tagIncest/TabooSlumber Party

Slumber Party


"Truth!" Lisa said with conviction.

"OK. We'll we all know you've had sex- but you never told us who with.. We want to know." Samantha said with a cheeky smile.

The girls were all over at Sam's house celebrating her birthday, She was the last of the group to finally turn 18. There had already been a big party, but she had wanted her best friends over for a big sleep over- like they had all done when they were 15. Now they were all drinking JD, getting slowly drunk, and Playing truth or dare.

Lisa squirmed. Sam and Rosie had no idea who had taken her cherry, but Mandy knew. She was really embarrassed to answer her question but if she lied then Mandy might bust her. She took a deep breath and lied, looking directly at Mandy and challenging her to contradict the lie. "It was James, you know Trent White's brother. We had a few dates one summer and I let him, he treated me nice and I felt comfortable with him. Afterward he was an asshole, and I was so angry I didn't want to tell anyone about it."

The three girls looked at each other knowingly. Rose looked at Mandy, and then to Lisa. "That almost sounded like the Truth Lisa!"

"What do you mean, that was the truth!" She gasped, not sounding to convincing. Rose laughed. "Mandy told us Lisa! You lost your Virginity to your Uncle!"

Lisa shot Mandy a dirty look, stood up and put her hands on her hips. "First of all, I can't believe Mandy told you that! And he's not really my uncle. He's my dad's mate, we just call him uncle. He's a sweet man, and he's married so I didn't want it getting out!"

Mandy Blushed, But rose still seemed to think it was funny. "Well, you lied and you got caught! You know the Rules. You have to do a dare now instead." Lisa sat down. "Fine. But no-one can tell anyone about him OK?"

The girls agreed and then put their heads together to come up with a Dare. They thought they should make her get naked, but with the exception of Mandy, they had all seen each other naked. "You have to take of your Pajamas, so your completely naked, walk upstairs and bring back a bottle of coke from the kitchen."

Samantha said with a Huge smile on her face. Lisa blushed. She knew they weren't going to let her get out of it. So she was going to do it as if she didn't give a fuck. She stripped out of her PJ's with all the girls looking. She knew the girls envied her body, so she took her time to rub it in. Lisa is a Tall fit blond. She has long curvy legs, the kind of legs men are always staring at when she wares heals, and a Tight small ass. She had a slim waist, toned body and a face for modeling, with long golden hair. Her breasts were smaller then she'd like, Just an A cup, but they were firm and perky.

As the girls all giggle behind her she walked upstairs, her firm ass glistening in the light. She pushed open the basement door and poked her head through, it was after midnight so the house was empty. With the girls watching from the door way she strode across the lounge towards the kitchen. Her confidence was building, no one was up to see her but the girls and strutting about naked was getting her excited. She opened the fridge door, but instead of just grabbing the coke and getting back she decided to be cheeky. She grabbed the open milk carton, and begun to drink from it. For a bit of a laugh she let some of the milk spill down her mouth and dribble down her neck and breasts.

She didn't know what had come over her, but now that she was naked she couldn't help showing off. Then she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, not in the direction of her friends, but from the corridor the other direction. Someone was walking towards the kitchen. Quickly she put the carton back and ran for the basement door, but as she got half way the girls all stated waving their hands and making drinking gestures. The Coke!

She ran back to the fridge as quickly as she could, opened the door and picked up the coke. As she turned she saw Sam's Older brother standing in the kitchen archway in his boxers. He had clearly seen her and stood their with his mouth gaping wide open, and a tent pitching in his boxes. She paused for a moment to look at his, and admired his well muscled body, she felt a stirring in her pussy thinking about what his cock must look like. Then she realized she was standing in the kitchen, naked, dripping milk, staring at her friends boxers. She turned and ran back to the girls and disappeared into the basement.

She ran straight into the couch and buried her head in the cushions in embarrassment. The girls were high with adrenaline and laughing loudly, she found it infectious and begun to laugh with them. A few minutes later they settled down and decided to continue with their game. Lisa put her PJ's back on, but left her undies on the floor. Rosie Turned to Samantha and reminded her it was now her turn. "Hmmmmmm. Truth!" Sam replied.

"OK. How many different men have you slept with?" Rosie asked her. All the girls jokingly called Sam the slut of the group. She didn't mind, it was true after all. She loved sex, and had few inhibitions when it came to fucking. She knew the girls were going to use this party as an excuse to try and make her blush. She wasn't going to let them have her way.

