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Slumber Party


I can still see it in high def, up close and personal; the image is engraved on my brain. The bald, glistening vulva of a teenage girl — a squirming, moaning teenage girl, knees up — is not to be forgotten. The best night of my life was the night my sister had a slumber party.

To save money during my last year of college, I moved back in with my parents and commuted from their home in a Boston suburb. In May, my father was invited to speak at a conference in California, and he invited my mother to fly out there with him for a long weekend. My 18-year-old sister Alicia had been looking forward to hosting a slumber party that Friday. Since they were leaving early Friday morning, my parents tried to talk her into putting it off, but Alicia protested strongly, and they gave in. Four of Alicia's high-school friends showed up that night: Kate, Irene, Ling, and Patti. I won't keep you in suspense — I fucked every one of those sweeties.

I didn't even push for it. I never expected it could possibly happen. It seemed like it was just meant to be — the universe unfolding as it should. I had met each of the girls before, and I'd had a few fantasies, but that's it. What I expected was a night of TV alone downstairs, listening to a ruckus upstairs. And that's how it started. They were so loud that I went up to tell them to shut the door.

At the top of the stairs, I smelled pot — good pot. I found them not in Alicia's room but in our parents' room, all five of them sitting in a circle on the king-size bed. Mom and Dad wouldn't have liked that too much, nor would they have approved of the blunt they were passing around as they traded jokes between howls of laughter. They were all in nightgowns or pajamas.

None of them saw me in the doorway until I said, "What will you give me to keep this a secret?"

The reply, and it was a quick one, came from Patti, cheerfully smiling from the far side of the bed. Holding up the blunt, she said, "How 'bout a toke, for starters?" There were giggles all around. I knew Patti better than the other guests. She is my sister's oldest friend, so I had watched her grow up.

"Sounds good to me," I said, strolling up to the edge of the bed and reaching for the blunt.

"Not so fast," Patti said with mock solemnity. "You have to be in your pajamas to join this party."

A few of the girls laughed at that remark. The rest were silent, though I think they all were pretty well stoned by then.

"I usually just sleep in my boxers," I said.

"Well then go get them!" That was my sister, thereby inviting me to join her slumber party, to my amazement.

I just stood there. Were they serious? I wasn't sure what to do.

"Wait, wait!" shouted Patti. "Are you wearing boxers now?"

"Well, yeah."

"Then let's see 'em! Don't go anywhere, just strip down!"

That was enough for me. I did as I was told. A few seconds later, I was standing at the edge of the bed in my underwear and inhaling such a deep drag of ganja that I coughed out most of the smoke, which prompted so much laughter that I felt like the world's greatest comedian.

So here it comes: I'm going to tell it as it lives in my memory — in the present tense.


"Join us," Patti says, patting the bed beside her and scooting a bit toward Kate. They all shift to make room for me, though I do sense some tension in the group.

"How could I turn that offer down?" I say, walking around the foot of the bed and taking a place next to Patti. The blunt comes around again. My second and third tokes, wisely aerated, are more successful, and in a flash I am stoned — beyond time, but certainly not beyond lustful hope. I look from one girl to the next, all around the circle, as they continue chatting amongst themselves. I linger on each lovely pair of eyes, some of which meet my gaze.

"Just right," I say. "One more person and this bed would be crowded."

Gales of laughter again.

"I'm serious!"

More laughter. Is it nervous laughter? No, don't be paranoid. They want me here.

"So, you coming to see us all graduate next weekend?" Patti asks.

"You bet. I wouldn't miss my little sister's graduation. Being back in the gym will bring back memories."

"I dread sitting there for hours in a cap and gown," says Alicia. "I sure hope the day is not a hot one."

So it goes. We talk about various things, nonstop. Since they will all be starting college in the fall, they want to know what it's like, but it's not just a Q &A. It's not even a single conversation. I'm listening as much as I'm talking, though I find it hard to hold onto a train of thought. And there are many trains of thought, with several of us speaking at once.

Patti Very slowly, I become more aware of Patti, who, by the way, is a blonde with a ponytail, and cute as a button. Ever since elementary school, she's had a reputation as the "bad girl," and right now she is inching closer to me. At first I think it is my imagination, but then we are touching. Her thigh, clad in thin cotton pajamas, is against mine. Then I feel her hand skittering along my bare back.

