing the same.

That's what Sandy was thinking about when she got into the shower today. She remembered every detail of that night and she hoped for a similar experience tonight.

Chapter 2...

As soon as Tara got home, Sandy came over. Sandy was wearing jeans and a tank top, but Tara was still in her work uniform. Her blouse was tied up due to the heat, and Sandy could clearly see up Tara's pleated skirt to her pink panties as Tara took off her shoes and socks.

"So, what do you wanna do first?" Tara asked.

"I dunno, let's get something to eat and watch a few movies."

The girls ate and drank as they watched movie after movie. Eventually, the clock was striking midnight and Tara stood up.

"Why don't we get ready for bed and then pop in another movie?"

"Sounds good." The girls went up to Tara's room. Sandy watched out of the corner of her eye as Tara pulled off the blouse and stepped out of the skirt to reveal a cute pink push up bra and matching pink panties. Sandy peeled off her tank top and jeans and noticed Tara looking at her.

"That's a great bra, where did you get it? I like the thong too, it's cute."

"Victoria's Secret," was Sandy's answer as she slid off the lacy black bra and orange thong. Tara followed suit, tossing the bra aside and pulling down her panties. Tara dropped to her hands and knees and Sandy stared at her puckered ass as she pulled out the diapers. Tara sat up and patted the bed. Sandy walked over and laid down, allowing Tara to diaper her. Sandy returned the favor, sliding a diaper under Tara's cute little ass, but paused before closing it.

"Tara, can I ask you something?"

"Shoot," Tara propped herself up on her elbows.

"Does it feel weird, ya know, having no hair down there?" Tara sat up and to Sandy's surprise rubbed her hand over her mound and spread open her lips a little before answering.

"Nah, I'm kinda used to it. You should try it, it feels cleaner."


"Yeah. You could use my razor if you want." Tara took off Sandy's diaper and the two naked girls went into the bathroom. Sandy's hand was shaking when she picked up the razor. "Aw, don't be scared. Here, I'll help." Tara took the razor and gently shaved her best friend's mound. Sandy wasn't sure if Tara was ignoring how wet her pussy was getting or if she really didn't notice. When Tara was done, she wiped Sandy's pubic area with a washcloth. The girls headed back into Tara's room, rediapered each other, and pulled on tank tops before heading downstairs.

They watched a horror movie as they continued snacking. Sandy got up and went to the kitchen. Tara watched the TV intently as the killer slowly stalked a young girl. Just as the killer was about to strike, Sandy jumped out at Tara. Tara shrieked in horror as Sandy cracked up.

"You little bitch!" Tara screamed as she pounced on Sandy, who was laughing hysterically, and began tickling her. After five minutes of rolling around on the floor, the two girls sat there catching their breath.

"Oh you little bitch," Tara said, "You scared the piss outta me!"

"Yeah, well you tickled it out of me." The two girls giggled and went upstairs. Sandy laid on the floor as Tara got diapers from under the bed. She took off Sandy's wet diaper and wiped her clean.

"Awww...look at your cute, bald little pussy," Tara cooed as she tickled Sandy's lips. Sandy's legs twitched at her friends touch.

"Making me pee myself wasn't enough, now you're trying to get me wet? Slut!" The girls giggled as Tara put a fresh diaper on her friend. Sandy took off Tara's diaper, cleaned her up, and mimicked Tara.

"Aww...what a cute little cunt!" She flicked at Tara's clit and could see her best friend's pussy moisten.

"Ok, ok! Get your fingers away from my clit and put my diaper on, you little hoe!" The girls sat around for a few minutes and then decided to play I Dare You. They made this game up to see who would do the most daring dare without chickening out. Whoever chickened out would be forced to pick a task out of a hat, tasks which they had written when thy first came up with the game. Tara went first.

"Alright Sandy, I dare you to...I dare you to kiss my ass!" Tara bent over and wiggled her ass in front of her friend's face, Sandy pulled the diaper to the side and kissed her friend's cute little butt.