Sam is a hot, full bodied girl. Some girls would probably call her fat, but most men she had been with called her 'voluptuous'. She has shoulder length red hair, a curvy big ass, With perky C cup Tits and big nipples. She has soft white skin, and freckles over her nose and the top of her chest. She was not sexy in a 'swimsuit' model kind of way, but she had been turning heads since she was 16.

"Shit! I don't really know Guys. You'll have to give me a minute." She made an act of counting on her fingers. "I may have forgotten a few people, and I'm counting guys I only went down on, but it's something like 21. " The girls All Gasped, But Mandy looked Scandalous.

"So your judging me Mandy? Little miss no-sex-before-marriage! I think it's her turn next!" She said with a defiant smile.

Mandy folded her arms across her chest and looked at them. She knew what kind of questions she would be asked, so she took the safer option. "Sure. Dare." The girls had already discussed what to do when Mandy said dare. It was easy. "Take of your Top and your Bra, and sit here Topless for the rest of the night." Lisa said excitedly.

Mandy was a Prude. She was the only Virgin in the group, and it was by choice. She didn't really want to wait until she was married, but she believed sex a big deal and she wanted to wait for the right man. The girls wanted to see her topless because she was also shy, and had never undressed in front of them. She was to embarrassed. Mandy was also the smallest of the group. She was cute as a button, and plenty of men had wanted her. She had light brown hair, she usually put into a bun or a tail, deep brown eyes and a little button nose. She was slim and petite with just a little bit of an olive tan to her body. Her breasts were smallish but big enough to have a bit of definition, her nipples were sensitive and often hard, like Lisa she had a nice curvy butt but fairly plain legs. She wares glasses and tends to look like a sexy Secretary/librarian type.

"No. I'll give you a peak if you really want to see them so bad. But I'm not sitting her topless all night.!"

Lisa scoffed. "But it's OK to ask me to walk around the house naked and get caught by Sam's Brother. Don't be such a fucking hypocrite, Take it off!"

Many Scowled. She suddenly regretted her enthusiasm for Seeing her friend strip. She had enjoyed watching Lisa, and surprised herself when she had become a little aroused when she watched milk pouring over her tits. 'Fuck it' she told her self, 'It's not like any boys are watching.' She took a big drink of liquid courage, savoring the subtle burn as it slid down her throat. She pulled her shirt over her head, showing of her soft belly. The girls all whooped and hollered in a mockery of male enthusiasm. Oddly enough this made her a bit more comfortable and she laughed as she reached behind her back and unlatched her Bra. Her breasts seemed to pop out of the bra, and stood out perkily, her nipples were hard, and pointed out in front of her like torches.

While the other girls all reassured Mandy and tried to make her comfortable with her exposure Rosie just stared. She had always had a little secret crush on Mandy, but until now had hid it well. After all she did like men and had never been interested in any other women. But seeing the cute brunette topless her fantasies immediately begun spinning around in her head. She wondered if she could manipulate tonight into the two of them alone, together. She wondered how much alcohol they would both need to get the courage for that.

Sam noticed Rosie Staring and smiled to herself. She was determined to loosen Mandy up tonight, maybe even get her to loose her virginity. She started to think about how she could use this. Mandy noticed Rosie staring at her and smiled back, completely unaware of the sexual tension.

"Isn't it your turn now?"

"Oh. Yeh," She blushed hoping Mandy had not realized she was doing more then simply admiring her body, "If I say Dare, do I get the same deal- Take my Top off?" Everyone laughed.

"Maybe, Say Dare and find out!"


Without a pause Mandy almost shouts. "Topless is to easy, since we have all seen you naked. Take all your clothes off and stay that way!" Mandy is determined not to be the only one baring flesh.

Rosie sighs. "Yeh, ok." Secretly happy that it was Mandy who chose to tell her to de-robe. Rosie made a show of it. She stood and gave a slow twirl. She then, begun unbuttoning her top, slowly. She has long slightly wavy dark hair and deep olive skin. Rosie's parents are both Latino and she has the features and skin tone of her family. As buttons come undone it becomes clear that she did not ware a bra under her pajamas, her cleavage slowly revealed. She slid the top off to reveal her Olive-brown body, her breasts glistening with sweat. They were not as big as Sam's but a nice handful. They were also not as pert or perfect as the other girls, and sagged a little, but she had very large dark nipples.

She turned around so her ass was facing them and slowly slid her bottoms down, revealing a big round ass. Not firm and silky like Lisa's her ass was however nicer for it's size and shape. She stepped out of the Bottoms and turned and the girls gasped. Her pussy was shaved.