But I'm surprised enough to flinch, and brazen Patti says, loud enough for all to hear, "Not to worry, big boy. We're all adults here, right?"

"Let's take a poll," she chirps, scanning the faces of her four classmates. "How many of us are over 18?" All raise their hands, and Patti turns back to me. "Told you!"

I turn to her. We kiss, lightly at first, but she responds and hugs me tight. Do I dare go further, with four onlookers?

"Don't worry," she whispers in my ear. "I know where this is heading, and I want it. I've fantasized about sex with you for years."

I don't speak, but I'm thinking, "All right!" I've masturbated to visions of Patti sometimes, ever since Alicia told me she had lost her virginity at last year's junior prom. I even found myself thinking of her while I was in bed with a sorority girl just last month.

We make out for a while, and the rest of the group pulls back, in slow motion, to give us more room. Some girls stay on the bed, watching. Others leave the bed, but they're watching too.

We are exchanging tongues, and I slowly move my right hand in front of her left breast. Ever so gently, through the cloth of her pajamas, I gently squeeze the little nipple. Patti pulls away, panting. She lies back, and her knees come up. This is one horny girl — the crotch of her PJs is so wet that it clings, completely revealing the contours of her fresh pussy beneath. Patty shaves! I rip the seam to get at the real thing. And there it is — her bald, shiny crotch. Cunnilingus is a must. I dive in.

She is squirming, moaning. I pull her pajama pants all the way off. I cup her sweet ass with both hands and squeeze each cheek and return to savoring her chubby clam. As I slurp and lick, I slide my hands to her hips, then up under her pajama top to massage her tender breasts. By now, she is rhythmically bumping her mound up against my mouth to intensify the contact. It's time. After quickly stepping back to pull down my briefs, I insert a finger into Patti's sopping vagina, then out again. She emits a happy groan.

"Wow, you're hot," I say, "and I happen to have a meat thermometer right here."

I lean over to support myself on the bed, and I plunge my hard cock into her, up to the hilt. After a few more exquisitely pleasurable strokes, she comes hard, quaking.

"Yep, you're done," I say. I pull out slowly and stand up. She just lies there, looking up at the ceiling with a smile on her face.

Ling I would have loved to get my rocks off, and it would have only taken a few more strokes with darling Patti, but hey, the evening is young. More to the point, my attention is drawn to the slim and lovely Asian girl next to us on the bed. She is prone, at a right angle to Patti with her little hands resting on her chin just a foot or two away. She has been closely observing our frolics.

"I'm sorry, but what's your name again?"


"Hi, Ling." Pretty lame, right? But frankly I'm not exactly in a conversational mood. I'm studying the rise of Ling's little ass under her nightgown. But then she swings around to a sitting position, legs hanging over the edge of the bed. She looked nervous. I'm afraid she will run off. What can I say to keep her here? Then Patti sits up, revived, apparently, and I realize my hard-on is still jutting out. They look at each other, smile. Then they reach for my penis, pull me closer, and, one on each side, start licking!

Patti is doing the better job, but, needless to say, it is heavenly. They are both looking up at me. Patti is even cupping my balls. I'm more aroused than ever. But I'm still looking at Ling, with her straight, glossy black hair and striking black eyes. Would she spread her legs for me? Why not just ask? It was apparently my night. Patti, seeing where my current interest lies, withdraws — my first conquest of the evening now joins the spectators.

"Ling, would you lie back and let me look at you?

No answer, just a small smile, but she does it! She knows well enough what I was after, because she even pulls up her nightgown to show me her dainty treasure. Her delta of Venus is crowned with fine black down, every hair straight. Her legs are still together, and her hips form a perfect valentine. I hope she can tell I'm impressed. I want to treat her with courtesy.

"I'm a virgin," she says.

"For how much longer?"

"We'll see," she says, biting her lower lip. "I'm on birth control."

I slowly reach toward her quim, and she hesitantly opens her legs an inch or two. That's enough for me to run a finger along her slit. She quivers. As excited as I am, I force myself to take my time with this nymph. Very slowly, I pull her nightgown over her head, exposing her buttery nakedness. I lower myself down beside her, on my side. I nuzzle her neck, kiss her face, then her lips. I slide my hands up and down her supple body. She is compliant, but passive. I lightly cup, and then stroke one of her petite breasts, then the other. I touch one of her pea-sized nipples, and it stands up. I repeat the process with her other nipple as I rise to my hands and knees. I kiss the first nipple. She must like that; I hear faint little moans, as if she is falling asleep, but I know better. I continue kissing, then sucking, her nipples.