"That was easy. I'm gonna get you good though, let me think. I dare you to walk to your driveway topless!" Tara giggled. The girls ran downstairs to the front door. Tara stopped.

"Oh shit, I can't go out like this," she said, pulling at her diaper. Sandy pulled the diaper off Tara.

"Looks like you're going out there naked!" Tara ran down her walk to the driveway, and turned. Sandy admired her friends little titties as she ran back. Tara had an evil grin on her face as she got to Sandy. She pulled her friend back upstairs and tossed her a pair of shorts. Tara put her diaper back on and put on a long tee shirt that went halfway down her thighs.

"Sandy, I dare you to go to the corner store and buy something, while you're being rung up, I want you to piss in your diaper." Sandy was shocked. She had never worn a diaper outside, but she quickly regained her composure.

"Fine, but my next dare for you is to do it with me." The two girls walked to the store. They went in and looked around until they both had to go.

"What should we buy?" Sandy asked.

"I dare you to buy that Playgirl magazine!" The girls giggled. They went up to the counter. The guy behind the counter looked at them. Tara's tee shirt showed off her shapely legs, and he could easily see Sandy's nipples through her tank top. As he rung them up, the two girls held hands. Unbeknownst to him, they peed in their diapers through the entire transaction. Giggling, the girls left with the skin mag and scampered back to Tara's house. They went through the usual changing routine, but as Tara was wiping Sandy's mound with a baby wipe, Sandy came up with a dare.

"I dare you to stick something in my pussy." Tara looked surprised, but she was game. She went to her bureau and pulled out a small vibrator. She turned it on and parted her friend's vaginal lips, touching it to her clit. Sarah gasped at the touch, and began to moan as her pussy grew moist. With her horniness growing throughout the night, it took less than a minute for Sandy to orgasm. With a violent tremble she screamed in pleasure and her pussy erupted with juices streaming out, coating her legs and Tara's as well. Tara was shocked.

"Holy shit!"

"Ohmygod Tara I am so..."

"That was amazing! Do you always cum like that?"

Sandy was surprised at her friend's interest. "Uh, yeah..."

"Well then. I dare you to cum again." Tara got the Playgirl and gave it to her friend. Sandy decided it was now or never.

"Uh, Tara?"


"Could I just look at you instead?" Without answering Tara took off her shirt and diaper and sat naked in front of her friend. Sandy looked at her tiny titties, puffy nipples, and shaved cunt as she dipped her fingers into her own sopping vagina. She began circling her clit as Tara leaned in for a closer look. As soon as Sandy felt Tara's breath on her thigh, she squirted out another stream, hitting Tara right in the face. Tara jumped back, with her best friend's cum dripping from her chin. Sandy was frozen in horror; she thought she'd ruined everything. But to her surprise, Tara just asked, "Can I do it?"

Sandy nodded and Tara touched her friend's pussy. She slid two fingers up her hole and finger fucked her best friend who moaned and leaked out more of her juicy cum. Tara leaned over and flicked her tongue against her friend's clit, and received a mouthful of girl cum for her efforts. Tara set back and stared at Sandy's pussy, and gently began to rub her own.

"I have to know what that feels like" Tara whispered as she vigorously rubbed her clitoris. As she rubbed more and more, it grew, looking like a miniature cock sticking out of her twat. She mounted her friend and began rubbing her own clit against Sandy's. Sandy's pussy erupted, shooting a powerful stream of cum into Tara's clit, sending Tara over the edge with an amazing orgasm. Tara collapsed on top of her friend, breathing heavily.

"That was amazing."

"I know." Sandy paused. "Tara?"


"I've been wanting that for a long time."


"Ever since we took that bath together."

"Aww, sweetie you should have told me."


The next morning Sandy woke up next to Tara in bed. She caressed her best friend's tiny little tits until she woke up. Tara rolled over and hugged her, and actually liked feeling Sandy's big boobs pressed against her little mounds. The girls kissed.

They went to the bathroom and turned on the bathtub. As they took off their wet diapers, Sandy spoke up.

"Hey Tara"


"I dare you to fuck me in the bathtub."

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