"When did you do that?" Sam asked, impressed with her friends newly shown inhibitions. "A few weeks ago. Daniel wanted me to shave it, he said he would go down on me more often if I didn't have a hairy bush. I even let him shave it for me, it was such a turn on. We fucked after wards and it was the best I have ever had."

Daniel was Rosie's Boyfriend of 6 months, the only man she had ever been with. He was older too, 32, and he was always helping her explore her sexuality. The girls all laughed. Even Mandy, to everyone's surprise- she would usually scoff whenever sex was talked about openly. The sexual tension and Alcohol in the room was loosening everyone up.

Rosie looked at Lisa, "Truth or Dare?"

Lisa was still excited, and Wet, from her last dare. The excitement had continued to build with all the sexual talk. She was keen to do something else daring and new. "Dare!" she said confidently.

"Hmm. I think you need to feel what it's like to have a shaved pussy Lisa. We saw you before and you are all bush. I dare you to get a razor and let me Shave you." Lisa's heart skipped a beat. It was one thing to be naked and another to let everyone get close and personal with your Pussy. Lisa was afraid, but also aroused.

"ok" She said weekly.

Sam left the room and came back with a bowl of hot water, some shaving cream and a clean razor. By this time Lisa was once again naked. Rosie bid her to lie down and she did, after taking a big swig of Bourbon directly from the bottle. Everyone crowded around. Lisa felt uncomfortable with all the girls hovering over her womanhood, but once again she was starting to get aroused.

Rosie knelt in between Lisa's legs, and put a damp cloth to her friends pussy. Lisa flinched, but Rosie continued until the area was moist. She then started adding the saving cream, and Lisa giggled. Rosie took the razor and begun to gently run it threw Lisa's bush. Lisa let out a soft moan. A very sexual moan. Everyone froze. Lisa looked around confused. "What?", they all looked at each other- it seemed she had no idea she was making any noise. Rose slid the razor across her lips one more time and Lisa moans again, the girls all giggle. This continues till Rosie is finished. Lisa's pussy glistened with a combination of water, and her own juices. She had gotten very hot from her shave, and her clit had reddened and enlarged -- in plain view of everyone.

"What was so Funny?" Lisa asks once her pussy was clean-shaven.

"Um' you were moaning, Like sexually" Mandy said a little red-faced.

"No way?" Lisa gasped covering her mouth.

"Yeh. And you got really wet too" Lisa blushed and looked at her feet. She reached down and felt her smooth lips. "Wow!"

"Don't be embarrassed," Rosie told her, "The same thing happened to me, I got super horny. I don't think it means you're attracted to me or anything like that!" Lisa nodded, but turned to Sam, taking an opportunity to change the subject.

"Truth or Dare"

"Well, Dare seems to be in style at the moment. But make sure you don't give me something easy." She said with a twinkle in her eye. Lisa conferred with the other girls, as they were talking Sam noticed Mandy gasp and blush, 'They've come up with something good!' She thought. "OK. We have a dare, but we are pretty sure you wont do it!" Lisa said with a cheeky smile. Mandy was still blushing and would not look Sam in the eye.

"We want you to undress, get comfortable and Masturbate for us. We want to see you come."

Sam smiled. 'Not bad' she thought.

"Girls if you wanted to see me Masturbate, you could have asked me any time." She started to undress. Her soft white skin was slightly flushed, from all the sexual excitement. Her nipples were hard. "Shall I Use my fingers? Or should I play with one of my toys?" Mandy gasped. She was shaking. Part of her thought watching another girl was disgusting, the other half wanted to see. Mandy herself only masturbated rarely, she thought of it as something dirty and always felt very bad afterward. She walked over to the min-bar and mixed herself a cocktail. If she was going to watch she would need to be more drunk.

"Whatever you want" Lisa replied.

She pulled a chair up close to the bed and watched as her naked redheaded friend crawled onto the bed. Samantha wanted to turn everyone on. So she moved as sexily as she knew how. She got onto the bed on all fours, waving her cute ass at her friends, and giving them a clear rear-view of her pussy. She sat up onto her knees and started to give them a show. Running her hands seductively over her body. She squeezed her breast and brought one to her mouth to suck on her nipple. Most men would be begging for it already, but the girls just sat around the bed staring in awe.