Then I notice she is scissoring her legs, ever so slowly at first, then a bit more urgently. She reaches up to me, and we kiss again. Then I lower myself down on top of her. We hug, though my lower torso is still off to the side. I caress her shoulder as we kiss. She shudders a bit, raises her knees a little, but immediately lowers them again. Her moaning is louder now. It's almost time. Slowly, ever so slowly, I inch my hand down her side and onto the middle of her flat, smooth belly. Soon, my fingertips are in her fine hairs, and when they find the hood of her clitoris, her hips jerk up. We are past the point of no return. When I cover her sex with my hand, she opens her legs. I slide my middle finger down her slit and into her vagina. As my nostrils had sensed, she is slick.

Keeping my finger inside her, I begin to massage her clit with my thumb, and I feel her canal open wider. She starts twitching, but I don't want her to come yet. In a flash, I am over her, supporting myself on my knees and elbows, stroking the sides of her head and kissing her. She kisses back. I pull back to look at her. The head of my penis is barely inside her inner lips.

"OK?" I ask. (Please, God.)

She nods quickly and wraps her legs around me. I slide home. She yelps and turns her head to the side as I burst through her maidenhead, but hugs me tighter. I keep still. Deep in her now, I feel a rush of compassion for this girl, now a woman. "Don't stop," she gasps. We are looking straight at each other as I back off, then slide in again, gently. Again. Again. Bless her heart, she is getting into it, using her slender legs to draw me into her on every stroke as we pick up the tempo. She enfolds me in her arms as well. A biblical term comes to mind — she is cleaving unto me. I grab her ass cheeks with both hands. With a shout, Ling orgasms. Her explosive contractions win my heart, and my semen.

Ecstatic yet relaxed, I pull slowly out of her. I see a spot of blood on the bedspread. I lie down beside her again. She is so affectionate. She takes her my face in her hands and kisses me.

"Thank you," she says.

After about 10 minutes of afterglow and pillow talk, Ling and I remember we have an audience. But not one of the other girls looks troubled. Quite the contrary, I see wide eyes. Two even have their hands on their crotches. But as I look, the hands drop back to their sides in embarrassment.

I collect myself. It's time to keep the group together. All of a sudden I find myself acting like a coach: "OK girls, time to reform the circle, but this time, no clothes allowed."

My eyes go to Kate, who is the most polished of the bunch. Her parents drive BMWs. She is prim and proper, with good posture, shoulder-length dark brown hair, and a fresh face that reminds me of Natalie Wood in "Splendor in the Grass." Right now, in her silk, full-length nightgown, she is sitting back on her calves, but her back and neck are upright. She looks to me, then quickly to my sister, then crosses her arms and pulls her nightgown over her head.

Remaining nighties and pajamas are shed, though Irene, a petite redhead, lags behind, apparently reluctant but wanting to be accepted by the others. Irene is intriguing. Her wiry red hair is hard to manage, apparently — it is loosely gathered with a "scrunchy" at the back, with kinked, frizzy wisps hanging out here and there. There is something endearing about the way she sometimes brushes a wisp away from her freckled face.

A minute later, we are in session again, cross-legged. Yes, cross-legged! I'm really appreciating the opportunity to compare five nude teenage girls. When my eyes run the circuit this time, they are focused on crotches — a delightful variety of vertical smiles, no two alike. I see that Kate and my sister trim their pubes neatly. Kate's slit is open slightly, and her labia are more of a red, while Alicia's lower lips are pink, but fuller. In fact, I see the crinkles of her delicate inner folds peeking out; my sister must be excited. All have flat abdomens and firm, lean thighs. Patti and Alicia are wearing toenail polish; Patti's toenails are a sort of burgundy and Alicia's are bright red.

My eyes return to Irene, and I notice her freckles are much lighter around her breasts and hips, where they have obviously been protected from the sun by a two-piece swimsuit, but her labia are tightly closed. I know these girls have varying levels of sexual experience.

The girls are certainly aware of me checking out their cunnies, but their eyes are all on my penis, which is rising again. I run the circuit again, this time focusing on breasts. The breasts of Kate and my sister are about the size of oranges. Patti's are closer to grapefruits. Irene and Ling have peaches. All of them are young and tender, of course — no sag. The difference in their nipples is fascinating. Some are pink, some brownish. Patti is to my right, Kate to my left.

"My turn again," yells Patti, and she bends over to take me in her mouth. Instantly, I am hard as a rock. The circle morphs again, as most of the girls scoot closer to observe Patti bathing, tickling, licking and sucking my erection. She has definitely done this before. In a dominant mood, apparently, sucking all the while, she uses an arm to direct me, turning me so my back is to the middle of the bed, then gently pushing on my chest until I'm on my back.

The next thing I know, Patti's bald snatch is coming in for a landing on my face. When I stick my tongue into her vagina, she mashes her whole pussy against my mouth and nose. I can barely breathe, but I don't care. She is still sucking me voraciously and jacking me with one hand, giving me exquisite pleasure. She slows down a little when I slide two fingers into her, push against her G-spot, and toggle her clit. She comes again, oozing goo as her spasms try to milk my fingers.

When her contractions stop, Patti pulls her mouth off my dick, sits up to ride my slimly face like a rodeo cowgirl, and shouts, "You wouldn't give it to me last time, but you can't hold back now! Then she lowers herself to resume her sucking, this time fondling my balls. When she takes me down her throat and her fondling turns to squeezing, my back muscles involuntarily contract and I arch upward, simultaneously blasting into her mouth and roaring into her crotch. She pulls her mouth off me, laughing with delight as some of my spurts hit her face, then takes my knob in her mouth again to swallow the last of my ejaculate.

"Oh, my God Patti!" I exclaim as she rolls off me to lie on her back, panting. Now we are both on our backs, with her feet near my head. With my right hand, I palm her bald pussy and stick in a thumb.

Kate Recuperating, I sense movement to my left. It is Kate. She bends over to tell me how turned on she was by my sixty-nine with Patti. Her eyes look glazed (with lust, I hope). I reach up with my left hand and bring her head down slowly for a sweet kiss. Kate of course can plainly see that my right thumb is still wiggling in Patti, who is starting to moan and squirm yet again. But I feel Kate's warm hand on my chest. I move my left hand from the back of her neck to one of her breasts, then to the other.

In slow motion, Kate ends our kiss with a bit of a smack and moves her head down to kiss my chest, then my abdomen. I move my hand from her breast to between her legs. I want that meat-red gash I saw earlier. Sure enough, she is going for a sixty-nine of her own — I feel her nose grazing my pubic hair and her knee comes over my head. I'm not even hard yet, but we are both expecting I will be soon. Her mouth reaches my half-limp dick, and her pussy — one with hair this time but just as pretty and no less tasty, descends hesitantly to my mouth. Kate gently starts to fondle and kiss my penis, exploring my testicles with apparent curiosity. It's less intense this time, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I feel my trusty tool filling with blood, but I decide I don't want to come in Kate's mouth. No, this splendid pussy I'm licking now is one I definitely want to fuck, and soon.

Right about now, Patti pulls off my thumb, sensing the energy is now with Kate and me, and she sits up to watch with the others. It is good timing; now I have both hands with which to pry open Kate's labia. I savor her juice, licking the full length of that beautiful gash and finally inserting my tongue. Squeezing her ass cheeks, I produce tremors, and I hear an enthusiastic moan of approval. But when she starts to suck me faster, I roll us over.

Now I'm in control. I slide my knob back and forth in her mouth; I sense she is not ready for Patti-style deep-throating, so I don't push it. But I do slide two fingers into her vagina and a third into her anus, which is by now well-lubed with pussy juice. Then my lips surround her clit. She starts to buck, and she pulls her mouth off my dick to breathe, saying "Oh God, Oh God" over and over. We are both approaching the peak. That's when I swing around and crawl up to kiss her nipples. I see her chest heaving with deep, fast breathing. Her whole chest and neck are flushed.

All of sudden a blond head comes in from the right to kiss one of Kate's nipples. It's Patti. And, low and behold, Ling bends to take Kate's other nipple in her mouth! Is this turning into some sort of orgy? Kate seems pleased, but reaches her hands up over their heads to mine. I am on my hands and knees. Our eyes lock onto each other. With a slight push forward, the head of my penis is at the entrance to her vagina.

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