Finally she slid a hand to her crotch and, in such an angle that none of them could quite see what she was doing, she began to rub her clit. She was already wet. Then slowly she leaned backwards into the pillows and spread her legs apart. All of the girls were watching, and all of them were getting aroused. Without even realizing it Lisa had begun to just very slowly rub the lips of her pussy with one finger. She had not even thought to get dressed since her shave.

Sam was starting to really enjoy herself now, she loved masturbating nearly as much as she loved sex. She was also used to giving a show as several of her partners had liked to watch her masturbate. At one stage she had seduced a married man, but he refused to touch her, he thought it was only cheating once they touched. So she would give him a show and he would give her one. In the end he lost control of himself and fucked her hard, all the repressed desires to slide his cock inside her had overwhelmed him and he had given her the best fuck she had ever had. She let her head fall back into the pillows and let out deep moans. She spread her pussy wide open with her fingers and let the middle finger run circles around her wet engorged clit. One hand stayed on her breast, squeezing and rubbing herself. Her pussy was dripping with her juices and she had not yet touched it. She looked up, straining to speak, "Mandy, I Dare you to go to my draw and select a Vibrator for me. And then slide it into my pussy for me."

Mandy was absolutely shocked. Shocked at her own arousal, shocked at the notion of helping a friend to cum, shocked that she was even here. She decided to select a vibrator, but not to fuck her friend with it. She had never seen one after all.

She took another look at Sam and watched her squirm and moan from her own touch, a little aroused she opened the drawn and found a collection of Vibrators. There were ones in all colours and sizes, some shaped like real cocks, some sleek and metal. She reached in and selected the biggest one. She walked to the side of the bed and handed it to Sam, "I can't do it" She said a little ashamed.

"Fine. Rosie. You do it for me!" Sam was far to aroused to stop and convince Mandy.

Rosie blushed, still naked she climbed onto the bed on her knees and took the vibrator from Mandie's hands. It was huge. She could not imagine something this big fitting inside her, but if Sam owned it she must have used it before. Rosie was so aroused now, her head was swimming. She half wanted to just bend down and lick Sam, but she was still hoping to do that to Mandy. So she got onto all fours between her friends legs and turned the vibrator on. A little tentatively she leaned forward and slid the Vibrator inside Sam's wet waiting hole.

Sam screamed with pleasure, as the huge fake-cock inched it's way inside her. She didn't use this dildo often, she couldn't always fit it. But she was so sopping wet it slid into her, filling her in so completely that her eyes watered. She continued to rub her clit, faster and faster now. She could feel an orgasm beginning to stir inside her.

No one had noticed but Lisa had slide a finger inside her dripping pussy and was now fingering herself quickly. Not only was she watching Sam fuck herself while Rosie slide that huge Vibrator inside her, but she had a great view of Rosie's backside and her glistening Pussy. When she watched Rosie slide a finger between her own legs and begin to rub her own clit Lisa's stimulation reached and apex.

Suddenly she moaned long and loud, and came hard. Sam could not believe how sexual the night had become, the feel of her own hand, the cock being thrust into her by one of her close friends and the sound of another friend coming loudly was to much. She bucked as an orgasm hit her and she grabbed Rosie by the wrist and forced her to impale the Vibrator deeper into her. With the cock sinking so deeply into her cunt she wailed one more time and slumped back into the bed.

Rosie looked around to see two of her friends panting like tired dogs, and saw Mandy. Mandy was still waring her bottoms, the only girl not yet naked. She was staring at Sam in awe and disbelief, she looked so cute, so innocent. And Rosie was sure she could sense her Hornyness too. She felt sorry that her friend had never had any kind of sex, that she was holding herself back from such wonderful experiences because of her own hang ups.

Sam once again saw the look that Rosie had for Mandy. She decided now was the time to act. She knew if Mandy had not joined in to their mass masturbation she was still likely to pull away from anything truly sexual. She had to take matters into her control. She scooped herself up off the bed and walked over to Lisa's chair. Bending down she whispered into her ear. "Rosie really wants Mandy, and I think Many needs a friendly push to start her sexual education. Follow my lead." She stood up and waited for Lisa to do the same. She walked over to Mandy, who was still standing stunned by the wall. Mandy turned her head to look at her approaching girlfriends, not sure what they were doing. She tired to distract them by meekly offering "Truth or Dare?" but they ignored her. She Felt Sam, and then Lisa wrap their arms around her in a soft embrace, it wasn't overly sexual embrace, accept she could feel both girls breasts pressing against her. However it did arouse Rosie, who was still gently playing with herself. She felt their lips on her neck and was at once both disturbed and aroused.

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